13 Hobbies for Someone Who Gets Bored Easily (Reward Your Inconsistency)

If you get bored easily then it’s quite likely you enjoy trying different things but find it hard to stick to one specific pastime in which you can maximize your efforts. For this reason, it’s important to pick hobbies that have a low skill curve as opposed to ones that take a long time to get good at, mainly due to the fact that inconsistent patterns of behavior will affect your ability to enjoy hobbies that require regular practice.

Because of this, we’ve picked hobbies that are easy to get into and actually reward inconsistency meaning you can pick them up and put them down whenever you like, or whenever you find yourself bored again.

1. Photography

Photography is an excellent hobby to have in your repertoire, especially if you’re someone who’s known for having fleeting passions. That’s because many of the skills learned in photography aren’t easy to forget and don’t usually require any intuitive abilities (unlike say pitching a baseball accurately and with the right technique).

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Basically, cameras do the majority of the technical work, you just need to find the places to shoot. And better yet, most people have access to a camera in the form of their smartphone meaning almost anyone can get involved for virtually no cost. That said if you’re wanting to get photographs that allow for better performance in more unusual conditions (low light, fog, and astrophotography) then you’ll definitely need a DSLR camera.

Either way, photography is something you can do whenever and wherever you like meaning there’s no pressure to stay consistent or have a schedule to keep practicing at it — it all depends on your wants and needs and whatever makes you happy within the photos you’re taking.

2. Collecting

Collecting is another really fun hobby that doesn’t require any technical skill which means it’s very easy to enjoy without a ton of focus or effort. And better yet, it’s very easy to incorporate amongst other existing hobbies or can even augment them.

Collect whatever you want, whenever you want.

The pace at which you collect things can be as slow or as quick as you like, yet for some people, it’s even a lifelong activity where they’ll collect certain things until the day they die. There are no set rules that dictate how you should collect or what you should collect which makes it an excellent hobby for someone who gets bored of things easily.

3. Video Games

Video games are without a doubt the best hobby for people who get bored quickly or don’t have a long attention span. Not to say that some games don’t require your undivided attention and focus, but for the most part, you should able to find something that’s easy to pick up and put down whilst still giving you tons of enjoyment.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a gaming PC or a games console, though, console gaming has been known to be more casual-friendly due to the emphasis on having everything ready from the get-go. It’s also more inclusive for others who may share the living quarters with you which can be a win-win.

That said, if you’re looking for something that you can take to work or play on the go then there can be no replacement for mobile gaming or the Nintendo Switch.

4. Cooking

The great thing about cooking is that you don’t particularly need any expertise to make tasty dishes — you can simply find some great recipes, buy the ingredients, and start making them whenever you like. This includes anything ranging from delicious, fresh Greek food or even things like exotic Asian food.

Better yet, it can even become a bit of an outlet for your creativity which is a really fun way to unwind after a hard week at work. It’s also a perfect way to unite the household by making taste-tantalizing meals for your loved ones and friends.

5. Hiking

Hiking is just a fancy way of saying you’re going for a walk but it’s also one of the most underrated hobbies, especially for people who get bored quickly. The idea might not sound tantalizing but it often doesn’t reveal its benefits until you’re actually in the moment having a good old walk, whether by yourself or with friends.

Sometimes breathing in the crisp air, visualizing the horizon, and smiling at people as they walk past is all you need to get out of a funk. In a way, it’s like a reset for the mind that helps ground you and allows you to find purpose once more. Plus, it’s free, and who’s gonna argue with that?

6. Traveling

If you find yourself getting bored quickly then maybe life, as it is right now, isn’t doing enough for you. In some cases, there can only be one way to solve your perpetual boredom and that involves completely leaving the place you live and going on an adventure.

The main stumbling block with this is that most folks assume holidays cost a lot of money, which yes, some do. However, if you know where to look or take some time to do some bargain hunting then it’s not completely impossible to be able to travel to a new destination for relatively little money. After all, adventures should be about embracing the culture and meeting new people, not spending extravagant amounts of money on unnecessary niceties.

Plus, for someone who gets bored easily, traveling to a new place constantly gives you the buzz of new surroundings, places to visit, and restaurants to eat at. What’s not to love?

