13 Most Useful Desk Accessories for Gamers (Enhance Your Deskspace Now)


Gamers are no strangers to the odd desk accessory, however, for those in the know, they can really help to enhance your overall efficiency and can boost your enjoyment during your gaming sessions.

This is extremely important if you want to maximize things like your comfort and to reduce your downtime between breaks.

Essentially, if you’re going to be spending multiple hours at your desk, you might as well make it the best possible experience it can be, right?

So, if you agree that your gaming setup can be more than just a desk and a second-hand office chair then keep reading on for advice on which desk accessories will help level up your gaming experience.

Gaming Accessory Power-Up (13 Gaming Desk Accessories That Enhance Your Battle Station)

Accessory Overview (For Those Who Don’t Want the Full Breakdown)

Scroll down for pictures and the full product reviews.

1. Antarctic Star Mini Fridge Cooler – Keep Your Beverages and Energy Drinks Frosty

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Product Review:

What’s a gamer without their own dedicated beverage fridge? Well, thirsty.

Even if it’s simply for the convenience of not having to leave your room, the Antarctic Star mini fridge will help to keep your treats and beverages cool whilst adding a touch of luxury to your setup.

Because the fridge is relatively small, you’ll be able to keep it on your desk or close by for ease of access.

In fact, at it’s largest point, it only reaches 20″ in diameter making it storage friendly, however, it can support around 60 large cans (think Monster Energy) meaning you’ll have enough capacity for a few weeks gaming.

As an accessory, we think this should be near the top of your list in terms of priorities as it adds so much convenience.

2. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug – Keep Your Beverages Toasty

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Product Review:

As opposed to keeping your beverages cool, why not keep them hot with the Ember smart mug?

We think this is a seriously cool gadget that will add total convenience to your daily routine and gaming setup.

You can even program the mug through an app to designate your specified temperatures which means you get the perfect temperature every time.

It even has some great convenience features like turning on automatically when you pour in hot liquid and giving you different colored LED lights to indicate whether it’s cooling off or warming up.

The only drawback is the price, it’s towards the higher end of most peoples budget for a mug but we think this is something that would make a good long term investment for coffee connoisseurs.

3. Razer Base Station V2 Chroma – Headphone Stand With Connection Ports

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Product Review:

A headphone stand is an essential desk accessory in most gamer’s repertoires, but Razer has gone even better than that with the V2 and combined it with extra USB ports to give you total connectivity convenience for your extra gadgets.

It also features total customization through the Razer software meaning you can adjust the RGB lighting to one of over 16.8m color choices, and you can even enable 7.1 surround sound for your audio devices that are plugged into it.

To specify, you’ll get access to 2x USB 3.1 (Ultra High-Speed) connections plus your standard 3.5mm jack for audio connectivity.

For the price, we think this extra connectivity plus the ability to enhance your audio quality is really well worth it and shouldn’t be missed off your list.

4. Razer Goliathus Extended Mousepad – Improved Precision and Stability

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Product Review:

A mouse pad is an essential desk accessory for gamers, however, an extended mouse pad is even better, and that’s because it creates a large, designated space on your desk for your mouse and keyboard whilst improving stability.

They’re extremely cheap meaning there’s no excuse not to have one, and better yet, Razer has implemented their Chroma technology meaning you can light it up with over 16.8 million color options.

Aside from the practical benefits, having an extended mouse pad creates some contrast on your desk meaning it can make your setup look much more sleek compared to a smaller mouse pad (or having none at all).

5. Razer Leviathan 5.1 Surround Bar – Immersive Audio for Gaming and Netflix

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Product Review:

Speakers aren’t the easiest accessory to feature on your desk, especially if you have the square, boxy kind of speakers, which is why a soundbar can often be a better, more optimized solution for this.

Razer has designed the Leviathan soundbar to be streamlined for desk-based gamers meaning you won’t have any space issues and can fit it in amongst your other desk accessories.

In fact, the Leviathan is only 20″ across and 3″ on the height and depth meaning it’s really easy to fit right under your monitor.

It’s true that you do get a subwoofer that is a little more awkward in terms of its shape, however, this can be hidden away underneath your feet quite easily, and in fact, is the preferred way to use it for improved bass sound.

We also think it’s nicely priced for a 5.1 surround system meaning you can enjoy completely immersive gaming experiences or movie moments when you’re chilling watching some Netflix.

6. Greesum Electric Standing Desk – Stand or Sit, the choice is yours

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Product Review:

Okay, so this one isn’t a a desk accessory per se, however, we think the ability to move your desk up and down is a great convenience especially if you want to improve your posture or keep the blood flowing to your feet.

