50 Life-Expanding Hobbies for Men Over 50 (Broaden Your Horizons Now)

If you’re fifty or over, it could be quite easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you’ve hit your peak and that there isn’t anything left to try — how wrong you would be.

In fact, being fifty or older in the modern age means you should still be relatively healthy and up for a challenge, or so we think.

It’s up to you to put the effort in to start a new hobby, however, we want to make the process a little easier by giving you fifty hobbies that can help to expand your horizons and expand your life in general.

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1. Hikaru Dorodango

Hikaru Dorodango is the process of turning dirt into a perfectly formed sphere through the slow procedure of refinement and smoothing. As a hobby, it originates from Japan and the general translation of the name means mud cake.

The name (when translated) does little service to convey how beautiful and satisfying this hobby can be for its participants. Better yet, you can make your dorodango with dirt local to your homeland or from a place that holds sentimental value (different dirt creates different textures and colors). Should we also mention that dirt is dirt cheap? Hah.

In case you’re intrigued by the prospect of turning dirt into a spherical masterpiece then we recommend buying the book “Dorodango” by Bruce Gardner (below) who is an expert on this hobby and has dedicated his life to crafting these mystical objects.

He’s also done some interviews which you can find on YouTube that will give you some more insight into the process and the resulting outcome of which you’ll be truly astonished.

2. Weightlifting

Weightlifting is as popular as it’s ever been, even if you’re over fifty. That’s because there’s compelling evidence that shows having some form of resistance training in your daily routine can help you feel younger for longer and who wouldn’t want that?

All you really need is a decent set of home dumbbells and you can do most of the movements that will help you tone up. As always, with any type of exercise, seek advice from a professional first, especially if you have any concerns.

3. Woodworking

Woodworking is something we’ve talked about before, including how much it costs to get started.

As a hobby, it remains one of the most pleasurable and fulfilling pastimes we know of and that’s because you can create anything you want once you get good enough. Some of those things include furniture, ornaments, enhancements for your home, and even exquisite tables that you can sell for thousands of dollars.

It may seem daunting at first, however, you can start making very basic things from simple processes such as wood carving rather than needing to have an entire workshop filled with machinery.

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That brings us to our next point; there are many areas of woodworking you can get into such as pyrography, wood carving, and woodturning. You don’t need to be a master of everything.

4. Gaming

If you’re over fifty, you may feel like games aren’t really your thing, however, they’re a great medium for connecting you with other people, and in truth, there are people of all ages playing video games including people well into their senior years.

If you want to expand your horizons then you’ll need to connect with others. It’s no easy task when you’re approaching the later part of your life as most people have commitments or drift off meaning you might not have an opportunity to see them in person.

Games get around that issue by allowing you to connect with millions of people instantaneously meaning you can chat and get to know each other all whilst having heaps of fun.

In fact, we even have a dedicated gaming section that gives you advice about gaming products, gaming topics, and even why gaming makes a great hobby.

5. Drone Flying

Drones are a relatively recent advent, however, they’re increasing in popularity every year and that’s because they’re becoming cheaper and more efficient for even novices to use.

In fact, most drones come with cameras attached meaning you can create beautiful landscape shots and will be able to see things that usually aren’t observable from our point of view on the ground.

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There are some rules about flying drones but most drone systems have built-in rules meaning you can’t fly above a certain altitude anyway so it’s hard to go wrong.

6. Reading

It’s never too late to start reading, and in fact, we dare say there’s no better way to broaden your horizons than through this mind-expanding pastime. You can literally read about anything, be it cooking, ancient Greek history, or even rocket science if it takes your fancy.

There are also tons of great fiction books to explore that will take you on an imaginative journey through epic tales of heroism and betrayal.

Don’t forget to check out why we think reading is a great hobby including how it got started.

7. Geocaching

Geocaching is a unique hobby that is basically akin to a modern-day treasure hunt. You can form a party to assist you on your hunt or you can do it alone depending on your preferences.

