The Biggest Informational List of Hobbies on the Internet: 300+ Hobbies to Ignite Your Passion


If you’re stuck with selecting a hobby then sometimes only the biggest list will do to help get those creative juices flowing. In this article, you’ll get over 300 carefully selected, inspirational and thought-provoking hobbies that can help get you matched up with a new passion that can either be for productivity, financial, or leisure reasons.

We’ve even included descriptions for every hobby on this list meaning you won’t be stuck wondering what it entails or whether you should give it a try. We believe it’s really important to have an activity that helps you break away from the typical norm of a nine-five week, or perhaps from other responsibilities such as studying.

Essentially then, it gives you a chance to look within and to flex those sides of you that don’t always get a chance to shine such as your creativity.

Having a hobby can help to expand your view of the world and to reveal skills within you that you didn’t know you were capable of which is why we believe they are essential.

We also wanted to point out that we don’t believe in hobbies specifically for men or women which is why we haven’t categorized them as such as you may find on other websites.

Also don’t forget, if you find a hobby but get bored again then it might be worth bookmarking this page or having a browse of our top list section for inspiration.

Hobbies That Can Make You Money

First up on our mammoth list is some lucrative hobbies that can make you money.

Not all hobbies are done solely for entertainment and if you can make financial gains whilst enjoying the process then you’re being twice as productive.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Woodworking

If you’re a dab hand at working with wood or want to pursue the craft of joinery then you’ll be happy to know that it can reward you handsomely once you get good at it.

Many woodworkers can sell their products for hundreds or even thousands of dollars and can be done around your job or as a full-time business.

If you’re not sure how to get started or how much it costs to become a woodworker then you’ll be happy to know we’ve already written an article briefing you on this information that you can access in the link above.

2. Blogging

Next up is blogging which has really taken off recently with higher amounts of people working from home which will probably continue for the foreseeable future.

Blogging takes some time to get going but it’s realistic to be making a full-time income after just 12 months and all you need is a cheap laptop to write on.

The easiest way to get started is with an all-in-one WordPress plus hosting solution such as through DreamHost who can get your website ready to produce content within about 15 minutes — make sure you select their DreamPress service as it combines both things that you need.

3. Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is one of the best websites to make some serious money from as it will allow you to pitch your services such as writing, logo making, sign making, art production, video editing, and basically anything else that someone would want to buy.

It’s kind of like eBay but for the gig workers and gig communities out there meaning you’ll be able to reach thousands of people at the drop of a hat to potentially make you a secondary or even main income.

4. Sell on eBay

This is something that can be tied in with minimalism if you so wish but selling your stuff on eBay is a great way to raise some extra capital for yourself, however, you can also turn it into a full-time business if you can buy some products from a wholesaler.

Many people use Alibaba to source their products as you can usually negotiate a good deal from overseas sellers who can manufacture the products for a much cheaper rate to then be sold for a profit.

If you’re thrifty then you can also flip things on eBay i.e. buying for a lower price and then selling higher.

5. Minimalism

Minimalism has become almost an ethos for some people but it’s also a great way to make money in reverse i.e. cutting down on unnecessary clutter in your life and only buying the necessities to keep you alive.

This means no buying takeout, no overeating, no buying the latest phones when they come out, and definitely no overspending on products that essentially serve the same function as a cheaper alternative.

6. Video Editing

Video editing is a great skill to have as it’s not the easiest to do effectively meaning if you’re especially talented, you can reach out to people through various mediums such as Fiverr, Reddit, and even YouTube directly to sell your services.

7. Start Saving

Saving is a great way to make additional money through the year that can be compounded by various savings accounts or ISA accounts that pay you added interest for the money you put in.

If you do this long-term then you can potentially make thousands on top of your normal income meaning more money for luxuries such as a new house, a car, and even a decent holiday.

8. Paid Surveys

Paid surveys probably won’t make you a millionaire but they will definitely help give you some extra pocket change for those moments when you need to cover some extra bills or get the shopping in for Christmas.

9. Tattooing

If you’re great at art then it might be worth investing in a tattoo kit so that you can practice and get good at the skill of tattooing.

Tattooists can make serious money and can charge anything north of $50 per hour if they’re especially good.

Instead of practicing on real skin, you can actually get fake skins meaning you don’t have to worry about permanently making a mess of someone’s arm.

10. Chauffeuring

Chauffeuring or taxying is another lucrative hobby, especially since the advent of services like Uber that you can sign up for and basically clock on at any point in the day to make some extra cash.

You can treat it like a part-time job or a full-time job depending on your needs and wants.

11. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a seriously good hobby for making some extra income as you’ll be able to list your services on websites such as Fiverr and Reddit.

Most people will usually use Adobe Photoshop as the industry standard but it’s also recommended that you have a monitor that supports accurate color work to maximize the results for your clients.

12. Photography

If you have a decent camera or DSLR then you might want to consider attempting to sell your pictures on stock image websites such as Shutterstock which can pay you for the pictures you upload.

The pay rates can vary but even if you were to get around 25 cents per download you could still make thousands of dollars every month if it becomes a popular image.

13. Baking

Although baking can also be done for fun, it’s also an extremely lucrative pastime that can be marketed quite easily through social media and eventually by word of mouth.

You’ll usually need to invest in some serious equipment like a cake mixer but in truth, you can start by hand making your cakes or buying a cheaper alternative like a cupcake maker to try out some recipes.

14. Furniture Restoration

Some people just can’t let go of old furniture which is where your restoration services would come in handy.

The rates can vary but restoration often takes quite a bit of time in the day to accomplish depending on the project meaning you could make some serious changes off the back of it.

15. Domestic/Commercial Cleaning

Being clean is a good skill to have but you can also market your expertise to domestic and commercial clients that can eventually be turned into a full-time business with many employees under you.

You can start with something as simple as a home cleaning kit to give you the correct agents to be used on the variety of surfaces you’ll inevitably need to clean.

It would also be prudent if you intend to market it as a business to get some business cards printed off or at least a website up and running to link to.

16. Social Media Influencing

If you’re especially popular or have a decent following on your social media pages then it can be a good idea to start pitching a variety of services that can be sold to your following.

Most people do this with affiliate links (such as the ones we use) meaning if someone clicks and makes a qualifying purchase then you’ll be paid a portion of the profits.

17. Jam Making

Jam making is a very traditional pastime that has been done for over a thousand years and is one that can make you some decent income on the side.

You can either sell your jam online or through an actual storefront which is usually combined with selling cheese or pickles too.

Here’s an example of how easy this can be:

We recommend practicing first before you start selling which is why you may want to get some jam jars to store your product in.

18. Handyman Services

If you enjoy fixing things and being productive then you may want to start marketing these skills for domestic clients in your neighborhood or perhaps citywide.

How many times have you thought to yourself “it would be great if I could just fix this myself”?

There are so many occasions and instances where a person needs a handyman to come out to fix a leaking tap, repair a plug, and install some flatpack furniture.

This can net you some serious money in a very short amount of time which can easily become a full career for you.

19. Copywriting

Copywriting is an extremely lucrative pastime and is one of the most in-demand jobs around the world due to the number of businesses needing someone who can make well-read and easily marketable information for their websites or blogs.

You can list your services on Fiverr but can also browse most job search websites if you would prefer to be employed full-time.

20. PT Instructing

If you’re especially athletic or enjoy fitness as part of your hobbies then you may want to consider becoming a full-time PT (physical training) instructor to turn this into a full-time job for you.

PT instructors can make some seriously eye-watering hourly rates if they deliver good results for clients, and who knows, maybe you’ll end up working for celebrity clients.

21. Become a YouTube Superstar

YouTube has only been around officially since 2005 but in that time has managed to become one of the most widely used services across the world.

This means billions, not just millions of people are constantly watching the videos you could be producing which can be monetized with adverts but also with affiliate links within your descriptions.

To get started you’ll want a DSLR camera for filming, a gimbal to stabilize your footage, a shotgun mic for decent audio, and a tripod for still shots.

It’s also worth considering investing in a laptop with a powerful processor if you don’t have one as you’ll need to clip your videos if you’re not outsourcing that part of the job.

22. Home Decoration

If you enjoy being creative and having a blank canvas to do what you want then home design or decoration can be a great hobby that can make you lots of money.

It takes a really keen eye to make a room blend seamlessly which is why home decorators are constantly in demand.

Your rates will vary but the more clients you get the more your reputation will spread for delivering excellent work.

23. Tutoring

If you’re particularly good at a certain skill then you might find that other people want to know this information or that there is a market for this to be taught to people.

Tutoring rates can vary but if you do it as your own business then it’s easy to dictate the amount you want to charge.

Some common tutoring services include teaching a second language, learning to play an instrument, and even teaching people how to fight or defend themselves.

In truth though, you can create a market for basically anything you want so why not?

24. Web Design

If you’re particularly good at coding then it goes without saying that your services will be in extremely high demand.

If you can translate those skills to a beautiful website that blends seamlessly then you can easily become a self-made millionaire provided you know how to market yourself in the most appropriate way.

Even if you haven’t learned to code yet but have a good mind for problem-solving then this hobby can be worth starting and all you will need is a laptop and an account on Codecademy to get started.

25. Child-Minding

Child-minding is something you’ve probably seen used within an elaborate plot for a movie but in reality, it’s actually a great hobby to make some extra money and has a relatively low barrier for entry.

In most modern societies, and to market as a business, you’ll more than likely need a qualification in child-minding or something along those lines to be approved to do it.

With that said, you can easily start doing this by looking after the kids for a friend or family member to gain a little bit of a taster of what to expect.

26. Pet Sitting

Just like child-minding, pet sitting is another great hobby where you can combine your love for animals to make an income.

You can either do it at their home or within your own home depending on your preferences.

Just make sure to have some comfy pet beds and some toys to keep them occupied so they don’t chew your furniture up.

27. Stand-Up Comedy

If you have a penchant for all things comedy and making people laugh then it could be worth trying your hand at stand-up to make a few extra bucks.

You’ll need to navigate the services in your city that allows you to perform your acts which can be done with a quick Google search such as “stand-up comedy in my area”.

28. Proofreading

Proofreading, similar to copywriting is a skill that is in high demand, usually because the client wants to write the articles themselves or has paid for a cheap writer and they want to save money.

Basically, you’ll go over the work looking for any errors, punctuation mistakes, and even grammatical errors.

Once you’ve submitted the corrected information you’ll usually be paid a rate that you’ve set which can be done through Fiverr and/or other outlets that let you pitch your services.

29. Flipping

Flipping can be done with basically anything you can buy and then sell for additional profit.

That is basically the textbook definition of flipping and many people do this with houses that they can quickly snap up for a bargain, do a little renovation on, and then sell for potentially thousands more.

Flipping isn’t just reserved for houses though and many people sit on eBay all through the day trying to snipe low-priced items that they can sell for far more later down the line.

This takes a certain knack but can really reward you if you get good at it.

30. Tour Guiding

If you’re particularly interested in the history of your city or sites of importance then it can be well worth trying to monetize that knowledge by offering tour guiding services.

This can be a great way to spend your day and can really help people to visualize or to bring to life certain interests.

31. Consulting

Another service that can be transformed from just a hobby is consulting where you’ll provide expert information about a relevant topic to your client.

Consultants have very little overheads to cover and can often make thousands and eventually become millionaires from this type of work.

32. Start a T-Shirt Business

Selling t-shirts is usually a great off-shoot from other creative hobbies where you employ certain creative skills to make beautiful images or catchy slogans.

One of the most well-known brands on the planet, Gymshark, was only started in 2012 by the UK owner Ben Francis and is now nearly worth a billion dollars.

Here’s his story:

You may not see that level of success but even a small slice of that pie can completely transform your life.

Why not get started now with a t-shirt heat press that will allow you to print your own custom images onto some blank t-shirts?

33. Coaching

If you’re an expert in an area, especially where physical development and skills are concerned then becoming a coach can be a great way to monetize that skill set.

It often takes a great deal of patience, communication skills, and the ability to motivate people to really reap the rewards of this pastime but it can be absolutely transformational when it works for that person.

This will increase your credibility and eventually you’ll have numerous clients seeking your coaching skills.

34. Catering

If you’re a decent cook and know how to deal with the logistics of delivering food then catering is a great business to get into as an offshoot from cookery hobbies.

You can cater for weddings, birthdays, businesses, domestic gatherings, and basically anything else that requires tailored food packages.

You may even land an ongoing contract that can really help establish an ongoing source of income.

As an added tip, we recommend starting with some easy-to-produce food such as large oven bakes or things that can be made en masse on a commercial oven tray.

This will reduce the time spent making the food but can also maximize your profit levels.

35. Computer Repairs

Another skill that is often in demand is computer repairs for both domestic and commercial clients.

This could involve something very simple such as setting up a printer or sometimes something a little more complicated like troubleshooting a bluescreen error.

In both situations, this can make you a quick buck or plenty of money via an hourly rate meaning you can easily make this a full-time income.

36. SEO

SEO, more commonly known as search engine optimization, is a skill that can be used to enhance or drive more traffic toward a client’s website.

You may have started out with this skill as a hobby through your own blogs but it can also be used to create some serious monthly income from a variety of clients if you deliver good results.

