Best Gaming Headset for FPS – Top 11 (Locate Your Enemy With Pinpoint Precision)


If you’re a keen FPS player then it’s important to know that a good headset can make all the difference, especially since it will allow you to accurately tell where footsteps are coming from and where fights are breaking out on the map.

Not all gaming headsets will do the job properly which is why we want to highlight the best gaming headsets that are specifically optimized for FPS games and shooters.

Typically, you will want something with accurate sound reproduction and crystal-clear clarity as it means you won’t miss all the tiny, important details that are happening around you whilst you play.

Basically, the impact of having a good headset can help you go from bottom-tier rankings to upper-tier rankings in very little time; it can really make such a huge difference in an FPS.

Positional Audio: Best Gaming Headsets for FPS to Help You Locate Your Enemy (Top 11 Picks)

TL;DR (Quick Summary)

In case you don’t want to read the full reviews, here is a quick snapshot of the best headsets for FPS including their most stand-out feature(s).

As a caveat, some of the headsets we’ll list below are audiophile headsets (best sound quality) therefore, we recommend grabbing an attachable mod mic for communication or a studio mic such as the Razer Seiren.

Best Traditional Gaming Headsets for FPS (Handy Gaming Features)

Best Audiophile-Grade Headsets for FPS (Best Sound Quality)

Why would you choose an audiophile headset over a traditional gaming headset for FPS games?

Most audiophile headsets are specifically optimized to deliver the highest quality of sound that most traditional gaming headsets simply can’t compete with.

Since FPS games are designed with 3D and positional audio in mind, this means that audiophile headsets naturally have the advantage in terms of accuracy which can lead to better results in-game.

For this reason, if you can afford to, we always recommend going for an audiophile headset for FPS games rather than a traditional gaming headset.

Stalk Your Enemies With Deadly Precision – Top 11 Gaming Headsets for FPS

Traditional Gaming Headsets

1. HyperX Cloud Revolver – Quasi-Audiophile Gaming Headset

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50mm Drivers, 7.1 Support, 10Hz-23.2kHz, Closed-Back, USB Connectivity

Product Review:

HyperX is known for making premium gaming headsets, and the Cloud Revolver is no different.

It’s packed with advanced features such as huge 50mm sound drivers, an expansive frequency range for clear audio reproduction, and it even supports 7.1 surround sound if you wish to toggle it on.

Just to be clear, we recommend avoiding the use of surround sound for most FPS games as it can actually be detrimental — as with anything though, make sure to do your own thorough testing.

Overall, the Cloud Revolver excels for long gaming sessions thanks to the extra-thick memory foam cushioning on the ear cups, the flexible headband that adjusts to any head size, and the premium leatherette material covering the cushions.

You’ll also be happy to know that the microphone allows for slight adjustment with the bendable design, and it can also be detached if you prefer not to have it in your way.

HyperX also makes note of the fact they’ve included their very own sound card which is built into the volume control; this can be useful if you’re not using a dedicated sound card or if you don’t have a motherboard without advanced sound built-in.

We’re a little skeptical about built-in sound cards though, so again, make sure to do your own testing and exercise your right to return it if you’re not happy with how it sounds in-game.


An ambitious headset that looks to shoot itself into the echelons of premium-grade audio, though doesn’t quite match up to dedicated audiophile options.

2. HyperX Cloud II – Best Budget-Friendly Headset for FPS

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Specs: Huge 53mm Drivers, 7.1 Support, 50hz-18kHz, Closed-Back, USB/3.5mm Connectivity

Product Review:

The HyperX Cloud II is one of the most popular headsets (if not the most) of the 10s, not just for FPS, but most other genres too.

It’s not hard to understand why, between the excellent price point, premium features, and solid sound quality that they’ve managed to cram into this pair of cans; you’re really getting a bargain for the price.

We must emphasize, however, just because it’s the most popular doesn’t make it the absolute best, though, you will struggle to get something as good without spending hundreds of dollars.

For this reason, if you’re on a budget, you can hardly go wrong the with Cloud II headset, even when it comes to sound accuracy.

That’s because it utilizes powerful 53mm sound drivers and has a fairly decent frequency range, though not as wide-ranging as some audiophile headsets.

It also has a really solid build and features extremely premium materials to make sure you can game as long as you want without experiencing any pain around the ears.