Most people use a GPS device to help them locate the cache but you can also use a smartphone if it has GPS built-in.

8. Camping

Camping is another very popular pastime that we think is one of the best especially as you get older and want to spend more time relaxing or exploring.

It gives you an opportunity to get out into the wilderness to see unseen sights and can help you connect with others or your family. You don’t need much other than a decent tent to keep you sheltered and a sleeping bag to keep you warm.

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Depending on the length of your stay, you can also get things like a portable gas stove or basic survival tools to make your stay more enjoyable where you’ll be able to cook or make things.

9. Photography

Photography is an amazing and vastly creative hobby that allows you to express yourself in unique ways depending on your desires.

We’ve talked about the costs involved with photography before especially since the price points will vary depending on how experienced you are in it, though, at the age of fifty, most people have usually spent a little bit of time with cameras and may already have some kit to work with.

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It’s never too late to get yourself out there to take some unique snaps that can be enjoyed by millions all across the world. You can even sell your stock photos online these days meaning it could even make you a little profit for doing something you enjoy.

10. Surfing

Surfing is a hobby unlike no other and that’s because it’s basically you against the raw power of the sea where you’ll be able to ride waves to give you a revitalizing thrill.

In fact, surfing isn’t just a great way to have fun but it can also be a good way to stay in shape too as you’ll be using lots of muscles during the activity.

You don’t need much to get started other than a surfboard, some surf wax (to stick to the board), and a leash to prevent your board from flying away if you fall off.

We do recommend exercising caution in the sea and making sure to take lessons before you start surfing.

11. Cooking

We think cooking and baking are great hobbies that get better with age, and that’s because you’ll have been around more cultures and will probably have tried more foods in your time.

All this input means you’ll be able to use your creative flair to come up with some amazing dishes that are both wholesome and great for putting a smile on people’s faces.

In fact, eating and cooking are perfect activities to unite people around a table to break bread with and to find out about what they’ve been up to.

You don’t need much to get started other than a simple recipe book and some ingredients to prepare.

12. Blogging

Blogging is another perfect hobby for someone with a bit of experience or wisdom under their belt (which is quite likely if you’re exceeding the age of fifty).

Blogs can be something personal or you can make a blog to provide information to others to help them with doing something or to make informed choices about buying something.

A blog is really versatile and it’s a great way to share your thoughts with the world; they’re also incredibly easy to set up these days too through services such as WordPress or Wix.

Lastly, blogs can be a great way to generate passive income, and over time, you might just be able to quit your job with enough effort.

13. Swimming

Swimming is probably one of the most popular exercise hobbies for those over fifty and that’s because it’s easy on the joints and a great way to stay in shape.

Swimming is also a great way to unwind at the end of a stressful day as it’s very easy to get into a meditative state where you can block everything out around you.

In fact, if you’re going to do any kind of exercise over fifty then swimming is probably the most recommended one not unless there’s a reason why you can’t engage in it.

We recommend starting your new swimming hobby at your local pool but make sure to take lessons if you’re not confident in the water and don’t forget some swimming goggles to prevent burning from the chlorine.

14. Homebrewing

Home brewing is a brilliant hobby because it allows you to be inventive and make some unique-tasting brews. Unlike some other hobbies, it doesn’t depend on the weather being good either; you can brew any time of the day, rain or shine.

Home brews aren’t just good for personal tasting either, they can make the perfect gift for friends or family especially since you’ll have put your own effort into making something for them.

If you’re not sure where to start, then we recommend getting a home brew kit to learn the basics of brewing first.

After that, you can get some more nuanced equipment to make even more unique ales or beers which you can learn the necessary skills in this homebrewing book.

15. Birding

Birding is a brilliant hobby for a refined gentleman who wants to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature around them.

It gives you insight into the world of birds by watching them from afar which you can do with birding binoculars or some kind of telescope.

This means you get to enjoy the natural behavior of birds without disturbing them and it can be done pretty much anywhere you want, even in your backyard if you wish.

