FAQ’s and Facts: All Your Skateboarding Questions Answered (Mega Article)


Lots of web search information reveals that most people are generally curious about the pastime of skateboarding and of skateboarders in general.

We’re going to try to address some of those searches and questions today with our best possible answers to hopefully enlighten you around the topic.

In fact, if you didn’t know, we’ve already talked about skateboarding as a hobby and why we love it so much as well as talking about some hobbies that are similar to skateboarding.

We’ve also addressed whether skateboarding shoes are necessary to wear during your skate sessions (the answer may surprise you).

Why Do Skateboarders Have A Bad Reputation?

Skateboarders have a bad reputation for lots of different reasons, however, it seems to be mainly due to the fact that they’re seen as a nuisance in public spaces.

That’s because skaters take advantage of public property such as curbs, benches, public parks, stairs, and even commercial properties where they’ll make use of the fixtures to grind on or jump off which can cause costly damages.

They’re also known to be noisy because of the sound that skateboards make (see more on that below) on the ground and they may even get in the way of public paths making them inaccessible for pedestrians.

With that said, we know most skateboarders are relatively courteous and would probably go out of their way to remain in people’s good books if asked, however, changing a cultural perception that’s deep-rooted takes time.

Why Is Skateboarding So Loud?

Skateboarding is loud due to the fact that the wheels aren’t completely soft i.e. they’re made from a plastic polyurethane which creates resistance on the ground causing a rather loud, almost hollow scraping sound.

Depending on your parts, the wheels and bearings might also create resistance if they’re not completely frictionless which can also make a slight grinding sound which further compounds everything else that’s going on to make noise.

However, that’s not the end of the story — skateboards are also loud because they’re used to do jump tricks on meaning the skater will inevitably come slamming down creating repetitive bangs (especially if they’re practicing) which can be a nuisance for locals.

Why Are Skateboarders So Cool?

Skateboarders are perceived to be cool because they generally adopt a laid back, liberal, and almost carefree attitude toward most things in life.

This means they’re quite relaxed and are easy to get along with, however, they also have a casual dress sense that further reaffirms their “loose” image.

In fact, skateboarders are often used as the stereotypical “cool-dude” in movies and popular media so it’s almost become a cult phenomenon now.

Why Is My Skateboard So Slow?

There are multiple reasons why a skateboard could be slow such as extremely tight bearings, grit and dirt in the bearings, the type of wheels you’re using, poor or compromised trucks, a poorly made skateboard, and maybe even a poor technique in some instances.

Tight Bearings Fix

Tight bearings put pressure on the wheels meaning they won’t turn as smoothly and can cause slowness on your skateboard.

All you’ll need to fix this issue is a simple all-in-one T tool to loosen your bearings to the desired amount (make sure not to loosen them too much) which will get them turning more freely again.

Dirty Bearings Fix

Dirty bearings will slow your skateboard down over time so it’s important to have a regular cleaning schedule to keep your bearings in tip-top condition.

Start by removing the wheels and the bearings from the trucks with a t tool.

Once you have the bearings removed you can start cleaning them with a simple degreaser and rag to get the dirty/old lubricant off.

Once they’re sparkling, you can run them under a tap to finalize your cleaning efforts then dry immediately with a hairdryer to prevent rusting.

Remember, before you put your clean bearings back on you’ll need to lubricate them adequately with bearing lubricant for smooth and hopefully faster movement.

Type of Wheels Fix

The types of wheels you use on your skateboard can easily impact the amount of speed you’re able to generate on certain types of terrain.

For example, softer wheels will generally be better over rougher terrain (and can give you better grip which in turn provides more acceleration), however, they’re a little slower in terms of top speed.

Harder wheels are typically faster and can help to increase your speed, however, you’ll end up sacrificing a little bit of stability.

For absolute speed, we recommend swapping your wheels out for a harder type of wheelset though you’ll probably want to mainly use them on even or smooth surfaces (such as at a dedicated skate park).

Poor/Broken Trucks Fix

This one’s relatively obvious.

If you have poor or broken trucks then the imbalance or instability can easily slow your skateboard down.

In this case, you’ll either need a new set of trucks, or you could use it as an opportunity to get a completely new skateboard.

There’s plenty of video tutorials on YouTube which show you how to remove your trucks, but essentially, you’ll need an all-in-one T tool to remove the nuts and wheels.

