5 Reasons Why Listening to Music Is a Hobby (the Behaviors That Define Your Listening Habits)

If you’ve ever sat thinking about the amount of time you spend listening to music then you may want to consider it a hobby rather than something you put on just for background noise.

A hobby is defined as deliberately doing something for enjoyment, and certainly, music can fall under the same bracket making it no different from any other hobby out there.

In fact, there are many ways you can expand your music-listening hobby to apply to other areas of life such as starting a career in music.

If you have an active interest, or passion for that matter, in all things music then don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not a hobby because it definitely is!

In fact, today we’re going to highlight 5 reasons why we think music is a hobby and a great one at that.

Background Noise or Musical Connoisseur? 5 Reasons Why We Think Listening to Music Can Be a Hobby

1. You tell your friends about it

Usually when your music listening exceeds the point of just being background noise is when you start raving to your friends about new bands or producers to get them to be as hyped as you are.

In fact, many people who are passionate about their hobbies prefer to share them with others as they want people to be as enthused or have the same feeling of excitement as they do about their pastimes.

This is a good indicator that you treat music as a hobby rather than just something to get you through the day or to create a distraction for yourself or others.

Sharing your musical interests with friends is a great idea because they’ll be able to weigh in with their own opinions and may even help you discover similar bands or bands that you may enjoy adding to your musical collection.

2. You subscribe to unlimited music services

Everyone knows the pain of having to listen to adverts constantly, whether on YouTube, your television set, or even on your music streaming services like Amazon Prime Music or Spotify.

In fact, if you didn’t know, Amazon Prime includes over 2 million ad-free songs and does a free trial that gives you a taste of what they have to offer.

Subscription-based music services are important for musical hobbyists because they usually come with high-fidelity audio making your music sound much better.

As a music hobby enthusiast, there’s simply no other way to listen to music other than in the best possible format, whether 44.1kHz or lossless, you’ll never compromise for less.

Another benefit of subscription services is the “suggest” feature which can help you discover music based on your usual interests and tastes; occasionally something groundbreaking will come along that will get you super excited that you can add to your playlists.

Many subscription services also offer built-in podcast options meaning you can get cultured alongside your music-listening habit!

3. You’ve become an audiophile

Another tell-tale sign that your music listening has become a hobby is when you become engrossed in buying studio-quality headphones to maximize your listening experience.

This is especially great for listening to orchestral pieces as you’ll be able to hear each instrument in more detail and where they are located in conjunction with where they would be on a real stage.

It also helps to have studio-quality earphones for listening to music with deep bass as it will sound washed out and flat on your average run-of-the-mill headphones.

You may have also opted to enhance your listening experience with a decent set of speakers that can be hooked up via Bluetooth or with a direct connection option such as USB.

Investing in the quality of your music listening experience is a clear indication that music means more to you than the average person.

4. You’ve dabbled in music production

Whether you’ve started a band or started producing electronic soundtracks on your laptop, dabbling in music production is a clear indication that music has become a major passion for you that can only be sated by creating your very own listening experience.

Many teens start out by creating a band with their friends playing a variety of instruments to make some music together.

On the flip side, you may have preferred the solo experience and wanted to mimic superstar DJs like Tiesto.

Music production is directly linked to music listening in most cases and you’ll often feel inspired by what you listen to and how you could make your own version of that or add your own twist on it.

Sometimes, the only way to evolve your passion for music listening is to create your own which is another strong sign that music is a de facto hobby.

5. You attend music events and gigs

Another key indicator that music has become more of a passion for you is when you start to attend lots of music events and gigs across the country.

Sometimes the only way to get the true experience is to hear it from the people who make the music themselves.

This is a great opportunity to get your friends and family involved in an action-packed night which they’ll no doubt appreciate once they’re there.

Even if your friends don’t totally enjoy the music as you do, they’ll still enjoy seeing you having a good time and being able to spend some time with you doing what you love.

Once you graduate from local gigs and events you may even end up attending festivals or traveling to other countries for special events.

For example, if you really love metal music then it’s essential to go to the Download festival at least once in your life.

Or if you’re keener on electronic music then you’d probably want to go to Tomorrowland at some point.

Whichever live gigs and events you go to this is a really good sign that your music is your passion and you truly love listening to it as a hobby.

FAQ: Concerning Music Listening

Is listening to music a waste of time?

So now we know that listening to music is a hobby, and an excellent one at that, we thought it would be worth asking whether it’s a good way to spend your time.

In truth, provided you’re getting a good amount of enjoyment we think listening to music is a great hobby that can boost your mood and even motivate you to do productive things like exercise.

You can share that knowledge and passion with other people meaning you can bring joy to other people’s lives too.

In fact, we dare say that listening to music is essential to good human living and it’s something we’ve been doing since the dawn of human existence from the first moments when we could bang out a beat with some sticks.

What do you call a person who loves listening to music?

Believe it or not, we music listeners actually have a specific category that we fall under called melophile, which literally means “one who loves music”.

Its origins are thought to originate from the ancient Greek word melōidía, which means “to denote a tune for lyrical poetry”, however, this word is also derived from the more simplistic word “melos” which means “song”.


Some people might dismiss music listening as not being a proper hobby but after reading this you should hopefully be able to vanquish their negativity without much trouble.

Music listening speaks to each person on an individual level meaning you shouldn’t let others tell you what something means to you.

Listening to music is a great hobby and is an excellent way to spend time by yourself or with others if you so wish.

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