Can Driving Be a Hobby? 5 Things That Say Its More Than a Necessity for You


When most people drive, they’re doing it out of necessity, usually to get somewhere such as the shops to pick some groceries up or maybe even to drop the kids off at school.

In most cases, they’re probably even doing this on autopilot a lot of the time, and no we don’t mean the Tesla car mode that drives you about, we just mean that most people switch off once they get inside a car.

There’s nothing wrong with viewing your driving habits as a necessity, however, for some people, it’s a whole lot more than that.

In fact, driving is your true ticket to freedom; once you learn how to drive you’ll be able to visit family easier, go on holiday more often, see new sights, and basically open up horizons that had previously been limited.

If you’re reading this article then there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with all of those things and maybe you’re here just to reaffirm what you already thought.

Driving can be a hobby and that’s because some people really enjoy the experience of driving around the sights, going for a day out, and enjoying the overall feel of the car they’re driving.

In fact, we’ve even got some telltale signs below that are good indicators that you take your driving more seriously than the average person.

Put the Pedal to the Metal: 5 Things That Show Your Driving Is Now a Hobby

1. You go for long scenic drives

As a hobby, there’s nothing more obvious that shows you love your driving more than going for long scenic drives whenever you get the opportunity.

And why not? There’s so much beautiful countryside to explore all across the world that you may never have seen if it wasn’t for your driving wanderlust.

Cars can help us see parts of the country or even parts of the world that we’d never get to experience otherwise.

This helps us get in touch with our collective nature as humans and can show that things aren’t quite as out of reach as you would imagine.

There’s plenty of places to visit such as castles, nature reserves, mountains, lakes, countryside, and basically anything else you might want to drive to.

If you have kids then driving is the perfect way to escape the norm and get yourselves off the beaten track to visit theme parks, wildlife reserves, and anywhere else that can help them have an action-packed day.

2. You take the long way back

If you enjoy driving then it goes without saying that you’ll try and forestall having to get out of your car when you’re having so much fun inside it.

Basically, if you’re a driving buff then you’ll more than likely end up taking the long route back home rather than going the quickest route.

This may tick off your family or friends, but for you, it’s become a habit that lets you destress and unwind, and can even lead to unexpected pleasures along the way such as stopping for a coffee.

Driving down roads just for the sake of it may seem unintuitive for others, however, for you, it’s your own personal catharsis.

3. You volunteer your driving services

Is there any better excuse for going for a drive than to volunteer to help someone pick something up, deliver an item, or just to help them get from A to B?

Whenever the opportunity arises your ears probably prick up like an excited dog and you’re probably already jangling your keys in front of the missus before she has the opportunity to get a word in.

As we mentioned before, driving is a cathartic experience for many people, and being able to share that with others can bring you great pleasure.

That’s why offering to help people with your driving skills can easily become a hobby for you, not necessarily to make money, but just as an opportunity to get behind the wheel.

4. You’ve been to the Nürburgring

There’s somehow nothing quite as important in your driving hobby as being able to tick off your list a visit to the Nürburgring.

In fact, the famous race track has become so notable that it’s commonly used as a benchmark for many vehicle tests including some recent Tesla tests and has even been featured in many episodes of Top Gear.

It’s not the most complex track, however, it does give you an opportunity to push your car to the limits of what wouldn’t usually be possible on normal roads.

If you’re a driving buff then it’s absolutely essential to be able to say you’ve skidded around corners at full speed whilst racing other competitors and there’s no better place to do that than the Nürburgring.

5. You go to car meet ups

Car meet-ups are usually reserved for folks in their teens and early twenties; however, there’s also the hobby folk who enjoy all aspects of cars and the engineering that has gone into them which is why car meet-up events are prevalent.

In fact, there are hundreds, if not thousands of car meet-up events every year that are hosted all around the world which means regardless of where you are, you’ll definitely be able to get involved.

This is the perfect excuse to get in your car to go for a drive as you’ll be able to meet up with your friends who’ll probably share some of the same traits of enjoying driving their cars.


Driving is a hobby unlike any other and that’s because it gives you the ability to explore the world in relative comfort whilst keeping it within acceptable timeframes.

Literally, you could explore nearly all of the most important features of your city in just a day which is probably what makes driving so exciting; it expands your opportunities and horizons beyond what would be physically possible.

Not only that, but driving a car is unique and all cars offer a slightly different experience.

Just operating your car can be enough to excite some enthusiasts and that’s because it can offer you a certain level of power and control that isn’t easily felt with other things in life.

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