7. Arts & Crafts

The branch of arts & crafts is rather vast and includes things like woodworking, clay sculpting, painting, and knitting. Mostly, it will involve making things from scratch whether that be as something to admire or possibly as something functional like a piece of clothing or furniture.

For anyone who gets bored easily, these types of hobbies will give you almost unlimited options in terms of how you approach them meaning it’s very hard not to find something you enjoy. They also offer the possibility to be turned into businesses making them extra productive if you can get to a good level. Plus, people will always want handmade goods as they’re unique and can be made to certain specifications.

Business aside, arts & crafts are a great way to stave off boredom because they allow you to harness your own inner creativity and bring it to life.

8. Martial Arts

Sometimes life is too tame to be fun and this is where martial arts comes in rather handy (pun intended). As such, testing one’s own abilities in combat against another human is one of the rawest ways of waking your soul up from its slumber. Sometimes you need to unleash the beast to really satiate the perpetual boredom you’re feeling.

Plus, you’ll be able to choose from tons of different martial arts such as boxing, wrestling, karate, and mixed martial arts meaning it shouldn’t be a struggle to find something that tickles your fancy.

9. Shopping

Shopping isn’t the most in-depth hobby, nor the most accessible, however, it is one of the most fun if you have some spare cash laying around whereby you can make a really spontaneous day out of it with some friends and can possibly grab something to eat afterward.

Most cities have a good selection of shops, including boutiques if you’re looking for something a little more specialist or quirky. You can even go shopping for accessories for your other hobbies which is an excellent way to make your trip more productive. Either way, shopping is a good way to let off some steam without doing something too complicated.

10. Camping

Camping is similar to traveling but is a little more specialized and deliberate as an activity whereby you’ll incorporate a level of self-sufficiency to meet your needs. This includes building your shelter, creating a heat source, and making sure you have enough food to eat to get you by.

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Some people like to bring food with them whereas others like to catch food for themselves depending on their skill set and what kind of food is available in the surroundings. That said, camping is just a great way to disconnect from the usual craziness of modern life and can serve as a way to reset your senses. If you’re feeling perpetually bored, it might be worth going off the grid for a day or two to help recalibrate yourself.

11. Practice Minimalism

Sometimes life becomes too cluttered for you to have fun. Yes, it’s true. You can simply have too many “things” in your life that it becomes almost impossible to focus on something more rewarding or wholesome.

As such, minimalism isn’t so much a hobby as it is a way of life, though, it has fairly well-defined elements that make it enjoyable much like a hobby would. Basically, the idea is to scale down your life whereby you cut back on unnecessary niceties such as designer clothing, convenience gadgets, and even a big house if you’re lucky enough to have one.

The benefit of living like this is that you get to focus on the things that truly matter whilst also having a beneficial impact on the world around you in which you can reduce the amount of energy you use and things you waste. It can also help resensitize you to more simple pleasures such as going for a walk or reading a book.

12. Extreme Sports

Extreme sports such as skateboarding, BMX’ing, and parkour all offer something that most traditional hobbies cannot – they flirt on the border of danger which for some people gives them a rush that no other pastime can.

If you find you’re getting bored quickly with most typical hobbies then it may simply be the case that they aren’t doing enough for you. Sometimes you have to up the ante to elicit a response that makes you feel alive and excited. This isn’t the same thing as being reckless or stupid; there are tried and tested ways to stay safe whilst performing extreme sports such as wearing the appropriate protective equipment and practicing in a dedicated space with experts around you.

13. Entertainment Days

Having entertainment days means planning scheduled events at the cinema, shopping centers, theme parks, outdoor experiences, and arcades. It may even include more unique, once-in-a-blue-moon-type experiences like airshows or other such niche events. The key to staving off boredom can be as simple as planning ahead and having a packed calendar full of events to keep you entertained.

We recommend keeping track of things like this by setting reminders in your phone, scheduling your calendar, and even having physical reminders in places such as on your fridge or whiteboard. It’s also worth linking up with friends and family, not only to plan events with them but also so they can have some input about what types of experiences to get involved in.