FAQ’s and Facts: 14 Popular YouTuber Questions Answered (Surprising Insights)


Becoming a YouTuber is a really interesting hobby and is quite unlike most other things.

That’s because you’re voluntarily thrusting yourself into the public spotlight in the hopes of getting enough followers and views to make you a viral hit.

With such a controversial hobby and pastime, there’s always going to be lots of different questions that pop up that people are curious about.

In this article, we’re going to try and address some of those popular questions and hopefully give you an answer that is both enlightening and factual.

14 Popular Questions Answered: YouTube Under The Spotlight

Are YouTubers Celebrities?

Yes and no.

Some YouTubers are popular enough to be classed as celebrities or part of pop culture, however, they’re only a fraction of the people who regularly upload to YouTube, and most are relatively unknown.

In fact, it’s easy to assume that all YouTubers are celebrities because of the way the YouTube algorithm works – essentially, it only shows people what they want to see and most of those videos are from really famous YouTubers.

If you dig deep enough though, you’ll actually see that YouTube is made up of lots of small-time creators who are only seeking an audience within their niche.

Are YouTubers Rich?

Yes and no.

Some YouTubers are filthy rich, however, that’s only a small percentage of the creator base and it’s definitely not a typical thing.

Conversely, once you’re popular enough, it’s easy to generate huge revenues from in-video ads and also through sponsorship deals from various companies who think you’d be a good candidate to pitch their product.

Some other novel ways of making money or getting rich on YouTube include affiliate marketing where you’ll be able to include paid-for links in your description for products that you’re talking about.

Once someone clicks through that link and buys the product you’ll make a commission from the sale which is a great way to generate semi-passive income from your videos and you can easily become rich enough to be comfortable.

This isn’t the end of the story in regards to making money on YouTube and in fact, there are probably thousands of inventive ways to get rich if you’re thrifty enough.

Are YouTubers Self Employed?

This is a mixed answer.

Some YouTubers upload videos purely for entertainment and often have other jobs outside of their content creation.

However, there is a decent chunk of creators who make enough money on YouTube to be considered self-employed and can easily live off the income they make through their videos.

In fact, some YouTubers might become popular very quickly (viral) and can become self-employed in a very short space of time.

Are YouTubers Influencers?

Yes, most YouTubers could be considered influencers as they are often able to influence public discourse and debate.

In fact, YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world and is now one of the leading ways to digest the news and world affairs.

This means YouTubers are able to capitalize on this and can easily inject themselves into important topics such as politics, fashion, climate science, and even social justice causes.

As the older generations die out and the younger ones replace them, it’s not hard to envision a world where YouTubers become some of the most influential figures of our time.

Are YouTubers Entrepreneurs?

Yes, becoming a successful YouTuber requires good entrepreneurial skills such as the ability to manage a business, effective communication, strategic thinking, and even the ability to market themselves.

It’s definitely not an easy task becoming successful through YouTube anymore as most niches have already been filled with strong personalities and established brands.

With that said, an entrepreneurial mindset requires spotting gaps in the market so it’s definitely not impossible to become successful on YouTube if you’re creative enough.

Why are YouTubers Boxing?

Most YouTubers started boxing after they’d seen how much money could be made from gimmicky fights such as when Conor McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Essentially, they already had a platform and an audience to voice themselves to, they just needed to gain enough traction to make something happen.

Not long after the McGregor versus Mayweather fight, you’d seen big YouTuber celebrity fights popping up such as KSI against Logan Paul and even his younger brother Jake Paul against basketball star Nate Robinson.

We’re not sure if the trend of YouTuber boxing fights will continue, however, if money can be raised for charities then we think it’s a good thing overall.

Are YouTubers Educated?

Depending on the niche you’re in, you may need to be educated to become a successful YouTuber, especially if you’re giving medical information

However, not all YouTubers are educated and in fact, it’s probably one of the best business models to make yourself rich without necessarily having a degree or an educational background.