It makes for a perfect solo hobby, however, it’s also a nice pastime for couples to engage in on a warm summer’s day with a cup of tea or a cool drink to sip.

16. Diorama Creation

Creating dioramas requires a creative mind and good attention to detail, especially since you’ll want to make them as lifelike or as engaging as possible.

Essentially, a diorama is a form of artwork where you make miniature landscapes or cityscapes for ornamental purposes or just for the pleasure of making something that encapsulates a certain feeling or period of time.

Most commonly, dioramas are usually made of famous battles or of war machinery such as tanks from World War 2.

As a process, it involves crafting landscapes, painting, and even assembling models meaning you can really get stuck into it for weeks on end.

17. Traveling

We can’t think of anymore more life-expanding than traveling, especially since it can take you to see lots of different cultures where you’ll be able to experience different lifestyles, cuisine, and local traditions.

The world is buzzing with life! But we often choose to confine ourselves to our local regions rather than venturing further afield. At the age of fifty (or older), we think it’s a good time to start opening up your horizons and getting to know the world a little.

This image shows an example of a man traveling which is a great hobby for men over 50 who want to see their world.

Before you get started on your adventure, make sure to pick up a copy of “Travel the World Without Worries” as it will help you to plan and pack everything you need.

18. Sketching

Sketching is something you probably did as a kid but haven’t paid much attention to it since then.

As a hobby, it’s rather satisfying and can help with letting your mind wander to places that it usually doesn’t.

You can sketch things around you or you can just sketch little doodles, it doesn’t really matter.

It’s rather cheap as a hobby and all you need is a drawing set to get started.

19. Miniature Painting

Miniature painting is a really fulfilling hobby because it allows you to geek out in a cozy room to bring your miniature models to life with a variety of colors and details.

In fact, this list should prove that the best hobbies don’t have to be overly complicated; painting miniatures isn’t hard, however, it does require patience and a little bit of creativity to make your miniatures stand out.

Warhammer is probably one of the most popular producers of fantasy miniature models, however, you can find miniatures dedicated to everything including things like WW1, WW2, and even niche fantasy miniatures from D&D.

20. Gardening

Gardening is the quintessential old man’s hobby and that’s because it’s easy-going with an emphasis on slow-burn care rather than quick-witted input.

You can plant whatever you want, and provided you tend to it throughout the months and years, you’ll eventually be rewarded for the fruits of your labor (sometimes literally).

With that said, not everyone has a dedicated garden space which is why you might need to get inventive and make an indoor garden, however, you can also consider the option of a rented garden plot somewhere in your local area too.

21. Minimalism

Sometimes, less is more, especially in a life full of clutter and material possessions. Becoming a minimalist can actually work to enrich your life rather than take anything away from it and that’s because it helps you become more efficient in everything you do.

As a hobby, it’s really satisfying cleaning up your house and stripping it down to the bare basics for survival. You can take this same approach for your shopping, travel, and even your general lifestyle or modus operandi.

It’s not so much a hobby as it is a lifestyle, however, it can really bring joy to the person who engages in it (much like a hobby).

22. Rock Tumbling

Rock tumbling is a unique hobby as you’ll basically be turning dull or boring-looking rocks into things that gleam with beauty.

In fact, most stones or rocks have hidden properties within them waiting to be revealed through the process of tumbling; make sure to check out the best professional rock tumblers for your money.

As a hobby, it doesn’t require much input other than putting your rocks into the tumbler, however, it can be really satisfying once the process is complete as you’ll be able to use the perfectly smooth stones for ornamental purposes or to gift to someone.

23. Jam Making

Jam making is a rather simplistic but rewarding hobby and it’s something that can be enjoyed for personal pleasure (to taste) or perhaps to be used for financial purposes where you can turn it into a small business.

Almost any fruit can be turned into a jam or compote and you can even combine fruits too meaning there are almost endless combinations to be had.

You can also include other things in your jam such as alcohol which can be great for Christmas time as a gift or to be enjoyed with your family.

Jam making is a rather old-fashioned hobby but it remains relevant to this day as it’s easy to get started and it’s also super tasty.

