5 Key Signs That Show Going to the Gym Is a Hobby for You (You May Be Surprised)


Going to the gym is an interesting pastime because it offers many functional gains that can help you in your day-to-day life to improve your conditioning and health.

It can feel like a struggle sometimes, especially on days when you’re low on motivation or perhaps are indulging in a calorie-restricted diet that reduces your overall energy levels.

It’s kind of like eating your vegetables every day; most people view it as something to tick off their checklist rather than being something they would dedicate their spare time to.

However, we’re here to talk about some of the signs showing when it’s more than just exercise and how it actually becomes a full-blown hobby for some people.

Chore or choice?: 5 Signs That Show Going To The Gym is a Hobby

1. You Actively Want To Go

One of the main signs that show going to the gym is more of a hobby for you is when you actively want to go for fun rather than just for the benefits it can bring.

You’ll often be sitting twiddling your thumbs when you’re not on a treadmill or doing some deadlifts to try and beat your personal bests.

When you are there you never want to leave except for the need to refuel your body with some good quality protein to help your muscles recover and grow.

You may have even taken up to joining an outdoor exercise club just for those times when you’re not able to hit the gym to make sure you’re not left without something to do that involves gains.

If this sounds like you, going to the gym is definitely a hobby and not a chore.

2. You Have a Workout Routine

Having a workout routine rather than just mindlessly hitting a few machines shows you are enthused by the prospect of going to the gym which means it’s probably a hobby rather than something to tick off your list.

You may even follow some of the most popular weightlifting routines such as 5×5 or a push-pull split that can help you maximize your gains.

Most average gym-goers would not follow a detailed routine to such a specific level which is why this is one of the most obvious signs you enjoy the gym as a hobby rather than just a way to hit your weekly goals.

3. You Bulk and Cut

If you bulk and cut through the year this most likely means you are hyper-aware of the impact that nutrition can have on your body and the ability to make gains.

Most people usually bulk through the winter as it makes sense to have more body fat to stay warm and you’ll also be able to add extra muscle from the added calories.

Once the springtime starts creeping in most people start to gear up for a cut which means you are restricting calories to remove body fat to show off those hard-gained muscles underneath from your bulk.

If you’ve been doing this regularly then this is a good indication you are a serious gym-going hobbyist rather than someone who occasionally eats “fat-free” food to make themselves feel better.

4. You Follow Bodybuilding Idols

The bodybuilding landscape has changed rapidly over the past twenty years mainly due to the internet and the way we can access information.

This means a number of bodybuilding-focused outlets have popped up including certain personalities who give all of their best information on how to stay in shape year-round or to help you maximize your muscle gains.

If you’re a serious gym-going hobbyist then you most likely have a few of these bodybuilding idols you look up to including some of the old school folks like Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Athlean-X is one of the most popular channels on YouTube where the creator, Jeff Cavaliere, gives expert advice on how to target your muscles with laser precision.

5. You Talk About It None Stop

If your banter is all things bodybuilding or fitness then there’s a good chance it’s a hobby rather than something you do because the doctor said so.

This means your friends, family, and work colleagues are getting a proper ear-bashing all day every day about things like your protein intake, how much weight you’ve lost, and the new routine you’ve adopted for sick gains.

You’ll probably notice they nod with an empty stare or have automated responses now from the moment you start talking fitness to make you think they’re still paying attention.

The best moment though is when you meet somebody just like yourself and you’re both trying to get your words in about why your routine is the best and if they just start implementing it they’ll see their results take off.

This is often one of the biggest signs of a gym-going hobbyist who does it for fun rather than function.


In conclusion, gym-going hobbyists are not hard to spot as they are usually very in your face about it even if they don’t mean to be.

If you meet any of the criteria on our list it’s a good indication you’re doing it for fun as a hobby rather than trying to hit your weekly quota for exercise.

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