We don’t think there’s a real advantage to being educated when it comes to making YouTube content not unless you’re talking about something that really requires professional observations.

Are YouTubers Good Role Models?

Yes and no.

Some YouTubers are good role models who provide genuine insights that can help you to learn new things or so you can develop your character as a person, however, we’ve also seen dangerous trends popping up that can easily influence people to do the wrong things.

A classic example is pranking people; some of these trending videos were clearly taken too far where people were hurt or could easily have been hurt (even when not directly involved).

To kids, this might look fun but it also teaches them the wrong behavior and can easily lead to negative traits or poor interactions with others.

We think it’s important to do enough research into the background of the person you’re watching before you consider idolizing them as some sort of role model.

Are YouTubers Happy?

Most successful YouTubers are probably happy, however, there are millions of struggling YouTubers who’re probably frustrated at the process and might be thinking about giving up their dreams.

With that said, not everyone who ends up rich and famous feels happy.

It’s a complicated question to answer and it really depends on the person.

A recently popular channel called HealthyGamerGG investigates the fine line between happiness, certain types of personalities, and the burden of success (especially in online streaming).

Although it sounds kinda cheesy, happiness has to come from within.

Some YouTubers pin their happiness on becoming financially well-off, but when they get there, they discover it hasn’t solved their emptiness.

Are YouTubers Notified When You Unsubscribe?

No, YouTubers are not notified when you unsubscribe and most would probably consider this quite invasive if it were the case.

It would also lead to quite a lot of spam, especially for popular YouTubers who probably see thousands of people unsubscribe from their channel each day.

Unsubscribing also has negative connotations and most companies want their creators to feel as happy as possible which is also another reason why they’re not notified.

Why are YouTubers Quitting? (Why Do Some YouTubers Give Up?)

Most people quit YouTube after they discover it’s not what they expected.

Being successful on YouTube requires a mixture of natural talent, dumb luck, but mainly hours and hours of perseverance every single day which is very hard to commit to especially if you still have a job.

Not only are you recording, but you’re constantly looking for trends or ways to make people click your videos which is a totally separate skill in itself; marketing.

On top of that, and similar to our previous point, even if YouTubers become successful, they might still hate the fact that they’re almost bound to making videos every week for their audience.

There are also a few unusual cases of YouTubers quitting after controversial situations where they usually think it’s best to recede from the public limelight, but this is quite rare.

Are YouTubers Richer Than Actors?

No, most super famous actors are far wealthier than the most famous YouTubers.

In fact, some of the biggest actors such as Tom Cruise and George Clooney have amassed insane levels of wealth of nearly half a billion dollars each.

In fact, one of the most well-known YouTubers, Mr.Beast, according to Forbes, has only managed to amass a fortune of around thirty million dollars which pales in comparison to the aforementioned movie stars.

With that said, we think the trend of mega movie stars is dying out, and over time, we’ll probably see the transition from big movie money over to online celebrity culture.

Are YouTubers Smart?

Some YouTubers are smart whereas others might not be so smart.

Being smart isn’t always an important factor in becoming successful on YouTube, especially when compared to more important traits such as being consistent, able to communicate effectively, and being able to connect with your audience.

In fact, you could say those traits are a form of intelligence so the answer might be mixed depending on how you look at it.

Mostly, the best YouTubers have their fingers on the pulse of current culture and trends which can help skyrocket them to stardom.

Why Are YouTubers So Loud and Hyper?

Being loud, hyper, and excitable are great ways to keep viewers engaged, and thus, it makes sense that these types of personalities will thrive on YouTube.

In fact, a good way to confirm this for yourself is to try to listen to someone who is talking in a monotone way versus listening to someone who uses inflection in their speeches.

Most people will automatically switch off when listening to monotone speeches as there’s nothing to hook their attention back in.

This is why most public speakers use comedy throughout their speeches as it’s a good way to reengage conscious and thoughtful attention.

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