8 Reasons Why Hobbies Are Not a Waste of Time


At Hobbyask, we’ve talked at great length about specific hobbies such as jump roping and woodworking. We’ve even got some amazing lists about hobbies for specific scenarios or that certain people may be drawn to.

We haven’t, however, talked in a general sense about why hobbies are such a good investment of your time and how they can help expand your horizons beyond your normal day to day life.

We think it’s worth iterating on those points as some people see hobbies as a form of non-productive time wastage which we believe is firmly the opposite.

Even hobbies that you do for fun can yield benefits that may not be apparent at the beginning which is why you should never underestimate the power of hobbies.

So without further ado, keep scrolling and we’ll tell you why hobbies are not a waste of time and how they may benefit you.

The Power of Hobbies To Enhance YOU: 10 Reasons Why Hobbies Are Not a Waste of Time

1. Hobbies Can Inspire Others

One of the first reasons why hobbies are not a waste of time is that they have the ability to inspire friends, family, and outsiders who want to get involved or want to try to change their own lives.

Your active interest in getting a muscular physique or building beautiful furniture might just be the reason why a friend adopts a more positive lifestyle or gives them something to look forward to.

In essence, you become a guiding light for people who may have become stuck in a rut and you’ll also be able to share that knowledge to help them get started or implement their own hobby routine.

Most people end up doing this naturally once they hit a certain standard as they want to be able to leave a greater impression on the world around them. After all, life is better together and gives you meaning to push yourself in the eyes of others.

2. Hobbies Expand Your Horizon

This is a statement we used at the start of the article which means that when you do a hobby, whether or not it’s for fun or function, it can give you a greater range of perspective on the world and the ability to think deeper.

This mental broadening increases your potential as a person to have better relationships and can even increased your prospects in your working life.

Some of the best discoveries in life are made by accident which is why you can never underestimate the impact of a hobby or how its going to shape you as a person.

3. Hobbies Help Friendships Develop

Hobbies can help friendships develop because it gives you both something to focus on or to talk about.

Many hobbies are constantly changing and growing which means you should never be stuck for something to do and you may even be able to attend events together which can help you meet even more people.

Hobbies transcend language barriers too so even if you can’t speak to a person properly from another country then you can at least involve them in a common activity that you both find enjoyable, and who knows, this may help you both learn a language together.

If you often feel lonely or without purpose then try picking up a hobby that specifically encourages socializing which you can find in our list of social hobbies.

4. Hobbies Keep You Fit

Most hobbies involve extra activity either directly or indirectly which means you’ll be burning more calories throughout the day.

If your hobby is especially fun then you won’t even notice you’re exercising which means you can pat yourself on the back for extra productiveness.

Of course, we still recommend taking up a hobby that directly engages your muscles or cardiovascular system to help develop your strength, mobility, balance, and heart health.

You can find our hobby guide for weightlifting here which helps you get started and we’ve also discussed jump roping too which is a great way to shift some extra pounds.

5. Hobbies Can Improve Your Relationship

Most people know that relationships can be hard to maintain once the initial honeymoon phase dies down but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Introducing a hobby to your relationship is similar to our third point in that it gives you and your partner more to talk about or do together.

Relationships are most rewarding when you both go through something together as it gives you the ability to reflect back on specific occasions and helps solidify those moments in your mind.

Try something hands-on so you can both make something together with our handy and helpful list of practical hobbies.

6. Hobbies Can Develop Your Intelligence

Most hobbies require you to improve or get better in a specific area to enhance how well you perform at it or how fast you can complete a task.

For example, performing jump rope requires you to have good hand-eye coordination and the ability to orient yourself in 3D space to avoid getting hit by the rope.

This in turn develops several regions in the brain responsible for spatial awareness and positioning that can be useful for many physical or practical tasks.

Some hobbies can also prompt problem-solving skills which in turn helps to develop memory and certain aspects of creativeness.

One of the most amazing things about this point is that it mostly happens passively the more you practice not unless you go out of your way to study it directly.

7. Hobbies Can Help Us Relax

Being too stressed and not giving yourself an outlet to unwind can eventually lead to physical and mental ailments that are detrimental to leading a productive life filled with happiness.

When you do a hobby, regardless of whether it’s for fun or function, you’ll be giving yourself something different to do that helps you break the norm for a little bit of time in your day.

This gives you the ability to flex different parts of your personality that aren’t usually used such as the ability to be creative or make things, and perhaps the ability to train your body for better physical health.

You can even get really on-the-nose about this and practice meditation or mindfulness which are both very useful hobbies to help you relax.

8. Hobbies Help To Develop Routine

If you lead a life that’s missing structure then taking up a hobby can also help you to implement a routine.

Lack of structure can be a result of many different things but hobbies require goals which you can build on no matter how small.

A sandcastle does not stand without the thousands of grains below it; routine or structure is very much the same and you’ll need to add lots of different parts to create a big machine that works together in tandem.

Another point is that most people don’t become millionaires overnight, it’s a constant implementation of small improvements that helps them create the whole pie and this is the best way to create routine — Slow and steady, small and digestible!


Hopefully now you’ll have a better understanding of why hobbies are not a waste of time and why you should not underestimate the power of having them.

Every moment in life can create a butterfly effect which could lead you to unexpected but great places. This is the best approach to have when thinking about hobbies and their potential.

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