Best Keyboard for Couch Gaming (Top 10) – Bring the PC Magic into Your Living Room


PC gaming in your living room is officially a thing now and that’s got us thinking about what equipment might be best to use in that particular scenario.

More specifically, we want to look at the best keyboards to use for gaming from your couch to give you the best overall experience and the most comfort.

Don’t forget, you can also get a lapboard such as the Couchmaster CYCON² to make gaming from your sofa much more efficient where you’ll be able to rest your keyboard and mouse on.

Not only that, but most keyboards come with wireless options these days so if you don’t want wires traipsing everywhere and want to keep your living room tidy then there are options for that too.

To help you pick a keyboard, we’re going to highlight the most notable features about each keyboard and why they might be a good pick for a couch gaming setup.

Game in Total Comfort: Top 10 Best Keyboards for Couch Gaming or Gaming From Your Sofa

In case you don’t want to read our full product selection reviews, here are our favorite couch gaming keyboard picks. Alternatively, keep scrolling down for a full list.

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1. CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard/Lapboard Bundle (Blue LED) – Specifically made for couch setups

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Notable Features

  • Custom-made for couch gaming
  • Custom-made lapboard specifically for K63
  • Ultra-low latency wireless (1ms)
  • Quiet Cherry MX Red Switches (Good for not making too much noise)

The K63 wireless from Corsair is a unique keyboard for couch gaming and that’s because it has been specifically designed with that in mind.

Corsair has literally designed a custom lapboard specifically for the K63 meaning you can rest it snugly on your lap while you’re gaming from your sofa.

The lapboard also has a dedicated area for your mouse to go meaning you’ll not have to worry about any uneven surfaces or missing your shots when you need precision.

As a keyboard, the K63 is mechanical meaning the switches will give you a nice sensation when pressed which also heightens your sense of accuracy and can provide the nuanced feedback you need for competitive gaming.

It’s also wireless meaning you won’t need to have wires lying around everywhere for people to trip on or cause an unsightly mess in your home.

It also uses Corsair’s ultra-low latency 1ms 2.4GHz Bluetooth design meaning you can still expect lighting-fast in-game reactions similar to a wired keyboard.

The only drawback we can think of is that the K63 only comes with blue LED’s meaning you won’t get the usual RGB experience that most people have to come to expect these days, however, that’s a small negative compared to how perfectly made this is for sofa-based gaming.

2. Keychron K2 Wireless (Full RGB Mechanical) – Portable & Sleek Design

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Notable Features

  • Subtle design
  • Full RGB back-lighting options
  • N-key rollover
  • Broadcom Bluetooth (Fast & latency-free)
  • 75% Size (Highly portable and space-efficient)

If you need a couch keyboard that is both portable and looks sleek at the same time then the K2 from Keychron is an amazing choice.

Literally, from a glance it looks quite undersold, however, it can quickly kick into gaming mode with a full RGB back-lit selection.

It’s also rather slimmed down and removes unnecessary extras such as the Numpad and the arrow keys which also makes it good for couched-based gaming as it means it’s more space-efficient.

It also has some nifty features such as the ability to connect and hot-swap between multiple devices meaning you can control your tablet to watch things at the side whilst gaming on your main television.

You’ll also be happy to know that it includes useful extras like N-key rollover for absolute accuracy when you’re typing fast or pressing your keys frantically during an intense gaming session.

It’s also highly versatile between Windows and MAC setups and features keycaps for both operating systems.

There’s very little to fault about this keyboard and it’s a great choice if you need something small yet deadly for efficient sofa gaming.

3. Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed Wireless (RGB) – Total Multimedia Control

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Notable Features

  • Tenkeyless (TKL)
  • Patented “Lightspeed” Wireless Bluetooth
  • Supreme multimedia control
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body

If you need full multimedia control from your keyboard then there can be no better option than the Logitech G915 which gives you a full panel of keys along the top to control your movies and music.

It also has the roll-key on the top right-hand side giving you smooth functionality over increasing and decreasing the volume on the fly.

