Top 10 Best Intermediate Yoyos – The Complete Buyers Guide


We’ve talked about the best yoyos from MAGICYOYO (who are an upcoming brand) and we’ve also talked about the best yoyos for beginners, however, we thought it would be worth broaching the topic of buying yoyos when you’re at an intermediate level.

If you want to learn more about yoyoing then make sure to check out our comprehensive article about what makes yoyoing both a sport and a hobby.

In this article, you will mainly find unresponsive yoyos, especially since intermediate players will just be beginning their journeys with this type of yoyo.

At an intermediate level, we still don’t think it’s worth spending tons of money so we’ll mainly be recommending cost-effective yoyos that offer you a good taste of what to expect from unresponsive yoyos.

The 10 Best Yoyos for Intermediate Skill Levels

Top 10 Intermediate Yoyo Summary

Here’s a quick overview of our top intermediate yoyos:

All of the yoyos in this list are unresponsive except the Yomega Maverick

1. MAGICYOYO T5 Overlord – Cheapest Unresponsive Yoyo

– MAGICYOYO T5 Overlord – Check Prices Now

Who’s it for?

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Low to intermediate skills
  • First time using an unresponsive yoyo

The cheapest unresponsive yoyo on our list is the T5 Overlord from MAGICYOYO, and although it’s extremely cheap, it still offers decent sleep times and is made with a premium lightweight aluminum build.

If you’re just getting into unresponsive yoyos and are learning the ropes of intermediate tricks then the T5 Overlord is a perfect choice when you’re on a budget.

You’ll be happy to know (similar to most MAGICYOYO offerings) that you’ll also get some spare string in the packaging, a yoyo glove, and a travel pouch depending on if you need to take it around with you.

2. MAGICYOYO N8 – Undersized Unresponsive

– MAGICYOYO N8 – Check Prices Now

Who’s it for?

  • Young Intermediates/Small Hands
  • Unique Feeling
  • Great for specific tricks

The next offering on our list is the MAGICYOYO N8 which is an undersized unresponsive yoyo; it’s fully functional just like a “full-sized” offering, though, because of its size, can actually offer a more unique playstyle.

In fact, if you’re a kid (or just have small hands) then the N8 can allow for greater control than a full-sized unresponsive yoyo and means you can practice regardless of your disposition or age.

With that said, some people just prefer undersized yoyos for how they perform and it’s one of those things you need to experience to really understand.

If you like the idea of playing with something a little different then the MAGICYOYO N8 is a great choice.

3. MAGICYOYO Y01 Node – Great Price to Performance Unresponsive

– MAGICYOYO Y01 Node – Check Prices Now

Who’s it for?

  • Excellent price compared to the performance
  • Good for serious intermediates on a budget
  • Looks subtle
  • Great all-rounder

If you’re wanting a great all-rounder yoyo that performs well and is relatively well priced then the Y01 Node is a perfect choice.

It’s probably one of the sleekest looking yoyos we’ve seen with its black and white design and also boasts improved sleep times compared to some of the entry-level intermediate yoyos.

In fact, it’s made from high-grade aluminum material and also contains 10 ball stainless steel KK bearing which is generally more stable and faster than the previous yoyos on this list.

Similar to the other MAGICYOYO offerings, they include a glove and some spare string to keep you going for lots of sessions.

4. VOSUN O1 EZSPiN – Coolest Design Unresponsive

– VOSUN O1 EZSPiN – Check Prices Now

Who’s it for?

  • Flashy performances
  • Bold personalities
  • Makes tricks look cooler

If you want a yoyo that looks amazing and performs just as well, then the VOSUN O1 EZSPiN is an excellent choice that can wow your audience.

The design of the yoyo is impressive and features a “splash” effect combined with some really bold colors on a black background making it look like a galaxy in outer space.

Although yoyoing is mainly about how you perform tricks, it’s also very important to have a yoyo that stands out as it can make the performance look so much better.

It has a precision machined body and also has a matt textured surface meaning it’s really nice to hold too.

5. Duncan Toys Roadrunner – For Serious Intermediates Unresponsive

– Duncan Toys Roadrunner – Check Prices Now

Who’s it for?

  • Intermediates who are serious
  • Performances
  • Well-respected yoyo brand

If you’re wanting a yoyo that is backed up by one of the biggest yoyo brands in the world then the Duncan Toys Roadrunner is an amazing choice.

Duncan has been making yoyos for years and they only keep getting better the longer they’re around.

For an intermediate, the roadrunner can be a little more expensive than some of our other suggestions, however, if you’re serious about making yoyoing a lifelong passion then we think it’s worth the extra cost.

The Roadrunner is made from an extremely durable form of aluminum and Duncan has put their seal of approval on this saying it should last a very long time.

You’ll also be happy to know that Duncan offers a wide variety of color choices on the Roadrunner including solid color options or splash effect colors.

