Top 20 Bond-Strengthening Hobbies for Couples in Their 30s


When you hit your 30s as a couple then you’ll probably find that life has gotten in the way of many of your passions or hobbies that you may have previously had when you were younger.

This might be because you have more responsibilities now such as longer work hours, children, commitment to household chores, and possible even financial restrictions.

This all needs to be weighed up before choosing a new activity, and if you are struggling to find something then we recommend checking out our advice article regarding finding a hobby in your 30s.

With that said, we’re going to simplify the process today by giving you 20 handpicked hobbies for couples who are 30 or older.

These particular hobbies are great for either forming bonds or strengthening existing bonds that you already had with your partner, neither of which are bad things to try and work on.

In fact, thriving as a couple requires more tact and care the older you get as passions change and so does your lifestyle or the responsibilities that are thrown your way; hopefully, this list will offer some inspiration in regards to what you can both do together.

Stronger Together: 20 Hobbies For Couples in Their 30s

1. Walking/Hiking

The first hobby we’ve selected is walking and/or hiking which is great for couples older than 30 because it’s cheap, can be planned around your day, and has many benefits for your long-term health.

It’s true that as a couple we are often the strongest, however, it’s also easy to drag each other into bad habits such as lack of physical activity or over-eating which can lead to excess weight gain.

Walking on a daily basis will prevent many of these issues from becoming out of hand and will also give you both the time you need to talk to each other from the heart which can have a strengthening effect on your relationship.

As an added point, walking is fairly non-discriminative too — even if you aren’t in the best physical condition, most people can still get around for a decent walk which can quickly rack up the calories burned.

2. Camping

Camping is a fantastic hobby because it’s cheap, can be done almost anywhere (including your garden), and allows you some intimate time together with your partner under the stars.

Depending on your environment, most entry-level tents should do the job of keeping you warm, and even if they don’t then that’s an excuse to get cozy together in your sleeping bag.

To have the perfect camping night together we recommend taking a portable music player to create some romantic ambiance and a bag of marshmallows to be toasted over the fire.

Hopefully, this night of camping will be just the cheap getaway you needed to rekindle your passions for each other which is why we recommended it as the number 2 spot on our list.

3. Cycling (in the countryside or city)

Another romantic and bong-strengthening hobby that we recommend for couples over 30 is cycling through the countryside or city as it allows you to get some much needed fresh air in your lungs.

You don’t need anything too fancy either such as a road bike or trail bike and in most cases can do just fine with a foldaway bike.

The best thing about getting a foldaway bike is that you can easily fold it away if you want to stop off in any shops for a coffee or to carry it up a hill making it one of the most versatile ways to get around with your significant other.

As an added tip: don’t forget to pack your picnic kit with you if you’re venturing into the countryside as it’ll make for an even better activity giving you both some much needed time to unwind and relax.

4. Get cooking

Cooking together is an excellent hobby for couples as it allows you to get intimate with each other whilst being creative.

You can create some beautiful meals ranging all the way from stone-baked pizza to something fancier like a stuffed salmon fillet.

When you’re over 30 you’ll probably have an idea of what you can cook and what you can’t — this is a good time for you and your partner to test your mettle against each other in a cook-off.

This can provide an added dynamic in your cooking session and make it far more fun for each other with the element of competition. And, who knows what the winner will win?

In fact, as our first challenge, why not grab a pizza cooker and see who can come up with the best ingredients for their pizza?

5. Gardening

Another hobby that is great for couples in their 30s (or older) is gardening because it challenges you both to work together to grow and to take care of plants throughout the year; you’re also more likely to have a garden at this point in life.

This means you constantly have a tether to each other which creates a common goal; to maintain this commonality you’ll have to communicate, talk, and share best practices that can help to strengthen your bond.

It’s also just a generally awesome way to spend a day to help you unwind and to help you make the most of the sunshine.

Once you’re done, you can sit back in your deck chairs sipping a nice long drink, or for the more health-conscious, a mocktail to reward you for your efforts.

As an addendum, if you don’t have access to a garden space then it can be heaps of fun growing herbs indoors as they can also be added to your meals for some extra nutrition and flavor.

6. Redecorate

Another hobby that can be fun for couples over 30, especially as you’re more likely to have your own home by this point, is to redecorate your rooms or change the furniture around.

Even if you don’t buy anything new, changing where the bed or cabinets are located can really freshen things up for both of you and will allow you to bond over planning it all out.

If you do decide to go down the road of buying new things for your home then make sure it’s within your budget so that you can cover general expenses for the month.

Sometimes all you need to do is give your tables, chairs, or walls a fresh lick of paint and that can usually add a new twist to how the room looks or is perceived by your guests.