There are many areas of SEO such as on-page, off-page, local, and even technical SEO that can really help improve a client’s website.

It’s worth doing a little research first to make sure your skills are sharp but you can also get a book on SEO that can enlighten you about some things you didn’t already know.

37. Gardening

Gardening is another hobby that is often done for fun but can also be transformed into something that makes you serious money as a side hustle and even a full-time job.

You’ll be tasked with a variety of jobs such as garden design, lawn mowing, weed killing, and composting.

They all have varying levels of time to accomplish meaning you should quickly establish a good list of clients that have you coming back year-round.

If you’re not sure where to start then it can be prudent to invest in a simple gardening kit that can help you finish off most tasks.

38. Dog Breeding

If you’re a big lover of animals and want to make some money then you’ll be happy to know that dog breeding is in high demand and can often net you thousands of dollars per puppy.

This does depend on the breed of dog you’re raising as some are worth more than others, however, if you do this well and treat your animals with care, you’ll always have plenty of clients regularly wanting to take some pups off you.

As a caveat, caring for animals can be challenging if you’re not patient or don’t do your due diligence regarding the process of breeding from the birthing phase all the way up to selling them to your customers; this is why you should make sure to read a book on dog breeding first and get in touch with local breeders for advice.

39. Product Reviews

If you enjoy buying all the latest tech, video games, or household products then it could be worth using this stuff to make some extra money on the side by reviewing them.

This can be monetized in a few different ways but most of the time is done through a blog website or via YouTube so you can give a visual overview too.

If you go down the road of recording your reviews for YouTube then you’ll need to get a decent DSLR camera to make some video clips and photos of the product, and a good quality shotgun mic that can be connected to it.

Alternatively, you can make your own blog within about 20 minutes through an all-in-one hosting service like DreamHost (DreamPress) that is combined with the popular WordPress service to produce your reviews.

40. Review a Website

Many big businesses and corporations are willing to pay decent sums of money to figure out how efficiently a customer finds their website or how easy it was to navigate around.

This is because a bad website can potentially be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars of losses in revenue every year which isn’t good especially if it’s an easy fix.

If you want to give this a go then you can easily find plenty of middleman services that can help to get you paid and reviewing websites in no time through a quick Google search of “paid website reviews”.

41. Busking

Busking is a hugely popular hobby that combines your passion for music with the ability to make money such as from singing, playing guitar, and even playing as a band on the streets around your city.

There are some laws around busking depending on where you live which is why we recommend getting familiar with these first. If you’re not sure where to find this information then you may need to contact your local authorities or council.

If you want to build some confidence first then we recommend trying out a karaoke machine at home that will get you used to performing in front of people or learning to play an instrument such as the guitar.

42. Perform Magic

Another hobby that is often carried out on the streets of your city is magic, also known as illusionism and/or deception.

Magic is not real magic (or is it), however, it employs certain skills such as sleight of hand, distraction, props creation, and other illusionary techniques to fool the observer into thinking what you performed is impossible.

If you get good at it you can make a really good living from it which is why we recommend getting a book on magic and a card magic kit to get started.

43. Couponing

Couponing is another hobby that has taken off in recent years which basically has you scouring the internet and through magazines for the latest discount codes, coupons, and promotions that can help you obtain money off goods, and in some instances can even make them free.

In essence, this hobby doesn’t necessarily make you money but it can certainly save you money meaning you have more to spend or save how you want.

44. Mobile Beauty Technician

The demand for beauty treatments and makeovers is ever-increasing in our modern age of social media influencing and reality TV.

We all want to look like the celebs and idols we see on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok meaning you can easily turn your skills for nail art or contouring into a lucrative full-time business.

You can easily get started with a dummy head that allows you to apply various styles of makeup before doing this on your real subjects to make sure you’re well-practiced.

45. Barbering

If you have a passion for hair styling, cutting hair, and keeping up with the latest beard trends then barbering could be a good avenue to go down as something that can both be fun and make money at the same time.

If you’re not quite there yet then it’s still worth investing in a barbering kit, a set of clippers, and a beard-trimming kit that you can use on yourself or with dummy heads to increase your hair-cutting efficacy.

You can have your own barbershop but we recommend starting as a mobile barber initially to reduce your costs and overheads.

46. Music Production

Another niche area within the hobby of music is to produce music pieces or scores that can be sold to prospective clients who need a particular type of music piece whether for a trailer, their brand, or at local events.

Depending on your influence or reputation, you may need to start with an agency at first to help give you some outreach to produce music pieces for.

With that said, you can also go down the road of releasing your tracks on YouTube to be monetized through advertisements instead.

Music production doesn’t require much but you will need a laptop or desktop PC with a powerful processor, an external soundcard, a midi interface keyboard, and some studio headphones to listen for rogue frequencies that can impact the quality of your soundtrack.

You’ll also need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Ableton, Cubase Steinberg, or FL Studio to produce your tracks.

47. Public Speaking

Another hobby that can make money and allow you to express yourself, especially if you hold any authority on the topic, is public speaking which will have you briefing a number of people on various things such as statistics or climate change.

You may even find that businesses are actively seeking people out to do public speaking on their behalf, especially within smaller firms or start-ups that may not have the ability to hire a full-time speaker.

The rates can vary wildly for this type of service which is why the price is often negotiated beforehand.

48. Antique Dealing

Another area of interest that can net you some serious financial gains is in the dealing of antiques which often stems from your own niche interests for certain time periods or historical artifacts.

In fact, often the case with most antique dealers that choose to specialize in a particular area so they can maximize their profit via expansive knowledge.

For example, if you enjoy all things Victorian including history then you’d make a good candidate as a Victorian antique dealer.

49. 3D Printing

Another area that you can monetize as a hobby is 3D printing where you’ll be making spare parts, functional household items, and even decorative models that can be sold for a profit.

3D printing is a relatively new advent meaning there is still tons of potential to really carve out and establish yourself within this area of the business whilst also making lots of money once you have a few clients who use you regularly.

The initial cost can be quite large for full-scale commercial printers but we recommend starting small to make sure it’s something you want to do long-term with a home-based 3D printer.

50. Entertaining

If you have good people skills and find that you’re a bit of a mixed bag in terms of your performing abilities then it may be worth selling your services as an entertainer for parties or events.

This could involve dancing, performing magic, doing stunts, singing, and basically just engaging with the guests to keep everyone happy.

The rates are often negotiable but if you manage to keep your client happy then they’ll end up using you in the future and may tell their friends or family about you too.

51. Dog Trainer

If you have a way with animals and can speak the language of dogs then you’re going to be in huge demand with plenty of potential clients due to the recent surge in dog popularity.

Becoming a dog trainer requires patience, tenacity, and the ability to use intuition to sense the dog’s needs.

You’ll want to do some thorough research before you start down this avenue which may require reading several books on dog training and you may want to consult with already-established dog trainers too for advice.

52. House Sitting

House sitting is a great hobby that takes relatively little skill but a great deal of care to basically keep an eye on a homeowner’s possessions and their home whilst they are away for business or off on holiday.

Most of the time you’ll be staying in their home for the duration that they’re away meaning you can basically put your feet up whilst keeping everything locked and secure.

It may also involve keeping an eye on their pets or potentially young children depending on what they’ve negotiated with you beforehand.

This can all influence the rates you are able to charge, however, it’s often treated like a full-time job meaning you should be able to make some decent money.

53. Scriptwriting

Scriptwriting is similar to other areas of writing in that it is often a lucrative hobby when monetized and can also allow you to flex your literary prowess to be sold to production companies, students, and even people who have niche hobby interests.

Essentially, you’ll be writing everything concerning the characters in the script such as how they express themselves, what actions they take, and the general dialogue that is taking place.

It’s worth adding that most scriptwriters come from educated backgrounds many of whom have degrees, however, don’t let that stop you from contacting prospective clients if you think you have the gift.

54. Voice Acting

Voice acting is a hobby that can be practiced at home but can really help you get your foot in the door to the movie and video games industry especially if you’re talented.

This can involve making sounds for creatures, mimicking accents, and even working as a cartoon character in a show.

You’ll need a decent studio microphone to create good soundbites but you’ll also want a pair of studio headphones for when you need to EQ the audio to take out any rogue frequencies or pops.

Finding jobs can often be a challenge in the VO/VA industry, however, once you land something it can often be long-term meaning you have a steady source of income.

55. Car Washing/Detailing

Another hobby that can lead to regular income is car washing and/or valeting which is the process of making a car look brand spanking new again.

You’ll need to get in all the nooks and crannies with specialist tools such as cleaning gel, a vacuum cleaner, and a pressure washer.

You’ll also need the essentials such as car detailing clay, clay lube, microfibre cloths, a washing mitt, car shampoo, car wax, a bucket, and some alloy wheel cleaner.

This is a good hobby that has lots of long-term potential as a business and has a fairly low barrier to entry.

56. Homemade Crafts

There’s a massive market for selling homemade crafts as you often can’t get these items anywhere else making them unique to put up in someone’s home.

Most homemade crafts involve lighting, shelves, tables, cabinets, and basically anything else you would want to put in a home for display or function.

Thanks to Etsy, selling your homemade goods has never been easier meaning you have direct access to millions of potential customers who want to buy your items.

57. Start a Band

If you’re any good at playing an instrument then it might be worth starting a band with your friends or people in the area who want to give it a go.

It can also be practical to learn your instrument at the same time that you start a band with friends as you’ll all be able to support each other and will be able to develop your skills in the areas of your music genre.

Many people start out with an electric guitar, but you can also play the bass guitar, drums, or keyboard, and even sing if you’re good enough.

Once you and your bandmates have some songs together you can start touring various pubs and clubs across the country or start busking in the city streets.

58. Dog Walking

Another opportunity to combine your love of animals as a hobby into something that makes you money is dog walking.

It can practically be started in minutes especially since you’ll be able to launch your business page on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram meaning you should be finding clients relatively soon.

It’s recommended that you invest in some color-coded dog leads (depending on the dog’s nature), dog treats, dog toys, waste bags, and a water bottle to keep them hydrated.

As a tip, it’s best not to overdo it at first and start with a small number of dogs as it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the strength of the pack.

We also recommend not letting another owner’s dog off the leash if you don’t know how it will react.

59. Car Repairs

Another service that can make you money and often starts off as a hobby interest in cars is offering a car repair service to clients in your local area.

Most people want to have their own workshop, however, you can provide mobile repair solutions and still make a decent income without having to worry about building insurance or other overheads.

60. Grow and Sell Organic Fruit/Vegetables

As an offshoot from gardening, growing your own organic fruit and veg can prove to be more lucrative than you’d imagine especially since the demand is much higher these days with all the focus on organically grown produce.

If you have a decent plot of land or even somewhere you can grow it then you’ll be able to make some fantastic products that can be sold at a local farmers market, over the phone, and even through your own website as a subscription service.

This isn’t something that is easily achieved overnight but if you want to get a taste for what this involves then we recommend growing some herbs first with a herb kit and also reading a book in the meantime about growing your own produce.

222 Hobbies That You Can Do for Fun and Leisure

In this section of our mammoth list of hobbies are hobbies that you can do for fun and leisure.

These are hobbies that you do merely to give yourself a break or to have a laugh through the day with your friends and family.

Although not the most productive, it’s good to have a hobby that can really help you let your hair down from time to time to destress and unwind.

Let’s take a look at this extensive list which we’ve categorized in alphabetical order for ease of viewing.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With A

61. Archery

Archery is something that was originally used for combat purposes and even hunting before we had more convenient weaponry, however, it’s now something that is regularly practiced as a sport or for competition.

It’s something that is still practiced all around the world and is often done at proper archery institutions rather than something you would do in your backyard.

62. Astronomy

If you’re curious about our celestial bodies, the stars, and how space works then you might want to take up astronomy as your hobby.

You’ll more than likely need a telescope if you’re wanting to take this seriously but you can also view the moon quite easily with a decent pair of binoculars.

63. Astrology/Divination

If you’re curious about what your future has in store for you then you may want to pursue the art of divination which will have you researching horoscopes and the positioning of our celestial bodies throughout the year.

Although some people criticize this hobby as not being based on fact, there are many people who give credence to its efficacy.

If you’re curious about history and all things astrology then we recommend taking a peek at this book.

64. Arcades/Amusements

Visiting the arcades or amusements is mainly a hobby of yesteryear but we still see people visit them in their droves, especially in the summer.

During your visit, you’ll be able to play lots of classic arcade games such as Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong, and even Pacman depending on what they have available.

You can also win prizes and sweets to keep you buzzed up on sugar for your arcade session.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that they can offer some experiences that aren’t often replicable at homes such as with virtual reality racing machines and dance systems.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With B

65. Book Clubs

If you’re an avid reader then you may consider joining a book club as it will allow you to express your feelings about what you’ve read and also listen to opinions from others.

We think it’s nice to be able to see other people in person who is similar to yourself with their interests.

66. Beekeeping

Beekeeping is a hobby that is reserved for a particular type of person but is actually essential to keeping the bee populations strong, and so that they can produce honey to be eaten.

Essentially you’ll be building and looking after bee colonies whilst wearing protective gear to reduce the number of stings you receive; you can also opt for stingless varieties of bees which can make this hobby less scary.

