5 Reasons Why Lifting Shoes Are Worth It (Give Yourself a Boost)


Shoes made specifically for lifting are now gaining popularity, especially as more and more casual lifters seek to bolster their efforts in the gym to maximize their strength and aesthetic gains.

Even down to the fine details such as what shoes you wear can all play a part in how effective your lifting mechanics can be and thus, it’s not unusual to find people wanting to find out more about them.

As such, we’ve constructed a list of benefits that lifting shoes can provide to help you make a more informed decision on whether you should get a pair or not.

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Give Your Lifts a Boost (5 Reasons Why Lifting Shoes Are Worth

1. Better Power Transfer

Unlike running shoes or other overly padded trainers, lifting shoes are designed to maintain rigidity meaning they don’t absorb any of the energy used to lift the weight off the ground.

Essentially, it gives you a sturdy platform to work from which in turn translates to allowing you to push more weight.

In fact, bad motion mechanics, whether it be through under-optimized weight machines, poor technique, or the wrong equipment can easily affect the net result of your lifts which could be hindering your progress thus, it cannot be overstated how beneficial things like lifting shoes could be for you.

2. Improved Balance

Similar to our previous point; because lifting shoes are rigid by design and have a flat base, they help to improve balance by giving you a stable platform to work from during your squats or power lifts.

In fact, if you have small or narrow feet, lifting shoes can increase the surface area that you’re pushing off meaning you’ll feel more sturdy and can channel more of your focus on the lift itself rather than needing to worry about your technique.

For beginner athletes or people new to powerlifting, balance is one of the first things that they’ll usually notice as being a defining factor in how well they perform, and thus, it cannot be overstated how important this is.

3. Better Range of Motion

The great thing about lifting shoes is that they provide you with an internal heel meaning your foot is actually positioned at an angle.

This allows you to drop down much further than you’d usually be capable of meaning you can actually get a greater range of motion which is especially useful for things like squats.

This may seem like a small change but it can actually make a ton of difference in terms of how effective your gains are.

4. Helps You Lift More Weight

Bearing in mind our previous point about lifting shoes having an internal heel, this means you can actually achieve better personal bests on your lifts because it positions your chest at a better angle to allow for more throughput.

Similar to how lifting straps negate the impact of poor grip strength on deadlifts, lifting shoes negate the effect of poor mechanical form which means you aren’t sabotaging potential gains you could be making.

5. More Hygienically Sound

This is probably a less concerning factor for most people, though, not everyone wants to deadlift or squat barefoot especially if they’re in a public gym where hundreds or even thousands of people tread bacteria and dirt on a daily basis.

It also helps you avoid getting your feet out in public which not all people feel comfortable with.

As such, not only do lifting shoes help you feel more confident, but they also allow you to maximize your efforts in the gym which is why they’re a no-brainer for most people.


In conclusion, lifting shoes are definitely worth it because they provide mechanical advantages to your lifts which means you can achieve better personal bests, an improved sense of balance, and they can even help you feel more confident if you’re self-conscious about getting your bare feet out in the gym.

They also come in a wide variety of designs meaning you can have a little bit of fun when it comes to picking out your favorite pair to match your gym attire — they’re also reasonably priced considering some of the potential advantages they can give you.

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