VR Headsets That Don’t Need a PC: The Oculus Quest 2 Is Your Best Bet (Find Out Why Inside)


People aren’t strangers to VR headsets anymore and they’ve come a long way since the original iterations that were bulky to use, and often required being tethered to a dedicated station such as a gaming laptop or a PC.

Those days are over, though, especially since processors have become much more powerful, efficient, and cheap to manufacture.

This leap in technology means we can now construct thinner, lighter, and more importantly, completely untethered VR headsets for us to use freely without any restrictive limitations on where we use them.

However, although the technology exists to do this, what we’ve found currently is that there are very few companies willing to take a gamble on making such a product, and in reality, only the Oculus Quest 2 currently fits the bill for what most retail consumers expect from an untethered VR headset.

For that reason, we’re going to give you a comprehensive rundown of why you should pick the Oculus Quest 2 as your go-to PC-free VR headset.

Oculus Quest 2 Review – Why It’s Still the Best VR Headset That Doesn’t Need a PC

Quest 2 Snapshot Overview

Specs: 3D Cinematic Sound (plus 3.5MM Headphone Support), Tethered and Untethered Support, LCD Display, 1832×1920 Resolution Per Eye, Custom Controllers, 2-3 Hour Playback Time, 2 Hour Charge Time*, 503g Weight, Suitable for Glasses Wearers

If you need an untethered VR headset that is close to perfect, then there can be no better option than the Oculus Quest 2.

It’s the perfect all-rounder and it’s able to provide one of the best out-of-the-box experiences we’ve seen to date; that is, a no-fuss setup, intuitively designed controls, and a headset that can be adjusted for almost any head size or shape.

Meta Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset...
  • Experience total immersion with 3D positional audio, hand tracking and easy-to-use controllers working together to make...

Since the original Quest, the Quest 2 has seen a number of improvements including a heightened resolution per eye for more detail, an upgraded processor for better gameplay, and overall design improvements that make the Quest 2 an absolute dream to wear.

In terms of the specs, you’ll also be happy to know that it includes a high-refresh-rate screen (up to 90hz), 3D cinematic sound for better immersion, and custom-made controllers to help you navigate your virtual landscapes with ease.

We also note the rather generous 2-3 hour playback time that the Quest 2 will allow off-charge making it perfect for gaming on the go, or whenever you don’t have a PC around to plug into, though, in case you’re wondering, the Oculus Quest 2 will also allow for tethered support to a PC with the Oculus Link Cable.

Other than that, it has a suitably sleek design meaning you can wear it all day without much effort; even glasses wearers can rejoice as it affords enough room for even the bulkiest frames to fit comfortably inside.


The best untethered VR experience on the market to date, with notable improvements since the original Quest. Simply perfect.

Oculus Quest 2 – What’s in the box?

Inside the packaging, you’ll find the Oculus Quest 2 headset, two controllers including pre-installed 1x AA batteries, a glasses spacer for glasses wearers, and a warranty/instruction pamphlet.

Are there any Quest 2 competitors?

Firstly, there is the Goovis Lite headset which is purpose-designed for watching movies and immersing yourself in a cinematic experience.

It claims to be able to mimic the effect of a 600″ cinema screen with a wide (42*) field of view, however, it costs twice as much as the Quest 2 and does not offer any kind of VR experience.

In reality, it is more a personal cinema screen that you can take around with you rather than an actual VR headset.

There’s also the recently launched Vive Focus 3, however, this is positioned to be more like a business VR experience rather than being a competitor to traditional setups, plus it costs more than triple the price of the Quest 2.

Other than that, you have some loose offerings from various Chinese and off-market brands, though, they aren’t worth taking seriously as they won’t be able to provide the right kind of support for the majority of modern gaming platforms.

Does the Oculus Quest 2 have any cons?

For the most part, the Oculus Quest 2 stands to be one of the best untethered VR headsets on the market and can even hold its own against fully tethered options too.

The only drawback when it comes to owning a Quest 2 is that it will prompt you to create a Facebook account to use their services, however, since Facebook has rebranded to Meta, they’ll be planning to remove this requirement so it’s a non-issue.

In terms of design choice, it’s also one of the most accessible VR headsets on the market that can be adapted for a wide range of head sizes and shapes; we’ve read mixed reviews regarding glasses wearers, however, we had no issue with our own glasses frames during internal testing.

Verdict: Are Standalone VR Headsets Good?

Yes, standalone VR headsets are now good enough and powerful enough to provide a seamless, lag-free experience for any budding VR gamer.

In fact, standalone VR headsets can provide an experience closer to what most people imagine VR should be like compared to their tethered counterparts that can sometimes make the user feel somewhat unimmersed.

As an added point, the Oculus Quest 2 also makes use of 6 DoF (6 degrees of freedom) functionality meaning it will track your surroundings and provide you with one of the best current VR experiences we know of.

There are very few drawbacks to untethered headsets, other than the fact that they’re a little less powerful than playing them through a dedicated gaming system, though, this is a non-issue for the Quest 2 as you can simply tether it up with the link cable whenever you want.


As of late 2021, and going into 2022, the Oculus Quest 2 is still the best VR headset that doesn’t need a PC.

We’ll make sure to update this article once the market opens up with more competitors, but for now, your money will be better spent on the well-rounded Quest 2.

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