5 Ways in Which The Metaverse Will Influence Our Daily Activities and Hobbies


In case you didn’t know already, the metaverse is a descriptor for the combination of software and programs designed to bring people together in a virtual world through physical augmentations such as virtual reality goggles and hologram technology.

Mostly, the metaverse already exists in various formats such as video games, digital ownership (such as NFT’s), and through the internet itself.

However, the general consensus and the overall goal of the metaverse is that it can become much more than just a smattering of various, loosely linked internet services.

The metaverse can become a second reality for us as humans, an extension of our current lives if you will, where we can merge our physical identity with our virtual one and vice versa.

With that in mind, let’s predict some ways in which the metaverse will influence our daily activities and some of the hobbies we engage with.

The Metaverse: 5 Predictions on How It Might Influence Our Hobbies and Daily Activities

1. Monetizing your activities will become much easier

Currently, to earn a living through being an artist requires an extreme effort that often outweighs the financial benefit.

The same goes for other creative industries and hobbies such as playing an instrument or making handmade goods.

However, the metaverse promises to change that by allowing you to quickly generate digital ownership of products such as art, or by producing NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) such as videos that can then be sold on as unique products to a buyer.

The metaverse will also help to bring down financial borders by leveraging new mediums like cryptocurrency, and it will also help to remove extravagant middleman fees that are currently rife throughout traditional financial systems.

Picture this; you play a unique riff or solo on your guitar, record it, then upload it to the metaverse as a unique NFT which can then be sold on for a profit — never before would monetizing such creative tasks be so easy.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite, then, here’s another example — you’re a basketball player, you score a game-winning slamdunk whilst recording it from your new metaverse glasses — as an NFT, this can now be sold on as unique property to a buyer, almost in the same fashion as a collectible token or item.

These examples are really scratching the service of how the metaverse can really transform how easy it will be to become our own banks, businesses, and ultimately, the master’s of our own destiny all in one.

2. We’ll be able to gamify menial tasks

Doing menial chores such as cleaning your home or keeping your garden looking neat isn’t always the most interesting way to spend your day, and for many, it often gets left to the point where keeping up with it becomes a huge effort in itself.

What if, though, we could completely transform these menial tasks into something that can become almost like a game, or a way to compete or engage with friends or other people?

With AR glasses, once they get good enough, you’ll be able to overlay these types of activities with daily achievements, scoring systems, and even ways to monetize them such as through NFT’s.

People will be able to bid for your time to do different things or will be able to compete with you directly whilst also wearing a set of augmented reality equipment to keep track of it all.

For some, this might sound like the beginning of a dystopian nightmare being brought to life, however, many of these metaverse and AR systems will be built on decentralized software (such as through cryptocurrencies) meaning no set group of people have the ability to control your information or the money you make.

Ultimately, it will allow us to transform some menial tasks into hobbies if we wish, in which we can share, monetize and compete with others through these accomplishments.

3. We’ll be able to augment our hobbies

Augmentation, from a metaverse standpoint, means to enhance and further connect each other within our day-to-day activities, and to allow us to defy physical constraints that aren’t usually possible in the real world.

Imagine being able to wear a set of AR glasses that can completely transform a barren piece of land into a football field or racing area, all with markers and goalposts for you to compete in.

Once your AR football field is loaded in, teammates and competing teams will also be able to load into this same 3D backdrop which will overlay against the real world through your glasses.

In the far future, we may not even need AR glasses.

Things like hologram technology, full-body AR suits, and probably in-body enhancements such as electronic augmentations will all help to serve and connect us to these AR-enhanced worlds.

When this becomes a reality, it will start a new technological revolution of which we’ll see a surge of innovation and life-transforming technologies that will help to augment and enhance our hobbies and day-to-day activities.

In fact, in the really far future, we may be able to interface with a Matrix-esque world where we can play, simulate, and live through different scenarios, further enhancing our capabilities for entertainment or ways in which we engage with our hobbies.

4. Digital identities will help us track our activity achievements

Perhaps one of the coolest, or scariest innovations that the metaverse can bring to our lives will be the ability to keep track of all our daily achievements through permanent digital identities.

This digital identity will include important information about who you are as a person, but will also become a profile of sorts that can be shared with others if you so wish.

You’ll be able to track the movies you watch, the music you listen to, and all the achievements you’ve accomplished in your hobbies and activities you engage with.

Imagine being able to peruse a ledger of sorts that contains the information of when you first learned to swim, when you won that gold medal in karate, or when you managed to construct your first hand-made oak table.

More than likely, these achievements will also be able to be backed up with video/picture NFT’s to certify or confirm the date and relevancy of each accomplishment, or through official certification mediums that will also run on the metaverse e.g. Guinness World Records or Olympic governing committee’s.

5. Information about your skills and hobbies will become even easier to share

Information is already very easy to share through mediums like YouTube, Twitch, and social media, however, the metaverse will make it even easier as it becomes interwoven within our lives in a more intricate and organic way.

Essentially, the tools we’ll use to access and share things to the metaverse will be purpose-built to do so, unlike our phones or computers that often require some semblance of technical know-how to achieve.

The kit needed to produce good content can also cost thousands of dollars, such as cameras, sound equipment, and software to edit, which often ends up excluding a large majority of the world’s population.

For this reason, and once the metaverse becomes mainstream, we’re likely to see another information explosion from a previously excluded populace who can now afford the tools to share this information with others.

Basically, sharing your hobby tips, tricks, and the content will become much easier through the metaverse as it’ll be purpose-built for this interconnected online world with which we’re likely to become synonymous.


The metaverse is likely to influence our lives in lots of ways, many of which will probably be unseen until they’re already here.

For your hobbies and daily activities, they’re about to become a lot more accessible, easier to monetize, and easier to gamify as we’ll be able to overlay our physical world through AR accessories such as purpose-built AR glasses.

For most people, the main concern will be privacy, however, decentralized cryptocurrency systems (such as Algorand or Hedera) already offer a suitable backbone to accomplish these needs.

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