Is League of Legends Good? Important Questions Answered (What’s The Hype?)


We love gaming, in fact, we even have a dedicated gaming section discussing various popular topics within the scene, however, we wanted to give some dedicated time to cover everything about League of Legends in more detail.

In fact, League of Legends isn’t a new game as it was released all the way back in October 2009, but it still remains supremely popular even to this day.

It’s this longevity combined with absolute dedication from the games fan base that intrigues us so much enough to write an article addressing some of the most searched questions about the game.

The first one being, is League of Legends good?

Is League of Legends Good (still worth playing)?

To answer the question, yes, League of Legends is still a good game and it still has millions of players who actively play it week in, week out.

This is because the game shows no signs of slowing down, between regular character releases, reworks, and even cosmetic content being released on a regular monthly schedule, it’s unlikely it’ll come to an end any time soon.

As well as that, the League of Legends developer team has mastered optimal communication to its dedicated legion of followers meaning people are regularly kept in the loop about what’s happening currently, and going forward.

It’s also one of the most accessible MOBA games on the planet and has a dedicated tutorial to help new players get into the game without too much trouble.

It’s this simple to learn, hard to master setup that makes League of Legends so addictive and keeps you going back for more (even years later).

Is League of Legends Dying?

Another elephant-in-the-room question that we wanted to address is, is League of Legends dying?

That depends on who you ask as some veteran players swear that League of Legends’ best days are over, however, what we’re seeing is the complete opposite.

League of Legends has actually increased in popularity since conception and continues to do so even into 2021.

It’s thought that League of Legends currently has an average of 100 million active monthly users which is a tenfold increase since 2009.

Yes, it sees peaks and troughs but it still remains consistently strong year on year without any sign of slowing down.

We put this down to their ever-evolving marketing strategy and huge exposure due to the strong streaming community that League of Legends has.

We’re even seeing the announcement of a spin-off League universe MMO and even an animated series that totally reaffirms its position as one of the most dominant games on the planet.

Is League of Legends Pay to Win?

No, nothing you can buy in League of Legends will influence your in-game power or prowess.

The only drawback is that you won’t start out with the full champ roster straight away; you either need to earn them by getting enough essences from leveling up your account or by buying them directly from the store.

This still isn’t the same as pay-to-win even though we know how frustrating it can be that you’ll need to wait to play a certain champ if you don’t have the money to buy it.

We think Riot has struck the right balance between in-game micro-transactions to keep the game supported without being detrimental to the gameplay.

Why Are LoL Players so Toxic?

As popular as League of Legends is, it’s also known to have one of the most toxic gaming communities on the planet.

LoL players are especially toxic because the game offers the right recipe to make that happen; lack of instant communication (no mic chat), lack of direct influence over other teammates, huge time investments per game, and the psychological factor of hitting a higher rank can make people really toxic if things aren’t going their way.

This isn’t just an issue with League as much as it is with basically any competitive game.

Competitive games really bring out the worst in people because most people have a strong desire to win that trumps building relationships with teammates especially if they aren’t going to play with those people again.

In fact, you’ll probably find that playing with a dedicated team is far less toxic compared to solo queue as you’re more likely to have an established friendship with those people.

A good tip to prevent toxicity is to simply mute the chat especially if you find yourself getting emotional or tilted from player comments throughout the game — you can do this by typing the /fullmute command.

Why Is League of Legends so Addictive?

League of legends is addictive because it combines a simple-to-learn system with finely tuned feedback structures that reward good gameplay.

Think about it like this, when you’re winning you’re getting lots of visual and audio cues that celebrate those achievements such as gold popping up and the in-game speaker confirming your “godlike” status.

This type of system taps into our dopamine response meaning it’s easy to get quick highs that wouldn’t usually be achievable in normal day-to-day life.

This keeps you locked into a hamster-wheel-type situation where you’re constantly chasing those positive affirmations that acknowledge your status as the best player on the team.

Why Is League Matchmaking so Bad? (Is League of Legends Matchmaking Broken?)

The League of Legends matchmaking system is designed to match you with players of a similar skill level to offer the most balanced competitive games possible.

Most people presume the LoL matchmaking system is bad or broken for a few reasons, but mainly due to negative confirmation bias and assuming they’re better than they actually are.

It’s also because ranks like bronze and silver have negative connotations associated with them and most people who get placed there assume that the players here must be bad, or not as good as them.

This isn’t always the case and there are a few exceptions such as getting regularly matched with people who rage-quit or troll throughout the game, but these are often exceptional cases that are dealt with through the reporting system quite swiftly.

In truth, the answer to this question is very complex as there are quite a few factors at play that could be affecting a players outcome or their perception about the matchmaking.

We recommend taking a look at the League fandom wiki which gives you a full in-depth explanation of the ranking system.

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League of Legends: Bottomline

League of Legends is a great game that isn’t without a few imperfections, however, because it has such strong engagement with the community they’ve managed to go from strength to strength which we think will continue for the foreseeable future.

We also note Riot’s notable efforts to continue advancing the League universe with the recently confirmed MMORPG that is set in same the world that League is based on and the recently announced animated TV series Arcane.

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