5 Reasons Why You Get Bored of People So Quickly (And What You Can Do About It)


First of all, we just want to state that there’s nothing wrong with preferring your own company, however, we know some people get bored of others quickly but may see it as an issue or want to find ways to make their experiences more enjoyable.

If that sounds like you then you may want to read this article about some of the reasons why you’re getting bored of people so quickly and what you can do about it.

It may just be something simple, but on the flip side, it could be something more drastic that needs addressing.

Let’s take a look at those reasons and see what we can do about it.

Here’s Why You Get Bored of People: 5 Reason Breakdown

1. You don’t share the same ideals

Not sharing the same ideals is fairly typical between populations of people, some like football, others like analyzing trade markets, and others enjoy indulging in philosophical thinking.

Not everyone will be on the same mental plane and sometimes it becomes very obvious even after spending a little bit of time with someone that you won’t find much common ground with them.

This doesn’t mean you should be unfriendly or unapproachable, though, it’s perfectly normal to find certain things boring if they don’t align with your ideals.

In this situation, we think it’s important to at least attempt to bridge the gap or try to understand why they enjoy the things they do to see if you can expand your awareness.

However, you’re more likely to find people interesting if they have similarities so you have things to talk about or things to do together — on this note, it’s worth seeing if there are any groups you can join in your area for particular hobbies you might enjoy to meet like-minded folk.

2. You’re overexposed to other forms of entertainment

They say the world is addicted to social media, thirty-second videos, and video games.

We think this is a harsh view, though, we do give credence to the fact that this type of entertainment is very stimulating, rewarding to the brain, and almost gamified to make the most of our impulses.

As soon as you step out of that bubble and into the real world it can feel almost grey compared to the usual fun and enjoyment you’re getting.

With that said, this type of fun is usually short-lived, lacking in substance, and can have negative impacts on your social life — that’s why you keep scrolling for your next rush.

Sometimes a quiet moment can help you reflect and make sense of the things you’re feeling and the thoughts you’re having.

Although it may not seem like fun at first, we think it’s important getting back to grips with normal life and normal stimulus as you’ll usually adjust over time — you may also start finding regular things fun again.

3. You have nothing fun to do with them

This one would seem obvious but it’s quite likely for people to trap themselves in a bubble of doing the usual stuff hoping that it might get better or more fun if they keep trying.

Really, if you’re just walking or driving around with a friend without many purposes then it’s going to get boring real quick.

As people, we need to be challenged and exposed to different things to keep things fresh.

You can’t always rely on the other person to be the source of entertainment either; that’s neither fair nor always realistic to expect so.

If you’re not sure what to do for fun then you’re in the right place — check out some of our recommended activities below to find out what might be more enjoyable.

4. You have different financial situations

It’s easy to assume other people are boring if they’re making decisions based on having more or less money than you.

This can often dictate what they end up doing and they may be too scared to say why that is.

If someone has less money than you, they might really want to join you but simply can’t afford it — if they do come out, they may be more reserved in what they can do.

It’s easy to assume they’re being boring but they might just not want to say why.

Conversely, if someone has more money than you then they may end up excluding you from certain activities which means you’re not getting to see some of their fun sides.

It’s not easy to fix this type of situation but it’s important to be clear with people that you’re around to see if they can be more accepting of your situation.

Most people will be understanding once they know the situation, though, some people simply won’t change and it’s not worth struggling over sometimes.

5. You need to change your mindset

It’s easy to assume something’s boring without really trying it, or at least getting to grips with what it entails first.

We live in a judgemental generation where we can literally give our opinion in about two seconds flat.

Because of this, we’ve become lazy with trying new things and will often just agree with what the majority says.

Having a more approachable mindset around different people can really help you to have a better time with them and to help you find some more common ground.

Don’t assume something or someone is boring without really getting to know them first.

Which activities can I try with other people that aren’t boring?

There are absolutely tons of hobbies, activities, and different pursuits for you to try in life; it’s just a case of finding out about them first and giving them a go.

Thankfully, we have loads of articles on different hobbies which we’ll list below which will hopefully help you to have a more enjoyable time.

If that isn’t enough, check out our top lists section for more lists like this.

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