67. Bowling

Bowling is another popular hobby that you can do with friends and family to have a great day out and burn some extra calories.

Many bowling alleys are built in giant complexes that also feature arcade machines and food stalls meaning you can easily spend the entire day there.

68. Board Games

Board games are one of the essential household hobbies that have been around for thousands of years.

You can start with the classics like Monopoly, Cluedo, and Battleships, or perhaps branch out to some fantasy tabletop games that require more thought or have an additional depth to them. This hobby is great for those cold nights when you have little else to do.

69. Breadmaking

Breadmaking is something that’s been done for thousands of years and continues to be an extremely popular hobby to this day for many people.

All you need is some flour, water, yeast, and salt as the base ingredients to make your dough which can then be put in a bread maker to make some delicious bread.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With C

70. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing that can be done with a set of calligraphy pens to make gorgeous lettering or signs.

It’s debatable who first started calligraphy as a deliberate pastime but many people attribute it to the Romans and some east Asian cultures rooted in China, Korea, and Japan.

As a final point, it’s not the easiest to practice your calligraphy skills on standard paper which is where a calligraphy pad will come in handy.

71. Candle Making

Candles have been around for a very long time and probably will remain in the future.

This niche hobby will have you creating your own candles by mixing beautiful fragrances with the wax and eventually forming to make the finished product.

You can get a full candle-making kit that makes the process far simpler and can get you started without too much fuss.

72. Cotton Candy Creation

Next on our list of fun hobbies is the process of making cotton candy that can be easily made with a cotton candy machine to impress the kids or guests at your house.

The process is relatively simple and you can add basically any sugary treat in the machine and it will spin it up into the fine threads that you can put on a cotton candy stick.

73. Card Games

Playing card games is one of the most popular pastimes for people all around the world.

You can play a wide variety of games with plenty of modes to change the ruleset, and if you’re feeling daring, can even play for money too.

All you need is a set of cards to get started and usually an opponent to make things a little more interesting.

74. Chess

Chess is a game that has been played for well over a thousand years and has stayed strongly rooted as one of the best hobbies you can have due to its easy-to-learn, hard-to-master methodology.

It takes many years to perfect your chess game and even then can still reveal your flaws against a skilled opponent.

To get started, all you need is a chess set and an opponent to play against — you can also play against yourself to reveal imperfections in your game but it’s less fun that way in our opinion.

75. Collecting

Although there are aspects of collecting in many of the hobbies we’ve mentioned, most people collect stamps, coins, and dolls to name a few of the most popular within this niche.

Since it’s so varied, you can collect pretty much anything you want, however, most people collect rare items or things that might be worth money in the future.

You don’t necessarily need to sell what you collect and some people do it just for the pure joy of it or to display proudly in their homes.

76. Cosplay

Cosplay has been around in many forms for a long time but it’s never been more popular than now due to the surge in fantasy franchises popping up and a wider range of events that you can attend to show your cosplay outfit off.

Many people assume that it’s only for girls but even guys can get involved in cosplay if they want to; you’ll find no end to the support that people give you in the cosplay community to help you get up to speed.

Take a look at some of these amazing cosplay outfits:

77. Crochet

Crochet is similar to knitting but they’re not identical; the main difference is that crochet often involves less complicated methods of construction for your garments and is often easier to correct if you make mistakes.

You can make some beautiful clothing with crochet including hats, gloves, jumpers, and blankets that because of their bulk, can really help you stay warm during the colder months or would make an amazing birthday gift.

Crochet has a low ongoing cost and even a low initial cost making it an excellent hobby if you want something to do for cheaper.

All you need is a set of crochet hooks, some tapestry needles, and the yarn material to make whatever it is you’re making.

78. Crosswords

Crossword puzzles are another popular hobby, especially with the older generations as they are often featured in newspapers which are still a major news source for people who aren’t technologically minded.

Essentially it’s a word search game that takes place on a black and white grid that has you guessing which letters match each section; clues are also included on the crossword puzzles meaning you’ll be able to find the words you need to make faster.

If you want to give it a try, it’s worth investing in this big book of crossword puzzles that will keep you entertained for weeks.

79. Coloring

Coloring books are an easy hobby to get into as they require relatively little skill and can be done by almost anyone of any disposition.

Get yourself a set of coloring pencils and a coloring book and you’ll be ready to go for hours of fun.

80. Cue Sports

Cue sports such as pool or snooker are played all around the world and one of the reasons why they’re so popular is because they are very easy to get into.

You don’t need to be an expert to play this game but mastering it is another thing altogether.

Essentially you’ll be using your cue to pot the balls on the pool table which can be played alone or with a friend.

The rules vary between snooker and pool which is why it’s prudent to research the rules first or watch some videos to get an idea of how it’s played.

81. Camping

Camping is a hobby that involves staying outside either overnight or potentially for longer periods depending on your experience levels.

You’ll usually be staying outside in a tent for the best possible outdoor experience, however, some people also choose to stay in their camper van if they so choose.

Camping outside can get cold which is why we recommend always being prepared, so make sure to take a waterproof tent, a survival kit, an insulated sleeping bag, and your basic necessities like food and water.

We also recommend letting people know where you’re going in case anything were to happen.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With D

82. Dancing

Dancing has been performed in a variety of ways for thousands of years for various reasons such as self-expression, entertainment, and paid performances for specific audiences.

It basically involves moving your body in a deliberate fashion, usually with grace or specific movement, and can be done for many reasons such as for personal entertainment, symbolic reasons and to display the achievements of the human body.

If you want a better idea of what this entails we highly recommend grabbing a book called “The Art of Dance” which encapsulates this art form very well with stunning pictures.

83. DJing

DJ stands for disc jockey which is basically a person who manipulates soundtracks and blends them together usually for the purpose of entertaining club-goers and festival crowds.

This hobby can be really fun if you enjoy music in general as you can experiment and enhance various songs with your own specialized techniques.

You’ll basically need a set of decks and a laptop to get started; optional extras include a midi soundboard for quick effects.

84. Diving

Diving is quite literal a hobby and it’s basically the sport of diving into the sea or a swimming pool in a controlled fashion.

To do this with grace actually takes a high level of skill, bodily control, and fearlessness as you’ll be tumbling from great heights into a body of water that will feel like hitting bricks if you land wrong.

85. Drawing

Drawing is done for many purposes, some for fun and some for function such as schematic drawing.

What we know is that it’s highly enjoyable regardless of how effective you are at it especially when you just want to let your mind wander.

All you’ll need to get started is a drawing pad and either a set of pencils or some pens so that you can draw whatever you like.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With E

86. Embroidery

Embroidery is a great hobby if you like to customize or enhance your clothing with added detail such as stitches, patches, and sequins.

You can do it on your own existing clothing, hats, or bags and can also do it for friends or family members as a gift or a way to symbolize your relationship with them.

If you’re not sure where to start with this hobby then we recommend getting an embroidery kit first as it will teach you some of the stitch patterns and how you can accomplish certain embroidery tasks.

87. Eating

Eating is necessary for survival, however, it’s also practiced either as a competitive sport or to be monetized through certain techniques such as with ASMR for people to listen to on YouTube and also under the category of mukbang where people do eating challenges for an online audience.

If you’re not sure what to make of this hobby then check out some mukbang here:

Fun Hobbies Beginning With F

88. Fishing

Fishing is something that has been practiced for thousands of years, mainly out of necessity in the past, but is also done as a sport and as a hobby for millions of people all around the world.

You can fish to catch your own organic meat or so that you can try and catch a specific type of fish or even to beat your own personal bests depending on the size of fish you catch.

When you do fishing as a sport you usually return the fish to the water after you’ve taken your picture with it.

You’ll need a variety of items to fish effectively which is why we recommend a fishing kit as it will give you the necessary hooks, weights, and lures to get started.

Don’t forget you’ll also need a strong fishing rod too so that you can real in your catches.

89. Fantasy Sports

If you love all things sports then you’ll probably love fantasy sports as it puts you directly in command of your own team.

The only caveat is that your team isn’t real, however, it does draw on the real performances of the players you’ve picked to be in your team and that’s essentially how you win.

As long as your team is statically performing better in real life then that will translate to a win for you in your fantasy game against other players.

90. Fashion

Taking note of fashion as a hobby could involve keeping up with the latest trends, attending fashion events, and even designing your own fashionable clothes to be sold or modeled.

You can also create scrapbooks from magazine cut-outs with all the latest clothing or popular celebs to categorize or create a timeline of the fashion industry.

The great thing about fashion as a hobby is that it’s constantly evolving and shifting around us meaning you’ll never get bored or run out of things to keep you entertained.

91. Fishkeeping

Fishkeeping is another relatively popular hobby for animal lovers as you can create your own beautiful aquariums that can be feature pieces for your home, or perhaps just so you can appreciate the form of fish and how it looks.

You can get a wide variety of fish to keep in your fish tank, many of which are categorized as being either cold-water fish or tropical fish depending on what temperatures they can survive at.

92. Filmmaking

Filmmaking is another very literally named hobby that involves, you guessed it, making films.

It’s far easier to make films these days due to the technological advances that have happened over the past twenty years, especially where YouTube and drone technology are concerned.

Many DSLR cameras are capable of 4K video at high refresh rates meaning you can get stunning quality footage from something that would only have been achievable in multi-million dollar studios previously.

Not only that but with an attachable microphone and a drone for sweeping landscape shots you can basically make feature films with less than $5000 of equipment.

93. Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangement is the perfect hobby if you enjoy being creative with a variety of colors and textures that can be displayed in people’s homes or as feature pieces for their gardens.

You’ll work with a variety of flowers, all have their own unique properties meaning there’ll be some sort of arrangement you can do regardless of the time of year.

94. Flying

Flying an aircraft is something most kids dream of but is something that often falls to the wayside once they’re grown up.

With that said, there are plenty of flight schools that will be happy to teach you the skills need to fly an aircraft and you could have a pilot’s license before you know it.

You’ll often start with light aircraft at first to teach you the basics but this could eventually lead to a career in aviation where you’ll be flying large commercial aircraft such as 747s.

95. Fossicking

Fossicking is a hobby that involves prospecting for valuable metals, fossils, and other unique artifacts that are often found buried in the earth.

You’ll usually have dig sites or specifically designated areas that may yield a big win that can be cashed in for vast sums of money.

It’s often the case you won’t return with much but just the idea of one day finding a huge chunk of gold is enticing enough to keep people going back for more.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With G

96. Geocaching

Geocaching is something we’ve mentioned before in our list of hobbies for couples in their 30s but is actually something basically anyone can do for fun.

Essentially, you’ll need a GPS device or a GPS-enabled smartphone to navigate and hunt for treasure that is located around your city with most cache locations being uploaded to

It’s a very fun hobby and there are tons of caches being uploaded every day — you can create an account and download the app straight from the geocaching website.

97. Ghost Hunting

If you’ve got a penchant for spooky ongoings or the occult then you’ll probably enjoy the prospect of hunting for ghosts in haunted houses or forests.

This hobby can really paralyze you with fear but can also open your mind to extraordinary possibilities in life after death.

Whatever you believe, this can really allow you to have an action-packed day out with your friends or family.

98. Gold Prospecting

Although closely linked to fossicking, gold prospecting allows for more deliberate methods of finding this rare metal such as sifting with a gold pan, using a gold detector, and even mining for gold veins.

Extraction is another thing altogether and you’ll need to use various tools to separate rock from gold.

If you get good at gold hunting you can potentially make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

99. Genealogy

If you’re interested in discovering the origins of your past or other people’s past then genealogy is the best hobby for you.

Essentially, you’ll use a few methods to detect who your ancestors were and what sort of histories they had through interviews, genetic analysis, and even records that have been kept throughout history.

This can be a really satisfying hobby and something that everyone should try at least once in their life to understand where they came from and why they are the way they are.

We recommend grabbing a book on genealogy as it will enlighten you to what you’ll need to get started in the best way.

100. Glassblowing

Glassblowing is a very specialized hobby that requires you to blow into molten glass to create forms or shapes that can be used as decorative objects or functional items such as cups.

It’s not something that is easy to replicate on a small scale and is often done best with a full team or in a dedicated area to carry out this task.

However, if you’re absolutely sure you want to give it a try at home then you’ll need a blowtorch, glass rods, heat-resistant gloves, protective eyewear, and some metal tongs to shape your glass pieces.

101. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a hobby that often starts when you’re a kid as you’re more flexible and able to take falls better due to lower body mass.

It’s a hobby that involves serious muscular and physical development with an emphasis on maintaining perfect balance or positioning.

In gymnastics, you’ll be performing a wide variety of moves that challenge your entire body with the core taking the brunt of the work.

To develop in gymnastics, it can also be done as an adult but we recommend starting at a proper gymnastics institution so you can be taught safely, or alternatively going down the route of calisthenics instead.

You can easily develop your bodily strength at home before starting with this hobby through a simple bodyweight station and a weight vest for extra resistance whilst performing your movements.

102. Graffiti

Graffiti is a sub-niche within the category of painting which often involves using spray paint to create beautiful murals but also has strong ties with gang culture due to the nature of tagging.

The only drawback with this hobby is that you’ll often need to wear a respirator as it’s easy to ingest paint particles when spraying; you’ll also need a variety of spray can colors in stock as they can’t be blended like liquid paint.