In fact, if you’re gaming from the sofa and often watch movies or listen to music at the same time then there’s not really a better option if you need quick interchangeability and access to vital functions.

Aside from that, it comes in a beautiful aluminum-alloy chassis made from aircraft-grade metal meaning it also feels “weighty” and rather premium.

We also love the fact that the G915 makes use of Logitech’s “Lightspeed” patented Bluetooth technology as it means you’ll get basically zero latency between key presses.

If you’re serious about competitive gaming then this can be a really solid choice.

Lastly, it features different key switch options depending on your preference at checkout; you can pick clicky keys, tactile (more feedback), and linear keys that have a sort of low-level bass sound.

4. Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Budget-Friendly (Branded) & Full-Sized

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Notable Features

  • Full-sized
  • Ultra-low latency (Lightspeed Bluetooth)
  • 2x AA Battery-powered (18 months life)
  • No back-lighting

If you don’t want to compromise and really need to have access to a full-sized keyboard then the G613 from Logitech is a great choice for couch-based gaming.

That’s because it still makes use of the patented “Lightspeed” Bluetooth technology for lag-free input which we think is essential for gaming in your living room.

It comes with familiar features like the programmable G keys for setting up macros and it also has Romer G switches for super-quiet mechanical gaming.

The only caveat is that it runs on AA batteries, however, Logitech assures us that this is enough for 18 months of gaming so it’s hardly a hindrance and personally, we think it could be better for gaming on the move as you can easily change out batteries.

We also noted that it doesn’t have a back-lighting feature which could be a drawback if you’re used to gaming in the dark.

5. Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard (White LED) – Mouse-Free Media Setups/Casual Gaming

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Notable Features

  • Built-in touchpad
  • Simple media controls
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet membrane switches
  • Expensive

If you have a setup that doesn’t have or need a mouse then the K83 has you covered as it includes a touchpad as part of the build.

In fact, we think this is a great pick for a casual, couch-based gaming setup where you play the odd game here and there without anything too intense going on.

With that said, it is rather expensive but we’re putting that down to the novelty of having essentially a mouse built into it as well.

Because it’s not a mechanical keyboard, it’s also rather quiet making it perfect for setups that need to be designed with other people in mind.

In terms of design, it looks more like a MIDI controller rather than a keyboard, but we really appreciate the slightly beveled out and rounded square keys and think they’re a joy to type on.

6. Razer Pro Type Wireless Mechanical Productivity Keyboard (White LED) – For Lovers of All Things White

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Notable Features

  • White Chassis (Casing)
  • White LED’s
  • Quiet but tactile (great for typing on)
  • Can connect to 4 devices simultaneously

Similar to the K2 from Keychron, Razer has designed the Pro Type with the ability to interface with multiple devices (4 to be precise).

This means you can quickly switch between typing on your PC to your tablet and vice versa.

This makes it great for hectic setups with lots going on whilst also being perfectly designed for gaming too.

In fact, although Razer has advertised this as a productivity keyboard for typing, it’s very easy to appreciate the quiet but tactile keys for gaming too.

They also make use of an ultra-low latency Bluetooth chipset meaning you’ll get snappy responses during competitive games.

Realistically, there’s very little you can’t do with the Pro Type and we think it’s amazing for all-white couch-based setups which will help to create that clean look.

7. Cooler Master SK622 (Low Profile Mechanical RGB) – Ultra Space-Efficient Sofa Setups

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  • Low-profile
  • 60% design
  • Premium-feel
  • Space-efficient

If your setup is about absolute efficiency (which we think is rather important for couch gaming) then there’s no better option than the SK622.

That’s because it’s a 60% (excess keys removed) size keyboard whilst also being low-profile too.

That means not only is it smaller width ways but it’s also smaller in height too (phew, talk about efficiency).

Just like the majority of the keyboard options on our list, it also features mechanical keyboards meaning you’ll get nice clicky satisfaction on your key presses.

We also think the brushed aluminum design is rather nice, not only to look at but also to feel underneath your fingers.

