The 7 Best Audiophile Headphones With Microphones (Pristine Audio Whilst Chatting With Friends)


If you want pristine audio then you’ll inevitably end up needing a pair of audiophile headphones, however, the main drawback is that they don’t usually come with a microphone attached making them impractical for multitasking or communicating on.

Because of this issue, some audio companies have started making audiophile-standard headsets with built-in mics meaning you’ll be able to do everything you need whilst also being able to chat with your friends or family.

We’re going to look at the best options for your money while also highlighting the main features of each headset to help you pick what’s right for you.

We do also have an alternate suggestion to this conundrum in the form of a modular (attachable) microphone which we’ll highlight for your interest too.

Want Perfect Audio Whilst Being Able to Talk to Your Friends and Family? Here Are the 7 Best Audiophile Headphones With a Mic

1. Philips SHP9500 – Budget-Friendly

Notable Features

  • Comfortable design
  • Affordable for lots of budgets
  • Respected company
  • Open-Back

Philips has been making audio equipment for decades and the SHP9500 is a great choice if you want clear, audiophile-standard soundscapes with a microphone.

In fact, we dare say that it makes gaming headphones look like a joke especially since it’s got many of the same comfortable design features for long gaming sessions whilst also having powerful 50mm drivers for immersive experiences.

These headphones have also been noted to be good for audio monitoring on a budget so if you need to do any delicate work then they shouldn’t let you down.

They’re also open back meaning you’ll get a relatively natural sound experience without too much pressure building up and where you won’t hear any unusual echoes from them being closed off.

2. Philips Fidelio L2 – Great for on-the-move work

Notable Features

  • In-line discreet portable mic (attached to the cable)
  • Slimmed-down design
  • Relatively Lightweight
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Semi-open

The Fidelio L2 is another amazing audiophile offering from Philips that combines a pristine audio monitoring solution with a built-in microphone.

The only difference between the Fidelio L2 and the SHP9500 is that they’re mainly designed for portable work i.e. laptop workers as they feature a slimmed-down, lightweight design whilst also have an in-line microphone for discreet communications.

They also have slightly smaller audio drivers, 40mm compared to 50mm, however, this is indicative of this product being designed for portable work rather than having a dedicated workstation.

Lastly, we love the design of this headset and we think they look really trendy and modern without looking too over the top — A solid all-rounder.

3. Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO w/ Mod Mic Attachment – Mid-Range Professional Open-Back Solution (Best Overall)

Notable Features

  • Budget-Friendly Professional Solution
  • Well-respected audio company
  • Solid Build
  • Comfortable for long sessions
  • Open-back

If you need an actual professional solution for serious audio work then the DT770 PRO from Beyerdynamic is a true workhorse that will serve you well for many years.

In fact, the DT770 PRO’s are usually sold separately (without a mic), however, in combination with Antlion, they also come with the attachable mod mic product which also has studio quality for recording and communicating with your friends.

In our opinion, this is probably the best solution for all your audio monitoring and communication needs on a relatively cost-effective budget.

Unlike the Philips offerings, they’re also specifically designed for audio work meaning there’s no compromise for when you need crystal-clear feedback.

4. Beyerdynamic MMX 300 – Esports-Quality Audiophile Gaming Experience

Notable Features

  • Audiophile-quality for gaming
  • Solid design
  • High-quality microphone
  • Expensive
  • Closed-back

If you need an audiophile headset that comes with a mic and is designed specifically for gaming then MMX 300 is about the best headset you can get.

In fact, Beyerdynamic is basically the German king of audio and makes very exquisite, premium-quality headsets with an emphasis on supreme comfort.

You’ll be able to game for long sessions, listen to the highest quality audio that is reproduced as clearly as it was made, and will be able to chat with your friends on a mic that was originally designed for the private aviation industry.

With that in mind, this headset is rather expensive compared to most other gaming headsets, however, is actually designed for real professionals (esports) rather than the average gamer, hence the cost and hence the quality.

5. Audio-Technica ATH-G1 – Audiophile Gaming Experience

Notable Features

  • Designed for gaming
  • Unique looks
  • Solid build
  • Detachable Mic
  • Closed-back

If you need an audiophile-quality headset with a mic that is purposefully built with gaming in mind then the ATH-G1 from Audio-Technica is a perfect choice.

In fact, compared to the previous option on our list (MMX 300), these are actually much cheaper but still manage to provide a good experience.

They come with well-sized 45mm drivers for powerful audio and are capable of bringing nearly any game to life.

The microphone also has convenient features such as the quick mute button and is also removable depending on your requirements.

We also think the looks are rather unique compared to most audiophile headsets and that’s a good indicator that they’re designed specifically for gaming.

We also think they beat out other dedicated gaming headsets from the likes of Razer, Corsair, and Turtle Beach and that’s because Audio-Technica can draw on their sound engineering expertise which makes these a real joy to use.

6. Corsair Virtuoso – Movie/Gaming 7.1 Surround Experience

  • Designed for surround sound
  • Immersive
  • Premium design
  • Great mic
  • Wired & Wireless

If you need an audiophile headset that delivers the full surround sound experience then the Corsair Virtuoso is one of the best choices on the market.

In fact, Corsair has been making huge strides in recent years with how much development they’re putting into their peripherals.

This headset is another tick on their product list for how perfectly designed it is to do the job it was made for.

You’ll also be happy to know that it features a rather wide frequency range from the lowest of 20hz all the way up to 40,000hz meaning you’ll hear a more natural reproduction of different soundscapes.

It’s also rather feature-packed and includes the ability to be both wired and wireless, has a high-quality detachable microphone, has an EQ through the Corsair software, and uses premium materials like memory foam in the ear cups.

There are plenty of things to tinker with and ultimately you’ll be able to customize it to your exact specifications.

7. Blue Yeti Mic & Knox Gear TX-100 Headset Bundle – Best Podcast/YouTube Setup

Notable Features

  • Great bundle for podcasts and YouTubers
  • One of the most popular microphones ever
  • Low-cost setup

Okay, so we know this one is cheating a little bit as the TX-100 headset doesn’t have an attached mic, however, we think this bundle is a great deal if you need a way to listen to audio in high quality whilst also being able to communicate clearly too.

We must emphasize, the headset is on the lower end of the scale for most enthusiasts so if you need absolute precision then there are better options, however, it does have nice deep bass and is great for listening to music which is why we included it for audiophiles.

The TX-100 has also been designed with comfort in mind as it features nice soft cushioning on the ear cups and also features an expandable headband to fit basically any head size.

As an added boon, this bundle includes the famous Blue Yeti microphone that has received praise from nearly all major product reviewers and has some of the best sound quality of nearly any microphone.

You can also change the mic patterns meaning it can be used for podcasts with another person or can be optimized to pick up sound from a wider area.

Extras Worth Considering

Are Sound Cards Worth It?

Yes, if you’re an audiophile or someone who needs to do any type of audio monitoring then sound cards are still worth it.

That’s because they can improve the quality of the sound that’s produced into your headset, and can even allow you to interface with different cable options.

They also have their own dedicated EQ meaning you can adjust the audio levels to your needs, independent of what your PC is doing.

With that in mind, they’re also relatively cheap and should last for many years if they’re cared for.

One of the most popular and cheapest sound cards is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 which is used by entry-level folk all the way up to professionals; don’t let the cheap price put you off either, it’s one of the most highly regarded sound cards in the world.

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