5 Reasons Why Watching Sports Is a Hobby (and How It Helps You Connect With Others)


If you love sports then you’ll either have a great bunch of people who love you for it and probably a good few who really can’t stand it.

Sport is a divisive pastime and one that requires absolute devotion so you can keep up to date with everything that’s going on.

Most sports are constantly evolving, adapting, and implementing all the latest trends and technology meaning it’s never stagnant.

That’s what makes it so exciting, then again, some sports such as soccer (football) haven’t changed much for over a hundred years.

We believe sports is far more accessible to watch from around the world these days, meaning there’s an even greater pool of people to talk and share stories with about some of the most epic sporting moments.

That’s the great thing about sport; in essence, it’s based on traditional unwavering rules, however, it can all be optimized for your enjoyment with the latest advents in technology.

Better yet, there’s a powerful sense of camaraderie between supporters who support particular teams or players meaning you can have a great time and can even meet like-minded people.

With all of that said, we wanted to answer your question of whether watching sports is a hobby and how — let’s take a look.

You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take: Top 5 Reasons Why We Think Sports Is a Hobby

1. You schedule your sports viewing with friends and family

If you’re scheduling your sports viewing with your friends, or family, then there’s a good chance that’s because you all enjoy it and it’s an exciting event for everyone.

Anything you enjoy can be classed as a hobby and watching sports is no different.

In this particular case, when you ritualize the process of sitting down to watch a match or an event, you’re basically affirming that it’s important to you and brings you some kind of satisfaction.

That’s no different from spending time to work on crafts or collecting things — they’re all done for the purpose of enjoyment.

With that said, watching sports is an accessible hobby which is why we think it’s so great; basically anyone can do it even from the convenience of their smartphone or smaller devices which means the fun doesn’t have to stop even if you’re on the go.

We’ve even heard of people arranging video calls just in time for their favorite sports event so that they can share their thoughts and enjoyment with their friends.

There’s so many ways to make watching sports with friends and family an action-packed day and this is one of the many reasons why watching sports is a great hobby.

2. Watching sports gives you an identity

When you watch sports, there’s a good chance it’s influenced (or influencing) your behavior, such as learning chants, being able to spot good and bad moves, and talking about the events on popular sporting forums or subreddits.

This all plays into your identity and who you are as a person; in fact, the best hobbies are the one’s that define us and give us something positive to look forward to in our lives.

There’s a good chance that if you’re following a particular sport then you may have even tried the amateur version yourself.

This all brings you a little closer to what you love and means you can share this passion with others.

3. You collect sporting memorabilia

The efforts of your sports enthusiasm don’t have to stop with just watching the events, and in many cases, people who are passionate about watching the sports also collect all the memorabilia to go with it.

You can collect a wide range of memorabilia such as coins, tickets, scarves, hats, posters, newspaper prints, and basically anything else you can get your hands on that relates to sport history.

Most people collect memorabilia to showcase or display in their home as a symbol of pride, however, you can also net a tidy profit provided you give it enough time to accrue a decent level of value.

Most people assume that watching sports is a very basic hobby, but it’s intricately linked with many other hobby aspects which goes to show that watching sports can be much more than it appears on the surface.

4. You always talk about it at work

Another divisive pastime is talking about sports at work: some people either love it or really detest it.

The truth is, nobody really “just watches sports”; they talk about it, sing about it, and basically tell the whole damn world about it — and why shouldn’t they?

Again, this is a tell-tale sign that watching sports is more than just a random activity and is something that is part of who you are as a person, or hobby if you will.

In fact, even for less than enthusiastic folk, talking about all the big games and events can really rub off, especially if it’s an international tournament or a big match coming up.

This creates a sense of camaraderie in the office which can really make work enjoyable even if just for a week or two where there’s a buzz going around.

Again, this is another big indicator that watching sport is a huge passion for you, more in the realms of being a hobby rather than something other people deem a “waste of time”.

5. You engage in fantasy sports games

Who hasn’t sat and imagined being a manager of a successful sports team or even imagined how things would pan out if they implemented their own ideas.

It’s a curious question and one that might reveal whether you have what it takes to put your money where your mouth is.

We all know how easy it is to shout at the television about certain decisions, but in that moment, if you could step into their shoes, would you do anything different?

Fantasy sports gives you the power to exercise those dreams and turn them into something more practical rather than imagined far-off speculation.

Better yet, you can pit yourself against your mates to see who can come up with the best fantasy teams and can even host bets for who will do better.

There are so many ways to get inventive with fantasy sports which further solidifies this as being a good extension of just watching the sports.


Watching sports is an excellent hobby because it becomes part of your identity, can be enjoyed with friends or family, and can even be used to further other hobbies in the areas of sport.

In fact, anything you do for enjoyment qualifies as a hobby and watching sports is no different.

To be honest, it offers so many positives that we think it should gain a little more respect as being a hobby from people even if they don’t really enjoy it.

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