If you’re not sure where to start then we recommend grabbing a book on jam-making, or canning as it’s also known.

24. Redecorating

Redecorating isn’t a hobby you’ll be doing often but it’s really refreshing especially if you’ve been living with the same decor for a few years or more.

In fact, most things can be brought back to life with a little bit of cleaning and a fresh lick of paint and it can be really fun whether done by yourself or with others in your home.

If you need more specific work then you may need to bring specialists in to help out, but with a little time and patience, you can really turn your home into something special whilst having heaps of fun.

25. Hydroponics

Hydroponics is basically gardening but instead of using soil, you’ll be using water as the base for whatever it is you’re growing.

In fact, you can get dedicated hydroponics stations that will allow you to plant and grow whatever it is you want in them such as herbs or plants.

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The initial cost can be high for some of these units but it’s really rewarding and they generally last a long time.

If you enjoy cooking then growing your own herbs through hydroponics can be a great way to eat your very own organically grown, fresh produce.

26. Astronomy

Men have gazed upon the stars for thousands of years, however, it’s something that keeps getting better especially since telescope technology improves and so does our understanding of the stars.

This means as a hobby you have tons of potential for enjoyment but also the potential to expand your understanding of the universe that envelopes you. In fact, even with a low-cost telescope, you’ll be able to observe some of our neighboring planets in great detail, including the moons that surround them.

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You can also do this from your backyard, however, we do think the experience of going to an area with very little surrounding light will make for a much better result.

27. Beekeeping

Beekeeping is a unique hobby because you’ll be caring for a full colony of bees and will be able to learn of their unique behavior as a hive and how they operate.

Most people who start beekeeping eventually move on to making honey, however, there doesn’t have to be a purpose to this pastime as most people appreciate the beauty of bees in general.

In fact, beekeeping has surged in popularity over recent years because of the now acute awareness of how important they are to keep our environment running smoothly.

28. Board Games

Board games are a classic pastime, however, they grow ever more popular each year and there are absolutely thousands of different games out there for you to play.

We’re not just talking about the standard options either such as Chess, Monopoly, Checkers, etc.

You can get full story-based board games that offer a complete narrative that drives your decision making them far more in-depth and immersive than most bog-standard board games.

29. Cards

Cards are another classic pastime and is one that both men and women enjoy alike. Some of the most popular card games include poker, blackjack, and solitaire which are often synonymous with high-stakes gambling, however, they’re actually just really fun games too.

They often require quick-witted thinking and the ability to use misdirection to beat your opponents which can make them even more exciting to play. Better yet, a pack of cards will set you back less than $20 and may last you for 20 years or more making it one of the cheapest and most versatile hobbies on the planet.

30. Fishing

Fishing is a real “man’s man” hobby and has been practiced for many thousands of years, mainly out of necessity, but continues to remain relevant even in today’s modern technological world.

That’s because you can fish pretty much whenever you feel like it in basically any body of water in your locality.

This image shows an example of fishing which is a great hobby for men over 50

You can also fish competitively, which adds another layer of excitement and prestige to the whole process. In fact, most people who fish do so for the sport rather than to eat what they catch, however, it can make a tasty meal especially if you’re out camping.

31. Golf

What’s better than spending a warm summer’s day out on a golf green with a couple of buddies? Not much according to millions of folk around the world, including top CEOs and world leaders.

That’s because golf is satisfying for all kinds of personal skill levels even if you’re just starting out. That’s perhaps what makes it so addictive, it’s easy to learn but hard to master meaning you’ll be able to enjoy it for years before you ever hit your peak.

The only drawback with golf is that the initial costs are high, especially for a set of golf clubs, however, we think it’s worth it as you won’t have to make regular purchases after that.

32. Kite Flying

Kite flying is something we’ve talked about before in regard to its status as a hobby and even as a sport. Most commonly, people fly kites for fun or as part of festival celebrations around the world.