103. Go

Go is similar to chess but they definitely aren’t the same thing.

Rather than taking pieces, in Go, you’ll want to take more territory (or squares) on the go board than your opponent to win the game.

It’s highly abstract and is arguably far more complex than the average chess game which is why it takes a long time to master or get proficient at.

Nevertheless, this can be a fun game if you’re playing against a similarly skilled opponent.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With H

104. History

History when practiced as a hobby involves the active study of many historical moments throughout time such as Ancient Greece, the Vikings, the Silk Road, and even the rise and fall of Rome.

You’ll often peruse hundreds of books relating to the historical subject you’re researching but you may even want to visit historical sites that still feature ancient architecture or buildings from certain time periods.

105. Handball

Handball, not to be confused with Rugby, is a team sport that involves 7 players on each team who pass the ball around to be thrown into the other team’s goal.

It’s very similar to basketball in a sense but requires less dribbling or maneuvering arguably making it a little easier.

This isn’t a hobby that can be done easily without several people which is why you may need to attend a proper sports center to get involved.

106. Herbalism

Herbalism is a hobby that has been practiced for thousands of years and often requires the study of various plants to determine their medicinal properties or topical benefits when applied to the skin.

In some cases you’ll need laboratory equipment to make the most of this hobby, however, there’s no harm in documenting your observations through practical means either.

107. Hobby Tunnelling

Hobby tunneling is quite literal in that you dig tunnels as a hobby which can often many years to complete depending on their size.

We recommend exercising strong caution with this hobby as it’s easy to become buried under the dirt in improperly structured tunnels.

108. Hooping

Hooping is the name of that thing you see kids doing constantly when they’re younger which is spinning a hoop around their body to perform various tricks and movements.

In fact, it’s actually practiced by many adults too for street performances or certain audiences depending on the event.

Overall, it’s just a very fun way to burn some calories and gives you something to focus on.

109. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is something that was born out of necessity rather than for fun, however, since we now have automobiles to get us around, most people do horseback riding for enjoyment.

Some people criticize the practice as being inhumane, however, provided the horse is treated well, kept warm, and well-fed then you shouldn’t need to feel too guilty about this heart-pumping hobby.

110. Hacking (Ethical)

Ethical hacking is something you can do as a hobby especially if you have skills or interests based in coding or programming.

Even if you’re not just there yet, it’s a very interesting subject especially since cybersecurity is becoming a more prominent topic of discussion all around the world.

Some companies will even pay you to hack their services so they can patch security flaws or vulnerabilities in their coding which can be particularly lucrative.

111. Herp Keeping

Herp keeping, aka the keeping of reptiles, is a hobby for animal lovers where you’ll keep a variety of lizards, snakes, and amphibious reptiles at home for fun or so you can observe their behavior.

It does require a specific type of person to enjoy the company of reptiles, similar to insects, due to the fact that they don’t look anything like humans and some people perceive them to be quite menacing.

Nevertheless, all animals have a place in the world of pet keeping and herps are no different

112. Homebrewing

Homebrewing is the practice of crafting beers, wines, and other assorted alcoholic beverages to be drunk by yourself, for friends, or to be sold at local markets.

We’ve previously talked about this in our article covering hobbies that involve chemistry, and this is because there is a degree of procedural tasks involved in making alcohol.

You’ll need to measure, adjust temperatures, and add compounds such as brewers yeast to your mix to craft the perfect alcoholic beverage.

We recommend starting with a brewers kit as it will give you a taste of the experience and can reveal whether you’ll enjoy it or not.

113. Hydroponics

Hydroponics is more a methodology rather than a direct hobby, however, its popularity for being used to grow plants more efficiently is something that you can definitely get into as a pastime.

You can get your very own hydroponics system including a seed pack to get you started with this pastime meaning at the end of it you’ll be able to enjoy your very own freshly grown herbs that can be added to your next meal for a tasty treat.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With I

114. Inline Skating

Inline skating is a multi-faceted hobby that can be done in a wide variety of ways to either get you around your city or to accomplish artistic displays with tricks or special moves to impress your audience.

You’ll need a pair of inline roller skates that often 2 or more wheels on each skate depending on what you’re wanting to do with them.

This is a very underrated hobby and is often in the shadow of bigger niche sports hobbies such as skateboarding, or hobbies similar to skateboarding such as BMX.

115. Ice Skating

Another hobby where skating is concerned is ice skating which is arguably more popular than the aforementioned inline skating.

Not to be confused with figure skating which is the competitive version of ice skating that is usually performed at the Winter Olympics or other sporting events.

Ice skating can provide a great workout but is also an enjoyable pastime to be done with a partner, the kids, and your friends.

You’ll need a set of ice skates to get started and a local ice rink which can sometimes be hard to find depending on your area.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With J

116. Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is another quite literal hobby in that you’ll be making an assortment of fancy jewelry that can be worn to symbolize something or perhaps to make your outfit blend a little better.

Since jewelry can be made from a wide range of metals, stones, and synthetic materials, you’ll be better off finding a niche to get good at within the areas of jewelry-making first.

117. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a great little hobby to do when you’re bored or have a bit of spare time to kill that can be done by yourself or with family.

Essentially, you’re trying to complete a picture that is assembled with multiple pieces of the jigsaw that can take some good observational skills and pattern recognition to complete.

118. Juggling

Juggling often involves keeping multiple objects in the air whilst being circulated through your hands at the same time.

At first, you’ll usually start with 2-3 objects such as balls or pins but you’ll eventually be able to move on to more as you start to learn the rhythm of juggling.

This can be done as a hobby, as a street performance, or even as part of a circus act if you’re proficient enough at it.

119. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is something we’ve talked about extensively but deserves a permanent place on this list due to how fun it is and the benefits it can bring to your overall health.

You can get a wide range of jump ropes such as speed ropes, weighted ropes, and even pro jump ropes that utilize optimal design features to give you a great workout.

It will take a little while to get the hang of this skill but eventually, you’ll not even need to think about the jumping motion or where the jump rope is.

Here’s a great video explaining the process:

Fun Hobbies Beginning With K

120. Karting

Karting or kart racing is a form of automobile racing that is typically done in smaller vehicles, however, much to the same effect that any racing sport is done for which is for competition and fun.

In most countries, karting must be done at a designated race track with the provided karts meaning you’ll usually have to subscribe to a membership or buy your own kart.

121. Kayaking

Kayaking is a water-based hobby that is done in a specific type of boat called a kayak.

Not to be confused with canoeing, kayaking features some distinct differences such as the double-bladed paddle for propulsion and the way you are typically sat in a kayak that is different from a canoe.

There’s not necessarily a goal but it can be a very relaxing hobby as you’ll typically be moving across calm bodies of water.

122. Kite Flying

Kite flying is an excellent hobby that involves using the wind or gusts of air to propel your kite around in the sky where you can perform tricks or simply as a pastime to watch it hover over you.

It does require a little bit of precision to maneuver but once you get the hang of it it’ll be like riding a bike and isn’t something you’ll forget.

All you need is a kite and a windy area and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

123. Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is similar to flying a kite in the sense that you’ll be holding onto a kite, only this time it’s far bigger and requires a greater deal of skill to control.

You’ll also have a kitesurfing board underneath you that helps to propel you over the water whilst your kite is used to generate propulsion to move you around.

Most people do this as an extreme sport that has them performing mesmerizing tricks that leave hundreds of beachgoers in awe.

124. Karaoke

Fancy a sing or just want to show off your singing skills? Karaoke is a hobby for you in that case which can be done on a karaoke machine and loaded up with your own tracks or by using the system which is built into many karaoke machines.

This one is a great hobby if you want a laugh with your friends or family or to spruce up an evening indoors.

125. Knitting

Knitting is a hobby that is often done to create fabrics or garments to be worn by people or to be displayed for decorative purposes.

The hobby of knitting is extremely vast and can be done using a wide variety of materials by hand with a couple of knitting needles and even with a knitting machine too.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With L

126. Lapidary

Lapidary is a hobby that is thousands of years old in which the lapidarist shapes a variety of stones, minerals, and gems into stunning objects that can be used to decorate an ornament, cabinet, or various other trinkets.

You’ll need specialized equipment to do this hobby such as a rock grinder to deliver efficient results depending on the material of your stones.

127. Leather Crafting

Leathercraft is similar to leatherworking, however, is done mainly for the purpose of producing crafts or decorative displays rather than functional items.

You’ll form your leather into the finished piece by applying dyes, pigments, holes, and even carving parts of the leather to result in something that resembles a decorative object.

128. LEGO

LEGO is technically a toy but gets its own dedicated hobby mention due to how popular it is as a standalone pastime.

LEGO lets the user create 3D objects by using the various bricks and pieces that come in a set to form a wide range of objects.

You can build pre-determined LEGO objects or go wild with a box full of LEGO pieces depending on what you want to achieve.

129. Livestreaming

Livestreaming is something that has taken off as a hobby in the past 10 years, mainly due to how popular services like YouTube and Twitch are that let you film in real-time what you’re doing such as gaming.

If you’re entertaining enough you can easily build up an audience who can help you sustain this hobby with a full-time income through ad monetization, business deals, and monthly subscriptions.

All you need is a decent gaming laptop, a webcam, and a studio microphone to get started.

130. Listening to music

Music streaming services have shot up in popularity over the years due to how cheap they are and how easy they are to access or make playlists.

For example, Amazon Prime has over 2 million ad-free songs that you can listen to whilst also giving you other benefits such as Prime Video and Prime delivery services.

Realistically, it’s not feasible to store that amount of music in your home which is why streaming will more than likely remain the most popular way to listen to music in the foreseeable future.

131. Listening to podcasts

Podcast listening is a great hobby as it will help you to learn about new subjects, can expand your worldviews, and can even help you get to sleep at night.

Services like Audible offer their very own Audible Original podcasts that you can listen to for free with a monthly subscription.

132. Lock Picking

Lock picking is an arguably controversial hobby due to the fact it can be used with bad intentions, however, when done for fun can be quite therapeutic and may come in handy if you forget your key ever.

You can actually buy ready-made lock picking kits which is the best way to do this hobby without breaking the law.

133. LARPing

LARP, better known as Live-Action Role Playing, is a form of acting that is done as an attempt to immerse the person as a character to play out their role in a story which is usually done with others.

Unlike acting in general, LARP requires you to take on all the characteristics of the person you’re trying to portray without deviating.

For example, if you were playing a tyrannical warlord then you’d be expected to be mean, impatient, and unsympathetic to the plight of your subjects.

LARP is not done for monetary gain and is done purely for enjoyment to enhance your connection to a particular fantasy universe so that you can break away from the usual monotony of normal life.

134. Letterboxing

Letterboxing is basically the old-fashioned version of geocaching where prizes are scattered around the city, often in letterboxes, that you’ll seek out using navigational techniques and problem-solving.

You’re usually given clues to the location of the letterbox prize, however, you may need to use a map and a GPS device to ease the process.

Most commonly, letterboxing is promoted through magazines and local newspapers rather than being a strictly online process.

135. Longboarding

Longboarding is an off-shoot of skateboarding, originally conceived by surfers who wanted something similar to surfing when the waves weren’t at their peak.

Longboards are typically longer than a skateboard and feature more rugged wheels that are designed to take a beating, especially if you’re longboarding down hills at speed.

They’re also far more suitable for traversing the city than a skateboard due to the fact they offer more stability and potentially more speed once they get going.

This is a great hobby if you want to commute in style or want something simple that gets your heart pumping.

136. Lotology

Lotology is a form of collecting that centralizes on collecting lottery tickets.

It’s extremely simple and can be done using your own tickets, finding tickets that are discarded, and even buying some tickets from historical lotteries.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With M

137. Makeup

Doing your makeup or other people’s makeup for fun is a great pastime and definitely makes it into this list as a hobby.

You can buy all kinds of makeup to create various effects such as contouring that will help give the face a certain look.

If you’re looking to get good at this then we recommend trying a makeup kit as it will include lots of things for you to try.

You can also invest in a makeup doll’s head that will allow you to test on something other than yourself.

138. Mazes

There are various types of mazes all around the world, and even miniature mazes that you can do for fun or to challenge your sense of orientation to find your way out.

You’ll need good short-term memory and a good eye for pattern recognition to correct yourself quickly when you’ve already been a certain way.

139. Metalworking

Metalworking is often used in large industrial projects but can also be scaled down to be done at a hobby level so that you can cut, shape, and fashion functional or ornamental pieces of metal.

You’ll often need heavy machinery to make this work even from home such as lathes, bandsaws, drills, coolant, grinders, sanders, and basically anything else that can cut or shape metal.

This isn’t a hobby that you get into lightly and requires an avid interest as it’s easy to spend thousands of dollars on.

140. Model Building

Model building is a hobby that has been practiced for a long time where you can build scaled-down versions of aircraft, cars, machinery, and war vehicles that can be displayed on a shelf or hung from the ceiling.

This is a great hobby if you like to understand the proportions of machinery or just like putting things together.

141. Model Engineering

Model engineering is similar to building models, however, the difference is that you are building scaled-down functioning machinery rather than non-functioning replicas.

This hobby is fantastic for people who like understanding the way things work as the costs would often be prohibitive if you were to do this with life-sized machinery.

