Best MAGICYOYO for Beginners (Pro Performance for Bargain Prices?): Top 5 Overview

If you’re just starting out with yo-yoing as a hobby then you probably won’t be wanting to spend tons of money until you know you’ll enjoy it.

MAGICYOYO is a relatively new brand but they’ve been making waves with how well their products are built and how they perform versus the cost.

This is an important factor for many people especially since we don’t all have the budget to go crazy with our hobbies but we still want something that will be reliable.

If you’re just starting out then we highly recommend MAGICYOYO products and we’re going to show you some of their best picks down below.

1. MAGICYOYO K1 Review: Best Cheap Yo-Yo for Beginners (Responsive)

Cheapest Responsive MAGICYOYO K1 – Buy it now

First up, we have the MAGICYOYO K1 which is a responsive yo-yo meaning it will come back to you after a certain amount of time.

These types of yo-yos are beginner-friendly and will allow you to practice entry-level tricks without worrying about making the yo-yo come back to you.

The K1 is the cheapest yo-yo offering from MAGICYOYO and can often be had for less than $15 on average (prices may vary).

It can be had in a variety of colors (selected at checkout) depending on your preference and because it’s a beginner’s yo-yo, it also comes with some extra goodies such as a yo-yo glove and additional strings.

2. MAGICYOYO V3 Review: Best Responsive Yo-Yo

Best Responsive MAGICYOYO V3 – Buy it now

If you’re wanting a responsive yo-yo with high-quality parts then the MAGICYOYO V3 offering is a great choice.

It’s a slight step up from the K1 and that’s because it uses a high-quality bearing that is designed for longer spinning and less resistance.

MAGICYOYO claims the V3 is great for both entry-level and professional players mainly down to how well-made the yo-yo is; in essence, it should be able to serve you well for quite a long time compared to some of their other products.

Similar to the K1, the V3 is a responsive yo-yo meaning it will come back to you after a certain period of time: this is great if you’re wanting to practice the basics of yo-yoing without having to worry about getting your yo-yo to come back to you.

3. MAGICYOYO T5 Overlord Review: Cheapest Unresponsive Yo-Yo

Cheapest Unresponsive MAGICYOYO T5 Overlord – Buy it now

Most unresponsive yo-yos are designed for professionals or people who have some familiarity with yo-yoing and that’s because you need to know how to make the yo-yo come back to you.

The T5 Overlord is the cheapest unresponsive option from MAGICYOYO, however, still manages to deliver a well-built product that should last you for many years.

It’s probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing yo-yos that they sell and will look really cool when you’re doing different tricks.

Similar to the other offerings from MAGICYOYO, they’ve kindly included a yo-yo glove and some spare string too in case the first one gets frayed or snaps.

4. MAGICYOYO M002 Review: Best Professional Unresponsive Yo-Yo

Best Professional Unresponsive Yo-Yo MAGICYOYO M002 – Buy it now

If you’re wanting to take your yo-yoing to the next level then the M002 is an absolute beast and can be used in a competition setting depending on your needs.

It uses high-quality parts and is designed to spin for a very long time without any drag or friction to slow you down.

Similar to the other offerings, you’ll be given a yo-yo glove and plenty of extra string included in the packaging meaning you can practice for months without anything stopping you.

It has a beautiful splash design too meaning you’ll stand out when you’re performing your tricks (hopefully for an appreciative audience).

5. MAGICYOYO YO2 Aurora Review: Best Looking (Coolest) Unresponsive Yo-Yo

Best Looking Unresponsive MAGICYOYO YO2 – Buy it now

If you’re wanting a professional-grade unresponsive yo-yo that will mesmerize your audience then the YO2 Aurora is the yo-yo for the job.

It has a sleek black aluminum body with ghostly-looking blue LEDs that really make your tricks stand out.

In fact, you could even use the YO2 as part of a street performance during the night and you’re likely to make a good bit of money doing so as it really helps add some flair.

To be honest, yo-yoing is all about making your performances stand out as much as it is about performing the tricks which is why we think the Aurora YO2 could be the best possible option on this list.

Who is MAGICYOYO? Is MAGICYOYO a good brand?

MAGICYOYO is a Chinese company looking to compete with some of the biggest yo-yo brands such as Duncan.

They offer high-performance products for low cost and often utilize the same manufacturing techniques as some of the more well-known brands meaning you’ll be getting excellent products that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

You should feel very confident in buying their products as nearly all the reviews on Amazon are highly rated and well-received by customers.