In terms of width, it’s around 44mm making it excellent for catching the string when performing tricks meaning you won’t have to worry about failing during your performances.

6. Duncan Toys Windrunner – For Serious Intermediates That Prefer Heavier Yoyos Unresponsive

– Duncan Toys Windrunner – Check Prices Now

Who’s it for?

  • Intermediates who are serious
  • Prefer heavier yoyos
  • Well-respected yoyo brand
  • Good for executing tricks

The Duncan Toys Windrunner is just as good as the Roadrunner, however, it offers a little more weight in the hand which is great for people who prefer heavier yoyos.

It’s about the same width as the Roadrunner meaning it will catch the string quite easily making it a safe choice for performances and to carry out your tricks with finesse.

As with most Duncan yoyos, the Windrunner comes in a wide range of colors meaning you can pick what suits you the most.

It also includes their licensed SG response system that increases friction for high-performance tricks if you’re wanting to try something a little more advanced.

7. MAGICYOYO Y02 Aurora – Light Up Unresponsive

– MAGICYOYO Y02 Aurora – Check Prices Now

Who’s it for?

  • Flashy performances (literally)
  • Adding flair to your tricks

If you’re wanting a yoyo that can really help you stand out during performances then the Y02 Aurora from MAGICYOYO can help you do that with its light-up functionality.

It’s an unresponsive yoyo that is reasonably wide and is a little weighty (though not as heavy as the previously mentioned roadrunner) which means it’s a good contender for competitions or to perform tricks on.

It’s reasonably well priced compared to some of the Duncan yoyos and also comes in a range of colors depending on your preferences.

Some people mentioned in their reviews that there weren’t many instructions so if you think you’ll struggle with setting up the batteries or lighting mechanism then you may want to avoid it.

Other than that, it boasts powerful LED lighting and can really make your performances look mesmerizing, what’s not to love?

8. Yoyo King Double Agent – For Long Spins Unresponsive

– Yoyo King Double Agent – Check Prices Now

Who’s it for?

  • Good for specific long-spin tricks
  • Great stability
  • Great for string precision

If you’re wanting an intermediate unresponsive yoyo that spins for a long time then the Double Agent from Yoyo King is a great choice.

In fact, it’s been specifically designed with long spins in mind and is weighted more towards the outside of the yoyo meaning it has great balance too.

The flared shape also makes it great for catching so you’ll be able to execute your tricks and performances with relative ease.

Lastly, its design is rather unique and is great to add to an ever-growing yoyo collection if you want something that stands out.

9. Yomega Maverick – Best Responsive Intermediate

– Yomega Maverick – Check Prices Now

Who’s it for?

  • Advanced Intermediates
  • Intermediates who need a good responsive yoyo
  • Easy String Catching
  • Lightweight
  • Respectable Yoyo Brand

If you’re wanting a full-sized yoyo that’s both lightweight and wide enough to easily catch your string then the Yomega Maverick is a perfect choice.

In fact, Yomega makes some excellent yoyos and they’re so confident that you’ll have a good experience that they even offer a 3-month warranty in case of defects.

Primarily, this yoyo is aimed at advanced intermediates and people who are looking to make the jump from intermediate to a professional level but still want to use a responsive yoyo.

However, regardless of where you are in your journey, you’ll get an excellent experience from the Yomega Maverick.

10. Yoyo King Spin Control – Most Versatile (Responsive & Unresponsive)

– Yoyo King Spin Control – Check Prices Now

If you can’t make your mind up for whether you’re going to be using a responsive or unresponsive yoyo then the Yoyo King Spin Control is the perfect choice as it comes with both responsive and unresponsive bearings that you can swap out.

As well as that, it’s a very impressive, well-polished-looking yoyo meaning it’ll look great during performances as well as offering superior versatility compared to some of the other options on this list.

You’ll also be happy to know that’s it’s one of the most reasonably priced yoyos on this list especially considering everything you get with it.

Our Favorite Intermediate Yoyo – The “Yoyo King Spin Control”

Buy it here

As an intermediate, it’s very likely you’ll still be trying different tricks and styles and that’s why it’s hard to beat a yoyo like the Spin Control that comes with both responsive and unresponsive bearings.

Not only that, but it also looks well-polished, sleek, and even has instructions to help you get it up and running or even to help you change your bearings out.

You’ll also be happy to know that it should last a long time as it’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum which can take a fair few knocks before you’ll want to replace it.


In conclusion, there are tons of different yoyos that are great for intermediate players and hopefully, this guide will have pointed you in the right direction.

In most cases, you’ll probably want to use an unresponsive yoyo, however, we still think it’s worth considering what options are available in a responsive format as they can allow you to do some specific tricks.

As we mentioned, the Yoyo King Spin Control is a great intermediate-level yoyo that allows you to interchangeably swap out the bearings for either a responsive or unresponsive playstyle meaning you never have to worry about buying another yoyo.

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