Why Running is a Hobby (Plus 5 Things That Say It’s More Than Just Exercise)


A lot of people ask whether running can be classed as a hobby and who can blame them?

Rest assured, if you’ve been asking the same question then we have the answer for you.

Most people look at running as just a way to lose weight or tick a box that says you’ve done your daily workout when in reality it can be much more than that for many people — it could be for you too.

Running is the ability to open your door and propel yourself into another world away from home; whether that be through a local park, up a hill, along the coast, and heck even on a treadmill if it gets you out of the house.

Let’s not unfairly target people who prefer to stay at home though especially when you can have a great workout on a treadmill. It’s a lot safer if you consider risk factors outside of the house such as traffic if you need to cross any roads etc.

Home treadmills also allow you to stay in touch with friends and family quite easily as you can rest your phone or tablet on the front panel.

You can also use your devices as a way to create a virtual running experience by harnessing the power of YouTube and pre-recorded running footage through scenic vistas.

When you start thinking creatively about how you can enhance your running experience then you may just have a hobby on your hands.

So, to answer the question directly, running can be classed as a hobby if you do it for enjoyment rather than as a mandatory chore that you must get out of the way. This is an important distinction between whether an activity can be considered as a hobby or just a task that needs to be completed.

We’ve constructed a list that highlights 5 of the things that say running is more than just exercise for you. See if you agree with us!

Running: Hard Labor or Hobby? 5 Things That Say It’s More Than Just Exercise

So, is running a hobby or not?

Let’s check out our top 5 things that say it is!

1. You do it for the buzz

If you’re running for the buzz then there’s a good chance you’re enjoying it and it’s becoming more of a hobby than a task for you.

This is especially the case as you start to get fitter and find that running gives you a freedom that you can’t experience any other way.

Some days you’ll find you have so much energy that you can keep pushing your body to the limit and break all previous obstacles that may have seemed hard before.

These are the moments you can capitalize on that really help to cement running as a fun experience rather than a chore that needs to be completed just to get some exercise under your belt.

Scientifically, it’s proven that running releases endorphins which are feel good hormones that many people chase to help them destress and unwind from the daily rat race that often plagues us.

2. You like linear progression and beating personal bests

If you like straightforward progression and the ability to beat previous personal bests then running is really a great hobby for being able to do this.

It’s very simple; run further than you ran last time or complete the distance in a faster time.

If you find you’ve been drawn into this system of self-competition then you may just find that running has become more of a hobby rather than a task.

Another great thing about the progression system in running is that you can get fitter really quickly, often over a case of weeks rather than months. This means it’s easy to keep trying to do better every week which also means it often fits easily within most peoples schedules making it a great exercise hobby

If you want accuracy during your runs then we recommend picking up a cheap fitbit model such as the Fitbit Versa 3 which includes some really handy features such as steps taken, distance travelled, GPS (to map your runs), and your average heart rate.

3. You’ve joined a club

If you’ve joined a running club then we can almost guarantee this is more of a hobby rather than an arbitrary task — We’re not saying you will enjoy running week in, week out, but running clubs are a great way to perpetuate the inspiration that you feel on those days when you’re naturally full of energy.

Club running is a great way to push yourself a little further and it’s also a good way to create a shared experience between many people who have similar interests.

If you’re an avid social media user then you can also use your running club as a way to inspire others by sharing pictures from your exercise sessions.

It’s also just a great way to gain experience that otherwise may have taken you many years to learn such as correct running technique, which shoes to buy, and how to make your running experience much better overall.

4. You buy all the running gear

Look, anyone can go out running in a pair of dusty old shorts and a 10-year-old pair of Nike’s, but if you’re really enthused by the prospect of going for your run to make it a perfect experience then you’ll probably find that you’ve bought several different pieces of equipment such as a Fitbit, Dri-fit leggings, Dri-fit tops, cushioned running socks, running shoes, and maybe even some wireless earbuds.

This has all the traits of your running sessions being more of a hobby rather than a boring task that you were forced to do just to stave off age-related decline.

Although proper running kit/accessories are definitely not a necessity, we think they enhance the experience especially for those days when you find it hard to motivate yourself.

Feeling comfortable in what you’re in or motivated by the music that’s pumping in your ears may be all you need to get through the next mile or two.

5. You share it on social media

Most people when they’re proud of an accomplishment want to tell all of their friends or family about it and this is where social media comes in very handy.

Being able to share that 10 mile run you’ve just completed in record time right in the moment you finish is akin to bringing the people along with you.

It’s nice to feel supported in the hobby you’re following even if your friends don’t fully understand it or enjoy it like you do.

It’s easy to overshare information on social media but we really love being able to do so for moments like this where you’ve really accomplished something monumental in your own life.

Hopefully this will inspire others to take up healthy habits like running or other forms of exercise hobbies.

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Running is a healthy hobby and can be enjoyed just like other more traditional hobbies such as collecting, arts and crafts, Lego, and more.

The main benefit of running as a hobby is that it can improve your overall health at the same time and stave off mental decline as you get older.

This is very important as it means if you can learn to enjoy exercise as a hobby then you will be killing two birds with one stone and reaping greater benefits.

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