Top 9 Best Cheap Unresponsive Yoyo – Complete Guide & Summary


There are plenty of unresponsive yoyos out there. However, finding a cheap one that works well isn’t always the easiest task.

Thankfully, we’ll be going over which unresponsive yoyos we think work well whilst also being cost effective.

In fact, you may be surprised at how good some lesser known brands of yoyos really are, especially if you look deep enough.

Below, you’ll find an explanation for each yoyo we recommend and why they’re good. But, if you’re pressed for time then you can find our quick summary immediately below this.

The Cheapest and the Best – Unresponsive Yoyos (Top 9 Summary)

Quick Summary

1. MAGICYOYO N11 – Best on a Very Low Budget

The N11 from MAGICYOYO is perfect for people who want a well-rounded unresponsive yoyo on a very low budget.

It’s not too large and not too small in terms of width meaning it’ll work well for catching your string and will make performing tricks a breeze.

Although it’s the cheapest on the list, it does come with an aluminum body which we usually see reserved for more expensive yoyos which really does make it a bargain.

As with most yoyos from MAGICYOYO, you’ll be happy to know that you get plenty of spare string, a yoyo glove, and a storage pouch to keep your new toy in perfect condition.

2. MAGICYOYO Y01 Node – Cheapest for Long Spins/Sleeps

If you’re wanting something that’s both cost-effective and sleeps for quite a while then the MAGICYOYO Y01 Node is the best choice for you.

In fact, being able to perform certain tricks depends entirely on how well or how long a yoyo will sleep for and the Y01 guarantees you’ll get long enough to do exactly what you need boasting 30% extra sleep times.

As well as that, the Y01 comes in a variety of colors (which can be chosen at checkout) and some of them look flat out awesome.

It’s also worth mentioning, the Y01 Node is a little on the weighty side but this makes it a little more premium-feeling and can be nice in the hands.

It’s wider than the average offering from MAGICYOYO but this also means it’s very easy to perform tricks and catch your string with.

Overall, there are very few downsides to the Y01 making this a great contender for a permanent yoyo choice.

3. MAGICYOYO M001 Silencer – Most Well-Reviewed Cheap Unresponsive

If you only trust your purchases based on high-scoring reviews then the M001 Silencer has tons of great reviews to back up making this choice.

It’s not hard to understand why between it’s great looks, excellent performance, and solid overall build that MAGICYOYO has been able to put into this.

In terms of specs, it’s not the widest yoyo on the list so you’ll probably want to have a decent grasp on your yoyo skills before considering this one as it might make catching the string a little bit harder than some of our other picks.

It’s also not too heavy or too light, it falls somewhere in the middle for a full-sized yoyo making it a great choice if you want something that feels familiar in your hand.

4. Yoyo King Grind Control – Toughest and Most Sturdy

Out of the cheap unresponsive yoyos, the Grind Control from Yoyo King is extremely tough and sturdy meaning it can really take a beating if you’re going all out with it.

In case you’re wondering why it’s so tough, it’s because the aluminum body has been anodized meaning it’s relatively scratch-resistant but also protects it from corrosion too.

One of the side-effects of anodizing aluminum is that it makes the metal more aesthetically pleasing to look at (in our opinion) so it’s a win-win.

In terms of weight, it’s towards the heavier end of the scale giving it a somewhat premium feel in the hand, however, it’s not as wide as some of our other options so is generally selected by intermediates or professionals.

5. Duncan Toys Echo 2 – Cheapest Well-Known Brand Yoyo

If you want an unresponsive yoyo from a well-known brand then the Duncan Toys Echo 2 is a perfect choice.

For such a well-known brand, it’s relatively cheap, though a little more expensive than our previous mentions.

However, some people will only buy yoyos and toys from the big-name brands mainly due to their reliability and the fact they can get in touch with customer service if they need to.

We think the Echo 2 looks fairly standard, however, you’ll be happy to know there’s tons of choice in terms of colors meaning you can pick something that suits your style.

In terms of specs, it’s towards the heavier side meaning it feels premium in the hand — it’s also made from aluminum meaning it can take a little bit of a beating too.

Overall, it’s a great well-rounded choice if you need a cheap unresponsive yoyo from a well-known brand.

6. Duncan Toys Freehand Nextgen – Cheapest Counterweight Unresponsive

If you need a cheap unresponsive for counterweight tricks then Freehand Nextgen from Duncan Toys is extremely cheap whilst also being fairly effective for tricks too.

It comes in a variety of colors meaning you can pick something that matches your style and also has a dice-style counterweight too.

In terms of specs, it’s rather lightweight and is also fairly narrow too meaning you’ll need to be a little practiced to pull off your tricks with finesse.

Overall, this is a great entry-level counterweight yoyo that should suit most intermediates and pros on a budget.

7. Yoyo King Ghost Bi Metal – Cheapest Customizable (Both Responsive & Unresponsive)

If you want a highly customizable yoyo that also looks amazing then the Ghost Bi Metal from Yoyo King is the perfect option.

In terms of customization, it comes with both responsive AND unresponsive bearings making it a great choice for multiple styles of play.

It’s worth bearing in mind you do pay a little bit of a premium for this level of customization, however, is cheaper than buying both a responsive and unresponsive separately in most cases.

In terms of spec, it’s about average in terms of weight meaning it’s a great all-rounded but is also not the most narrow either so should be suitable for both intermediates and professionals.

8. MAGICYOYO Y02 Aurora – Cheapest Light-Up Option

If you need something that’s flashy (literally), performs well, and helps make your performances look way cooler then the Y02 Aurora from MAGICYOYO is the best option for you.

For a light-up yoyo, it’s relatively cheap, though you do pay a tiny bit of a premium for this functionality.

It comes with a few accessories including the batteries needed to light the yoyo up saving you extra money on those things.

You’ll be happy to know, if you don’t like the standard black and blue color then there’s a couple of other selections to choose from too.

9. Duncan Toys Windrunner – Cheapest High-Performance

If you need pro-level reliability and performance on a budget then the Windrunner from Duncan Toys is an infallible choice.

Pros from all around the world have used this yoyo in competitions and tournaments meaning you can have absolute confidence when the moment strikes.

In fact, Duncan is probably one of the most well-known brands in the world meaning you know you’ll be backed up with great customer service too should the need arise.

In terms of it’s aesthetics, we think it looks rather sleek and you’ll be happy to know that it comes in a wide assortment of colors depending on your preferences.

It’s also about average in terms of weight so should feel well-rounded in the hand and is also a little wider to make sure you can execute your string tricks with perfection.

Which is our favorite?

Personally, we think they’re all great but the M001 Silencer from MAGICYOYO strikes the best balance between cost for performance.

It also looks rather unique compared to some of the other selections meaning it will look great during performances.

With that said, there’s no absolute “best choice” as it will always depend on your needs.

Hopefully, you’ll now have a better idea which unresponsive yoyos you can get on a budget.

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