5 Reasons Why Skateboarding Shoes Are Necessary (Plus Our Top Skate Shoe Picks For Men And Women)


We often get asked whether skateboarding shoes are necessary to have a good experience during your skate sessions and that’s because most people don’t want to have to fork out money unnecessarily (in most cases), especially if they can do it in a pair of trainers they already have.

In short, skateboarding shoes are necessary because they can improve your grip and are better formed for balance on your board compared to some other types of shoes.

In fact, over the years there’ve been tons of different iterations of skate shoes, some performing better than others depending on your skate style.

With that said, we wanted to expand on why skate shoes are so necessary whilst also suggesting some of our top picks for you to buy; take a look below.

Top Skateboarding Shoe Summary – Our Top 6 Picks for Men and Women

First things first, here’s a quick summary of our favorites shoes including what they’re generally good for.

Top Men’s Skate Shoes

1. DC Men’s Stag Skate Shoe – Great for extra protection when skating

2. Etnies Scout Sneaker – Great for mobility i.e. lightweight and breathable

3. Nike Sb Charge Slip Skate Shoe – Great for convenience i.e. slip on

Top Women’s Skate Shoes

  1. DC Women’s Court Graffik – Great for extra protection/padded comfort

2. Etnies Women’s Scout W’s – Great for flexibility, mobility, and breathability

3. Etnies Women’s Langston Slip On – Good for convenience i.e. can slip on and off

5 Reasons Why Skateboarding Shoes Are Essential, Necessary, And Just Downright Cool

1. Skate shoes have improved grip

There are shoes for hiking, shoes for crossing snowy terrain, shoes for running, and even shoes for going to the gym, so why wouldn’t there be skate shoes too?

Essentially, skate shoes are designed for the activity of skateboarding meaning they’re generally designed with a grip pattern that improves adhesion to the board.

This is good because it means you’ll not have to worry about your skateboarding flying away when you’re trying to do jump tricks or when you’re doing things that generally require you to stay sealed to your board.

2. Skate shoes are shaped for balance

Skateboarding shoes are generally flat as this improves the amount of surface area that has contact with the board and thus, provides you with a better sense of balance.

Basically, having no heels or uneven surfaces on your shoes means you have maximum stability between you and the board which is great for pulling off tricks with confidence.

In fact, the average skate shoe remains relatively unchanged since their inception and are mostly designed completely flat with a tread that provides maximum grip for contact with your skateboard.

The only caveat with this design is that they don’t provide great impact protection for your foot if you’re walking or running in them, so make sure to get a pair of running shoes if you’re wanting to do that.

3. Skate shoes are designed with skateboarding fashion in mind

Another point that’s worth mentioning is that skate shoes are designed to blend seamlessly with skater fashion i.e. jeans, chinos, baggy t-shirts, etc.

This means your shoes shouldn’t look out of place, except for maybe the colors, however, this can be overcome since most skate shoe designs are sold with tens, if not hundreds of different color options.

You may ask, why does this matter?

Well, skateboarding is not just a hobby, it’s almost a way of life and has a strong culture surrounding it.

This culture is closely linked to skater apparel and clothing but also has strong ties with music interests too.

4. Skater shoes can give some added foot protection

Unlike a running shoe, skateboarding shoes offer more protection around the top (usually) and this will help mitigate potential injuries that can be caused when doing flip tricks where the board can hit the top of your foot.

They also use a slightly more robust material that can absorb some impacts from your board better, not unless you opt for a breathable shoe that might be more similar to a running style shoe.

This isn’t always the case, however, it’s going to depend on your confidence on a board and whether you think your foot needs a bulkier skate shoe.

5. Skateboarding shoes are collectible

If you have a bit of a penchant for collecting then skate shoes are a great option as there are so many styles and choices of shoes for you to collect.

Some are quite rare, whereas others might be just classic shoes that you want to have on your shoe rack.

We’ve even heard of people who have hundreds (if not thousands) of shoes in their collection that they can show off as a measure of pride, or even wear if they’re feeling daring enough.

FAQ: Other Important Questions About Skateboarding Shoes

Can you wear Converse to skate?

Just like some of the other shoes we’ve mentioned above, Converse is another well-respected brand that is known for making excellent shoes to skate in.

To sum up, you can definitely wear Converse to skateboard in and they should provide adequate grip and balance to make sure you have a good experience.

As an added point, most people wear the Chuck Taylor model from Converse, however, we thinking getting a dedicated skate shoe option from converse will give you a slightly better experience and more overall comfort.

We recommend the Converse Breakpoint Pro Ox as they are a little more padded than Chuck Taylor’s.

Can you skate in docs?

Generally speaking, when people refer to “docs” they mean the Doctor Martin boots.

In our opinion, you can skate in docs (just like any shoe) but it would be a rather heavy-footed and awkward experience, therefore, we recommend getting some skateboarding shoes instead.


In conclusion, skateboarding shoes are necessary because they provide better grip, a larger surface area to adhere to your board better, and are generally styled well to go with the same types of clothes that skaters would wear.

Hopefully, you also have a better idea of the types of shoes that are worth buying including which ones you might want to avoid i.e. skating in doctor martins (lol).

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