Poor Skateboard Fix

Again, having a poor skateboard has a relatively obvious fix.

Get a well-made skateboard instead!

In fact, most skateboards are manufactured to similarly high standards these days but you should always check the reviews to highlight any issues before purchase.

Poor Technique

A poor technique can only be fixed with regular practice and a demonstration from a skateboarding professional.

Again, YouTube has tons of great tutorials on the proper skateboarding technique to get you going as fast as you can.

Skateboarding: Which Foot To Push With?

There’s no correct foot to skate with, you can skate with any foot.

If you’re not sure which foot to use then we recommend finding a flat surface to practice on, getting as stable as you can, then pushing off with each foot to see which one feels more natural.

If you wanted further confirmation then you’ll be happy to know that there are professionals who compete in skateboarding tournaments that are both left or right foot dominant so it doesn’t make a difference, use whichever’s easiest.

Which Is Easier: Skateboarding Or Rollerblading?

Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that rollerblading is more intuitive and easier to pick up, however, some techniques such as stopping can be harder than on a skateboard.

Overall, we think skateboarding is a safer activity and thus, probably better for people with lower confidence levels.

With that said, you can get beginner roller blades that have pre-installed brakes on the back or front that can make learning a much safer experience and will allow you to stop when you need.

Will Skateboarding Help Me Snowboard?

Yes, most of the stance techniques and muscles used in skateboarding can help give you an advantage in learning to snowboard too.

In fact, the only real difference between skateboarding and snowboarding is the type of terrain you’re on and the fact that you don’t need wheels for a snowboard to start moving.

Some techniques such as stopping can be a little different in snowboarding but if you’re already well-versed in skateboarding then it shouldn’t take you very long to get the hang of it.

Will Skateboarding Help Me Surf?

Yes, being confident on a skateboard means you’ll be one step ahead of most other surfing beginners because you’ll already be familiar with balancing on a board and using your bodily momentum to move it around.

Many of these aspects are the same in surfing which means your skateboarding skills are transferrable and will help you improve quicker.

With that said, safety in the water is completely different from safety on land which is why we recommend going to a professional surf school to start learning everything you need to know.

Will Skateboarding Give You Abs?

Just like any exercise, skateboarding combined with the right nutritional intake can give you a lean body and visible abs.

It’s important to emphasize that nutrition plays the biggest part in gaining visible abs and that’s because regardless of how much activity you’re doing, if you’re over-eating, then you’ll never lose enough fat off your body to see your stomach muscles.

With that said, it’s easy to lose weight with skateboarding because it’s an activity that usually requires you to go outside which means you’re not always surrounded by food.

You’ll also be having a pretty good time which is another great way to distract you from your hunger and that’s why skaters often have a good physique.

Is Skateboarding Attractive As A Pastime?

Skateboarding can be seen as an attractive pastime because it’s generally associated with high levels of physical fitness and attracts a certain type of laid-back personality that some people like to go for.

Generally speaking, most skateboarders are in great shape which is very appealing to both sexes, however, it might also be the long, untamed hair and brooding bad-boy/bad-girl look that gives off sex appeal.

Basically, any activity or pastime that has strong imagery or connotations associated with it will generally be seen as attractive to certain types of people.

Does Skateboarding Make One Leg Bigger?

Yes, if you’re engaged in skateboarding regularly then it’s not unusual to have one leg that’s bigger than the other or to develop asymmetry.

In fact, you can even get this checked by a specialist who can measure the differences between each leg if you’re really curious.

To fix this issue, make sure to do activities that train both legs such as biking, swimming, and even direct resistance training to strengthen the other leg.

Why Do I Sweat So Much When I Skateboard?

Most people sweat during intense exercise (such as skateboarding) which is the bodies way of keeping itself cool, however, if you’re profusely sweating then it could be worth a trip to the doctor to see if they can diagnose it.

In fact, there’s a condition called hyperhidrosis which is basically an ailment that makes you sweat more than the average person.

To counter this problem as best you can without medical intervention, make sure to wear baggy or loose clothing to minimize the number of sweat patches that are visible and wear socks that help to absorb moisture whilst changing them twice per day.

Can You Fix a Waterlogged Skateboard?

A waterlogged skateboard is not worth trying to fix as the wood is already compromised and may be dangerous to ride on.

To ensure your safety, we recommend buying a new skateboard to prevent possible accidents from occuring.

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