7 Practical Tips on How to Find a Hobby in Your 30s

If you’re stuck trying to find a hobby in your 30s then you’re not alone; it’s the age when people are meant to be settling down and have their life on track but we’re finding more than ever that it can actually be opposite.

This can leave you feeling demotivated and feeling like you have to resign yourself to the hand that’s been dealt, however, we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t give up just yet when inspiration may just be around the corner (or down below on this page).

In truth, your life is just that; yours. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should write your own story. In the age of communication and information, it can be easy to fall prey to the idealism of others as it’s often parroted around the internet like no one’s business.

Again, this is an easy trap to fall into and one of the reasons why we often cite removing social media as a beneficial step to not only finding a hobby but also being able to sustain it and thrive within it.

The idea that at the age of 30 you should have your life completely mapped out is a very old-fashioned stereotype, and rest assured, there are more people than you know out there in a similar position who are living life on their terms and only finding the joy of hobbies now at the middle stage of their life.

So, the question is, how do you find a hobby when you’ve spent the best part of your life with only fleeting interests or passing fancies? Well, the answer is quite multi-faceted which is why we’ve collated our best tips into a fleshed-out practical guide to help you find a hobby in your 30s.

1. Browse our hobby resources

Since you’re on a hobby website, you’d be silly not to use our resources to help inspire you to find a new hobby or to offer some practical advice on how to manage them.

We have loads of great hobby lists depending on what you’re looking for but we also include some more specific articles in some areas such as gaming, photography, and woodworking/crafts too (of which this range is ever-expanding).

Our lists are constantly growing on a weekly basis and we often answer multiple questions on hobby-specific topics too. By using the resources that are already at your disposal, you’re fast-tracking the process to which you’ll be able to find something that strikes a chord with you internally.

Whatever your interests are, if you keep our website on hand, whether by bookmarking or saving it to your favorites, you’ll never be stuck for inspiration.

2. Use your strengths

When you get to the age of 30 then you’ll probably have a fair idea about your strengths, and perhaps, some of your weaknesses too. This can come in handy when you’re not sure what to pick as a hobby as you’ll be far more likely to stick with something you’re naturally good at when you do eventually find what you want to do.

Maybe you have a good mind for problem-solving in which case, taking up a hobby like coding or learning a second language could be advantageous. Alternatively, you might be more hands-on and prefer practical tasks in which case something like DIY or arts & crafts may be more enjoyable.

As a caveat, we’re not saying you can’t learn or try hobbies that fall outside your natural boundaries, in fact, we’re all for it, however, if you’re struggling to find something that suits you then it’s better to start in the most obvious places first.

3. Speak to friends and family

If you really feel stuck in finding a hobby then sometimes it can be really useful to speak to a friend or family member about what hobbies they enjoy and why they feel so inspired to do them. They may even try to get you involved which is twice as fun as doing a hobby on your own.

A good thing about being in your 30s is that you’ll probably have accumulated quite a large friendship pool or will at least have strengthened bonds with family members so that you feel comfortable enough to speak to them about their interests. This is a really easy and convenient way to find a new hobby but can also shed some light on the people in your life about what makes them who they are.

Not all passions are naturally thrust upon you at a young age, and in fact, some of the best hobbies can be the ones we work hard at rather than being simply gifted at them.

4. Become a kid again

This is a tip we’ve previously iterated on in another article about finding hobbies when you’re struggling for inspiration but it’s one that is often the most successful which is why we’re repeating it here.

In fact, you’re probably even more nostalgic about your childhood the older you get which is why when you’re in your 30s this is the perfect time to have a throwback day where you get your skateboard out of the closet or have a blast on your old Gameboy.

Basically, as a kid, you probably tried out a wide variety of hobbies that you naturally gravitated towards which were often a big part of your identity or helped to categorize who you hung out with. As a kid, we’re often intuitive about the things we pick meaning they can still be fantastic hobby choices regardless of your age or disposition.

It’s important not to let anyone dissuade you from this approach either regardless of how they perceive what you might be doing as childish or immature. Some hobbies have stigmas around them as not being appropriate for adults, such as skateboarding, which couldn’t be further from the truth; just look at Tony Hawk (below) who is rocking the vert in his ripe old age.

5. Join a club

If you’re worried about starting a hobby or have any kind of trepidation beforehand, then we highly recommend joining a club for whatever it is you’re wanting to do as they’ll be able to offer expert advice.

As an example, if you’re not a confident swimmer then it would be prudent to join swimming lessons as they’ll be able to correct your technique if there are any issues and also point out how to optimize your breathing in the water. It’s easy to dismiss this advice the older you get as you may worry that you’ll be judged for not knowing what to do at your age.

Rest assured, if you’ve never tried something before or are inexperienced then there are plenty of other 30-odd-year-olds in the same position as you. As an added benefit, joining a club is a great way to make friends with like-minded folks which we think is far more fun than trying to do it on your own.

If you’re not sure where to start or how to find a club then usually a quick Google search will reveal the answer — You can start by typing “swimming clubs in my area” as an example, replacing the swimming part with whatever hobby it is you’re interested in.

6. Try something with your significant other

When you’re in your 30s, it’s quite likely you’ll have a significant other and/or long-term partner with who you’re trying to maintain a strong bond. One of the best ways to do this is to start a hobby together as you’ll both start from the same place experience-wise and you’ll both be able to encourage each other the more you do it.

This doesn’t necessarily solve the problem of finding a hobby; you’ll still have the same challenges with picking something, however, putting two minds to the task is always easier than doing it yourself, and in case you’re stuck, we also have a list of hobbies for couples in their 30s.

They may even have an interest already, in which case, you should give it a try as they’ll be able to easily integrate and upskill you to what you need to be doing to get involved.

7. Try something you dislike

This may seem counter-intuitive but sometimes it can be worth trying a hobby that you dislike or perceive to be something you wouldn’t enjoy. By the time you hit the age of 30 or beyond you’ll probably have a good idea of what this list looks like in your head.

In most cases, people generally dislike things they aren’t good at or think they won’t excel at. This is natural, however, working on your weaknesses can highlight areas of strength which can also provide clues to what might be a decent hobby for you.

You may even find that with enough practice you start to overcome some of the obstacles you thought you had within this particular hobby area which can give way for a new passion to be formed.


Finding a hobby in your 30s can be both easy and hard; on one side of the argument, you know what you’re bad at by this point, however, to put the counterpoint across you should also have a better understanding of what resources are available to you (such as friends, family, and clubs) to help you overcome those difficulties.

We’re a lot more fluid in what we do when we’re younger because our thoughts and decisions haven’t had time to crystallize and create an impression in our minds. It’s quite natural to feel like you aren’t that same young person anymore but you shouldn’t let that stop you from trying new hobbies because you should be far more structured in how you approach a challenge.

Hopefully, the information we’ve been able to provide will satisfy your question of how to find a hobby when you’re 30 or older but make sure to check out the website as it includes some great hobby advice and inspiration. Don’t forget to share our article and save our website your favorites for weekly updates.