10 Hobbies for Deep Thinkers (Make the Most of Your Internal Dialogue)


Most deep thinkers have a lot going on in their head and thus, may seem reserved purely because their brain is working overtime surveilling and analyzing pretty much anything they come across or think about — they won’t force a conversation unless it’s prompted.

This makes them great logicians and even better philosophers because they’re able to see the deeper strings that pull at society; the nuanced layers that people often forget to consider.

But what does a person like this enjoy, and are there any type of activities that they can excel at?

Luckily, we’ve come up with ten handpicked activities and hobbies for deep thinkers meaning you can use your personality traits to your advantage.

Mind Over Matter: Top 10 Hobbies for Deep Thinkers

1. Worldbuilding

Building a fictional world purely from the depths of your mind is a task that not many people could accomplish and certainly not to a satisfactory degree when compared to famous worldbuilders like Tolkien.

On the surface, building a fantasy world may seem straightforward but it’s easy to become convoluted and chaotic if you don’t keep track of everything you’re doing and how your characters will interact with each other e.g. factions, allegiances, political parties, etc.

Depending on how deep you want to go, you’ll have to consider the relationships of your characters with each other, what type of personality they have, and even what languages they speak.

You’ll also need to consider the land they exist in, how big it is, what kind of weather there is, and the timescale within your fictional world when traveling between places.

It’s a mammoth task but is ultimately something that can be very rewarding, mainly because you can complete it at any pace you like, and without any restrictions, because it’s your world.

2. Philosophy

Philosophy is the study of how we see the world as humans and everything we interact with.

In fact, it’s impossible to truly know how each individual sees the world as you do not exist in their mind, we can only come to some sort of general consensus based on reference and learned experiences.

However, embracing a strong philosophical outlook on life can help prepare you for anything that should arise — in a way, it’s the lens through which we look at life and it helps us filter things to make sense of them.

As a deep thinker, you’re probably already philosophizing on a daily basis, perhaps without even realizing it.

Famous philosophers include the likes of Plato and Marcus Aurelius in which you can peruse their studies, teachings, and publications through books and through online media.

3. Reading

As a hobby, reading naturally lends itself well to deep thinking people mainly because it uses the inner voice of your mind which you’re probably already used to.

It also means you can process the information far easier (compared to non-deep-thinkers) which means reading becomes more of a pleasurable experience rather than one that feels like a chore.

In fact, even after you’re done reading, you’ll have plenty to sit and think about meaning your inner monologue probably won’t even stop; you’ll wonder and daydream about all of the things you’ve learned or read so far.

4. Music

Music, whether you’re creating it or listening to it, is an extremely pleasurable hobby to engage with as a deep-thinking person.

That’s because music is a reflective pastime and one that evokes certain emotional responses within us — sometimes we feel melancholy, sometimes it makes us upbeat, and sometimes we feel powerful because of it.

All of this experience is something you can go over in your mind and reflect on without having to talk about it.

If you’re more creative, you can even start making music and learning to play an instrument which is also a great way to channel those inner thoughts without having to express them via speech or in other more direct ways.

Basically, music is the perfect hobby for any deep-thinker because it allows them to express themselves and to have an identity without having to bluntly tell people what they’re all about.

5. Sculpting

Sculpting is another hobby that involves a lot of thinking and channeling of your inner world than it does talking.

You might have lots of creative ideas but some hobbies don’t let themselves well to the traits of a deep thinker — sculpting, however, is perfect for any quiet, intellectual person who wants to share their inventiveness and creativeness with the world around them.

In fact, sculpting can be even better as a creative medium than some other formats such as painting, mainly because sculpting allows you to create things in three dimensions rather than just on a flat surface.

This gives you greater scope to really express yourself which is perfect for somebody who ruminates on detail and really maximizes their creative thought.

6. Weightlifting

The great thing about getting strong and carving out a good body for yourself is that it can be done without much talking.

It’s also a heavily involved process if you want to maximize your efforts which is why being a deep thinker is the perfect personality for doing so.

Basically, a deep thinker is more likely to consider the finer details such as nutritional macros, total calorie intake, and what exercises are more likely to elicit a better growth response.

You can also totally switch off from the world around you when you’re weightlifting too which is great if you’re more of an introvert — simply slap your headphones in and crack on with your weightlifting.

7. Meditation

Meditation is perhaps one of the most on-the-nose pastimes for deep-thinkers, mainly because the whole process is about fine-tuning your thought patterns to elicit an advantageous state of mind.

This includes being able to calm yourself, make yourself feel more confident, and allow yourself to forgive any guilty feelings for certain situations.

Basically, meditation is a way of going directly inside your own mind whereby you’ll try to isolate certain thought patterns, whether to silence them or to draw on them as a source of strength.

8. Arts & Crafts (Painting, Drawing, etc)

Most arts and crafts pastimes are perfect for deep-thinking, internalized people, mainly because they allow them to channel their inner world without having to directly involve others.

It gives them a platform to communicate with the world without having to become massively social or extroverted — basically, they can tick the box of maintaining social branches without having to directly involve themselves with it.

Plus, creating things from scratch is generally quite fun, mainly because it allows you to really implement your identity into something without having to compromise on certain aspects.

9. Camping

There’s a reason why getaway experiences are so popular; they allow you to escape the normal chaos of life and can help you replace it with something more serene and natural.

In fact, never has there been a more demanding time in human history in terms of the time spent doing things that we don’t really enjoy and compromising on things that don’t really give us true satisfaction.

Camping is one of those rare pastimes that allow us to completely reinvent our lives, even if just for a few short days whereby we go off the grid and disconnect from the modernities of life.

For a deep thinker, this undisturbed time to reflect and think about things can really help them to recharge and feel better when they go back into society.

10. Educational Pursuits

If you’re thinking about things a lot, chances are you’re probably wondering how things work or whether you’re good enough to learn those things.

For this reason, taking on a course or some sort of educational pursuit can be a great way to harness that energy and to put your passions to practical use.

In fact, very few pastimes will allow you to sit and think so much without it being detrimental — getting educated is all about thinking and expanding your horizons.

Are deep thinkers rare?

Most studies suggest that the split between introverts and extroverts is roughly 50:50 somewhere down the middle, slightly weighted in favor of more extroverts.

For this reason, we don’t think it’s rare to be more internalized, in fact, it’s quite evenly split, however, the degree to which someone thinks about things will vary.

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