Top 5 Extreme Hobbies Similar to Skateboarding

You may like the idea of extreme sports such as skateboarding, but after trying it have found it’s not quite for you. It might be the fact you can’t grip onto something, or perhaps it’s because it requires you to have a dedicated skating space outdoors and there’s not much around.

Whatever the reason for wanting a hobby similar to skateboarding (but isn’t skateboarding) we’re sure to be able to help you today to come up with some inspiration. As an added point, skateboarding is not the only hobby involving a board which is what we’re also going to look at today — Sometimes it’s only the format or the setting that needs to change.

Don’t forget as well, by doing an active hobby similar to skateboarding you’re going to be getting a great workout while having heaps of fun and you’ll more than likely meet some friends who have similar interests to you.

Extreme sports hobbies often have supportive communities who can guide you or help you meaning even if you’re changing quite late into the game you’ll never be stuck to find someone who can point you in the right direction.

We best get our skate on though so let’s take a look at some hobbies like skateboarding.

1. Surfing

Surfing involves a board which is probably familiar territory for you but swaps the format of hard ground for water instead.

In the case where you don’t have a decent skating area but might have a good coastline, this can be an amazing replacement for skateboarding as it features the same extreme commitment that you’ll need to perform at a high level similar to other extreme sports.

It’s important to consider the climate as some waters can be extremely cold making it a fairly taxing experience; we recommend grabbing a wetsuit as they are designed to keep you warm when you’re wet but also allow for more athletic prowess when operating on your surfboard.

Wetsuits also give you a basic level of protection from scuffs or from other sea creatures such as jellyfish which have a tendency to sting when you get too close to them.

Aside from the wetsuit, you’ll want a surfboard, a leash to keep you tethered in case you fall off, surf wax to improve adherence to the board, and some surfing earplugs to prevent negative afflictions like a surfer’s ear.

It’s important to start your hobby safely which is why we recommend joining a surf class or taking up some surf lessons so you can operate safely in the water.

It’s also worth doing some research beforehand on YouTube to check out what to expect and whether you think the hobby is going to be for you.

2. Snowboarding

Next up is snowboarding which again is very similar to skateboarding; the only difference is that you’re swapping the vert or streets for snow-filled mountains instead.

You can also find dedicated snowboarding/ski slopes that are tailor-made to help you practice and learn year-round, even in relatively warm climates.

Snowboarding as a competitive sport involves many similarities to skateboarding such as performing tricks on snow ramps and grinding along artificial pipes to help you score points.

You’ll even find similar vert setups made from snow that allow you to perform the same extreme tricks usually found in skateboarding such as turns, lip tricks, flips, and basically anything else you can put your mind to.

Snowboarding requires quite a number of important pieces of equipment before you get started such as a snowboard, snow goggles, snowboard boots (to attach you to the board), snowboard socks, snowboard helmet (to prevent brain injuries), a snowboarding jacket with pants, additional under layers for warmth, and some snowboarding gloves to protect your hands.

As such, the initial investment can be quite large but these pieces should last you a long time making it a good investment.

Similar to surfing, you should start with snowboarding lessons as it can be a potentially lethal hobby to partake in.

You’ll also want to do plenty of your own research through videos, books, and direct contact with other snowboarders out there on forums or social media.

3. BMX

The rivalries between BMX and skateboarding have been legendary but we can all agree that we’re both cut from the same cloth at the end of the day which is to enjoy and make the most of our environment in the most extreme fashion.

The great news is, BMX can be done in the same places as skateboarding such as vert pipes or around the streets. You can also take to dedicated BMX tracks which often involve some off-road cycling which can add a little bit of spice to the mix.

In fact, BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross which was initially started as an off-road hobby where people would race on dirt tracks.

One of the main advantages of BMX over skateboarding is that you have something to grip onto meaning you’re less likely to fall. You’ll also be able to cross distances much faster than you would be able to on a skateboard making it a great form of transport too.

If you want to get started you’ll need a decent BMX bike — we usually recommend dedicated retailers but you can sometimes find bargains elsewhere.

You’ll also want some protective equipment such as pads and a helmet to protect yourself from injuries; this is especially important in the beginning as you can have some serious falls.

4. Scootering

Scootering is another form of extreme sport that has become wildly popular over the past 10 years, and in fact, will go down in history as the de facto extreme sport of the millennial generation.

In fact, for skaters or BMX groups, having another group encroaching on their territory was met with disputes in some cases.

Again though, it’s important to remember that we’re all cut from the same cloth and we all have the passion to achieve similar limits when it comes to extreme sports.

Scooters are similar to skateboards as you’ll be standing on them in the same sort of fashion but they do offer a greater degree of stability or control as you’ll have a set of handlebars too.

Just like skateboarding, you’ll obviously want a scooter to do tricks on, a helmet to protect your head from injuries, protective pads to spare your joints some knocks, and a decent set of skate shoes for better grip.

5. Longboarding

Next up is longboarding, which in fact, is extremely similar to a skateboard in design but is made for greater aerodynamic efficiency to help propel you down banks or hills as fast as possible.

Depending on your preparation, it’s arguably more dangerous than skateboarding as you’ll often have to take advantage of roads or natural declines that are not exactly tailor-made for you.

As with any extreme hobby, you’ll want to do some thorough research beforehand to partake in the activity safely and effectively.

This is because longboarding requires some specific techniques to maneuver the board in your favor and to stay rooted to the road to prevent you from hurtling down a mountain or hillside to your death.

Here’s a taste of what to expect from this adrenaline-packed extreme sport:

As you can see in the video, the border contorts his body to create aerodynamic efficiency to increase the speed he’s able to achieve on his longboard when going downhill.

He’ll also lower himself closer to the ground to create stability and reduce the amount of area exposed to wind resistance.

Lastly, he makes use of some protective equipment such as a helmet and some full-fingered slide gloves for protection when making contact with the road.

We also recommend elbow and knee pads especially if you’re just starting out as this will help protect you if you need to fall or bail off your board.


So this about sums up our top 5 hobbies like skateboarding or hobbies similar to the process of skateboarding that will hopefully give you some inspiration when making your choice.

As always, skateboarding and other extreme sports can be deadly hobbies which is why we always advocate full precautionary measures first such as wearing appropriate protective gear and making sure you take lessons from a professional first.

There are a few other hobbies out there that could have made the list, such as bodyboarding, which is a form of surfing on your stomach but they weren’t defining enough to consider them true skateboarding replacements.

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