Get Fit While Having Fun: Top 13 Sports Hobbies for Adults


As you get older, it’s important to have hobbies that are not only fun but ones that can also provide the benefits of keeping you physically fit too.

The great news is there’s plenty of hobbies with those exact attributes that will have you easily hitting your daily calorie goals without even realising.

As an added boon, you’ll also reap the rewards of feeling more positive due to the natural endorphins that are released when you take part in physical exercise meaning you’ll be naturally less stressed throughout the week too.

Depending on your setup, you can also get your significant other involved meaning you’re both maximizing your time together with something that’s productive.

You’ll probably recognize some of the hobbies on the list today but there might be others that offer you some surprises or at least get you thinking about them differently.

Getting Fit Shouldn’t Be Tedious: 13 Sport-Based Hobbies for Adults

1. Squash

Squash is the ultimate sport-based hobby for adults especially if you have a good friend you can play with or your partner.

As you may know, squash requires you to keep hitting the ball off the wall with your racket without letting it bounce more than once off the floor.

Because you’re confined in a small 4-walled arena, you’ll have to keep darting about meaning it’s very high intensity but also extremely fun.

The only drawback is that it’s hard to replicate a squash court in your own home not unless you have significant funding meaning you’ll have to find a sports center that offer those services.

With squash, you’ll be able to develop explosive strength and power which will keep you in tip-top shape for the foreseeable.

2. Road Biking

Road biking is another hobby that is often associated with adults rather than kids, mainly due to the fact you’ll be cycling on the road or traversing large distances across the country.

This means there’s a level of risk involved as you can’t always guarantee that drivers will respect your space as much as you like, however, there are precautions you can take such as wearing the right high-visibility protective gear to help them spot you.

In terms of road biking in general, you’ll be able to explore the wonders of the landscape and what your city or country has to offer.

In fact, many countries have dedicated cycle routes that are far safer and allow you to cross bigger distances without many issues.

Again, this one is more enjoyable when done with others but you shouldn’t let that stop you getting involved alone if you’re confident.

3. Swimming

Although anyone of any age can do swimming, it’s highly advantageous for adults (especially seniors) to partake in this hobby mainly due to the fact it has zero impact on your joints.

Joint pains and tendon pains are very common especially when you’re older as your body might not be able to cope with the demand you put on it which is where swimming will come in handy.

With that said, swimming can burn a ton of calories because you’ll be using your entire body to create the motion that you need to propel yourself through the water meaning you can get in incredible shape too.

You can swim anywhere but we generally recommend swimming in a pool as you’ll have lifeguards to keep an eye on you for if you were to get into any bother.

4. Wrestling

Wrestling is another fantastic hobby that can offer you plenty of fun whilst keeping you in great shape.

A fighting hobby might put some people off, however, most martial arts are trained in safe environments with strict rules to keep everyone happy.

We think it’s important to have a skill that can help you defend yourself in a safe manner without needing to inflict severe injuries on another person and wrestling totally meets that criteria.

Wrestling is about control and form which can also teach you vital lessons in your general day-to-day life which we really like.

As with any martial arts we recommend consulting with a wrestling coach or attending wrestling lessons to make sure you’re practicing this in a safe and efficient manner.

5. Pole Dancing

Long gone are the days where pole dancing was strictly relegated to the shady realms of underground clubs and back alley dens.

Pole dancing has made its way into the dominion of athleticism and that’s because it requires a high degree of skill to pull off some of the feats involved in this pastime.

Pole dancers are known to have seriously good core strength which is something that takes time to develop whilst practicing your moves.

Because it’s a combination of art and athleticism, you’ll not even be thinking about the amount of calories you’re burning or the muscles you’re gaining — it will just naturally happen over time.

You can actually invest in your own pole to be installed in your home but we recommend joining a class if possible as they’ll teach you the right techniques to level up your pole dancing.

6. Pool

Although not the most athletic hobby on our list, pool is still a sport and can offer you loads of fun in your home or whilst attending pool halls around the country.

Pool is a cue-based sporting hobby that requires you to shoot your assigned balls in the pockets around the pool table against another competitor.

You can get your significant other involved in this which gives you both something to do, however, it’s also incredibly fun as you’ll be able to make bets or challenges to up the ante.

