Can Exercise Be a Hobby? Everything You Need to Know About This Physical Pastime


Exercise can be one of the most varied pastimes you can partake in and we even have a dedicated section regarding all things fitness.

We’ve also talked about some more specific exercise hobbies such as jump rope, running, weightlifting, and even extreme-sports hobbies such as skateboarding.

In light of this, it’s clear that we consider various physical activities and sports to be hobbies that can offer plenty of profound benefits but to what degree?

It’s also worth considering some of the negative aspects surrounding exercise that can be easy to get drawn into including some common beginner mistakes.

In truth, our levels of physical activity have decreased over the past hundred years due to many modern comforts automating or streamlining out the need for physical input.

With that said, we believe exercise as a phenomenon is going through another renaissance period and only keeps getting better in terms of the information that’s available surrounding it and what you can actually achieve within it.

Clearly then, there are a lot of things to consider about exercise as a hobby which we’re going to talk about in this article to hopefully clear things up for you.

What makes exercise a hobby?

Let’s address the elephant in the room first and talk about what makes exercise a hobby, and in fact, one of the best hobbies you can do in general.

Exercise is a hobby when it’s something you do for fun in your spare time rather than just to tick a box that says you hit your calorie goals for the day.

This means embracing positive aspects such as beating personal bests, identifying with successes such as weight loss, and trying to get others involved with you for a greater sense of comradery or influence.

In fact, some of the best exercise hobbies are often those that include other people because even on those days where you aren’t feeling motivated they’ll often help pick you up or get you energized.

In essence, if you create an identity around exercise then it’s quite clear you consider it more of a hobby rather than a chore.

Some great examples of exercise hobbies that offer strong identities are things like triathlon, CrossFit, and ultra-endurance events such as trail runs.

With that said, an exercise doesn’t have to have a strong brandable identity to be classed as a hobby, and even going for a run if you enjoy it is just as much a hobby as anything else.

Are there any pros and cons with exercising?

There are tons of pros with exercise and even some cons to look out for that we think are worth expanding on if you’re looking to dive into it as a hobby.

For example, exercise is known to have many health benefits such as being able to increase breathing capacity and blood oxygenation (1) meaning you’re less likely to become short of breath the more you exercise.

This is particularly beneficial in individuals who suffer from asthma as it can reduce the effect of long-term symptoms on the participant. (1)

It’s also well-documented to be able to improve heart health which is key to your body running efficiently and being able to optimally deliver blood to the muscles when you’re training; it’s also known to improve the prognosis for common cardiovascular dysfunctions. (1)

In terms of the cons, for most healthy people who practice exercise in a safe manner then there shouldn’t really be any, however, if you suffer from any long-term or acute conditions that may jeopardize your health or risk injury then it’s important to avoid it without first consulting your doctor.

We always recommend getting an assessment before you start any kind of training program as this can reveal any underlying ailments and can even help you progress in a more measured manner.

Injury can be quite common if you’re not used to training or if you push yourself too hard at the start beyond your natural capabilities.

The bottom-line on this one is to train safely, consult a professional if needs be, and weigh up the risks with any pre-existing health conditions.

What’s the best way to start exercising?

There are many ways to start exercise, however, we recommend starting with something that is cost-effective such as using jump ropes.

They’ll cost as little as an average hourly rate but can actually beat some other forms of well-known exercise such as running in terms of the calories burned.

Jump roping can absolutely torch your body and can really kickstart your fat loss into motion meaning when combined with an efficient diet, can help you lose multiple pounds every week.

It’s also relatively gentle on the body meaning you shouldn’t suffer from any impact injuries as you might do with running.

Alternatively, if you prefer something a little different that can cater to many dispositions then swimming is the ultimate exercise format.

How can I motivate myself to exercise?

In life, it’s natural to feel the ebbing and flowing of motivation as it comes or goes, however, when it comes to exercise you should really try to make it part of your routine rather than something that you only do when you feel like it.

This means setting a scheduled routine that you follow every week even when you don’t feel like it.

You can set reminders in your phone and you can even hang up motivational messages or pictures around your home to keep you in that state of mind.

We also recommend starting an exercise routine with a friend because it means even on the days where you’re not feeling like it then your friend will be able to offer you some energizing words to get you back on track.

Basically, if you treat exercise like a necessity (similar to breathing air) then it means you can never stop and you’ll always have something you can do or get better at.


In conclusion, exercising is definitely a hobby if you’re engaging with it and embracing all the positive aspects that it can bring.

In fact, it’s one of the best hobbies you can make as part of your life, and we even dare say you should treat it as a necessary activity kind of like breathing in the air around you.

This means not only doing exercise when you’re motivated but actually making it part of your weekly routine that you need to get involved with to keep making progress.

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