Is RGB Worth It for a Gaming Setup? (Pros and Cons)


Lots of gamers around the world have dedicated gaming setups, and most of them probably use a touch of RGB to make it look more flashy.

Some people swear by RGB whereas others think it’s just another gimmick for marketers to sell.

But who’s right?

Well, let’s look at the pros and cons of RGB first.

Pros of Using RGB for Your Gaming Setup

  • Can increase visibility inside the case
  • Highlights certain features of your PC
  • Can be customized for specific colors (usually)
  • Can be set to pulse in different ways

Cons of Using RGB for Your Gaming Setup

  • Can increase price paid for parts
  • Serves no practical function i.e. doesn’t increase speed
  • Uses more energy
  • Can become distracting

How Should I Decide if RGB Is Right for Me?

If you’ve learned anything from our pros and cons list, it’s that the pros are mainly emotional in nature whereas the cons are often based on practical uses.

If money isn’t an issue, RGB can be worth it if you’re looking to implement a certain aesthetic to your gaming rig, especially since you can customize things like the colors and movement patterns.

If you’re more focused on the practicality of gaming, then RGB isn’t really worth it, especially since the inclusion of RGB functionality can often increase hardware prices by hundreds of dollars.

As well as that, RGB feels more like a novelty.

It’s fun for a few weeks but then most people forget about it and often find it distracting in the long run.

Are all RGB systems equal?

Take note, not all RGB systems and services perform the same way.

Because of this, we recommend doing thorough research on the RGB products you’re looking to buy to save yourself some time and hassle.

Some of the most popular RGB product brands include Corsair, Cooler Master, and ThermalTake.

They all offer a variety of features that may or may not be to your liking — it’s also worth noting that some motherboards also run on their own specific RGB system, similar to graphics cards, so make sure to check product compatibility before purchasing anything.


RGB can be worth it if you’re interested in creating a specific look or aesthetic for your gaming setup.

From a practical point of view, RGB increases the price of PC parts, uses more energy, and often becomes distracting over time, hence why some people opt not to use it.

In general, you should go with your gut on this one, but hopefully, the information we’ve provided has been helpful.

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