Pool tables can sometimes be expensive but they’re great long-term investments as they generally won’t break down if you treat them with care.

7. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a fantastic hobby as it means you can have fun, burn some calories, and enjoy the warm sun on your skin throughout the day.

It gives you a triple whammy of goodness and even helps you hit your daily vitamin D needs which can contribute towards your bone, teeth, and muscular health.

In fact, one of the main benefits about volleyball is that it’s something that’s easy to get into but can take a while to master; because of this, you’ll have plenty of time to have fun and get good making it a great long-term hobby.

We recommend trying this hobby with friends and family as you’ll need six players on each team.

You can also play against others or even join other teams that are playing at the beach if you want which might even help you make some new friends.

8. Darts

Darts is another sporting hobby that isn’t super athletic, however, it can still help you burn a few calories and can also be incredibly fun.

In fact, most people associate darts with pubs and loud burly men but it’s actually something you can easily invest in for your home due to the inexpensiveness of the equipment.

In essence, darts is about having an eye for precision and competition rather than being super physical but it still shares all the same sporting goodness of other more involved sports such as tennis.

9. Paintballing

Paintballing is a great hobby if you want to burn some calories and have an absolute blast with your mates and family on an action-packed day out.

You can get your own paintball guns and kits, however, we recommend going to a dedicated paintballing area first to get a taste of what it involves.

Most paintballing arenas are setup like fully-fledged battlegrounds and they’ll have different obstacles or hiding areas for your team to get super tactical about everything.

In fact, paintballing is just that, it’s a super tactical sport with the guise of a theme park attraction making it extremely engaging; not to mention you’ll burn about as much calories as you would on an intense run.

10. Fishing

Do you like the idea of wrestling against an animal that could weigh as much as a human or possibly more?

Fishing is the hobby for you then as you’ll have to have the patience of a saint while you tussle with a variety of aquatic foes who’ll resist your attempts to reel them in, large or small.

In fact, if you’ve ever watched any fishing documentaries then you’ll know that catching a specific fish can be a matter of hours rather than minutes meaning you’ll need to have stamina and athletic ability to keep up.

Depending on the fish, there’s a potential to get injured as they won’t be too happy when you yank them from the water so make sure you educate yourself on how to prepare for your next catch.

11. Distance Running

Distance running is a hobby that has been practiced since the dawn of man, more out of necessity rather than for sporting purposes.

With that said, there’s something quite cathartic about hitting the trails and seeing how far you can push yourself without stopping.

Distance running offers all of that and more; you’ll really need to fight against your own mind and dig deep when it’s telling you to do everything except keep running.

It’s not uncommon to suffer stress fractures, tendon pain, and a variety of other nasty ailments, most of which can be avoided with correct preparation.

As a hobby, just like any exercise, it’s important not to push yourself too quickly at first and we also recommend getting a check-up with your doctor to make sure everything’s in order health-wise.

12. Triathlon

Triathlon is another endurance hobby, similar to distance running, that can offer a wide range of health benefits including the ability to develop a seriously good physique.

Triathlon doesn’t just test your running, it tests your swimming ability and your cycling skills meaning you’ll need to tackle a variety of challenges to keep up.

As a hobby, most people compete in triathlon events with their friends or against other competitors which can really help up the ante and give you some motivation to perform on the day.

Most of the swimming is done in open bodies of water such as lakes and even the sea meaning you’ll need to exercise caution to prevent any risky incidents from occurring.

13. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great hobby as it can test your patience and wit rather than just your physical prowess making it a great all-round sport to be involved with.

It does have a degree of risk, especially if you’re climbing on outdoor rockfaces rather than attending an indoor rock climbing wall meaning you’ll need to educate yourself around best practices.

Climbers are known to have some of the best forearm strength and functional power in the world making it an attractive option to stay healthy whilst having a ton of fun.

We recommend joining a rock climbing school and practicing on an indoor wall before you get involved with any kind of outdoor events.


Finding a hobby that ticks all the boxes of keeping you fit whilst having fun doesn’t have to be hard, and hopefully with our list you now have a better idea of what you can do to meet that criteria.

Always remember to exercise caution when performing any risky sports as this will hopefully keep you safe from injury.

If you still didn’t manage to find a hobby then you’ll be happy to know we’ve constructed a mega list of hobbies that includes many of the things we’ve mentioned and more.

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