142. Music

Music is a hobby that can be done both alone or with friends, and perhaps even with an orchestra if you’re good enough.

Some of the most common musical instruments include the acoustic guitar, violin, bass guitar, piano, and drums.

They all offer their own unique challenges to master as instruments but can also be a great way to let off steam or express yourself through the power of music.

143. Metal Detecting

Whenever you think of metal detecting you instantly think of hobbies.

It’s one of the most popular hobbies on the planet and is commonly included in TV shows as part of the plot to find murder weapons and other interesting trinkets.

The reasons for wanting to do metal detecting are multi-faceted, however, most people find the buzz of finding something unusual or potentially rewarding a very exciting prospect.

All you need is a metal detecting kit and some hiking boots to get started.

144. Motorcycling

Motorcycling when done as a hobby often involves long drives on a motorcycle across the country or taking it to a race track where you can ride around freely at speed without being prosecuted.

This is not the same as motorcycle racing and is done more to enjoy the experience rather than for competitive purposes.

145. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the most popular extreme sports hobbies on the planet that involves navigating over treacherous terrain on a mountain bike.

This sport can be extremely dangerous which is why most mountain bikers are kitted out in a solid helmet, pads, and some adequate gloves for gripping.

Check out this mountain biking trail to get a taste of what it involves:

146. Mountaineering

Mountaineering is the sport of climbing mountains which is also done as a hobby to challenge one’s self to ascend various peaks across the world.

You’ll need nerves of steel, meticulous planning, and often a team of Sherpas or expert mountaineers to guide you to the top, and most importantly, back down again.

147. Movie Memorabilia Collecting

If you’re particularly interested in a certain period of time, a specific director, and even a specific movie franchise then you may want to look into the hobby of movie memorabilia collecting.

Essentially you’ll be looking for signed copies of movies, rare director’s cuts, movie props, and basically, anything else you can get your hands on that was tied to a specific movie.

It takes a certain knack to find memorabilia and you may have to get in touch with people from all across the globe or look in the most inconspicuous of places to find these treasured pieces.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With N

148. Netball

Netball is similar to basketball in format but it functions like a whole other game as the ruleset varies quite widely between the two.

For one, you won’t be dribbling much and you’re not allowed to run with the ball either meaning you’ll have to rely on your teamwork and passing skills to excel.

You also don’t have the benefit of having a backboard on the net meaning you’ll have to score more precisely rather than relying on angles to create opportunities for you.

This hobby requires other players meaning you’ll have to join a local sports club or team to do it properly.

149. Needlepoint

Needlepoint is a method of embroidery which is done in a specific way that separates it from other types of knitting or sewing.

It’s often done on a piece of stiff material that work as the canvas, and usually only uses one type of stitching method called tent stitch.

This is probably not a hobby you want to solely stick to

Fun Hobbies Beginning With O

150. Origami

Origami is the hobby of paper folding where you can either come up with abstract designs or can follow along with guides to make a specific object such as a crane.

The origins of origami are contested in that some people think it’s Japanese whereas others think it’s rooted in Chinese history.

Wherever it comes from, we love this hobby due to how easy it is to get into and how cheap it can be.

All you really need is a pack of origami paper and maybe a book on origami designs to follow along with.

151. Orienteering

Orienteering is an overarching hobby that is basically the process of navigating between different points to find things and overcome challenges such as finding your way out of unfamiliar terrain.

It’s something that has been used within some of the other aforementioned hobbies which are letterboxing and geocaching.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With P

152. Paintball

Paintballing is a hobby that often involves two teams of people who compete against each other by trying to shoot the other first with a paintball.

This hobby is a high-octane adrenaline-fuelled sport that offers you the ability to simulate war tactics in an otherwise safe environment.

You’ll often attend a paintballing institution or club where they have specifically designated landscapes to get started, however, depending on the laws in your country and/or state, you could also buy a paintball kit yourself to get started at home.

153. Parkour

Parkour is a hobby that involves navigating around difficult terrain and cityscapes in the most efficient manner possible.

This sporting hobby involves a mixture of running, gymnastics, and calisthenics to get the most out of it.

You’ll need to have good physical strength before you attempt this and probably a high level of athleticism as it can tire you out quickly which is why we recommend training on a bodyweight station first at home.

Check out some of these insane parkour skills in the meantime for inspiration:

154. Podcast Hosting

Podcast hosting is a hobby that requires the ability to speak for long periods of time, communicate your messages effectively, and have a degree of planning so you know what you’ll be talking about in advance.

There are many free mediums that will allow you to upload your podcasts such as YouTube which gives you access to a large listening base of potentially billions of people.

It’s worth practicing this at home first with your laptop and a decent studio microphone to get a feel for it.

155. Polo

Polo is a sporting hobby that is played on horseback with a club against the opposing team where you’ll need to score through their goal to win.

It’s often reserved for upper-class societies or royalty but has also found its way into equestrian clubs around the world.

156. Public Transport Riding

Although public transport is a necessity for a large portion of the workforce to get to and from work, it’s also found its way into the hobby lifestyle where people will purposely get on a variety of busses, trains, and water vessels to experience the journey.

You can also combine this with a traveling hobby to experience what the world’s public transport networks have to offer.

157. Painting

Painting is one of the most popular hobbies on the planet and has been around almost since the dawn of modern man.

Painting involves applying a variety of inks, paints, and pigments to a canvas to create an image; depending on your style preference this can be a totally literal picture such as of a landscape, or could be something more abstract where you may only be trying to convey an emotion with what you see.

Most painters use a brush, however, you can use a variety of techniques to apply the paint to the canvas such as with your hands.

158. Palm Reading

Palm reading is a hobby that requires you to read a person’s palm to either predict their future or to present them with information that could help them down a better path.

Some people say palm reading is pseudo-science or flat-out fiction, however, if you’re curious then it can be worth browsing a book on palm reading to see if it’s something you might enjoy.

159. Philately

Philately is a hobby where the person, a philatelic, collects various stamps from times long past and also from special edition prints that are only circulated once.

This is known as the king of hobbies in some circles which is mainly due to its popularity.

160. Pilates

Pilates is a methodology of physical fitness that combines cardio, breathing, yoga, and stretching all in one.

It’s named after the person who invented it, Joseph Pilates, in the early 20th century as a way to improve people’s health.

If you like intense workouts that combine cardio and certain aspects of muscular training then you’ll definitely enjoy this as a hobby.

161. Plastic Art

Plastic art is a hobby where the person manipulates plastic into various shapes so they can be displayed as art or sculptures.

Usually, this means dealing with the synthetic plastic we all know and love, however, it can also mean things that can be shaped or molded in general such as glass or wood.

The enjoyment for this particular hobby usually comes from working with the specific medium, synthetic plastic, as it responds to various shaping techniques differently to other craft materials.

162. Poetry

Poetry is an excellent hobby if you like to create eye-pleasing sentences or enjoy trying to find words that rhyme.

Often, you’ll create a poem to convey a message in a witty or light-hearted way that can actually be more digestible for the reader.

You don’t need much to get started with poetry other than a dictionary and a pen with a pad.

163. Pole Dancing

Pole dancing has a complicated past due to its origins rooted in shady underground clubs and its links with prostitution, however, it’s come a long way since those days and is now known as a hobby sport that involves serious bodily strength.

You’ll need to move and mesmerize your audience with a variety of skills ranging from spins, holds, and balancing acts that would challenge even the most serious athlete.

All you need is a pole to practice on, however, we recommend joining a pole dancing club so they can help develop your techniques in a safe and efficient manner.

164. Pottery

Pottery is a good hobby if you like getting your hands messy and making objects that can either be displayed as ornaments or be used as functional objects to serve or store things in.

You’ll be making jars, pots, bowls, and basically anything else you can make with clay.

Most potters use a pottery wheel as it will constantly spin your object allowing you to form it far easier and quicker.

165. Powerlifting

Powerlifting missed a spot in our functional hobby list due to the fact that you simply don’t need to be that big or strong for most things in life, however, that doesn’t stop many people from brutalizing their bodies to see how far they can go.

Essentially, powerlifting is about moving as much weight as possible where the emphasis is usually on low repetitions and high loads.

Some powerlifters can eat in excess of 10,000 calories a day which sounds fun at first but becomes extremely tedious after a while.

Essential powerlifting equipment includes things like an Olympic bar set, a power rack, and a bench.

166. Practical Jokes (Pranks)

You wouldn’t think that practical jokes could become a hobby but for some people, they take their craft very seriously.

Practical jokes often involve setting up an elaborate ploy to fool the prank victim into thinking something serious or scary is happening when in reality it’s just a trick to leave them feeling embarrassed or confused at the end of it all.

As a hobby, you can get as creative as you want with your pranks and you may need to buy props or use your communication skills to get others involved.

167. Pressed Flower Craft

Pressed flower craft is a popular hobby and is quite literal in the naming of it as you will literally be pressing flowers, usually after dehydrating them, to be displayed and collected on your shelf or sold to buyers.

168. Puzzles

Unlike just doing jigsaw puzzles, general puzzles have much more to offer and are a far more all-encompassing hobby where you’ll attempt to solve a variety of conundrums that test your wits.

There’s no end to the type of puzzles you can do which is why we recommend starting with a big book of puzzles first.

169. Pyrography

Pyrography is an off-shoot niche area of woodworking that involves scorching said material with a pyrography pen or a blowtorch to create elaborate artwork to be sold on or displayed around your home for decoration.

Pyrography pens are relatively cheap and are the most commonly used tool in this craft which is why it’s worth getting a pyrography kit as it will include all the necessary attachments too.

170. Phillumeny

Phillumeny is another type of collecting hobby where you’ll be collecting matchboxes from around the world or from historical time periods.

Most match boxes often include elaborate designs or artworks which is what makes them so appealing to collect.

171. Poker

Poker is a card game but one that is so popular that we’ve included it as its own standalone hobby in that you can invest your time.

Poker involves playing against other people where you’ll compete to form the best hand of cards, however, it also involves a high degree of deception as you can also use bluffs to confuse your opponent into thinking your hand is better than it may really be.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With Q

172. Quilling

Quilling is a form of paper craft where you’ll cut, shape and form bits of paper to make decorative images that can be sold or displayed in your home.

It’s a fairly simple hobby and one that can be great for kids or someone who is wanting something creative but straightforward to get into.

173. Quilting

Quilting is another quite literal hobby where you’ll be employing a variety of methods to create quilted (layered) garments or bed quilts that can be used for personal reasons or sold to customers.

As a minimum, you’ll want at least 3 layers stacked up to be classed as a quilted material and you can use something as simple as a needle and thread to accomplish the task or a sewing machine.

174. Quizzes

A quiz is a questionnaire usually centered around a topic such as music, television, or pop culture where you can either compete against yourself or others to score as many points as possible by answering as many questions as you can.

There are so many types of quizzes out there and you can even find many free ones on YouTube to keep yourself entertained all day.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With R

175. Radio-Controlled Model Playing

There are a wide variety of radio-controlled devices that you can play with as a hobby but the most popular and notable are usually cars or boats.

The defining aspect of this particular hobby is that you are playing with models which basically means scaled-down replicas of real-life objects or machines.

176. Railway Modelling

Model railway creation is one of the most popular hobbies on the planet and that’s because it offers you the ability to create railway systems, customize the landscape, and use a variety of model trains to make a perfectly functioning piece of art.

One of the most popular model railway companies is Hornby who have been around for a very long time and makes some of the most prestigious trains including the one in Harry Potter.

177. Rapping

Rapping is the art of formulating words in a rhythmic and rhyming fashion that is then usually incorporated within popular music songs.

It’s a hobby that requires years of practice to get good at and is one that is deeply rooted in black community culture.

Its popularity has increased over the years and although the delivery of rap has changed, it’s never lost its moment in the limelight, unlike some other genres.

All you need is a microphone karaoke system and some backing beats to give this one a go.

178. Refinishing

Refinishing is a type of restoration hobby where you will restore a variety of items to their former glory such as knives, weaponry, and even furniture.

You’ll need to do careful research to find what techniques are the best to restore the piece you are working on and which chemicals might help make the job easier without damaging the piece.

We recommend watching some videos to get a taste of what to expect first and buying a refinishing/restoration book.

179. Robot Combat (Robot Wars)

Robot combat is a hobby that has you developing your own robot or machine that is often equipped with a variety of weaponry to help you beat your opponent’s robot.

It has deep roots within engineering and electronics meaning you’ll often need to have a background in those areas to get the best out of this hobby.

180. Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s cube gets a special mention on our hobby list because it has transcended its origins as a toy and has become something else entirely.

People all around the world compete to solve the Rubik’s cube as fast as possible using a variety of techniques such as memorization and route planning to match all the colors up.

Essentially, a Rubik’s cube is a 3D puzzle that allows you to move each section forwards and backward until each side is matched.

Although the concept is simple, a Rubik’s cube can offer you endless hours of fun and can be a useful tool to help get your creative juices flowing.

181. Rafting

Rafting is a water-based hobby where you build and use a raft to cross bodies of water or so you can drift with the motion of the current to take in the views around you.

There’s not necessarily a goal to this hobby but you can make a sport out of most things if you want to and it’s also a great way to get outdoors in nature.

