These Are the 10 Best Hobbies (Statistically Speaking) 2022 & Beyond

Hobbies are great because they help us make the most of our time in productive and fun ways, however, if you’re seeking a little inspiration or just want to know which hobbies are the most popular (or considered the best) then look no further as we have the answer below.

All of the information is concluded based on a census generated by Statista meaning the answers have been taken from a wide range of people in both the US and the UK. (1) (2)

1. Reading

Reading is undoubtedly the quintessential hobby of hobbies because it’s capable of transporting you to fantastical and imaginative worlds full of adventure with basically zero skill input. However, it can also be a conduit for absorbing years of experience in just a couple of weeks depending on if you have the desire to learn which makes it one of the most productive hobbies too.

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Just think about it, almost all of the hobbies on this list (and across our site) require some form of reading if you really want to get to grips with them quickly. And just like other mediums of information transfer (such as video), it’ll remain forever popular because humans are curious creatures who are always seeking to learn something new or to help find the answer to their quandaries.

2. Cooking & Baking

Cooking and baking, for the most part, were necessary skills for much of our history as humans, however, the mastery of food production has meant that we now have the luxury of abundance in which we can be more choosy about what we eat and how we produce it.

Naturally, humans seek to embed their creative flare in most things as a way of expressing themselves and also as a way to create a sense of permanence in an often fleeting world. After all, food is something that we all need otherwise we wouldn’t live very long; why not make it taste good?

3. Traveling

Traveling isn’t a necessity like the above activities (to some degree), though, unlike simply reading about a place in a book or online, traveling allows you to physically experience a place for yourself which is arguably a better way to embrace different cultures.

It also offers an opportunity to escape from our normal lives which for the most part are spent chained to a desk churning out mundane activities for a company that probably doesn’t care much for you, I digress.

Most of all, it’s the human spirit of adventure that keeps traveling firmly in the top ranks of the best hobbies and activities whereby you get to see and experience the achievements of your fellow man or woman all around the world.

4. Pet-Based Activities

Some people treat having a pet as like having another brother or sister whereas others would consider it all of that and more whereby they’ll dedicate their time to mastering the bond between themselves and the pet.

Having a pet is so much more than just another addition to your household.

This includes going for walks, taking it traveling with you, teaching it tricks, and even involving it in humanlike celebrations such as birthdays or Christmas. These types of activities would put this type of experience firmly in the camp of being a hobby, yet it remains extremely special because it’s a real, living, breathing creature that is capable of its own responses and feelings.

However, humans are social creatures too. This is why having a pet will forever remain one of the best hobbies or pastimes to have because it’s unlike anything else.

5. Socializing

Most people don’t think of socializing as a hobby mainly because it’s something they do as part of their everyday life — they grew up indoctrinated in social settings such as school or church, and as such, it feels as natural as breathing.

However, any activity that you do for pleasure can be classed as a hobby, though, it has certainly become more established as a dedicated pastime, especially since the rise of reality TV and socialite celebrity personalities who are famous for nothing except hanging out with their friends. Pretty cool, huh?

Celebrities aside, socializing is extremely important for the average person which is why we recommend trying to get out and about as often as you can with whoever you can.

6. Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and surfing are just a few of the pastimes that fall under the huge selection of things you can do in the great outdoors. Because of this, it’s not hard to understand why it’s one of the best and most popular ways to spend your time.

Better yet, most outdoor activities have great scope for including other people which means you can incorporate both socializing and having a good time all whilst doing exactly what you love. Heck, even the kids can get involved. If you’re stuck for ideas then make sure to check out our adventure hobbies list.

7. Video Gaming

Video gaming is a hobby that we love to talk about a lot on our website, mainly due to the fact that everyone who works with us is a gamer. In fact, over the past decade and especially since the dawn of the internet, gaming has only gotten more popular and looks set to continue that trend well into the future.

Part of the reason for its popularity is mainly the fact that it offers a convenient way to escape the mundaneness of your own life in a cheap and convenient form factor right in your own living room.

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Not only that but there are tons of ways to play your games depending on whether you prefer the convenience of a couch/controller setup or prefer a more dedicated gaming station through a gaming PC setup. You’ll also be thrilled to know that games are almost as varied in books in the way that there are hundreds of different genres to pick and millions of games to choose from.

8. Gardening & Plants

Gardening is one of the best hobbies in the world thanks to how simple it is to learn yet how scalable your level of creative input can be. You really can take your time with gardening and can slowly work at your masterpiece at a rate that perfectly suits you. There are no set ways to go about gardening which means everything is a completely blank canvas ready for you to perfect.

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Whether you want to grow a beautiful rose bush or have lots of little hanging baskets dotted around the perimeter of your home, gardening offers almost unlimited customization and input from yourself and almost anyone else who wants to give it a go. Plus, if you don’t have the space then you can opt for an indoor hydroponics setup or a herb garden instead.

9. DIY Arts & Crafts

DIY and arts & crafts are pretty much any activity that involves making things from scratch whereby you can make models, shapes, and even functional pieces of furniture such as chairs.

It’s not hard to understand why this pastime finishes in the top 10 especially since it can allow you to leave a permanent and/or physical imprint on the world, and can even be a conduit for creative expression.

In fact, skilled artisans at their chosen craft such as woodworkers or tailors can command huge fees for their skills owing to the fact that they can make bespoke objects to fit the person’s needs. This is one pastime that shouldn’t be underestimated and should still be tried even if you don’t think you’re creative.

10. Sports

Playing sports and watching sports are two of the most popular pastimes in the world thanks to how entrenched they are in human society and culture. This is thanks to our constant reverence for people who go the extra mile to be the absolute best athlete they can be, but also because sports allows us to channel our competitive and tribal nature.

There’s nothing simpler than being the strongest or most agile; almost everyone has the same opportunity to train their bodies to become better — although intellect may give you an advantage in some sports, sheer determination and physical dominance will usually have you come up trumps in even the most unlikely situation.


It’s not hard to understand why the above hobbies make the list of the most popular hobbies (and some of the best) in the western world — they offer repeatability, longevity, and extreme satisfaction which is a cocktail for a lifelong pleasure that can be enjoyed whenever you get a spare moment.