Is Netflix a Hobby? The Answer Might Surprise You (+3 Awesome Facts About Netflix)

Many people ask the question of whether watching television, movies, and even Netflix count as hobbies. It’s not stupid to wonder why either, especially since we spend a good portion of our week binging on our favorite shows.

There are tons of choices meaning it’s very hard to pull yourself away from the screen even when we really should. Who can blame us though? Especially since Netflix brings continuously updated content, fantastic stories, and dazzling images with all the latest CGI tech.

In fact, Netflix was the trendsetter regarding premium video streaming services and now we have loads of spin-off services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and more. It’s not just new content either; you’ll find much of the best TV of the past one hundred years including popular shows like Friends, Star Trek, The Office, and more.

But is it a hobby? Let’s take a look.

Is Netflix a Hobby? Answered Once and for All

Great news for fans of Netflix; it’s definitely a hobby and that’s because if you’re doing something for fun or enjoyment then you tick all the boxes of the hobby criteria.

To expand on that, Netflix is a hobby that you can do not only for enjoyment but also educates you about the wider world through documentaries and TV, however, it can also help you establish an identity depending on what you watch including giving you something to talk about with friends or family.

For example, you might be really into sci-fi shows meaning you can get down with your inner geek; this might help you branch out to other hobbies such as collecting star trek figurines or turning one of your rooms into something that emulates a spaceship. Netflix can be an influential hobby if you look deeper into why you enjoy what it is you’re choosing to watch.

As well as that, conversations at work or in school can typically gravitate towards popular TV shows, or what people are watching at the moment meaning you’ll be able to get involved in the banter and even make some new friends.

It’s easy to bond over TV shows because they’re often an extension of who we are as people; that means you’ll find similarly-typed people who watch the same show as you.

It’s constantly receiving updates too, so even if you’re stuck choosing something you can now use the shuffle button and it’ll randomly select some shows for you to watch. This gives Netflix greater longevity as a hobby and also provides you with a snapshot of its developments as a company in terms of how they’re wanting to keep you engaged for longer.

We’re not done yet though so let’s check out some popular facts and common questions people ask about Netflix.

When was Netflix founded/created?

Believe it or not, Netflix was actually created ten years before it offered a comprehensive streaming service all the way back in 1997. In fact, it started as a movie and TV rental service similar to the Blockbuster franchise, however, it didn’t operate from brick-and-mortar stores and instead opted for mail-order deliveries instead.

It’s also a little-known fact that Netflix started under the name Kibble rather than what we have now.

So we went from a service that barely broke bank renting out DVDs, by mail, to a company that is now valued well in billions of dollars and is the primary choice for many television viewers all over the world. Netflix is a good example of not letting your dreams die, and in fact, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel for your business or hobby to be successful.

Will Netflix ever die?

The question of whether Netflix will die out is more popular than you’d think, and by our observations, we don’t think Netflix will die any time soon. That’s because it’s too deeply rooted in our lifestyles and is easily viewed almost anywhere through multiple formats such as your smart TV, computers, and even smart devices such as phones or tablets.

In fact, the most popular internet-based services will probably not die for a very long time. It’s more prudent to assume they will evolve or combine with other similar services as the technology changes or improves. Not only that, but Netflix is very well-priced compared to services like cable TV making it an extremely attractive, no-fuss proposition to get your film and TV viewing.

Currently, Netflix is still in the beginning period of its growth trend and we can see it becoming far more popular than it already is over the next ten years. We also expect to see far more original content development and more partnerships with movie studios to pump out content faster which further cements Netflix as being here to stay for the foreseeable.

Will streaming services kill cable?

To further expand on some of the parts in our previous question, we’re going to ask and answer whether streaming services will kill cable.

To answer, in our most honest opinion, and by using trend observations, cable companies that do not evolve or adapt to the internet-based way of the world will definitely die out. That’s why most big cable TV providers now have streaming-based TV services and even some of their own spin-offs similar to Netflix.

That doesn’t mean cable television will disappear immediately, especially because the older generations are still alive and have a preference for using traditional TV services such as cable. Not only that but the internet is still patchy in some parts of the world meaning some alternative formats are still preferable to cable and streaming such as satellite TV services.

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To conclude, we now know that Netflix is definitely a hobby as it’s something that you can do for enjoyment. It’s also something that can heavily influence your personality and can help you meet like-minded people.

Not only that but we also know that Netflix is a service that will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, and is also one of the most profitable companies in the world even though it started from the grassroots.

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