7. Read together

Reading is a fantastic hobby when you find that you both struggle to switch off as a couple; essentially, it gives you both some much needed quiet time that can be done together in bed or whilst relaxing in your favorite chairs.

You’ll often find that when something piques your interest in the book that you’ll want to tell your significant other about it which can really help you both bond with each other.

Again, with you being in your 30s you should have a good grasp on what you enjoy reading about meaning it’s relatively easy to get into. And even if you don’t, just going to the popular section of an online book store should give you some decent recommendations.

Reading isn’t about ignoring the other person either, it’s about giving you both an opportunity to selectively choose when you want to experience some inner peace and relaxation which is far better when agreed mutually.

8. Meditation

Just like reading, meditation is a great hobby for couples to get some much needed quiet time in their day that can be done before or after a long day of work, and even on the weekend to get you started with a clear mind.

Meditation is the deliberate act of holding one’s attention on a particular thought or thing e.g. focusing on only your breathing and dismissing unwanted thoughts that try to drift away from that process.

It’s not always easy to get your head around at first and can be hard to visualize depending on the person. Luckily, there’s a great video explaining what it is and how you do it:

9. Have a movie night together

By the time you’re 30 or older then you’ll probably have collated a list of movies that you’d recommend watching which is a great idea as a hobby or a way to spend a night with your partner.

Sometimes there’s nothing more romantic than getting a good movie on the go with a blanket, some popcorn, and a bottle of fizz.

In fact, we’re so spoiled for choice these days with varying services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Apple TV that are all accessible through our smart televisions allowing us to binge until we drop.

You can even make it a regular thing by scheduling a movie night once a week where you get together with your partner to chill out and watch the best of cinema.

10. Video Gaming

Age shouldn’t be a factor that dictates whether you should play video games or not, and even at the ripe young age of 30, there’s plenty of great choices out there depending on the type of people you are that can help you have a fantastic day together.

Games allow us to feel lots of different emotions such as competitiveness, problem-solving, excitement, and the ability to work together as a team which is perfect for when you want something to do as a couple.

Although the initial investment for a games console like a Nintendo Switch might seem excessive, it can actually be a great investment in the long-term as you’ll not have to spend much more after that.

In fact, the only thing you’ll be buying is more exciting games for you and your partner and maybe an extra controller if you’re feeling generous.

11. Traveling

Traveling is often purported to be more of a lifestyle rather than a hobby, never the less, it definitely falls under the categorical definition of one and is also a great way to expand your views of the world around you.

As a couple, there are so many things you can do whilst you travel such as sleeping under the stars, meeting new people, learning new languages, enjoying different cuisines, and relishing new forms of philosophy.

In fact, if you have the money to do so, we dare say it’s something that all couples should do at one point in their life to really break the mold of their typical 9-5 drudgery.

It’s important to consider all aspects when traveling abroad which is why we recommend reading about travel safety to get acquainted with typical processes and customs, learning basic parts of the language to help you converse, and investing in ways to store your valuables securely such as an anti-theft backpack.

12. Sculpting/Pottery

If you’re a couple who are a little more creative (and potentially thrifty) then you may want to try your hand at pottery or clay sculpting.

Being in your 30s, there’s never a better time to try this as you can combine your career wisdom with the enjoyment of making functional household items for yourself or to sell as a side hustle.

In terms of the process, you’ll get to enjoy smothering each other with clay whilst you inevitably try and fail to stay serious throughout the whole sculpting session.

You don’t even have to overcomplicate it either as you can find many of the tools (such as a pottery wheel) and clay sculpting kits online that allow you to get started in the best possible way.

As a caveat, working with clay often requires a dedicated space and some beginner knowledge to buy the correct type of clay which is why we recommend getting a book about pottery first.

13. Birding (Birdwatching)

Birdwatching is another fantastic hobby for mature couples to help get invested in the sights and sounds of nature for relatively little cost.

It’s recommended to grab a pair of binoculars to help you spot the birds better and some hiking boots to give you adequate protection from slips or to prevent falls.

Depending on the climate, you’ll often feel exhausted after a few hours of birding which can give you the perfect excuse to grab a hot coffee at a local cafĂ© making for a perfect day out.

In fact, you can even combine birding with our 11th option on the list, traveling, as there are so many kinds of birds all around the world for you to see in all their glory.

14. Baking

We include baking as it’s own hobby, separate from cooking, as it’s a niche area that receives a high amount of interest to learn or get good at.

Baking is a clever option for couples over 30 as you’ll probably want to keep yourselves fed on a budget, but it can also be a great way to make some tasty treats for guests or the kids.

Not only is baking incredibly fun but it can be used to help you get closer to each other as it’s a heavily involved process.

In essence, communication is key but there are so many options these days to make baking as easy as possible meaning you can focus on the fun more.