Standing desks aren’t a new advent, but they’re extremely under-rated and we find that most gamers still haven’t made the move across to one.

In case you didn’t know, sitting all day is really bad for you and you probably do enough of that already at work, so why not try standing?

7. Neatfi XL Desk-Attachable Task Lamp – Enhanced Visibility at Your Desk

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Product Review:

We love a good swivel arm here at Hobbyask, especially when it comes to desk-based accessories where you’ll be able to move your monitor around or even attach niche accessories to them such as fans.

We’ve now found another reason for a swivel arm which comes in the form of a lamp.

Completely ingenious we think as you can swivel to your heart’s content lighting up anything and everything on your desk with absolute specificity.

In fact, Neatfi has developed this swivel desk lamp with ultra-bright LEDs meaning you should have no trouble maintaining visibility on even the darkest nights.

LEDs are also extremely efficient meaning you’ll be helping the environment and reducing the costs on your energy bills; win, win!

8. Vlando Desk Organizer – Keeps your gaming space organized and efficient

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Product Review:

A clear mind starts with a clear room; if you want to be playing at your best then we recommend keeping your things organized which the Vlando desk organizer will help you do.

It also adds a little bit of flair to your gaming setup which can be in short supply depending on the things you opt to display.

Even if it keeps you from forgetting where you placed your keys, less stress means more mental resources to go into performing your best during your gaming sessions which we think is a great advantage.

9. ErGear 22-35” Premium Dual Monitor Swivel Mount – Move Your Monitors and Change the Angles

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Product Review:

Monitor arms should be an essential accessory in your gaming kit, especially since they can help remove unsightly clutter and wires from your desk, and can allow for better positioning for a more ergonomic experience.

ErGear has released this double monitor arm which is extremely heavy-duty meaning it will support most form-factors, large or small.

It has a useful tightening mechanism that can be anchored to your desk meaning it will stay in place without moving around and is unlikely to leave obvious marks due to the cushioning on the screw.

If you’re not sold on using two monitors then you can find the single-arm version here (or above), though we do recommend using two monitors for enhanced productivity and a better experience during games as you won’t have to keep minimizing.

10. Blue Yeti Desk USB Microphone – Studio-Quality Communications

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Product Review:

Most gamers will have a microphone attached to their headset, but these are often low-quality and can easily get in the way during intense moments.

For this reason, a dedicated desk mic is the best option, however, we also recommend getting a boom arm so it doesn’t pick up too much ambient noise from keypresses, etc.

With that said, with 4 different pickup patterns, the Blue Yeti will only pickup specific sound from certain directions meaning you can minimize most background noise anyway.

It also reproduces your voice in crystal-clear audio meaning your team mates won’t have any trouble understanding what you’re saying.

For serious gamers, this is one of the most important desk accessories on the list.

11. Desktop Charging Station Hub – Great for Charging Multiple Smart Devices

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Product Review:

Desk-based chargers are fairly common these days, especially since the number of gadgets and devices we have is climbing with each year that passes.

We have smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and even niche devices such as rechargeable fans that we can take around with us.

This creates the perfect storm of an ever-increasing need for connectivity and staying powered.

This desktop charging station hub is the perfect option to stay charged, and better yet, it even gives you a fully lit LED display to indicate when your devices are fully charged.

12. CONBOLA Desk Fan (LED Lighting + Bladeless) – Stay Cool on Humid Days

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Product Review:

Temperatures across the world are soaring, and they’re set to get hotter over the next century due to man-made climate change.

This means there’s going to be an unprecedented demand for cooling solutions and fan systems, especially if you have the luxury of sitting in a box room with a graphics card going full tilt.

Yes, gaming systems are infamous for generating serious amounts of heat meaning there can never be enough cooling, and we don’t just mean for your precious parts inside your computer.

This Conbola desk fan is perfect for keeping you cool with its streamlined, bladeless design which also means it’s far quieter than your typical fan.

It also comes with a rather mesmerizing LED light selection which means it won’t stick out like a sore thumb among your RGB goodies.

13. Nulaxy Laptop Stand – Great For Ergonomic Laptop Gaming

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Product Review:

Gaming on a laptop is becoming far more common these days, especially since cooling solutions have improved, parts are shrinking, and you can even get desktop-sized graphics cards inside them for on-par performance to their full-sized counterparts.

With that said, we think a riser is essential, especially if you want to position your laptop for absolute comfort.

It will also allow for more desk space around you meaning you can use a separate dedicated mouse and keyboard for maximum gaming efficiency.

Aside from that, it can also help to act as a second monitor if you’re running a dual PC and laptop setup which can keep everything eye-level.

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