Top 9 Accommodating Hobbies That Can Help Others


Being helpful to others is something we should all aspire to achieve once in a while especially if you can see the other person (or peoples) need support and a little bit of inspiration.

This could be something as on-the-nose as volunteering, or perhaps, something that rubs off on the other person to help get them motivated to also implement a positive pastime.

We’re big believers of karma here at Hobbyask, and doing good deeds are often likely to come back around to help you in the future without you even knowing so sometimes.

If you help someone when they’re down and out or need a little bit of support they are very likely to remember your good deeds in future which may help save your skin at some point.

Though, we do believe good deeds are done when from an altruistic perspective rather than to gain good favor for whatever reason.

Let’s take a look at some of the best hobbies for helping others out.

Goodwill and Decency: 10 Hobbies That Can Help Others

1. Volunteering

Perhaps the most on-the-nose hobby for helping others is volunteering where you will usually subscribe to a position that has you doing a wide range of tasks such as sorting clothes for charity, helping at a pet shelter, and packing shopping for shoppers with limited mobility.

The reward is often in knowing you’ve been able to change someone’s day for the better where it might not have otherwise.

Volunteering is easy to do and you can approach a number of charities that are local to your area so you can help out with any jobs they have available.

Supermarkets are usually busy, especially around holiday season, meaning you can offer to pack shopping for people who are less able-bodied.

Whatever the job you’re doing, just remember that volunteering has the ability to put more positive energy back out into the universe that could create a snowball effect of good consequences.

2. Teaching (for fun)

Teaching others for fun is a great way to directly impact a person positively to help them get to grips with something they may not understand, or perhaps, something they’ve been wanting to try but don’t know how to go about doing it.

This could involve helping them to understand technology, learning a language, and how to perform a practical task.

As an example, teaching elderly people to learn how to use technology to connect with others is especially important to combat loneliness.

In this situation, you could help them install Skype so they can speak to their family around the country, or around the world.

You’ll also be able to show them how to perform essential tasks such as paying bills or being able to view a bank statement online.

This is just an example and even something as simple as teaching your kid brother or sister how to complete some homework is a great way to return positive energy back into the world.

3. Fitness Instructing

If you have a particular penchant for all things fitness then it could be worth diverting some of your time to help other people get fit too.

You can start with a friend or family member especially if they’re overweight or don’t know how to get started in the world of working out.

Eventually you could move onto doing YouTube tutorials, workout plans, and becoming a PT that could help you reach far more people in one go.

The modern western world currently has an obesity epidemic and it’s not going to go away overnight. This is why we need people who are able to inspire, motivate, and ultimately teach others how to get in shape and stay in shape.

4. Help The Environment

There are many different schemes that allow you to work in a dedicated team, or by yourself to help clean up your city, coastline, and local nature spots that can all help in making the environment cleaner.

This is especially important as the world is hurtling towards a major catastrophe regarding the environment which may be hard to recover from if we don’t act early.

Some species of animals are already feeling the effects of our carelessness as we have found evidence of microplastics in the digestive systems of marine life across the globe.

You can also practice environmentally friendly habits in your own home such as recycling and using materials that are not detrimental to wildlife or habitat.

5. Knitting Clothes

Knitting is a great hobby to take up to help other people because you can make them warm clothes during the colder months such as gloves, hats, and scarves.

This is especially important for homeless people as they may not have adequate shelter to stay warm enough which is why they also rely on having good clothing.

You can also gift some of this clothing to friends and family which makes for a nice present if you’re feeling generous.

6. Coding Open Source Projects

Coding as a hobby is great to learn anyway as you can make basically anything you want in terms of software solutions.

With that said, if you’re already a dab hand or want to help out, you can contribute towards coding open source projects where you will be able to submit code optimizations for free or to help make the project better.

This is especially important for certain projects where they may not have the funding required to hire full-time programmers but is going towards a good cause.

Some scientific research is also based on open source projects which can also help contribute towards the betterment of mankind.

7. Perform Music

Performing music for people, especially in a free setup or for charity can be a great way to help other people or to inspire them.

This could be for sick people or to help raise money for an event that goes towards a good cause.

It can also be done to create local events in your city or to be a part of a larger free festival format which have proved popular since their inception.

Even busking in the streets can be a way to brighten peoples day — Don’t forget to check the law on where you can perform.

8. Handyman Services

If you’re good at practical services such as home repair, flatpack furniture installation, and general optimizations around the home then you may want to consider offering your handyman services for free to help others out.

Although this is a good thing to do every now and again anyway, it can also give you positive publicity that can help to promote your services in the future which can also keep your business afloat in the long-term.

Some people live in desperately impoverished conditions and may not have the money for essential repairs around the home.

By seeking these people out through social media or word of mouth, they’ll never forget the help you’ve been able to give them in a time of need.

9. Child-Minding

Child-minding can make you a little bit of money but is generally a nice thing to do for people who might want a break every now and again from the usual household stresses.

You can advertise your services through social media for friends and family but can also offer it professionally provided you have the right credentials.

As a hobby, child-minding can help you build essential skills to work with children as they all offer their own unique challenges.

It can also be a fun way to spend a weekend as you can make an event of it with healthy snacks, a movie and some family friendly games.


Helping others out, especially if you have the skills is a nice thing to do as we believe what goes around comes around.

Putting positive energy into the universe generally perpetuates more good deeds to be returned which is something we simply can’t argue with.

You don’t always have to do these things for free but it can be a nice feeling to see someone smile for the first time in a while.

Hopefully some of these hobbies will give you a bit of inspiration or may prompt you to offer your services for free every now and again for people in need.

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