13 Hobbies for Homebodies (Make Home Way More Exciting Now)


It’s surprising how many people out there believe spending time at home can’t offer any new experiences or anything exciting to help them grow.

In fact, usually, people are most productive in the places they feel most comfortable which in most cases, would probably be your very own living space, or home.

Once you establish a routine of productivity, you can really make your home living space a base of operations for all your ingenious ideas whereby you can really test the limits of who you are as a person.

For this reason, we’ve come up with a selection of handpicked hobbies that are great to try whilst at home — let’s have a look.

Make Home Body Your Best Body: 13 Exciting Hobbies for Homebodies

1. Home Workouts

Home workouts are great because they allow you to stay fit without the upheaval or ongoing expense that comes with attending a gym or a dedicated workout class.

Yes, you may have some initial costs if you really want to make your home workouts effective, however, these costs are often recuperated within the first year or so when compared against the costs of a gym membership meaning it’s worth it.

If you’re wanting a traditionally muscular physique then we recommend using a dumbbell set to train each muscle as it’ll allow you to progressively overload your muscles, and thus, can make them bigger and stronger week in, week out.

However, you can also opt for more modern solutions such as resistance bands that can be utilized in many different ways meaning you’ll be able to at least maintain some decent muscle mass and overall fitness.

2. Up Your Music Game (Learn an instrument)

Some people gravitate towards music-playing naturally whereby anything they attempt seems to just come to them with ease.

However, for those where it doesn’t come so naturally, they’ll often exclude themselves from the joy of music because they truly don’t believe they will ever be good at playing an instrument.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, and in practice, repetition is all that’s needed to get good at an instrument, even if it takes a little more practice than someone else.

Plus, you may not have found the right instrument just yet which is why we advocate experimentation with a few different instruments to see if something else feels a little more natural for you.

Being a homebody means you’ll usually have a more optimized schedule meaning it shouldn’t be hard to fit in a bit of daily practice for your instrument learning.

3. Woodworking

Woodworking is one of the best hobbies to do from home because it’s a rather involved process and often requires hours of practical effort to finalize your project.

This includes cutting, sanding, screwing, and even attaching novel elements to your wooden project whereby you’ll eventually end up with something (hopefully) resembling a masterpiece.

Plus, knowing how to work with wood is extremely useful as most of these elements can be incorporated into home improvements — joinery and carpentry are probably the two most common wood-based skills that can help you turn your home dreams into a reality.

The only caveat being is that woodworking can have expensive startup costs due to the fact that machinery is usually expensive, however, don’t let that put you off as those tools should last you for many years if used and stored with proper care.

4. Photography

Most people associate photography with going outdoors into the wilderness whereby you can capture stunning landscape photographs or pictures of wildlife, however, you’d be surprised how much you can achieve whilst at home.

In fact, we believe that being in an environment that doesn’t seem particularly striking upon first impressions will actually make you more creative as a photographer.

Some great ways to get good pictures at home include taking pictures of your finished recipes, doing closeup (macro) shots, and even taking pictures in your garden if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Some people even take photographs of specific homeware or different products that can be used for stock photography; think pictures of computers, laptops, bowls, plates, tools, etc.

In most cases, you’ll be able to practice with your smartphone, though, we recommend getting a DSLR camera if you want to take it more seriously as it’ll allow you to modify and augment your picture-taking process with things like lenses and also allow for more detail because of the bigger (and dedicated) sensor.

5. Cooking

If you’re a homebody then we highly recommend taking up cooking not only as a hobby but also as a method of providing yourself with better nutritional intake on a daily basis.

Plus, home cooking is much cheaper than ordering out or ordering from food prep companies mainly because you’re not paying for the overheads of the service.

It’s also one of the best hobbies for starting a side-hustle with, whether that’s because you make and deliver your meals for a fee, or alternatively, share and photograph your recipes to be used as part of your online blog.

Cooking is probably one of the most inventive and creative processes and you can really have a lot of fun with it.

There are literally millions of different food combinations to try meaning it’ll keep you busy for decades to come.

6. Sculpting

If you want to get messy and hands-on then home is definitely the best place to do that as you don’t have to worry about what anyone else thinks.

Sculpting with clay can certainly be a messy process, however, you can also use other mediums such as wood and stone to sculpt with too.

For most purposes, clay is the best medium to use for your sculpting creations purely because it’s easy to work with and has a greater scope for detail whereby you can layer your clay pieces on top of each other for three-dimensional effects.

