Best Yoyo for Beginners: Top 6 Round-Up (Get Started the Right Way)


If you’re getting started out with yo-yoing as a hobby then you probably don’t want to be spending tons of money, however, you probably want something that’s going to last a while and do a decent job of performing tricks.

Believe it or not, there’s never been a better time to get into yo-yoing especially since the market is full of choices (depending on your needs or tastes) and most can be had for a relatively low cost.

In fact, yo-yoing is probably one of the most cost-friendly hobbies to get into and has an extremely low on-going cost compared to some other hobbies.

As a beginner, it’s worth noting that there are a few types of yo-yos including the two main types: responsive and unresponsive.

Responsive yo-yos are good if you’re wanting to learn entry-level tricks without having to worry about manually making the yo-yo come back to you, however, unresponsive is better once you get the hang of yo-yoing as they spin forever meaning you can do more tricks.

Let’s take a look at the best selection of both responsive and unresponsive below.

Top 6: Best Yoyos for Beginners (Great Well-Rounded Performance for Starters)

Quick Summary: In case you don’t want to read the full reviews, here are our preferred picks.

Model & Make
Yo-yo Enthusiasts
MAGICYOYO M001 Silencer Yo-yo Ball Aluminum 6061...
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Yo-yo Enthusiasts
Model & Make
MAGICYOYO M001 Silencer Yo-yo Ball Aluminum 6061...
Amazon Prime
Where to buy

1. MAGICYOYO K1 (Responsive)Best Cheap Responsive Yo-Yo

The MAGICYOYO K1 is an offering that combines cost-effectiveness with performance.

It’s a responsive yo-yo meaning it will come back to you after spinning for a certain period of time which means you can perform beginner tricks without worrying about how to bring it back up (which is a skill in itself).

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In terms of the build, it’s made from a durable form of plastic (ABS) which means it can take a few bumps, however, it’s likely to scratch over time especially if you’re performing yo-yo tricks such as “walk the dog”.

With that said, it’s unlikely you’ll get a yo-yo made from premium materials for such little money which is why this is a great yo-yo to practice on before you move on to more advanced selections.

You’ll be happy to know that it comes in a few different color variations depending on your tastes which helps to match the look you’re going for.

2. MAGICYOYO V3 (Responsive) – Best Premium-Feel Beginner Yo-Yo

If you’re wanting a cost-effective yo-yo with a premium build then the MAGICYOYO V3 is the perfect option to achieve your desires.

It’s made from an aluminum alloy meaning it’s extremely durable, doesn’t scratch easily, and feels nice in the hand when performing tricks.

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It comes included with full packaging and you’ll be happy to know you’ll get a few extras such as a yo-yo glove and some extra string for longevity.

Similar to the first offering, the V3 is a responsive yo-yo meaning it will spin for a certain duration before eventually coming back up to your hand by its own accord.

3. VOSUN SN1 Myth Series (Unresponsive) – Best Cheap Unresponsive Yo-Yo

If you’re wanting a cost-effective unresponsive yo-yo for intermediate to professional-level tricks then the VOSUN SN1 is a great choice.

It comes with premium-grade materials and is made from an aluminum alloy (aircraft-grade) for superior handling and exceptional feel.

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Its design is unique in that it sports a little mascot logo on it of a minotaur (hence the myth AKA mythology series) — this could also make it quite collectible depending on your style.

Since this yo-yo is unresponsive, you’ll need to learn to master the “bind” trick which allows you to pull the yo-yo back up with your own skill rather than relying on the yo-yo to do it for you.

Although unresponsive yo-yos are typically for intermediate or above skill levels, some beginners want to start out from the get-go with an unresponsive yo-yo to get the hang of what to expect when they start moving up in their expertise which is why the SN1 is a great choice.

4. MAGICYOYO M001 Silencer (Unresponsive) – Best Premium-Feel Unresponsive Yo-Yo

If you’re wanting an unresponsive yo-yo that can be beginner-friendly (depending on your aptitude) and feels great in your hand then the M001 Silencer from MAGICYOYO is an amazing choice.

It’s built from a high-quality aluminum alloy material meaning it will last a very long time and is a relatively lightweight but premium-feeling yo-yo.

MAGICYOYO M001 Silencer Yo-yo Ball Aluminum 6061...
  • MAGICYOYO M001 Yo-yo Ball Aluminum6061 Unresponsive Yo-yo with Stainless Center Bearing and Stainless Axle (M001B Black)

In fact, combined with its beautiful body and slick paint job, it’s probably one of the best looking unresponsive yo-yos for beginners whilst also being quite reasonable on price.

5. Duncan Auto Return Yo-Yo (Auto-return) – Best for Absolute Beginners

This offering from Duncan is unlike a responsive or unresponsive yo-yo, in fact, it falls under its own classification as an “auto-return yo-yo” as it does not need to be tugged on to make it come back.

This means it’s far simpler to learn tricks on compared to both responsive and unresponsive yo-yos especially since you don’t have the added factor of making it come back to you (which might interrupt your tricks).

Duncan Toys Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo, Beginner String Trick...
  • AUTO RETURN YO-YO: The Reflex is the easiest yo-yo for new players. It returns without having to tug the string!

If you’re an absolute beginner then the Duncan auto-return is a great choice as it will let you practice simply looping and will help you get the feel for yo-yoing.

You’ll also be happy to know it’s the cheapest yo-yo on this list and comes in a variety of colors depending on your preferences.

6. Yomega Alpha Wing Yo-Yo (Fixed Axle) – Simplest Yo-Yo

Fixed axle yo-yos are based on the original or standard design of how yo-yos were originally made.

Essentially they’ll loop right back up after dropping them, however, with enough creativity you can still perform a variety of simple tricks on them.

Yomega Fireball -HIGH Performance YOYOS Responsive Transaxle...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE TRANSAXLE YOYO - the transaxle is a plastic sleeve or spool that is placed over the axle and enables long...

These are great if you want to understand the basics of yo-yoing or prefer playing with something that doesn’t have all bells and whistles going on with it.

In fact, some people are known as fixed axle enthusiasts and will only use these types for yo-yoing.

Yo-Yo Questions for Beginners

Should I get a responsive or unresponsive yoyo?

Responsive yo-yos are generally easier to learn tricks on because they’ll loop back up with a simple tug when you want them to whereas an unresponsive won’t which adds an extra element of difficulty.

Essentially, because unresponsive yo-yos won’t come back to you automatically, you’ll need to learn a trick called a “bind” which can be difficult to master when you’re practicing other things.

With that said, auto-return yo-yos can be even easier than both responsive and unresponsive yo-yos as they will come back up after a certain period of time without you needing to tug on the string.

If you’re not sure which yo-yo to get then check out our recommendations above.

What is a responsive yoyo?

A responsive yo-yo will return to your hand automatically when you tug the string whereas an unresponsive yo-yo won’t.

As a beginner, it’s generally easier to learn tricks on a responsive yo-yo as you don’t have to worry about making the yo-yo come back to you.

We’ve included some recommendations of which responsive yo-yo to get as a beginner above.

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