5 Reasons Why Jump Roping Is a Great Hobby (Transform Your Body Now)


Many people wonder whether jump roping can be considered a hobby, as not everyone believes exercise can fall under the same category as niche pastimes like collecting or board games.

Believe it or not, the inverse is actually true: Jump roping is definitely a hobby as it has all the characteristics of one which is to perform an activity for pleasure, but at the same time, it’s also an incredibly easy way to get in shape without having to go to your local gym or pay for expensive memberships.

It’s also worth mentioning that jump roping is a relatively inexpensive hobby compared to some other pastimes which makes it perfect for anyone wanting to get fit on a budget all while having heaps of fun.

Entry-level jump ropes can be had for less than the average hourly rate meaning it has a low financial barrier and an even lower on-going cost associated with it.

Many hobbies require constant financial input such as collecting, art, and even other forms of exercise such as weightlifting.

That’s because progressing in these particular hobbies eventually hit a plateau meaning you need to fund additional material costs (more weights, more paint, etc) to continue doing what you love.

That’s not the case with jump roping though as you’ll be able to continue getting better on the same set of jump ropes you bought from the start.

Hopefully, that should have given you a good understanding of why jump roping might be worth taking up as a hobby, but we’ve also included another five reasons just in case you aren’t convinced.

My Body Is a Temple: Things You Should Know About Jump Roping as a Hobby

1. Low Cost

Jump roping is a low-cost hobby and you can get started for less than your average takeaway meal (it’s also a lot healthier).

Compare that to some other forms of exercise hobbies such as rowing, cycling, CrossFit, and even going to the gym to lift weights, jump ropes have the lowest cost of them all whilst also needing the least space.

Once you progress, you can start jumping faster meaning you shouldn’t need to change your ropes very often — The only caveat being you could potentially buy a weighted jump rope for added effectiveness if you find it’s getting too easy.

But even if we were to buy a good set of jump ropes or a pair of weighted ropes then this is still hundreds or even thousands of dollars cheaper than investing in other hobby exercise activities such as cycling where you may need to buy a specialist bike and all the kit to make you road safe.

It’s also worth mentioning that a decent jump rope is built using solid materials such as vinyl so they shouldn’t break very often or need to be replaced regularly if you are doing everything in the correct fashion.

You can also start jump roping in basically any type of clothing so even if you don’t have the latest exercise gear it’s relatively no-frills for getting started meaning you can spend even less money.

Here is a great set of low-cost jump ropes that includes everything you need to get started — It includes 2x ropes for different weight variations meaning you can vary the challenge for speed or power.

2. Collecting Jump Ropes Is Fun

Jump ropes have all the characteristics of a collecting hobby if you know where to look.

You can buy jump ropes in all kinds of colors that you can alter throughout the week depending on your mood or whether it goes with your current outfit.

We’ve also seen that different jump rope brands offer a wide range of handles or materials you can use to grip with meaning you can really stand out if you’re serious about making it your hobby.

In fact, jump roping is becoming so popular as a niche hobby that lots of brands have started capitalizing on this by trying to appeal to our need to be unique.

This means you can buy a jump rope specific to your height or weight requirements and can even dictate some of the creative input before your perfect product is delivered.

3. Jump Roping Is A Seriously Powerful Exercise

If you’re looking to make some serious weight loss gains then jump roping is one of the best exercises on the planet for doing just that.

Depending on your intensity, you can burn much more calories jump roping than you would burn on a treadmill or other static cardio machines.

This is because jump roping uses nearly all of the bodies major muscle groups to propel you off the floor meaning it’s one of the most taxing exercises to perform.

As a byproduct, this means you can also get some great muscle tone too making it one of the most complete exercise hobbies we’ve seen.

4. Great For The Family

Jump roping has a natural fun element to it and this is because it has a way of seeming more like play rather than a deliberate act of exercise.

Everyone knows how to jump and knows how fun it can be to do just that.

If your kids love jumping about the house, on your sofa, and on your bed, then they’ll definitely love jumping with a pair of ropes too.

This is a great way to engage the whole family and to get them exercising without realising they’re doing just that.

It’s also a very safe form of exercise as you’re not lifting dangerous weights above your head or cycling on roads where you could potentially be at risk of a road accident.

It’s also a skill that’s easy to get started with but hard to master. This means even the kids can give it a go and be relatively successful but also allows them to keep getting faster or more coordinated if they find they’re enjoying it.

5. Competitive Factor And App Support

Perhaps one of the reasons why people enjoy having a hobby is so they can show off the end result, or demonstrate how effectively they can do something with enough practice.

Jump roping is a hobby that you can easily track and meaning you can compete with friends over how much you’ve done or how fast you’ve been able to do it.

There are many free apps for your phone and even comprehensive programs built into fitness trackers that help you keep track or measure how well you are doing during your jump roping session.

Some of the most popular fitness trackers (such as the Fitbit Sense) have a whole host of dedicated exercise programs to make sure you can monitor all of your progress and then share with other Fitbit users around the world.

They can also show you other important metrics like your heart rate, breathing rate, steps taken, and calories burned which is really useful for jump roping as it’s mostly guess work otherwise.

This makes jump roping as a hobby more visible and you can dig into the statistics behind it which some people really enjoy.

How To Get Started With Jump Roping

Hopefully you’re excited to get started with jump roping after reading our article.

He’s a helpful video that shows you how to jump rope in 6 basic steps:

It’s also worth remembering that a good jump rope will save you money down the line so don’t skimp on cost if you want to make this a long term hobby.

You should also consider getting at least a basic fitness tracker to monitor your performance during your jump roping sessions if you want to take it to the next level as some of the feedback and metrics can be invaluable.

This is about all you’ll need to get started with jump roping as a hobby, just remember to stay hydrated and eat well!


Hopefully, by reading our article you now have a better understanding of jump roping and why it should definitely be considered a hobby.

Most hobbies require creative input and jump roping can be the same. You can optimize an existing skill set or built into another one to learn different tricks or styles.

After all, the textbook definition of a hobby is partaking in a leisurely activity in your spare time.

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