Is Woodworking a Good Hobby? 4 Reasons Why We Think It’s One of the Best


Woodworking has been around for a long time and is thought to date back to the era when Neanderthals were roaming the earth nearly 40,000 years ago.

For the foreseeable then, it’s certain that woodworking will continue to remain relevant for many people including for commercial interests too.

Wood has many practical applications that can be used in a wide variety of settings such as for structural reasons (joinery), to make functional objects like bowls, and to make various crafts that can be displayed as decoration around the home.

It’s this versatility that helps woodworking remain so relevant, and also the fact that wood is very easy to work with as a material.

We’ve previously discussed the costs of getting started in woodworking and depending on what you specialize in this can either be costly or relatively cheap.

We’re not here to worry about the costs today though so let’s take a look at why woodworking is so great as a hobby.

Top 4 Reasons Why Woodworking Is One of the Best Hobbies

1. Woodworking can be profitable

Of all the hobbies we know, woodworking is one of the most profitable meaning you can easily sell your crafts such as bowls, spoons, tables, chairs, garden pots, and basically anything else you can put your mind to making.

With access to various online storefronts such as Etsy, you can easily turn your passion into something that makes you a regular monthly income, and could even make you a millionaire if you get good at it.

Not only that, but you can also monetize your pastime by uploading tutorials or videos to YouTube for people to observe how you go about making your crafts.

This means you’re being twice as effective and have potentially two revenue streams all while going about doing what you love.

In fact, some of the most exquisite table pieces can sell for tens of thousands of dollars and potentially more depending on your skill level meaning if you dedicate some time toward the craft it can easily become a money-spinner.

Here’s an example of a $50,000 table that features a smooth expand design:

So we know it can make money but it’s just about you putting the time and effort into your craft to make that dream become a reality.

2. Craft hobbies give you the most satisfaction

Craft hobbies such as woodworking are brilliant because they allow you to bring to life a physical example of something you’ve imagined in your head, and in turn, can give you a wonderful sense of progress.

This is why as a hobby, woodworking remains one of the most addictive for many people and keeps them coming back for more as they never know what they’ll create next.

Even the most basic of creations such as a storage box, a chopping board, and even a scooping spoon for serving food can bring you absolute joy as you know it’s something you made with your own hands.

They also make the best gifts as the person you’re giving it to knows it comes from the heart and is something you worked tirelessly on to make for them.

Another thing is that the woodcrafts you make will often stay solid for years and even decades meaning it can become an heirloom for yourself or the person you’re giving it to.

All of this means woodworking is one of the best hobbies if you’re looking for a long-term passion that can give you a high sense of measured success.

3. You’re continuing a trend that is thousands of years old

Woodworking started out of necessity rather than being something we did for fun or so that we could make stunning objects to look at.

Originally, wood was used to make simple tools or handles that could be used in hunting, building, and even for devastating enemies that tried to attack us.

With that said, wood still serves a purpose in our modern world and has intrinsic qualities that cannot be replicated by any other material.

We believe that trend will continue for many more thousands of years as long as hobbyists such as yourself endeavor to live and breathe the history of woodcraft in all of your creations.

4. Using wood is better for the environment

Wood is one of the best materials to use if you’re concerned with your impact on the environment as it’s something that grows naturally from the ground.

Other craft materials such as plastics, metals, and other synthetic goods require a larger degree of processing which in return means more pollutants going into the atmosphere.

That’s not to mention the fact that plastics take tens of thousands of years to decompose meaning they spend far too long in the natural chain wreaking havoc on animals and their habitat.

To address the point on chopping trees down, it’s a far better solution to make life-serving products from wood rather than using a material that is not factored in to the evolutionary chain like plastic.

Another point we wanted to make is that wood retains its carbon storing properties even after you chop it down meaning this can offset the carbon that was generated in getting it processed.

For the environment then, wood is the number one choice when it comes to building your houses, creating your furniture, and making gifts or trinkets for your friends/family.


In conclusion, woodworking is a fantastic hobby that has many benefits not just for yourself but also for the environment and can also be one of the most satisfying pastimes due to how versatile it is.

There’s also nothing better than having the satisfaction of giving a lovingly crafted, hand-made wood piece as a gift to a friend and/or family member.

If you do your craft well and practice every day then you can eventually turn it into a full time business meaning you can escape the typical nine-five rat race that most people struggle to get out of.

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