It’s a cost-effective hobby and you can do it most days throughout the year (provided there’s enough wind) with a cheap kite.

33. Listen to Music

Yes, listening to music is a hobby and it’s something that billions of people engage in every day all around the world. Better yet, you can make playlists, collect records, and can even collect memorabilia for your favorite bands and artists.

It’s a very multi-faceted hobby and you can make it as enjoyable as you wish it to be with very little effort, especially since you have access to millions of artists with the click of a button through services like Spotify and Amazon Music.

34. Model Building

Building models has been a favorite pastime for millions of people all around the world for many decades and doesn’t show any sign of dying out.

That’s because there are loads of different models you can buy and build to add to your collection depending on your tastes.

Most commonly, you can buy model aircraft or model cars which will look great on a shelf in your man cave.

You can also build models to be added to bigger projects such as dioramas or model railways which means the fun lasts even longer.

35. Mountaineering

Mountaineering can be one of the most exhilarating and life-changing hobbies on this list. If you really want a challenge in your later years, scaling a mountain is probably one of the biggest things you can do and can also leave a positive impression that will change your outlook on life.

It can be dangerous, however, most profoundly rewarding things aren’t without a little risk. With that said, most mountaineers scale mountains as a team rather than by themselves as it’s far safer.

36. Origami

Origami is the art of paper folding whereby you’ll be making different silhouettes and shapes with your origami paper. It seems simple on the face of it, however, it can be infinitely complex as there are so many ways to go about doing origami which is probably why it’s so satisfying.

In fact, people who engage in origami often talk of the “flow-state” they can enter, which is an almost meditative-like state. Basically, if you need something that is just as fun as it is relaxing, origami might be a hobby for you.

37. Paintball

Paintball is a rather energetic hobby but it’s also one of the most exciting hobbies on this list. If you’re over fifty, it may seem a little challenging at first, especially if you’re not fit, but it can actually be a great workout and will help you get in shape.

Most people play paintball with their friends, however, you can also team up against unknown’s which adds an extra layer of competitiveness to the event. There are tons of paintball arenas around the world, in fact, a simple Google search should reveal any that are nearby.

38. Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting or philately as it’s properly known is considered the king of hobbies. It’s the quintessential collector’s hobby and there are literally thousands of different kinds of stamps that you can collect from around the world.

Most famously, Royal Mail in the UK regularly runs special edition stamp collecting events that’ll allow you to collect limited-release editions of stamps. They’re most commonly released to mark special occasions or to celebrate pop culture icons including Queen, David Bowie, and Star Wars.

Stamp collecting isn’t just limited to the UK though as there are thousands of different postal services and stamps from around the world that are just as interesting or as intriguing to collect.

39. Clay Sculpting

Clay sculpting is a brilliant hobby regardless of your age or disposition. It involves getting hands-on with clay whereby you’ll be sculpting out artworks or decorative models that can be displayed or even sold depending on your preferences.

As a hobby, sculptors regularly advocate how calming it is and how it gives them a sense of internal satisfaction once they’ve finished their project. Make sure if you start sculpting that you get the right kind of clay and a sculpting kit for you to make the necessary details to finish your project.

40. RC Cars

RC cars are something that we loved as kids but it’s something that becomes even more feasible once you’re a grown-up and have your own money to spend on them. RC cars aren’t cheap, especially if you want a decent one, however, they’re really fun to use and you can even take them to local RC car events to race them.

Up until recently, most professional RC cars were designed to use petrol, however, most people have swapped them out for electric RC cars as they’re much more environmentally friendly and just as fast.

In case you want to know more, why not read our dedicated article about RC cars as a hobby?

41. Team Sports

Team sports such as Football or Hockey are great hobbies for people who want to socialize and strengthen relationships with their friends.

You’ll have to use different skills such as communication, leadership, and planning to get the most out of these hobbies, but that’s also what makes them so fun.

You can play against other friends or you can play against unknown teams to increase the sense of competitiveness during your matches.