182. Railway Journeys

Traveling by rail is essential for some commutes but has also become a hobby for some people due to how enjoyable the experience can be.

There are thousands of railway systems all across the world with a wide variety of trains that you can board to take you on those journeys.

Rail enthusiasts often cite the sound, smells, and views as being the most important part of this hobby as well as the history.

183. Rappelling

Rappelling is an extreme-sports hobby where you’ll be descending a variety of manmade towers or large monoliths in a controlled fashion.

This descent involves being attached to a rope that allows you to descend at the speed you prefer but also ensures that if you make a misstep you won’t suffer horrific injuries or death.

We recommend attending classes with experienced rappelers before attempting to do this yourself.

184. Road Biking

Road biking is a hobby that involves riding a bicycle on various roads across the country or around the world as a sport or even as a passion.

You’ll need a road bike to get started and you’ll also want to get familiar with how to repair your bike especially if you’re cycling long-distance as it means you can quickly get back on the trail if a tire pops or if your chain breaks.

185. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a hobby that literally involves climbing up rock faces such as mountains, cliffs, and various monoliths all around the world.

This hobby can be done with safety equipment (which we recommend) but some people choose to do free climbing as they think it’s a pure experience.

As with any dangerous hobbies, we recommend consulting an expert or attending a climbing class to get familiar with the techniques and dynamics.

186. Roller Skating

Roller skating is a more general hobby compared to the previously mentioned inline skating as you’ll have more flexibility with the types of skates you can use and where you can do it.

In terms of the design of the skates, you’ll find the more traditional format is with four wheels that are set out like a car with two at the back and two at the front.

Previously, roller skating was a popular pastime for some of the older generations who would attend roller rinks across various cities that were also combined with music to make it a better experience.

All you’ll need is a pair of roller skates and maybe some protective equipment to get started.

187. Rugby

Rugby is a team sport hobby that involves using your hands, feet, and a set of team tactics to score a try against the opposing team.

The ball is not circular like in Soccer but is more akin to American Football where the shape is more oval.

This is a great hobby that can help you make friends and get in great shape at the same time whilst having heaps of fun.

188. Running

Running is probably the oldest hobby on our list, aside from walking, and that’s because it’s something that is part of the biomechanics of being human.

In case you didn’t know, running is a form of movement that is often used to get to places faster, escape danger, and even stalk animals over long distances.

Our bodies are incredibly energy-efficient when it comes to running meaning we may not be the fastest but we can outlast any creature that we are pitted against.

It’s now done as a hobby either for enjoyment, to aid in weight loss, and to compete against others in sprints or as endurance events to see who can last the longest.

You don’t need anything to start running but we highly recommend a set of running shoes as as they will help keep your foot in good condition and make the journey far more enjoyable.

189. Record Collecting

Collecting records is something that has evolved over time from being something that you had to do to listen to music (as it was the only format) to now being a hobby that people engage in to collect special records or increase their collection.

Of course, there are far more efficient methods of music storage these days such as digital hard disks, however, people swear that you can’t get the same sound experience as listening to a record which also makes this pastime incredibly enjoyable for the listener.

All you need is a record player and your first record to get started which you can find through various online outlets and even at local stores in your area.

190. Rock Tumbling

Tumbling is a process that you can apply to many types of things, however, most people do rock tumbling which is basically the process of smoothing out rocks.

It might not sound like much but for the people who enjoy doing it, it can be a cheap and effective pastime that can stave off boredom.

191. Role-Playing Games

Role-playing games are games that you can play where you adopt the demeanor of a character from a fantasy world and take on some of his or her characteristics.

One of the most popular RPG hobbies is Dungeons & Dragons which is a tabletop-style RPG that has fundamental rules and dice rolling baked into it to let you play out a story with your friends.

These random factors that are part of the D&D system make for a much better experience as you can’t guarantee the outcome will work in your favor all the time meaning you’ll have to get creative with your storytelling.

192. Race Walking

Race walking is another quite literal hobby in that you basically race other competitors whilst walking which it’s judged quite strictly as you must keep at least one foot on the ground at all times.

This hobby is extremely underrated but is actually very popular in certain niches around the world meaning you can easily get involved.

193. Roller Derby

Roller derby is a niche contact sport hobby that involves two teams of fifteen members who race around a course in a counter-clockwise fashion.

To score points, the jammer must lap the other racers whilst trying to get through the opposing team’s blockers who try to stop them.

Although there are a variety of leagues across the world, it’s played most commonly in the USA meaning if you don’t reside there it may be hard to find a team or somewhere to play this.

194. Radio-Controlled Car Racing

Unlike using radio-controlled vehicles for fun, radio-controlled car racing is a hobby turned into a sport that is very similar to motor car racing except is done with radio vehicles instead.

Although you mainly find electric RC cars in the shops, this particular hobby mainly uses petrol-based custom RC cars at the moment instead of electric.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With S

195. Shooting Sports

Shooting sports can be classed as a hobby when you do it as part of a competitive setup or where you’re tasked with a specific objective such as clay pigeon shooting.

We probably don’t need to stress how dangerous this one can be if not practiced correctly which is why we recommend seeking guidance from experts.

196. Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a hobby that remains firmly rooted as one of the quintessential extreme sporting pastimes where you ride on a wooden board with wheels to accomplish a variety of tricks in the street or at a dedicated skate park.

As a hobby, it’s one of the best things you can get involved with as you’ll often meet like-minded people at local skateparks or events which means you can make some very good friends over time.

Make sure you get a decent skateboard, a helmet, and some pads before you get started.

197. Skiing

Skiing is a snow-based hobby where you propel yourself down snow-capped mountainsides on a set of skis at speed whilst avoiding objects such as trees and rocks.

This is another extreme sports hobby and is incredibly dangerous as you run the very real risk of starting an avalanche where you could be buried alive.

With that said, it’s also used to traverse or glide across snow and can be an efficient mode of transport depending on your local climate.

198. Sled Dog Racing

Sled dog racing is a snow-based hobby where you assemble a pack of dogs that are attached to each other and a sled where you’ll be pulled along by them in an attempt to beat time trials or other sled dog competitors.

It’s very popular in colder regions of the US and other snow-touched places around the world meaning there are yearly championship events hosted that you can compete in.

199. Softball

Softball is a hobby that is similar to baseball yet has a couple of distinct differences such as the larger ball it’s played with and the unraised pitching circle that is closer to the bat’s person.

In essence, then, it’s a watered-down version of baseball yet remains extremely popular for many people around the world, especially in the US.

200. Speed Skating

Speed skating is a hobby that takes place in a specialized ice rink where you’ll race against other competitors in a timed event where you’ll try to beat them.

This isn’t something that you often see done as a hobby, however, it’s one of the most popular Olympic events therefore you’ll still find a niche selection of people who partake and train for it.

201. Squash

Squash is a relatively simple racket and ball hobby where you’ll be confined in a four-walled room with one other player where you’ll both serve the squash ball off the wall in such a fashion that the opposing player won’t be able to serve it back.

Like many sports, it has its own tournaments and events to partake in but is also just a very fun way to spend the day with a friend or family member.

202. Surfing

Surfing is an extreme sports hobby where you’ll use a surfboard to ride the waves in the sea where you can perform tricks or can simply enjoy the pleasure of being sped around by water.

It does require a good degree of safety due to the unpredictable nature of the sea and we also recommend getting surf lessons beforehand.

203. Swimming

Swimming is a multi-faceted hobby that can be done for a wide variety of reasons.

Being a water-based hobby you need to exercise a degree of caution, however, it can help you get in incredible shape and is also just a ton of fun challenging yourself to beat a personal best.

There’s no best way to swim in truth but we do recommend getting a set of goggles if you intend to swim underwater as it will allow you to see properly and can also prevent nasty things from getting in your eyes.

204. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a hobby that you might be familiar with from being a teen; essentially it’s where you gather magazine cut-outs and/or other memorable prints that you can paste into a scrapbook to look back on.

Don’t let age stop you though, scrapbooking is incredibly fun regardless and you’ll be able to share it with friends when they come to visit.

205. SCUBA Diving

SCUBA diving is a water-based hobby where you explore underwater regions of the world with your own SCUBA kit which includes all the necessary equipment to keep you oxygenated for far longer than would be naturally viable.

The clues in the name; SCUBA actually mean self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.

206. Sculpting

Sculpting is a form of art that people practice as a hobby to make beautiful sculptures of animals, posing humans, and even abstract creations.

The materials can vary depending on your preference as you can sculpt with basically any mouldable medium such as clay, stone, metal, and wood

Most people know sculpting for stone sculptures such as the ones you see in Rome.

207. Sewing

Sewing is a hobby that has many practical applications as well as being a ton of fun where you can fasten various bits of material together to complete or enhance a specific garment.

We recommend grabbing a sewing kit and some practice fabric before you start on anything that might be precious.

An interesting fact, sewing is known to be one of the oldest textile skills in human history that has origins dating all the way back to the Palaeolithic era (circa 10,000 B.C.)

208. Shoemaking

Shoemaking is a hobby that is mostly done as a business these days, however, there’s still much joy that can be garnered from lovingly making a beautiful pair of shoes.

Leather is still one of the primary materials used in this craft but in truth only your creativity is your limitation with what you use.

Check out this relaxing shoemaking montage to get an idea of the process and to see some of the tools a shoemaker uses:

209. Singing

Singing is a super popular hobby these days due to the surge in hit reality TV shows such as the X-Factor, American Idol, and The Voice that allow amateurs to go on to see if they have what it takes to land a record deal.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, and in truth, singing has been around since the dawn of man — music is coded into our soul and seems to be something that we all need a bit of from time to time.

You can sing anywhere you want including in the shower, however, if you want to practice then we recommend trying Karaoke with your friends first to make it more fun.

210. Sketching

Sketching is similar to drawing but has a more nuanced appeal to it and is often done to flesh out ideas or to help recall something rather than to be done as a finished product.

With that said, there is some appeal to a hastily drawn piece of art such as the famous Leonardo da Vinci sketches that display some of the intricacies of the human body.

211. Slot Car Racing

Slot car racing is a popular pastime as a kid but can also be very fun for adults especially when you want to kill a bit of time racing cars around a track.

The slot car is attached to a specific track that has a groove or “slot” in it that guides the car around on.

Aside from the slot car, most slot car sets have a trigger that you can squeeze to accelerate the car around the track to increase the speed, though don’t go too fast or your car might fly off.

212. Soap Making

Soap making is a hobby that has seen a resurgence in popularity due to the increase in people wanting to use animal-friendly products or organic ingredients rather than some of the more controversially made soaps that use an abundance of harsh chemicals.

Chemicals are still required, however, soap making has evolved over the years and there are many ways to accomplish the process that is far friendlier for the environment.

In fact, once you get into it, soap making can become a great pastime as you can use a wide variety of fragrance oils that can make your soap smell unique and you can even donate it as a gift to a friend for a birthday.

213. Social Media

Perhaps not the most skilled hobby on our list, however, no one can deny the effect that social media has had on our society and how popular it remains.

Most people remember the boom starting sometime around the Myspace era circa 2003 but it only truly hit its peak when Facebook started to rise to stardom.

There are a variety of social media platforms you can use that allow you to engage with millions of other users, often within sub-niche groups, such as Reddit, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

There’s not necessarily a purpose to this hobby but it can help you stay in touch with friends and can allow you to share your funniest moments with loads of people around the world.

214. Sailing

Sailing is a hobby that involves using a boat that has a sail attached that can catch the wind to generate propulsion to move you across the water.

As a hobby, you can sail on basically any body of open water but many people sail as a sport across vast expanses of seas or oceans.

215. Sand Art

The most basic introduction to sand art as a hobby is probably from being a kid when you built sandcastles with a plastic mold that would quickly be kicked down by your older siblings.

As a hobby, sand art is another medium to leave your impression or mark on the world where you can create vast art pieces and even messages inscribed in the sand for a lover.

216. Shopping

Shopping is probably one of the most fun hobbies as it allows you to go crazy with your hard-earned cash so you can buy an assortment of products such as clothes, electronics, and food.

In fact, this hobby can actually be done to support other various hobbies where you might want to buy things such as collectibles, cards, and basically anything else you can do for enjoyment.

We recommend doing this one with a friend to maximize the enjoyment.

217. Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is a hobby (similar to curling) that involves using long cues or your hands where you need to push weighted discs to a scoring area.

It’s relatively simple and is enjoyed all across the world by many people; it’s thought to have originated in 15th-century England and there are many variations of this game that can be played.

In large events, this is usually played on the floor with a proper shuffleboard playing area, however, you can also get a shuffleboard table for your home.

218. Skimboarding

Skimboarding is a water-based hobby that is similar to surfboarding except for the fact the board is usually smaller and some of the techniques you use differ slightly such as the way you enter the water.

In truth, you can use a skimboard to surf waves if you want to just like a surfer would or you can perform tricks against the oncoming waves.

219. Skydiving

Skydiving is an extreme-sports hobby where you’ll be jumping from an aircraft (with a parachute) at altitudes of thousands of feet up in the air.

This hobby is known to be popular with thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies but is also one of the most deadly sports if anything goes wrong.

Basically, your equipment and technique must be flawless otherwise it’s almost always guaranteed death.

Fly with caution!