You can easily get started with a simple cupcake maker or perhaps even a bread maker to get a delicious loaf on the go for some avocado toast or a tempting snack with some Nutella on top.

15. Litter Picking

This isn’t the most glamorous option on our list but it’s one of the best ways to give back to your community (which is twice as effective as a couple) and to keep the local wildlife safe from plastics entering the food chain.

Basically, you’ll work with your partner as a team for the day, making use of a litter picker to grab rubbish off the floor.

This could involve collecting a mixture of recyclable and non-recyclable materials which is why we recommend dividing each type between the both of you so you don’t lose track, and so it can be recycled or appropriately disposed of once you’re done.

It’s easy to ignore this issue when you’re sitting comfortable at home but if you do end up giving this a go then you can stand proud knowing you’re part of only a select few people who actually bother to do this

16. Board Games

There are absolutely tons of board games out there that are great for all ages including couples over 30 meaning the fun never has to stop with this particular pastime.

You can go old-school and get a chess set or a backgammon set, however, there are also tons of modern adult board game favorites such as Cluedo, Monopoly, and even things like Cards Against Humanity that is hilariously offensive but good fun.

This might not be something you do as a regular interest but it’s still good to have a few board games on hand should the moment arise where you both literally can’t think of anything to do.

If you have kids it’ll also kill two birds with one stone in terms of being able to keep them entertained until they need to get to sleep.

17. Geocaching

Another hobby that has been gaining a significant amount of interest over the years is geocaching which pits you and your team members against other teams who use GPS or other navigational procedures to hide and seek treasure around your city.

It’s basically a treasure hunt for adults meaning you and your partner will have to work together effectively to find it before anyone else does.

This can really challenge you both as a couple to see how well you work together but can also be a great way to establish a strong bond together when your wits are tested.

In fact, if you both get good enough at it then you can come up with your own geocaching tasks to set for other people in your local community which can also help you to meet new friends or other couples.

All you need to get started is a GPS device or a GPS-enabled smartphone and a geocaching app or service such as this.

18. Yoga

Yoga is a cross between exercise, stretching, focused breathing, and mindfulness all in one making it an especially productive hobby to make a regular thing for you and your partner.

Many people assume yoga requires ballerina levels of flexibility before they can get involved but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are many different types of yoga movements that can be tailored depending on the expertise of the person performing it meaning even beginners can try a variety of movements to help improve their overall health.

One of the added bonuses of doing yoga is that it does in fact increase your flexibility meaning you can slowly work towards more advanced movements for a more complete yoga workout.

Also, as an added benefit, doing yoga as a couple means you can encourage each other throughout the process of learning and development so even on those days where one of you doesn’t feel up to it, the other can spur you on.

Lastly, to get started with yoga, all you need is an exercise mat and a few essentials such as yoga blocks to allow you to perform certain movements; you can get everything you need in a simple yoga kit.

19. Do quizzes

This may seem like a demeaning or trivial hobby but it’s actually really fun when you give it a try.

It basically forces you and your partner to get to know each other or see if you can answer questions about each other which can actually be hilarious.

Even in your thirties or beyond, a quiz can offer a cheap and effective way to break up the monotony of the day and can even be tailored depending on the quiz category you go for meaning there’s plenty of potential.

In fact there are many free quizzes that you can get started with on YouTube right now, however, for more longevity and a better format, we recommend getting a quiz book instead as it feels much more intimate.

20. Start a blog

Starting a blog with your partner is an especially great hobby once you hit your thirties as you’ll more than likely have the capital to back it up and the career wisdom to make careful decisions.

In fact, it’s more an evolutionary step up from a hobby depending on what you’re going to be writing about as you can also monetize it.

You’ll be happy to know as well that blogging is mostly risk-free with a low start-up investment and it’s something you can easily do from home and in your spare time around your current job.

As an added point, most people are put off by the initial setup process for the blog but it couldn’t be easier these days.

Many people use WordPress, which is the content management system (CMS) that lets you type up and directly produce pages straight to your site/blog.

However, before you get involved with WordPress you’ll need cheap hosting that runs your website.

Luckily, DreamHost offers an all-in-one solution called DreamPress that combines both the hosting and also links it up to WordPress meaning you can get started in about an hour.

Lastly, you can also combine blogging with your hobbies as a couple giving you both an outlet to talk about it with millions of people all around the world.


In summary, there are so many hobbies you can do as a couple even when you’re hitting your thirties or beyond, and hopefully this article has enlightened you to this fact.

And to be honest, when you’re in your thirties you more than likely have a better grasp on what you enjoy and perhaps a little more money that can be spared towards a hobby or two.

As always, if you enjoyed our article then feel free to share with friends and bookmark our homepage for more great articles like this.

You can also browse our ultimate list of hobbies for hobbies similar to the ones mentioned and more.