Similar to most other gaming headsets, HyperX has included the option of 7.1 surround sound which is nice for watching movies and playing some more immersive games, but not really a necessity for FPS; stereo (2.1) is still king where this is concerned.

We also make note of the flexible and detachable microphone which is a great convenience for when it’s getting in the way or needs a little more customization depending on your head size — it also looks less goofy for if you want to take them out with you and use them as a traditional music headset.


The de facto best gaming headset of the 2010s for people on a budget who need faux-premium features.

3. Corsair Virtuoso RGB – Premium Wireless Gaming Headset

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50mm Sound Drivers, 7.1 Surround Sound, huge 20Hz-40,000Hz frequency range, Closed-Back, Wireless Connectivity, Multi-Connection Compatibility

Product Review:

For a wireless gaming headset, the Corsair Virtuoso is a really nice pair of cans, albeit a little expensive.

They feature really powerful 50mm sound drivers and also feature an exceptional frequency range, almost double that of most traditional gaming headsets.

Because of this, we think paying the extra money can be worth it especially if you need a little more sound accuracy.

In fact, for FPS, sound accuracy is everything so this could be a great go-to wireless headset for just that reason.

Did we also mention, the Corsair Virtuoso is an extremely comfortable headset and you’ll be able to use it all day without any discomfort.

The build feels really solid and is unlikely to break at least for a good few years with proper care and treatment.

The only drawback in terms of the audio is that on paper, even though the frequency range is good, the closed-back design doesn’t lend itself well to accurate soundscapes.

Again, this is really nitpicking as this isn’t likely to affect you in-game, though can be an important consideration if you do other sensitive work such as audio reproduction.

Lastly, like most Corsair headsets, you’ll find an adjustable microphone that can also be removed depending on what you’re doing.


An exceptionally well-built wireless headset, designed for comfort and a decent sound experience for gamers.

4. SteelSeries Arctis 7 – Lossless Wireless Audio and Communication

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Specs: 40mm Sound Drivers, Surround Sound, 20Hz-20,000Hz Frequency, Closed-Back Design, 2.4GHz “lossless” wireless connectivity

Product Review:

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is an unusual headset.

It positions itself as a premium wireless headset, yet uses fairly weak 40mm sound drivers and a relatively normal frequency range.

Our experience was also mixed especially when used at higher volume ranges as it seemed to introduce mild distortions.

If you can forgive the obvious drawbacks, this is a really comfortable wireless headset and also features “lossless” quality i.e. the wireless audio won’t degrade between connection to the computer and the headset, however, it isn’t amazing audio anyway.

One thing we can praise the Steelseries team for is that the microphone is very good quality and we like the fact you can hide it away for tidiness.

For FPS games, having clear communication is important which is why we can forgive this headset for not having the best audio because it does a great job of talking to people clearly.

Also, if you really need a wireless headset, the Arctis 7 can be a great option for gamers who don’t like to be constantly tethered in or charging, mainly because the battery life is phenomenal and will last up to 24 hours on a single charge.

Lastly, like most gaming headsets, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 has lots of gimmicks and software that goes along with it to customize your experience, though, in the case of the Arctis 7, it does little to alleviate some of the niggling issues.


A convoluted, confused headset that has a premium price but features some obvious bad design choices when it comes to audio. Could be better, however, is really comfortable and has a great mic.

5. EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE – Luxury Comfort

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15-28,000Hz Frequency, Open-Back Design, 3.5mm Connectivity

Product Review:

The Epos/Sennheiser GAME ONE headset is designed for one thing; absolute luxurious comfort.

Honestly, this is a really nice headset to have adorned around your ears as the cushioning feels superb.

For an FPS gamer, this might not be the most important thing, however, comfort takes precedence sometimes especially if you have a large or awkward head shape.

With that said, although the materials are comfortable, it doesn’t feel as robust in terms of build quality as some of the other headsets we’ve mentioned, though, it will do the job if you’re careful enough.

Outside of the comfort, it has a fairly wide frequency range for decent sound reproduction and is one of a few “open-backed” design headsets meaning the audio reproduction is really natural i.e. doesn’t feel like it’s located inside your head.