220. Slacklining

Slacklining is a hobby that involves walking along and balancing on webbing material that is anchored to two adjacent points such as a tree connected to another tree.

It’s similar to tightrope walking except for the fact that the material you use in slacklining is different.

In general, slacklines offer far more give than a tightrope does but can still be adjusted depending on your preferences.

221. Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a snow-based hobby that involves navigating down mountains at speed or performing tricks on various snowboard courses using a snowboard.

The snowboard is similar to a skateboard except it doesn’t have wheels as it relies on the snow to glide across the surface.

This one is similar to skiing but has the extreme sport nature of skateboarding as there’s a greater emphasis on performing tricks.

222. Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is a hobby that involves using your snowmobile to traverse across snow-touched tundra or so you can compete in snowmobile races against other competitors.

The snowmobile is a mixture between a motorbike and a jet ski that only really differs because it uses a tread to grip the snow.

223. Soccer

Soccer, also known as Football in the UK, is one of the most popular hobbies on the planet and has thousands of amateur and professional leagues to compete in for players.

Soccer involves a spherical ball that is dribbled, kicked, and passed between a team of eleven players in which the task is to score in the opposing team’s goal more times than they to win.

There are a few variations within soccer such as 5-a-side and freestyle football that can involve performing tricks with the ball rather than playing in a competitive game.

224. Stone Skipping

Stone skipping is something you’ve probably done as a kid out of boredom, or perhaps if you were taking a hike through a local park that had an open body of water to throw rocks at.

Essentially, stone skimming is a hobby where you attempt to get as many bounces as possible off the top surface of the water before the stone sinks by throwing it fast and with technique.

225. Sunbathing

Sunbathing is something that humans have done recreationally since the dawn of time whereby you strip down your clothing and take in the rays to warm your skin or to give you a nice tan.

Contrary to some of the fearmongering, sunbathing is a good way to get your daily intake of vitamin D provided it’s not too cold out — just remember to apply a generous helping of sun cream to protect your skin.

226. Shoe Collecting

Shoe collecting is a hobby that has been around for a relatively long time but is probably the most popular now than at any time in history.

This is largely thanks to a wider range of shoes that are now considered rare such as specific types of Air Jordans.

You can also collect skate shoes or basically anything else that you can assign a category to mean the fun never has to stop.

227. Sports Memorabilia Collecting

Sports memorabilia collecting is a hobby that involves gathering a range of rare or memorable sporting bric-a-brac such as scarves, hats, posters, trophies, and trading cards that are either kept to be displayed or to allow their value to gestate so they can be sold later down the line for profit.

If you’re particularly into your sport then this is a great hobby to do alongside your avid interest in following the matches.

228. Stuffed Toy Collecting

Similar to other collecting hobbies, stuffed toy collecting allows the person to gather up a collection of rare stuffed toys or different iterations so that they can be displayed or kept for later in time whereby their value has increased.

There are literally millions of stuffed toys that are sold all around the world meaning you can really get serious about this.

229. Seashell Collecting

Seashell collecting is a great hobby as it’s free and can be done at basically any coastline around the world.

There are many types of shells you can collect that vary in size, shape and even color meaning you’ll be able to do this for a lifetime and never get bored.

230. Sea Glass Collecting

Sea glass collecting is a hobby that can be combined with seashell collecting whereby you collect different bits of colored glass that have been shaped and worn down by the motion of the sea over time.

You’ll find many colors including brown, green, and blue which are typically the most common but you can also find some more unusual colors like red.

231. Stone Collecting

Stone collecting is a great hobby for someone who wants to collect something that doesn’t cost anything but can be done nearly anywhere on earth and is essentially endless in the variations of stones you can find.

You’ll find smooth stones, obsidian stones, and even speckled stones that all make for great viewing at home in a display cabinet.

232. Speedcubing

Speedcubing is similar to Rubik’s cube in terms of the format but can often be more difficult as speedcubes are made with extra problems to solve or added layers of depth.

This hobby is great if you need something that keeps your mind occupied and can offer a challenge for you to solve.

233. Shortwave Listening

Shortwave listening is a hobby that involves listening for shortwave radio broadcasts that are found between the 1700 kHz and 30 MHz frequencies.

Most commonly, this hobby is done to listen to varied news sources such as those from abroad, and also as a way to kill time by embracing the technical aspects of radio.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With T

234. Taxidermy

Taxidermy is a commonly misunderstood hobby as it is perceived as morbid, however, for the people performing the process of preserving a dead animal, it brings satisfaction knowing that a person will feel like their pet is with them forever.

As a pastime, especially when done for commercial purposes, great care is required to make sure that the animal looks as lifelike as possible and as accurate to the living state of the pet before it passed on.

235. Tai Chi

Tai chi is a hobby that has been around for hundreds of years and was invented as a way to enhance the body and clear the mind from any negative thoughts.

It’s often mistaken to be a martial art but tai chi is actually practiced for internal strength rather than to exercise physical violence against another person.

236. Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular rackets and ball hobbies in the world where you’ll typically use a tennis racket to hit the ball in specific locations that score you points against your opponent.

It requires a high degree of physical fitness to play this sport at an elite level and also hawk-like coordination to intuitively feel the correct steps when playing.

It’s common to find tennis courts in local parks and at designated sports centers meaning you can practice it whenever necessary.

237. Topiary

Topiary is a niche hobby within gardening where you’ll practice various techniques and skills to keep your hedges or bushes looking as shapely as possible, often designed to be elaborate artworks for people to view.

You’ll commonly witness examples of topiary at garden centers or at large stately homes that are host to important people and even royalty.

Similar to other hobbies such as sculpting, you’ll need specialized items like hedge trimmers and secateurs to optimize the process.

238. Travel

Going traveling is one of the best hobbies you can have and one that we highly recommend dedicating some time towards at some point in your life to freshen up what feels like groundhog day sometimes.

Part of the fun is in the process of deciding what you’ll need to wear and where you’ll be going on your adventure which is best done with a friend or significant other.

239. Tea Bag Collecting

Tea bag collecting is an unusual hobby but one that still attracts a high level of enthusiasm from collectors due to how varied tea bags are.

You can find tea bags in all manners of shapes and sizes, and in a variety of materials to meaning there’s plenty for you to keep in your collection.

240. Ticket Collecting

Ticket collecting is a popular hobby for people who frequently visit the movie theatre or go to see their favorite bands perform at local concerts or gigs.

You can keep track of your collection on a corkboard or safely tucked away in a metal tin to be taken out on rare occasions when you want to relive the memories all over again.

241. Toy Collecting

Toy collecting is an expansive hobby that has millions of niches and sub-categories for you to collect from meaning you’ll never reach the end.

This hobby is great especially if you’re particularly invested in a certain franchise or character universe that has popular characters to collect in a toy format.

242. Table Football

Table football is another very popular hobby that is centralized around using a table football unit that has plastic football players attached to metal bars that can be turned and twisted to hit the ball toward the opposing player’s goal.

Provided you score more than your opponent, you’ll win the game and possibly any bets that have been placed.

243. Table Tennis

Table tennis is a popular hobby and one that is seen being played in the movie “Forrest Gump” where both players use a paddle to hit a small plastic ball across the table to their opponent in an attempt to make them miss or drop the ball.

Provided your opponent has missed or dropped the ball more than you and has not scored more times then you’ll win the game.

This is actually a great hobby in the house as the tables are relatively small and it can be really entertaining for people of all ages.

244. Tennis Polo

Tennis polo is an uncommon sporting hobby where two teams will attempt to score against the opposing team by throwing a tennis ball into a goal defended by a goalkeeper who uses a racquet.

It shares a variety of commonalities between sports such as soccer, lacrosse, and hurling.

245. Tour Skating

Tour skating is a sub-niche within ice skating where you’ll use ice skates to traverse vast ice expanses such as across lakes or frozen bodies of water.

This is a potentially dangerous hobby that we recommend doing with another person to make sure they can keep an eye out if anything should go wrong.

With that said, it’s not always easy to find lakes that are frozen solid for the majority of people around the world.

246. Triathlon

Triathlon is a sporting hobby where you’ll compete in a race that has three modes of transport such as running, swimming, and road biking.

This is a great hobby if you want to get in good shape as it challenges your body in a variety of ways but is also easy enough to set up with a bunch of friends to increase the competition.

When swimming in open bodies of water, such as the sea, make sure to exercise precautionary measures and observe good water safety practices.

247. Trainspotting

Trainspotting (not the movie) is a common hobby for people who enjoy observing the engineering of various trains and engines that can be done all around the world across a wide range of railway systems.

Train spotters often make a day out of the event before the train comes to ensure maximum satisfaction such as setting up food and drink stations, and also investing in a decent camera to snap a few pictures before it passes.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With U

248. Urban Exploration

Urban exploration is a hobby where you traverse around streets, back alleys, and cityscapes to take in the architecture or culture of the place you’re visiting.

It’s something that has become far more popular these days due to the large expansion of urban landscapes that are appearing all around the world.

249. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is a sporting hobby that involves playing with a team and shares many similarities to American football where instead of a ball, you’ll have to pass the frisbee between players to ensure it doesn’t get snatched off you.

There is a little bit of contact involved, however, is far more streamlined and tamed down compared to American football where you’ll often be charged at high speeds by the opposing players.

250. Unicycling

Unicycling is a hobby that is often practiced as part of a circus act but is also regularly performed for street acts to raise money.

A unicycle is unique in the fact that it has only one wheel rather than two like a standard bicycle.

This means you’ll need a good level of balance and some practiced intuition to make the most of your unicycling skills

Fun Hobbies Beginning With V

251. Video Game Developing

Video game development is one of the most satisfying hobbies you can do as it allows you to create vast worlds and interesting characters in a game that potentially could be played by millions of people.

Video game development is rather multi-faceted so you will need a wide range of skills such as coding, GUI development, and 3D modeling to facilitate the skill of rendering your images in-game.

This is most often done as a combined project rather than a solo hobby, however, there have been some accounts of successful solo developers making generous returns from their work.

252. Video Gaming

Video gaming is probably one of the most popular hobbies on the planet as it allows you to play a huge range of games that offer different challenges for you to complete or get good at.

As an industry, it supports people from the youngest of children all the way up to the oldest of adults and even supports people who are disadvantaged or disabled meaning you’ll never be stuck for choice regardless of your needs.

Some of the most popular consoles include the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, however, gaming PCs are also one of the most common formats to game on as they allow greater flexibility.

253. Videography

Videography is the skill of movie-making that requires a wide range of camera equipment, techniques, and abilities to accomplish in a professional manner.

Most video projects require audio capture, video capture, acting, and some editing meaning you’ll need to get a grasp of a few things rather than just one to create the most effective movie piece.

With that said, you don’t need to overcomplicate things at first, and even shooting some basic footage can allow you to get to grips with your editing and clipping process.

254. VR Gaming

VR gaming is a sub-category of the video gaming hobby, however, is done in a niche format that involves wearing a VR headset and haptic feedback suits to create an immersive experience that makes you feel like you are part of the game world.

We really believe VR gaming is the true intended experience for future games but still has a long way to go before it feels like being in your own world.

255. Video Game Collecting

Video game collecting is a niche hobby that has become seriously popular over the past ten years mainly due to famous YouTubers showing off their collections and the fact that games are inevitably getting older and thus rarer to find in certain formats.

In truth, you can collect any games you want but some of the most valuable are ones from older consoles such as the SNES or the first PlayStation.

256. Vintage Car Collecting

Vintage car collecting is probably the most expensive hobby on this list and one that requires millions of dollars of investment if you want to take it seriously.

In most cases, you may need to have the car restored back to its former glory before you put it on display in your garage which can be a further cost on top of actually buying the car itself.

Check out Jay Leno’s garage which includes some of the rarest supercars and vintage cars on the planet:

257. Vintage Clothing Collecting

Vintage clothes collecting is another popular hobby thanks to local boutiques popping up everywhere that offer the chance to buy rare or unusual clothes pieces for you to keep or display at home.

This hobby can also require heavy financial backing meaning its not something to get into lightly without the means to do so.

258. Volleyball

Volleyball is a team-based sports hobby that involves attempting to score against the opposing team over a net (similar to tennis) using your hands to generate the force to land it in the other team’s court.

It’s a relatively simple concept but one that requires excellent hand-eye coordination and athleticism to stay consistent.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With W

259. Watching Television/Movies

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable and popular hobbies on our list is watching television or movies all day.

We’re incredibly lucky in the current age we live in due to the fact we have access to various unlimited streaming services that let us watch movies and tv to our heart’s content.

Some of the most popular services include Amazon Prime (which offers a free trial), Netflix, and Apple TV which can all be streamed on their relevant apps or through a smart television that has the app’s built-in.

260. Waxing

Waxing is a hobby in which you seek to remove bodily hair with a waxing kit that leaves your body incredibly smooth due to the fact that the hair is pulled from the root rather than just the surface being shaved off.

It’s something that you can do for yourself or for others in a private or commercial capacity depending on if you want to make money from it or not.

261. Welding

Welding is a hobby that is often incorporated with other hobbies that require you to use or manipulate metals to form shapes or attach things to each other.

You’ll need to practice good safety precautions as you’ll be using dangerous items such as plasma torches that can give off ultra-bright light and searing temperatures that can leave you with serious burns.

