8 Fascinating Hobbies That Will Make You Seem More Interesting (Add Some Depth To Yourself)

Being interesting is a subjective point of view that could probably be argued about until the cows come home, though, we should stress that you shouldn’t change yourself if you don’t want to.

With that said, you’ll probably know if you have enough to talk about when you’re out with friends, or perhaps, on a date, especially as this is where it can become evident that you have or don’t have enough interests in your life to create discussion with them.

It’s not always a bad thing depending on other attributes you may have but it can really help in many walks of life to have a mixture of experiences to draw on.

Why Hobbies Can Make You More Interesting

The reason why hobbies make us seem more interesting is that they usually help broaden our perspective of the world which in turn, adds depth to our character as people.

To reiterate, though, you don’t need to do any of these things and certainly shouldn’t force yourself to do them for other people.

In fact, as long as you’re confident in yourself as a person then you don’t need to have any special kind of hobbies at all.

However, we are going to run through a list of hobbies that can make you seem more interesting or can at least help give you more to talk about when you’re mixing with other people.

1. Learn Magic

Have you seen those reality shows that have magicians performing all kinds of weird and wonderful illusions to spellbind the observers?

More than likely you have, and if so, you’ll know how simple it is to capture people’s attention when making things disappear or pulling something obscure out of a hat.

Learning magic as a hobby can give you lots to talk about but it also gives you the ability to engage in a practical fashion with the people you know or want to get to know better.

This can be a great talking point to boot and helps you get your foot in the door to create an interesting visage in the imagination of your subjects.

It can also help you get close in a way that talking may not always allow you to do; it allows you and the other person to become comfortable with each other when you’re in their personal space or vice versa.

As a caveat, learning magic for the sole purpose of impressing another person is the wrong way to achieve your new interesting image. You need to become an avid enthusiast in your new passion otherwise it will come across as disingenuous or cheesy to some degree.

If you feel like this is a hobby for you then it’s worth mentioning that you can learn some tricks via YouTube for free, or alternatively, you can grab a magic kit that includes a book of various tricks and the tools to perform them.

2. Study Philosophy

Humans are all philosophers to some degree as it’s merely defined by the way we perceive our reality and how we convey that in our day-to-day living.

Some people believe in god, some believe that we are reincarnated after we die, and some even reckon that we could be part of a giant computer simulation sort of like The Matrix.

These can be simplistic views though, especially when compared to actively doing deep studies regarding the fundamental nature of our reality, why we think the way we do, and how we embody those disciplines to enhance us as people.

The study of philosophy is never-ending and we could wax lyrical about the views of some of the most prominent philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Nietzsche, ad infinitum, that could really help change your life but it would probably take a dedicated article for each of these amazing philosophers to do them justice.

Being able to talk openly about these deeper thoughts and understandings can be a really attractive quality that can make you far more interesting to engage with which is why we recommend getting to grips with it either via YouTube or with a book on philosophy.

If you do a quick Google search for “prominent philosophers”, this should give you a good starting point for things to research in the area of philosophy.

3. Do Extreme Sports

Being able to do an extreme sport can definitely increase how interesting you are to people because not many people have the stomach to do it. This prompts a sort of morbid curiosity in your peers as they want to see if they can be influenced by your daringness and find out why you are the way you are.

As a caveat, extreme sports can be deadly so make sure to approach these types of hobbies with caution and make sure to employ rigorous safety precautions. This could range from skateboarding, mountain biking, and surfing, all the way up to more knife-edge pastimes such as skydiving or base-jumping.

We recommend doing a little research — you may also want to approach a professional institution for advice if you’re thinking about taking up an extreme sport as they usually need careful consideration before getting involved.

4. Learn an Instrument

Learning an instrument is a great way to communicate your thoughts and feelings without saying a word. It gives you the ability to engage your audience and to navigate their emotions with just a few simple chords or melodies that can spellbind an entire room.

It’s a great way to pique people’s interest and it also gives you plenty to talk about when they wonder how you keep yourself busy.

Becoming good at an instrument requires a fierce dedication that not many people can commit to which is probably why you see so many used guitars for sale at your local discount store. There’s no right instrument to start out with and in most cases, it will probably be more of an intuitive decision rather than one based on logic.

With that said though, some of the most popular instruments include the electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboard. This is because they are the most versatile when it comes to making popular music and are able to meet all the requirements for creating a catchy song such as a bassline, beat, and melody.

5. Start a business

If you have something you’re good at or an idea that you think you could market to make money from then starting a business is an amazing hobby cum career that can transform your life in many ways.

Business people are some of the most interesting people to speak to as they have to network with lots of different people from all kinds of backgrounds and have to meet demanding requirements from their clients.

All of this experience that you go through while running your business helps to shape you as a person and will also give you a more confident aura when engaging with your friends or a potential love interest.

Starting a business can be as costly as you want it to be which means there should be something for all financial backgrounds to get you started with your new venture.

Some great places to get started are eBay, Fiverr, and Etsy as they will give you enough exposure to market your wares or sell your services. Once you’re making enough money you can scale up to more official mediums such as your own website or physical store.

6. Get Fit

Nobody likes an egomaniac who constantly talks about their body or how good they look but people do appreciate someone who carries off their physical prowess with grace and confidence.

Getting in shape or staying in shape requires constant dedication every single day as you’ll have to be aware of how much you eat and what types of things you’re eating. You’ll also want to have a schedule that lets you hit all your major muscle groups to build some shape into your physique.

When you have a nice body, people will start to recognize it over time and you’ll get passing comments about how you’re keeping in shape which can be a great talking point to make new friends or bond with a potential love interest.

It’s relatively easy to get fit on a budget too and in most cases only need a set of resistance bands to get started. You can also join dedicated groups for your newfound fitness hobby that can help you bond with people from all walks of life and may help make your conversation more stimulating.

7. Become a writer

Writers are some of the most interesting people on the planet as they are able to create magical fictional worlds or gripping novellas that have us page-turning all night. These skills can also be used to come up with evocative poetry that you’ll be able to use on special occasions to entertain or warm the reader’s heart so you can communicate your thoughts in the clearest way.

Writing is sexy and has a sort of mystique about it that conjures up the image of a person with unkempt hair, a cigarette in their mouth, and a glass tumbler half-filled with whisky. That may not be your style but it definitely has an intrigue that many people would like to get to know more when you say you’re a writer.

8. Study Politics

Politics is a potential minefield when you’re trying to engage with other people or would like to communicate your views on certain socio-economic aspects that have been adopted in your country.

Though with that said, it’s becoming far more important to your peers and acquaintances to understand your views on specific subjects like racial matters, immigration, and social justice as they’re much more likely to be exposed to this through social media.

Being able to communicate those thoughts in a delicate but concise manner is extremely important as it means you can avoid awkward interactions when these discussions inevitably pop up.

Essentially, this is a hobby to be used passively rather than in a confrontational manner where you bring it up deliberately. As they say, a good offense is a good defense.


Our conclusion is that some specific hobbies can make you more interesting as they will give you more to talk about and will increase your confidence in social situations.

Some of these hobbies have archetypal tropes such as writers being broody unkempt whisky drinkers which can work in your favor when they’re brought up as they evoke interesting mental imagery.

None of these hobbies should be done in a deliberate fashion purely to seem more interesting as it will come off as disingenuous which people can usually see through.

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