It also has a relatively low startup cost meaning it’s cheap to get started with and in most cases, you’ll only need to spend around $100-200 to get all the tools, mats, and clay needed to have fun for months on end.

7. Reading

If you’re spending time at home then we highly recommend taking up reading as a hobby purely because it’s best done in a quiet environment which in most cases will be easiest to achieve whilst at home.

There are tons of books to read, which in fact, is an understatement, as you’ll never be able to read them all because there’s such an abundance of material out there that would be impossible to get through in a human lifetime.

This should excite you, though, because it means you’ll be spoilt for choice regardless of the genre or topics you select to read — there’ll be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of books that have been published under a certain area of interest.

This includes more broadly fiction and non-fiction books, though, underneath those ranking categories includes politics, history, fantasy, teen drama, sci-fi, and other much more specific topics.

8. Get Educated (Learn a new topic of study)

If you’re spending days, weeks, and even months at home, you might as well make the most of that time by getting yourself educated and upskilled in a range of areas of study.

For most people, once school finishes, they simply forget or don’t believe they can get educated any longer.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially now that everyone should have access to a fast internet connection allowing them to browse whatever information they like.

In fact, there are even dedicated resources for learning online such as the Open University that allows people to learn online and from home.

MIT also has open-source-style courses (MITx) that can also be learned and studied for free from home.

More specifically, things like coding are becoming increasingly in demand as a skill due to our push for technological innovation and reliance on computer-based systems — for this reason, you can learn to code from home, for free, through resources such as Codecademy.

9. Minimalism

We’re big believers in decluttering your home and optimizing your living space and in fact, there is actually a dedicated term for imbuing those qualities into your daily living; it’s called minimalism.

Minimalists seek to destress their lives and scale back on expenses by only living with the basic necessities in their home, however, they also choose to live frugally whereby they’ll forego expensive brands or luxury items as cheaper items can still offer the same end-result just without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Some people even go so far as to completely downsize their lives where they end up selling their homes and opting for a small cabin or mobile home that they can use as an efficient base of operations.

It’s a really fun lifestyle and is really worth looking into if you want to start removing the extra complications from your daily living.

10. Meditation

If you’ve never tried meditating then it may seem a bit daunting at first or that it won’t really do anything, however, a growing body of evidence is showing that meditation is a useful skill to practice in your spare time as it can help you to improve your emotional wellbeing and reduce stress.

In a way, meditation is a skill that forces you to introspect and understand your current bodily state.

What are the sensations you feel, what are you thinking, and what are your motivations are all great things to be mindful of when meditating.

If you’re not sure where to start with this then we highly recommend using YouTube to browse some of the guided meditation videos that should help bring you up to speed on this hobby.

11. Start a side-hustle

You’d be surprised how easy it is these days to make an income from home, especially for the fact that you can now directly liaise with billions of people instantaneously through the internet.

In fact, trillions of dollars are constantly flowing throughout the internet which means it’s easy to capture a portion of that whether through passive methods such as YouTube videos and informational blogs, or perhaps more directly with something like an e-commerce or print-on-demand service.

However, if you’re a more practical person then it’s easy to turn your living space into a base of operations whereby you can commission different physical products such as furniture or other types of crafts that you can sell on for a profit.

Plus, passion projects make for the best way of making money purely because you’re enjoying the process whilst doing the work, it’s a win-win!

12. Video Games

Not the most productive but certainly one of the most fun ways to spend your time being a homebody is playing video games.

Whether you choose to fire up your console or have opted for a more dedicated gaming PC, you’ll never be stuck for choice as there are literally thousands of games in existence to help you pass the time.

In fact, gaming is now seen as one of the ultimate hobbies and has managed to capture the attention of the mainstream and not just hobbyists.

This means there are now gaming conventions, gaming YouTube channels, live-streamed games, and even dedicated fan-fictions that are created based on popular video games.

13. Painting

Painting is another hobby that can become messy but is absolutely tons of fun.

Because it’s a rather paced and personal hobby, we believe that doing it from home will yield the best results as it’ll allow you to really embrace the moment.

You don’t need to spend much; a simple paintbrush set, a few paints, and a canvas will allow you to get started which should run you up less than a hundred dollars.

There are different styles of painting that may interest you, however, some of the most common styles include things like portrait painting, landscape painting, and abstract painting.

What you decide will come down to personal preference and skill, though, it’s worth giving each style a go before you decide what you’re wanting to pursue.

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