5 Things To Do When Hobbies Stop Being Fun and Become Chores


Have you ever been passionately into your hobby then one day that feeling just disappears and you have to slog through as if it were a chore?

It’s important to understand why that happens and what to do when it does occur especially as other things could be at play that are contributing towards this feeling.

Sometimes it can be external factors making you feel like this but it could also be internal machinations at work that you need to address before you can get back into your hobby full time.

Thankfully, we have a few suggestions that can really help you understand this and what you can do to overcome those troublesome feelings.

This won’t always work for everyone but they signify an attempt to wrangle with your inner workings which can be very important for other aspects of life too.

Let’s take a look below to find out more.

What To Do When Hobbies Stop Being Fun or Feel Like Chores: 5 Things To Help You Freshen Things Up

1. Take a break

This may seem counterintuitive especially if your hobby is closely linked to your identity, however, the only way to reignite a passion sometimes is to take a step back for a few weeks to realign your views.

Sometimes your brain becomes overexposed to certain stimuli which can end up making it seem boring.

This is because the human brain is a pattern recognition machine so if you keep doing something over and over again it starts to recognize how it’s going to play out.

Taking a break from your hobby will allow you to get to grips with some new stimuli that should hopefully make returning back to it after a while seem more interesting.

2. Change the format

Now we know from our first point that the human brain likes to experience new things, you don’t necessarily have to drop the hobby altogether or take a break.

Sometimes changing the format up is enough to prompt some excitement again especially if the hobby you do is flexible enough.

For example, if you’re a sprinter then try your hand at long distance running instead to see how well you do.

If you enjoy player versus player in a video game then try some monster killing instead, or perhaps try work towards some different achievements.

Being inventive with your hobby will mean it can last a whole lot longer than it may do otherwise but it will also mean you can go further with it in terms of experience.

3. Try another hobby

If you’re bored with your current hobby but still want something to fill your time then it could be worth looking for another hobby to take up.

We’ve crafted a variety of lists of different hobbies you can take up if you’re seeking inspiration or want some expert guidance on how to get into them.

A different hobby can be as far away as your current one as you like or even as closely linked as you want.

For example, if you do powerlifting then you could try another form of exercise so that you’re still hitting your fitness goals.

Alternatively, you could go the opposite way and try something totally different to see if you can freshen up your lifestyle a bit more.

4. Get friends or family involved

Hobbies can become stale or stagnant if you have nobody to share them with which is why we recommend trying to invite some friends to join you to show them what it’s all about.

It can also be a good way to develop your bond with a partner or a family member especially as they may not understand why you feel so empassioned by your pastimes.

If you do any kind of fitness then we can definitely confirm that it’s way more fun when you’re doing it with a mate than without.

This also applies to many other hobby types such as gaming, design, and collaborative hobbies like amateur theatre.

If you need any ideas for social hobbies we’ve also constructed a list to help inspire you for your next venture.

5. Quit

It’s important to recognize that some passions cannot be reignited and at this point would be unhealthy to try to sustain your interest.

Some of the best things in life eventually come to their natural end or become exhausted mostly due to the fact we aren’t static creatures; as we get older our brains change and our interests can change too — that’s totally okay!

Once you’ve quit you may want to take a break from everything for a while but most people seek to replace previous activities with other ones; if so, see our third point.

Some of our best memories in life are from activities that can’t possibly be experienced in the same way anymore but it doesn’t mean we can’t look back on them as periods of excitement or enjoyment.


If your hobbies are starting to feel like chores or become less fun then hopefully our list will help you address why you feel this way and what you can do to overcome it.

Not everything in life is designed to last which is totally fine — As we age, our interests can change dramatically and so does our physical disposition meaning some things may become harder or impossible.

Hobbies are most fun when they’re shared with other people so try to find some active communities in your chosen area or invite your friends and family to try them.

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