5 Ways to Ask Someone About Their Hobbies (a How-to Guide)


Broaching the topic of what somebody does in their spare time can sometimes seem intrusive or might not seem like the right conversation to have.

However, you may be wondering what they’re doing so you can connect with them better or at least establish some common interests to make your relationship better with them.

In light of these positives, we definitely think it’s worth asking the question, however, you can go about it in a few different ways without seeming nosy — check out our five ways to ask someone about their hobbies below.

How To Ask Someone About Their Hobbies – 5 Ways

1. What are you up to on the weekend?

Most people wait until the weekend to engage in their hobbies and this question indirectly attempts to gain the information you’re wanting without seeming intrusive.

In fact it’s probably one of the best ways to find out about someone’s hobbies because it’ll make them feel like they’re volunteering the information rather than adhering to a request.

They may also assume you’re wanting to do something with them on the weekend, in which case, it can’t hurt especially if you’re wanting to get to know the person more.

2. Did you see the big game on Sunday?

This question is just an example and you could tailor it to whatever it is you’re wanting to find out.

In fact, example-based questions are another great way to find out about someone’s hobbies as it doesn’t strike quite as bluntly as some other ways of asking.

Here are a few other examples:

  • Are you going to that free music festival in June?
  • Did you hear about the air show coming up?
  • That skate park opening sounds like a really good idea, doesn’t it?

The worst they’ll say is “it’s not really my thing, however, I am doing X on Sunday” and that might end up giving you the information you were wanting to find out.

3. Can you help me with this? (I have a problem)

This question is sneaky and you’ll have to have a bit of an idea of what their hobbies are to execute it with masterful finesse.

Essentially, if you’re wanting to find out more about what their hobbies are or what they’re good at then you can basically put them on the spot to help you with something directly or indirectly linked with that hobby.

Although it doesn’t directly confront them about what they get up to, it’s hard to turn down a request for help.

Here are a few examples:

  • Do you think you’d be able to beat this boss on a game for me?
  • Are you free for some swimming on Sunday? I’d feel more confident having a friend there.
  • I wish I could fix my light, I don’t suppose you know anyone who’s good with their hands?

They may reply with a direct answer such as “oh that’s just my thing”, or they might say something more indirect like “well I’m not the best at swimming but I’m a good runner” and thus that can lead to a more natural conversation about what their hobbies are.

4. The Alternative Method

This one again is rather indirect and basically gives them multiple choices or “alternatives” to answer with — This makes the person less under pressure to answer something directly as it feels like they’re given some options.

A good example of this is asking “do you prefer going for drinks down the pub on your days off or do you like getting cozy at home with a good movie?”.

Or you could ask “are you more about getting into nature and the mountains or do you prefer sun, sand, and the beach?”

Basically, anything that gets a conversation going about what someone gets up to means it’s easier for you to ask more direct questions further down the line about what someone’s hobbies are.

5. Do you do anything in your spare time?

The fifth and final way of asking someone what their hobbies are is probably the most direct; you’re asking them quite bluntly what they do in their spare time and there’s nothing wrong with this as long as you have a good relationship with them.

With that said, it’s easy to over-assume how good your relationship with a person is i.e. a work colleague, so make sure you aren’t reading into things a little too much as it could offend them if you’re asking too many questions.

Other Questions Answered

How to Ask a Girl About Her Hobbies

Girls enjoy hobbies just as much as guys (even the geeky ones) and she’ll love that you’ve shown interest in the things that are close to her, however, it’s better to find out through organic or natural conversation rather than asking super blunt questions.

A good way to do this is to lead with examples: talk about real situations that you’ve been involved in so you can naturally stimulate a conversation around what their hobbies are, it’ll feel far less one-sided because you’re volunteering information first.

Here is what that conversation might look like: “I loved the air show last year, I took tons of snaps” and she may reply with something along the lines of “I didn’t see the air show but I was taking tons of photographs that summer”.

Although she didn’t go to the air show in this example, she did tell you she took loads of photographs meaning she probably enjoys photography as a hobby.

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