262. Whittling

Whittling is similar to wood carving but is done to a lesser effect where you usually try to shape wood rather than trying to create elaborate artworks or functional items.

263. Winemaking

Winemaking is a hobby where you’ll be making grape-based alcoholic beverages to drink, share with family, or even sell for profit to prospective buyers.

To complete this process end to end, including growing the grapes, you’ll need to have your own vineyard to complete much of the process which is costly and time-consuming.

With that said, you can try a scaled-down version of winemaking through a homebrew kit where you can add ingredients and flavor your wine.

264. Wood Carving

Wood carving is extremely similar to the previously mentioned whittling, however, often involves more elaborate techniques to fashion out functional bowls and objects, and even to create artworks that can be displayed or sold to buyers.

Etsy is one of the most popular websites for selling your woodcrafts that can help you easily turn your hobby into a business.

265. Word Searches

Word searches are a popular hobby for the older generation as they are often featured in newspapers or magazines that are more commonly read by older people.

A word search involves attempting to solve a puzzle to guess the words that are hidden using deduction and the clues that are given in the word search itself.

This task is relatively simple to grasp but can actually be a great way to spend your day if you have nothing else to do.

266. Worldbuilding

Worldbuilding is a pastime whereby the worldbuilder will create the details of a fantasy world such as one that includes mythical creatures, beasts, kings, queens, and even how the landscape looks.

You can world-build in a written format but can even take this idea to the next level with rendering programs and even by drawing up some artwork as a representation of what you’re imagining.

267. Weather Watching

Weather watching is a hobby where you deliberately seek to observe various weather phenomena to enjoy, listen to, and even record to keep as a memory.

The next step up from this is storm chasing which is far riskier and is often done by a professional crew who seek to gather information from their escapades.

268. Wingsuit Flying

Wingsuit flying is an extreme-sports hobby where the person will wear a wingsuit that allows them to glide for long periods through the air while descending to earth from a great height.

You’ll often do this from high-altitude mountains and even cliffsides as the logistics are easier than sourcing a plane and pilot from somewhere.

269. World Record Breaking

World record-breaking can become a hobby for some people who seek to add a repertoire of achievements under their belt for personal gain or just to say they accomplished something that very few others could do.

You can literally flip through the Guinness Book of Records and pick a record at random that you can start working towards — an interesting prospect we dare say.

270. Wrestling

Wrestling is a hobby that can be done for self-defense, or for competition, and is even incorporated in other fighting events such as MMA that allow you to use multiple fighting disciplines to beat your opponent.

The style of wrestling involves controlling your opponent with grabs and also utilizing their body weight to slam them off the ground to beat them into submission.

271. Water Polo

Water polo is another uncommon team-based water sport hobby that you play with six other team members (seven in total) where you attempt to score the opposing team’s goal.

The best way to describe it is that it’s similar to football with the style of goal, but you use your hands to shoot instead and swim in a pool instead of running around a pitch.

272. Whale Watching

Whale watching is about as on-the-nose as it gets and you’ll basically be watching a variety of whales or dolphins swimming around in their natural environment from boats or coastlines.

To make this hobby easier and more enjoyable you’ll usually have a pair of binoculars for spotting and a camera with a telephoto lens to capture pictures from a distance.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With X

273. X-ray Image Collecting

X-ray images are unique in that they allow you to see dense objects under the skin, such as bone, that can give you a completely different perspective than a normal picture would.

Because of their uniqueness, x-ray images are an attractive item for collectors as they are always different from any other x-ray.

274. XC Skiing

XC Skiing is a snow-based hobby where you can hike across snow-touched landscapes on a pair of skis, often being done for the purpose of competition or to face other cross-country competitors.

275. Xare

Xare is a variation of the popular sport, basque pelota, that is often played in regions of Spain, France, and parts of Latin America.

It’s similar to squash where you’ll be serving a ball against a wall in the court but if it bounces twice before you hit it again then you’ll lose a point

This game is often played with rackets but can also be played with your bare hands depending on the game variation you’re playing.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With Y

276. Yo-yoing

Yo-yoing is a popular hobby amongst children and teens but is also played competitively as a sport against other yo-yo enthusiasts where you’ll perform a variety of tricks to be scored by judges.

Yo-yos are relatively cheap and can provide lots of fun, especially if you decide to get a yo-yo that features ball bearings and axles that allow the yo-yo to spin for much longer.

277. Yoga

Yoga is a hobby that has been practiced for thousands of years but was originally conceived not just as an exercise-based phenomenon, but also with philosophical and spiritual ideals in mind.

With that said, it is now performed regularly to alleviate stress and to provide a gentle exercise regime that can be practiced by a wide range of people with varying dispositions.

278. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms on the planet as it allows basically anyone to upload their own content and provides lots of free media for people who are interested in basically anything.

The best way to visualize YouTube than is that it’s like Google but with videos being the primary method of delivering information to the person rather than by text or image.

You can find YouTube videos for documentaries, exercise routines, instructions, and basically anything else you can think of including videos of cats doing stupid stuff.

279. Yodeling

Yodeling is a form of singing that has a niche following due to how unique the style is.

To yodel, one must learn to rapidly change between a normal singing pitch to that of a higher (falsetto) which can require years of practice to do right.

Fun Hobbies Beginning With Z

280. Zumba

Zumba is a form of fitness that incorporates dance-based cardio rather than traditional steady-state options to help you lose weight.

Because of the emphasis, it places on fun rather than feeling like a chore, this has rapidly taken off all around the world and is something you can get involved in at home or by attending a Zumba class.

281. Ziplining

Ziplining is an extreme-sport hobby where you’ll descend down a steel line that is typically attached to an adjacent point such as from a bridge down to an underpass below.

Whilst on the zipline, you’ll be attached to a protective seat that helps you glide down in relative enjoyment whilst you view the scenery around you.

282. Zoo Going

Going to the zoo is an excellent hobby for basically anyone of any age and disposition where you can view a huge selection of animals that you wouldn’t usually see in your natural environment.

Some of the fan-favorites include lions, tigers, chimpanzees, and meerkats but you’ll find hundreds, or potentially thousands of different animals at the zoo for you to engage with or take pictures of.

20 Productive and Practical Hobbies

283. Activism

Activism is something of a popular pastime for many people these days due to the fact that we can access information far easier meaning it’s hard for poor practices to go unnoticed.

As a hobby, activism allows you to attend rallies with other activists where you’ll typically make signs and chants to get your message across for the purpose of positive change.

284. Foraging

Foraging is something we’ve previously talked about in one of our other articles regarding off-grid hobbies, however, it’s something that deserves another mention due to the fact that it can be very practical in a life-or-death situation as it will allow you to source naturally growing foods from your environment.

This hobby requires a little care as some foods can be poisonous or can cause serious side effects such as hallucinations if you mistakenly eat the wrong thing.

285. Gardening

Gardening is a fun hobby but also has practical benefits such as helping you to unwind at the end of a long day and can even be a way for you to bond with a significant other by creating something special together.

There’s no right way to garden and you can essentially do what you want with a variety of plants, flowers, vegetables, herbs, and basically anything else that naturally grows in the ground.

Once your garden is complete, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy it during the summer months whilst tending to it every now and again to prevent it from overgrowing.

286. Prepping

Prepping is another popular hobby these days that have some practical benefits in that you basically prepare for long-term disaster (should it ever occur) by building bunkers, kitting out pantries, and implementing sustainable power sources in case the power grid is unavailable.

Although most people consider this to be farfetched, it’s still worth considering that our world has never seemed more divided than it has recently.

287. Hiking

Hiking is a hobby that has many practical benefits such as increasing cardiovascular health, reducing stress, and allowing the person to exercise in a gentle fashion that may not be possible with more aggressive exercise like running.

It’s very cheap and you won’t really need any specialized equipment except for maybe a water bottle and some waterproof “dry” clothing.

If you go hiking cross-country or across mountainous terrain then we recommend kitting yourself out with some hiking boots to help prevent injury.

288. Journaling

Journaling is a useful hobby for many situations such as documenting mood changes, identifying bad habits in your day, and so that you can recall memories or events that have occurred in the past.

If you’re one for efficacy or making the most of any given situation then we highly recommend getting a journal to start this process off.

289. Jogging

Jogging, similar to hiking, is a gentler form of exercise that can allow you to gradually build your exercising abilities to help you lose weight before getting into more vigorous forms of training.

Again, with jogging, you don’t need anything special except for a water bottle and some waterproof clothing to prevent sweat build-up or chafing.

290. Knot Tying

Knot tying is a skill that is fun to practice but actually has many practical benefits depending on the type of situation you’re in.

It’s not as common these days to find people who know how to tie multiple knots, however, that makes the skill all the more impressive to learn when you most need it.

If you want to get acquainted then we recommend doing some research via YouTube or a book that shows you various knot types for you to practice.

291. Survival

Survival skills will always be practical as you never know when you’ll find yourself in a situation that requires them.

It’s mainly done as a hobby these days such as when camping or hunting for animals, however, some people like to test themselves by doing extended stays on abandoned islands or in harsh environments.

If you want to get serious about this hobby then we recommend investing in your own survival kit with all the essentials such as knives, rope, food, and medical equipment for cuts or grazes.

292. Reading

Reading is a great hobby and offers lots of fun but we decided to include it under our productive hobbies section because the benefits of reading are innumerable.

For one, you can read a book on almost anything meaning you can quickly get skilled in a chosen subject in just a few days depending on your reading speed.

It can also expand your worldviews which is a really important part of developing yourself as a well-rounded person who is significantly undervalued in the age of short attention spans.

If you don’t know where to start with reading then try a subject you’re already interested in to expand your knowledge or read about something you’ve always wanted to learn.

Alternatively, you can try some of the fiction classics such as Lord of the Rings or Dune.

293. Science

Science has many interesting sub-categories and specializations that can be explored but it’s also one of the most productive hobbies as it basically quantifies why things are the way they are in our universe.

This knowledge can be used to help you understand something but it can also be used to the benefit of the human race.

294. Mechanics/Engineering

Mechanics by definition can be used in the practical application of constructing, designing, and operating machines or tools.

As a hobby, having a good understanding of machine mechanics or engineering i.e. how machines work, can really allow you to navigate more freely in a world that is increasingly becoming more reliant on electronics or machinery to do various tasks for us.

295. Martial Arts

We’ve mentioned a few martial arts skills in our A-Z hobbies list but we wanted to recap and reiterate that learning how to defend yourself is an extremely important skill to have in a society that is becoming more unpredictable and opinionated.

Some of the best martial arts skills to learn are kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling as they offer the most comprehensive ways to defend yourself so you can quickly control your opponent to prevent further violence.

296. Weightlifting

Weightlifting is one of the most notably productive hobbies as it allows you to increase your strength, bone density, and general fitness levels all while shaping out an aesthetically pleasing body.

With this in mind, you can easily train your muscles with a variety of tools such as resistance bands, dumbbells, and machines depending on your preference or room setup.

297. Mathematics

Mathematics, just like science, is a fundamental area of numeric study that helps us to communicate in specifics why something reacted the way it did or to present sets of data that explain trends that would not have been obvious otherwise.

Math truly is the language of the universe and it’s helped us to understand many important things that have allowed the human race to prosper.

As a hobby, you can challenge yourself with various math problems including applying it in a practical setting such as for construction work.

298. Spreadsheets

Knowing how to develop a spreadsheet is incredibly useful for day-to-day living as you’ll be able to quickly and cohesively structure data to be presented back to yourself or to be used in a work setting.

As a hobby, you can organize various aspects of your living such as food expenses, or isolate bad habits like impulse buying.

299. Pet Adoption

Adopting a pet is not an easy decision and needs to be treated with care to avoid disappointing lots of people including the pet itself!

With that said, if you have the means to do so, adopting a pet can be incredibly rewarding to give it a home, keep it fed, and otherwise treat it to a happy life that it may not have had otherwise.

One of the best things about adoption is that you get to have a gorgeous pet without spending money but you’ll also be able to choose the one that most needs your care and love.

300. Interpreting

Interpreting is a skill that is becoming far more necessary as people tend to move around frequently these days due to the ease of travel.

If you know a second language then it can be useful to put that skill to work in areas such as peacekeeping, and communication, and to help people process important information such as bills.

301. Sign Language

Sign language is something you probably haven’t thought of as a hobby if you aren’t hearing impaired, but it can actually be a lifeline for people who are isolated or alone in these communities to have someone to talk to or to help them communicate their needs.

In fact, one of the most unique types of sign language is for the deafblind community as they have two types of impairment that mean you have to sign on their hand rather than visually.

There are some great videos on this topic to help you learn the signs but we also recommend checking out this book to get an idea of some of the challenges people like this face.

302. Volunteering

Volunteering is a brilliant hobby as it allows you to meet new people and help those in need.

You can volunteer for basically any charity and they will assign you to a position that suits your skills and style of work.


Hopefully, after reading this eyewatering list of hobbies you’ll have something that you might want to try as your new passion.

We believe there’s no “right” thing to pick and it will most likely come down to the type of person you are and what interests you have.

As always, if you enjoyed the article, don’t forget to share or embed it where necessary. You can also save our homepage to your favorites for regular hobby updates and information.