This might be important, not necessarily in terms of accuracy, but certainly for when it comes to having a more organic sounding environment — essentially, it will sound more realistic.

In fact, because it uses a 3.5mm connection, we also recommend getting a dedicated sound card for it so you can EQ the audio and make it even better.

Other than that, you’ll also notice the really obnoxious microphone; it’s good quality but we don’t like the fact that it isn’t bendable or removable — convenience features are important in our opinion so this might be a sticking point for some.


A well-adjusted open-back headset with nice, natural organic sounds. Also features luxurious materials for all-day comfort, however, has an obnoxiously large microphone that can’t be bent or moved for positioning.

6. SteelSeries Arctis Pro – High Fidelity Audio

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Specs: 40mm Sound Drivers, 10-40,000Hz, Closed-Back, USB/3.5mm Connectivity

Product Review:

If you really must have a traditional gaming headset, then audio doesn’t get much better than on the SteelSeries Arctis Pro.

Although the sound drivers aren’t as powerful as some of our other options, the frequency range is huge meaning you’ll get really good sound accuracy in-game or whilst doing other things.

For FPS games this is invaluable and will really help give you an advantage when you need to locate the enemy.

Similar to the Arctis 7, the Arctis Pro comes with a really high-quality microphone meaning communication is clear and loud enough for your teammates to hear you the first time.

The microphone is also retractable into the ear cup so you can also conceal it for when it’s not needed or in use.

Other than that, we really love the design of the Arctis Pro; it’s fairly robust (aluminum and steel) and is built with comfort in mind meaning you shouldn’t have any issues regardless of how long you’re gaming for.


A very accurate gaming headset with a huge frequency range that will help you locate the enemy with ease. One of the best gaming headsets for FPS.

Audiophile-Grade Headsets

7. Philips Fidelio X3 – Exquisite Audiophile Accuracy

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Specs: 50mm Sound Drivers, 5-40,000Hz Frequency Range, Open-Backed Wide Ear Cups Design, 3.5 – 6.3 mm adapter connectivity

Product Review:

The Philips Fidelio X3 headset screams exquisiteness and comfort, with a sound quality to match.

For gaming and FPS, this is a great headset as it’s designed like most traditional gaming headsets with huge, comfortable ear cups and an adjustable band to fit nearly all head shapes or sizes.

It has a huge frequency range and has powerful 50mm diaphragms to drive that sound meaning you’ll hear all the detail to give you the edge in your games.

Because it’s an audiophile-grade headset, you’ll be able to connect via a 3.5mm jack, however, it does also come with a 6.3mm adapter meaning you can plug it into a sound card for EQ and sound optimization.

The only drawback with audiophile headsets is that they don’t come with a microphone attached, though, generally speaking, we recommend getting a dedicated studio mic or an attachable mod mic for studio-quality communication.

Other than that, it’s priced higher than most typical gaming headsets, but rather on the low end if we compare it to some other audiophile-grade headsets making it a relatively solid investment.


A great all-rounder audiophile-grade headset that will perform well and give you the sound accuracy you need in FPS games.

8. SENNHEISER HD 599 SE – Premium Sound & Comfort

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Specs: 40mm Sound Drivers, 12-38,500Hz, Open Back, 3.5-6.3mm Connectivity (adapter)

Product Review:

If you’re wanting to foray into the world of audiophile-grade headsets but you don’t have the kind of money needed to get a top-end headset, then the Sennheiser HD 599 SE is a great headset to do just that.

It will take all of your gaming to the next level in terms of audio experiences with the huge frequency range and open-back design.

The sound drivers aren’t the biggest, however, the audio is extremely clear which makes up for the slight lack of power.

Possibly, where this headset shines is the design and overall comfort; it’s a really nice headset to wear and you shouldn’t have any issues with discomfort even after multiple hours.

Again, as mentioned with other audiophile-grade headsets, you’ll want to get a dedicated mod mic or a separate studio microphone so you can communicate with team members as most don’t come with a dedicated mic.

In terms of connectivity, you have the option of a 6.3mm jack (think music cables) or a 3.5mm jack (traditional stereo); the headset comes with an adapter meaning you can do both, but it also means you can plug it into a dedicated soundcard for higher quality audio which is great.


Huge frequency range, extremely comfortable, and reasonably priced. Slightly underpowered drivers, but the crystal-clear audio makes up for this. A solid choice.