42. Squash

Squash is a rather niche hobby but it’s also something that is incredibly popular too. It’s a high-stakes, action-oriented sport that will have you dashing around the squash court to serve back at your opponent.

It does require a high level of fitness to get the most out of it, however, if you’re playing against someone at a similar skill level then you should both be able to find a groove.

Squash doesn’t require much to get started other than a squash racket, some squash balls, and a place to play; you can often find a squash court in your local area through a quick Google search.

43. Toy Voyaging

Toy voyaging is a rather unique hobby where you’ll send a toy around the world to exotic locations to have pictures taken.

How does this work you may ask?

Well, toy voyagers often exchange their toys with other voyagers, almost like how foreign exchange programs work for students.

This image shows an example of toy voyaging which is a unique hobby for men over 50 and is really fun.

You may be wondering why you would do this but it’s actually quite exciting that something in your possession has been to various parts of the world.

It’s also far cheaper than sending yourself in most cases, especially to exotic locations like the Caribbean.

44. World-Building

World-building is an interesting hobby, especially for the imaginative folk out there as you’ll be able to create unique worlds, fantasies, and even different stories that are relevant to your world. It’s kind of like writing a book but it’s far more detailed.

You’ll be thinking about the creatures that live in your world, the politics of your world, the languages that are spoken, and even how some of the characters will interact with each other. You’ll even draw representations of what the various creatures and races of your world look like.

Most famously, J.R.R. Tolkien built the world of Middle-Earth where he created unique languages, races, and even political systems that were relevant to the story he was trying to tell.

Better yet, there’s no set way to start world-building; you can start drawing creatures, creating languages, or writing out how characters will interact — you can start anywhere you like.

45. Martial Arts

Martial arts can be a brilliant hobby that will help you to become more athletic and will teach you how to defend yourself should the need ever arise. It also teaches you self-restraint which is particularly important in a society that often acts before thinking. You’ll make some great friends through attending martial arts classes and will feel a sense of camaraderie like no other.

There are hundreds of different types of martial arts, however, some of the most popular include Karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and boxing. Your local area is likely to have at least one of these classes for you to attend which you’ll be able to find through a quick Google search.

46. Meditation

Meditation is a hobby that has been practiced for thousands of years and is something that is can help calm the mind and improve your outlook on the world.

You can do this for as long as you want and you can even get your friends and family involved with it too.

47. Foraging

Foraging for fruits, fungi, and seeds in your local surroundings can be really satisfying especially since you’ll have to use relevant knowledge to make the most of it. It’s almost like a treasure hunt at first, but once you get good at it you’ll be able to spot things much quicker.

We do advise caution when foraging, especially with fungi as some of them may look similar to each other but could be poisonous if not identified correctly and consumed.

We also recommend seeking advice from local experts in your area as not all information will apply if it’s not tailored to your exact location.

48. Hiking

Hiking is a simple, satisfying hobby that has numerous positive benefits and can take you to parts of the world that you never thought you’d see. You can traverse mountainous terrain or through quaint countryside vistas depending on your preferences, and better yet, it’s completely free.

It’s also a great way to connect with friends and family as you’ll be able to talk to each other and keep each other entertained as you go for your hike.

We also recommend combining your hiking enthusiasm with camping as you’ll be able to prolong the experience.

49. Volunteering

Volunteering is something that everybody should do at least once in their life, especially if you have any strong beliefs in specific causes. As a volunteer, you’ll be doing relatively basic things all the way up to more complex tasks depending on your expertise.

Most people volunteer for a charity as you’ll be able to quickly get assigned to a suitable position to help you do your bit.

You’ll also meet new people and make friends who will work closely alongside you in your new role as a volunteer.

50. Genealogy

Last but not least, genealogy is a great way to explore your family history and find out why you ended up where you are today. Many of the decisions that our ancestors made are directly correlated to our positions in life and that’s what makes it so intriguing.

You may also find things out that you never expected such as old family ties or links to royalty, who knows, the possibilities are endless.

We recommend using Ancestry if you’re based in the UK, or MyHeritage for any US-based research.