5 Reasons Why PC Gaming On TV Makes Sense (Things to Consider and More)


Most people are used to playing PC on a traditional desk and monitor setup, however, it’s starting to become quite popular to play on your TV in a sort of couch-based setup.

In fact, people who make the transition argue that playing PC on your TV in a living room is far more comfortable than what a traditional desk-bound gaming setup can offer.

In this article, we want to tell you exactly why it makes sense to play PC on your tv and how you can go about optimizing your setup for extreme comfort and enjoyment.

In case you missed them, we’ve also looked at the best keyboards for couch-based PC setups and we’ve also looked at the best mouse for a couch-based setup too.

Before we get into the nitty gritty questions, let’s look at five reasons why PC gaming on a TV can make more sense that sticking to a traditional setup.

Here are 5 Reasons Why PC Gaming On a TV Might Be a Better Alternative

1. TV-based PC setups separate you from work

It’s all too easy to clock off your shift whilst working from home to then start playing games in the exact same place – your desk.

We think since most people are working from home these days and lots of companies are promoting hybrid working, most people will now want a different place to chill rather than at the same desks they work from.

Essentially, TV-based PC setups are a way to escape the norm and can be a great way to enjoy extreme comfort and relaxation.

2. PC Gaming on a TV can be a more immersive experience

If you’ve ever been to the cinema then you know how much of an upgrade it is over watching a movie on your TV.

It’s the same for PC gaming too.

Going from a dinky 23″ monitor to a 65″ OLED TV is a mesmerizing and completely transformative experience.

It can turn your gaming experience from a casual pastime into something that gets you completely immersed in the worlds you’re experiencing which is how we think all games should be played.

It’s also more likely that you’ll have more available space in a living room or at your TV rather than in your office.

Because of this, you’ll be able to indulge in surround-sound setups which can be fantastic for open-world games that make use of ambient sounds.

3. It’s more comfortable

Most TVs are usually situated in the living room or at least have a dedicated sofa to sit on nearby.

Because of this, you’ll be able to play in absolute comfort rather than being hunched over in your PC chair all day.

Yes, that’s right, even gaming chairs can get quite uncomfortable after a few hours and that’s why we think having a dedicated couch-based setup can be much better overall.

Combine that with a lapboard and you have one of the most comfortable and efficient PC gaming setups on the planet.

4. It’s easier to include others

We all know how easy it is to shut ourselves away in our rooms or offices to play PC games for hours on end, however, it’s a rather lonely experience and it also means it’s hard to connect with others in your home.

Playing PC on TV counters that problem mainly because the screen is bigger and also because sitting on a sofa seems more inviting.

You can even hook up controllers these days and use your PC as a console so there’s really no excuse not to get some multiplayer on the go.

5. You don’t need cables

Probably one of the best things about PC gaming on a TV is that there are tons of wireless options these days that are basically the same price as their wired counterparts and are just as effective.

Literally, you can get a zero-latency wireless keyboard and a zero-latency wireless mouse that will respond just as seamlessly as you would expect from a wired version.

Another benefit of going wireless is that you won’t have cables traipsing everywhere tripping people up or look messy.

You can get a really sleek-looking TV-based PC setup on the go with wireless peripherals which often end up looking better than a desk-based setup.

In fact, you can even go so far as to stream your games from your PC to your TV if you prefer, and that means you can have the best of both worlds.

Extra Questions About PC Gaming on TV

Is PC gaming on a TV bad?

Yes and no.

Some TVs aren’t calibrated or designed well for PC gaming and that can cause a blurred picture or poor alignment.

You might be asking now, how come consoles work fine?

Well, that’s because consoles are designed with TVs in mind when they’re made but they’re also capped at a relatively low frame rate (in most games) which is supported by the majority of TVs.

For PC, it’s quite likely you’ll be playing around 50-60 FPS, and in some cases, even higher than that.

This can cause picture issues and can also create input lag on screen meaning it becomes almost impossible to game on.

It’s important to do some thorough research beforehand to determine which TV you’ll want, however, the LG 55NANO85UNA is known to have low input lag and works great with PC because of the 120hz refresh rate.

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