9. Audeze Mobius – Audiophile-Grade Gaming Headset

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Specs: 50mm Sound Drivers, 10-50,000Hz Frequency, Closed Back, USB/3.5mm/Wireless Connectivity, 5.1 & 7.1 Surround Sound

Product Review:

If you want an audiophile-grade headset that is deliberately designed for games, then look no further than the Audeze Mobius.

It’s a pricey headset that boasts premium features that Audeze swear can make all the difference to your listening experiences.

We can hardly argue, especially since they include one of the largest frequency ranges we’ve seen and also feature powerful 50mm planar magnetic sound drivers to drive the audio.

They also offer the ability to connect in three ways; via USB, 3.5mm jack, or through a wireless setup — pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.

This means you can not only use it on a PC but can also connect it to other devices such as your consoles e.g. Nintendo Switch, PS4, etc.

Because it’s a gaming-specific headset, you’ll also be happy to know that you don’t need to buy a separate mod mic, unlike some of the other headsets we’ve mentioned, as it comes with one attached.

Talking of features, they’ve also managed to cram in both 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound which is great for when you’re wanting to take a break from FPS games and would rather watch some immersive movies.

Lastly, Audeze has also included a full software suite meaning you can totally customize your audio experience and can even design the positional audio meaning it’s even more accurate whatever you’re listening to.


A feature-packed audiophile headset that is specifically designed for games. Slightly pricey but well worth the cost.

10. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO – Budget-Friendly Audiophile Headset

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Specs: 40mm Sound Drivers, 5-35,000Hz, 32-250 Ohms Versions (Depending on your preference), Closed Ear Cup Design, 3.5-6.3mm Jack Connectivity

Product Review:

If you need a headset that is priced extremely well and performs about as good as some of the best audiophile-grade headsets on the planet, then the DT770 Pro’s are a perfect choice.

For gaming, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to replace them; the sound quality is just that good.

Because of the shape of the ear cup, it’s also really easy to integrate an Antlion mod mic that can be attached on the side which turns it into a high-end gaming headset.

In terms of comfort, they are absolutely exquisite and will caress your ears for multiple hours meaning you don’t need to stop or adjust them much.

They can be bought in various ohm versions (32,80, and 250) meaning you have a little bit of choice depending on what you’re doing.

Typically, if you have a dedicated sound card or are using devices that can provide lots of power, then getting a higher ohm version will provide a better experience.

If you’re going to be using them with laptops or smartphones then a lower ohm (lower impedance) is generally better as it means they’ll deliver more volume with less voltage.

Compared to everything else on this list, this headset is honestly just perfect and it’s the same headset we use in the Hobbyask office.

It’s also priced at the lower end meaning nearly anyone can afford it.


Editor’s choice as it’s priced very competitively and delivers some of the highest quality sounds on the planet.

11. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro – Ultra-Premium (Maybe the last headset you’ll ever need)

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Specs: 45mm German-Made Drivers, 5-40,000Hz, 250 Ohms, Open Design, 3.5mm-6.3mm Connectivity

Product Review:

Okay, this headset is absolutely sick (in a good way).

It has one of the most exquisite soundscapes available; it’s like listening to angels whisper.

It has one of the largest frequency ranges of any of the headsets on this list which means you can rely on absolute accuracy in FPS games to help locate the enemy, and for basically anything else you’re doing.

It’s worth bearing in mind that they only come in a 250 ohm design so we recommend getting a dedicated soundcard to take advantage of the voltage (high impedance) otherwise you’re better off with the previous headset on the list.

Not only are they exquisite in terms of sound quality but they’re also a dream to wear on your head.

The cushioning is superb, breathable, and won’t cause any kind of discomfort regardless of how long you’re using them.

They’re quite a price hike from the previous headset on the list, however, the engineering and quality that go into them makes it all worth it if you have the money to splash out for them.

They’ve even made note of the fact that they use acoustically designed materials to help further enhance the sound quality that it produces.

The only thing you’ll need is a separate, dedicated mic such as an attachable mod mic, or a dedicated studio mic.

Other than that, this is basically the last headset you’ll probably ever need if you take good care of them.


The cream of the crop, the most exquisite and premium headset on the list — with a price to match.

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