The only critique we could note is that it’s slightly uneven on a flat surface which might need to be jerry-rigged with a glued-on rubber grommet to balance it out.

We couldn’t get a good answer on why it’s uneven but most people mentioned it was an easy fix.

For the money though, this is a really great keyboard with some solid features that are hard to find elsewhere.

8. KLIM Chroma Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Keyboard – Budget-Friendly (Unknown Brand) Option

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Notable Features

  • Very cost-effective
  • 2.4GHz Wireless (Lag-free)
  • Solid range of back-lighting colors
  • Full-sized

If you need something that’s cost-effective and looks the part for a gaming setup then you might as well go for the KLIM Chroma keyboard.

It features many of the same things that the more expensive or well-known keyboards have but manages to do it all for more than half the price in most cases.

It even features the 2.4GHz low-latency Bluetooth setup meaning you can expect relatively lag-free gaming experiences too.

In fact, if you spend less on the keyboard then it means you can spend more on getting a comfortable sofa or getting yourself a decent lapboard for the perfect sofa-based gaming setup.

Lastly, the design doesn’t look stunning and the LEDs look rather budget, however, it still manages to look the part which is all you can ask for the price.

9. Seenda Wireless Slimline Backlit Keyboard – Quiet & Slim

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Notable Features

  • Ultra-slim
  • Quiet membrane keys
  • White backlight
  • Fast 2.4GHz Bluetooth

If you prefer gaming on a membrane keyboard and need something super-slim then this offering from Seenda hits the marks in all regards.

Similar to some of our other offerings, Seenda is a relatively unknown brand and the keyboard is most likely manufactured in China, however, that doesn’t take away from the fact it serves its purpose well.

It also features a rather nice white back-light which is great for couch-gaming as you’re more than likely going to be playing in a dark or dimly-lit room.

It also features the same low-latency 2.4GHz wireless Bluetooth setup meaning you shouldn’t notice any issues during quick-paced games.

10. Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo – Retractable Mouse Pad & Functions as a Lapboard

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Notable Features

  • Retractable mouse pad
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Doubles up as a lapboard
  • Amazing RGB choices
  • Expensive

This offering from Razer, the Turret, is a bit of a novelty where traditional desk-based gaming is concerned, however, it’s actually perfect for couch-based setups as it features a retractable mouse pad and a rather large wrist rest meaning it almost doubles up as a lapboard.

Basically, it’s perfectly designed for couch-based gaming and also has a price to match (it’s a little expensive).

With that in mind, most lapboards are around $150 or more meaning you’re actually getting a bargain with this keyboard.

It also features some other nice things such as the 2.4GHz low-latency Bluetooth chip which is great for lag-free input and also has one of the longest-lasting battery lives of any wireless keyboard we’ve seen.

Another little bonus is that it actually includes a wireless Razer mouse (it’s a bundle) too meaning you’ll have the full kit needed to start gaming from your sofa.

Extras & Things to Consider

Do you need a lapboard for couch-based gaming?

Lapboards are pretty much essential for couch-based gaming as you won’t have the luxury of a desk in front of you to keep your mouse and keyboard stable.

With that in mind, the best lapboard we could find for couch-based gaming is the Couchmaster Cykon 2 which is perfectly designed to provide stability and ergonomic functionality for long gaming sessions.

It’s a tad expensive, however, it’s pretty much the only mass-marketed lapboard you can find at the moment not until competitors start making them.

What’s the best way to PC game on couch?

The most effective way to play PC games on a couch is by having a comfortable, ergonomic chair to sit in, a lapboard to act as a desk for your mouse and keyboard to rest on, and also by having a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard so you can play from a distance without having wires lying everywhere.

This is the optimal setup for couch-based gaming, however, if you prefer to make use of any pre-existing wired peripherals then you can also get a USB extender cable to make sure your peripherals reach your couch.

Bear in mind, some TVs will not look right when running a PC and this can cause eye strain over time or can make the image look unusually fuzzy.

With that in mind, you can get a TV-sized monitor from Samsung (49″) that is a good replacement for TVs but also works better for PC gaming.

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