5 Reasons Why Mobile and Console Players Are True Gamers (Just as Much as PC Gamers)


Mobile and console gamers get a lot of stick from PC gamers mainly because they class them as being fake gamers and not as dedicated to gaming as PC players are.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and in reality, mobile especially is leading the way to the future of gaming alongside other major developments like virtual reality for consoles.

The best thing about gaming is that it’s one of the least discriminative hobbies in terms of accessibility and who can play them — even people with disabilities can usually be catered for with novel technologies to assist them or by using in-game modes such as the colorblind functionality.

Accessibility means giving lots of different people the ability to do something and that’s exactly what mobile and console gaming are good for: they get more people involved!

If you’re not convinced yet, check out our top reasons why we think mobile and console gamers are true gamers below.

Yes, Mobile and Console Gamers Are Real Gamers: Here Are 5 Great Reasons Why

1. Mobile and console gaming offer different ways to play

If gaming were the same across the board we think that’d get stale real quick.

Mobile and console gaming offer different styles of play, from the way we interact physically to the types of games they allow us to play.

This will naturally vary compared to a traditional keyboard and mouse PC setup, however, that doesn’t make the people who choose to play on console or mobile any less of a gamer.

It just means they have a different preference in the way they want to engage with their games.

Console gamers typically prefer a comfort-driven experience from the comfort of their sofas, whereas mobile gamers prefer the fast-paced nature of being able to quickly login to a game in the palm of their hand whilst commuting or when on a break at work.

2. Mobile and console gamers help drive innovation

PC gaming is only one style of gaming, and because of that, it can only offer a limited pool of data to help drive innovation.

This is one of the most important reasons for considering mobile and console gamers as true gamers.

They help drive innovation by engaging with games in a different way compared to PC gamers which mean developers have more data to learn from to make our games even better — yes, even for PC gamers too.

The same applies to life, if we were all the same then we’d never have any unique thoughts or interests to get involved with and probably wouldn’t have made many of the fantastic discoveries over human history.

To underscore this point then, mobile gamers and console gamers are true gamers, however, they’re just using different tools to engage with these virtual worlds through touch screens or controllers — this increases the amount of data and feedback we can use to make games better in general.

3. Mobile and console gaming reduce financial barriers to gaming

Having more ways to access gaming is great for people who don’t have the budget for a dedicated gaming PC.

Maybe they’re simply playing on a console or mobile because it’s all they have or all they can afford at the moment until they have more money.

Things aren’t always as cut and dried as they seem and we think that having more ways to play games is great to help keep costs low for whoever wants to embrace this awesome hobby.

Saying someone isn’t a true gamer just because they play on a console or mobile is morally wrong, for many reasons, but mainly because the reasons can’t always be helped by the individual.

Think about it like this; if PC gaming were the only way to play games then manufacturers would be able to charge whatever they like for components rather than having to try to compete with $400 games consoles or $100 budget mobile phones.

4. Mobile and console exclusives are still appealing

Some of the most dedicated gamers in the world are those who follow exclusive titles to play for the lore, character advancements, and to see how the story unfolds.

It’s not realistic to tell someone they aren’t a gamer simply because they’re playing on a phone or on a console.

Maybe it’s the only way for them to play that specific exclusive game and we think that’s completely acceptable from a gaming standpoint.

Plus, PC gamers often forget that they may have started out playing on consoles and more than likely played some of their most memorable games on console too.

Heck, even handheld consoles such as Gameboy brought us amazing titles like Pokémon Red and Blue which has spawned an entire generation of Pokénerds the world over, both on PC and console.

5. Mobile and console gaming is interwoven with PC gaming

PC gamers may not like to hear this, but for the most part, mobile and console gaming is often interlinked with PC gaming too.

What we mean by this is that many of the virtual worlds we play on PC can also be played on console and mobile too.

A great example of this is Hearthstone, a card game developed by Blizzard that can be played on both PC and mobile.

This means all your achievements, cards, and decks can be played from the palm of your hand as well as from your dedicated PC gaming command center.

Basically, if you’re calling mobile and console gamers “not real gamers”, then you’re essentially declaring war on yourself.


In conclusion, mobile and console gamers are real gamers because the lines are often blurred these days between how and where you can access those games for both PC and console/mobile.

Essentially, most PC games can be accessed on console or mobile and vice versa so there’s very little reason for the tribalism that we usually see between these three parties.

Plus, mobile and console gaming is key to driving innovation within the gaming industry as it brings different data sets for developers to learn from.

Another factor is cost: just because someone is playing on a console or mobile shouldn’t strip them of the right to be classed as a true gamer — maybe their finances are the dictating factor which isn’t always an attribute you can control.

Neither are disabilities — you can’t control your disposition which means that mobile or console gaming might be the only way for that person to get engaged with gaming.

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