21 Community Hobbies to Get You Involved With Others (Accomplish More Together)


Spending time with passionate communities can really help you feel more positive, excited, and generally more invested in the hobbies you’re engaged in.

In fact, humans are social creatures so it should come as no surprise that we benefit when working towards a common goal with our fellow men and women.

With that said, most people are relatively shy and struggle with confidence when it comes to joining pre-established communities and therefore miss out on all the benefits that come with joining one.

If you’re on the fence about doing a community-based hobby then you should know that being apprehensive is natural, however, that feeling only lasts for fifteen minutes compared to a possible lifetime of fun and shared enjoyment.

We’re going to look at some community hobbies including why you might enjoy them and how to get started — take a look below.

Together We Can Do So Much: 21 Community-Based Hobbies

1. Martial Arts

It’s hard to imagine something more communal than going head to head with another person in combat whilst spending lots of time training together.

In fact, most martial arts groups are like mini communities where they’ll support each other and help each other learn self-defence practices for day to day living or even to compete in events.

Some of the greatest friends you’ll make can be from attending martial arts classes and that’s because they allow you to get physically close as well as mentally; this is beyond the scope for nearly every other hobby out there which is why martial arts is so good.

Generally speaking, there’s no one martial art that will be better than another for communities, it very much depends on your area and the mindset of the folk who attend the classes — we recommend attending a few to see what fits your style.

2. Litter Picking

Next on our list which we thought deserved an honorable mention is litter picking, and that’s because it helps connect people to work on a common goal for bettering their local community.

There are tons of events you can get involved in from picking up cigarette butts off the streets, removing chewing gum, cleaning up local nature spots, and even attending beach cleaning sessions.

These are all really important tasks that unfortunately wouldn’t be accomplished without the enthusiasm of local communities coming together to get the job done.

It would be nice to imagine that there’s someone out there paid to do these kinds of jobs, however, the inverse is actually true and funds are limited when it comes to employing multiple people to work on cleaning the city.

Lastly, whilst the hobby is really important, most planned events have scheduled breaks meaning you’ll have time to stop to share a coffee and meet new people.

3. Dungeons & Dragons

If there’s a hobby truly known for its community then Dungeons & Dragons is probably it.

Most people know it as a geeky pastime that basement dwellers engage in, however, over time it’s become way more popular than that and is regularly played by all types of people all around the world at local events or streamed online.

Essentially, D&D is a role-playing game where you can create fantasy scenarios to play through as a variety of different characters with different roles.

You could be a shifty rogue sneaking through a city to assassinate a king, or you might be a warlock who makes allegiances with demons and summons mighty beasts from the depths of hell.

Everyone who engages in a game of D&D will have a set role that they’ve chosen to play aside from the DM (Dungeon Master) who dictates the rules of the game — it’s this sense of group play and comradery that makes it one of the best community hobbies on the planet.

4. Reddit

As far as communities go, Reddit is the king of finding those likeminded people and uniting them together under a “subreddit”.

There are subreddits for tons of things such as gardening, trading, gaming, foraging, and basically anything else that comes to mind.

In fact, Reddit is more a tool for community engagement rather than being a hobby per se, however, some hobbies that wouldn’t normally have communities now have a place for expertise to be shared and to allow people to chat about different projects.

If you’re not sure where to start with Reddit then we recommend downloading the Reddit app on your phone, creating an account, then searching for a topic you’re interested in once you’re on the app.

You can also browse the desktop version of Reddit if you prefer to do it from your laptop or PC.

5. Warhammer

Similar to D&D, Warhammer is a boardgame-inspired hobby with rules and different functions that make the game enjoyable for its players.

In fact, Warhammer as a hobby involves manifold skills as you’ll also be painting the figurines that you’re using during your Warhammer matches.

Part of the community aspect comes from how well a job Games Workshop (who own Warhammer) have done for incentivizing players to show up to their retail outlets that are dotted around the world.

Although you can buy lots of the stuff in-store, they also have dedicated areas to play Warhammer with others and even have spaces to learn painting techniques to make your figures look awesome.

To be honest, it’s hard to think of another hobby/business that shares this exact model and that’s probably why it’s so successful.

6. Pilates

Pilates is an exercise-based hobby that is a combination of aerobics and resistance training, however, it has also successfully incorporated a community-based ethos for its followers to get engaged in that makes it so enjoyable.

Its audience is predominantly women, but don’t let that stop you if you’re a dude because some of the Pilates workouts are incredibly tough and also really fun to do with others regardless of your gender.

In fact, if you’re relatively unfit or have a need to avoid high-impact exercises then Pilates can be a great way to get in shape.

Basically, all of the classes are guided by an instructor meaning they’ll be able to instruct you to exercise in a safe and effective fashion suitable for your needs all whilst making friends.

7. Weightlifting

Weightlifting is a great option if you want a community-based hobby and that’s because most people attend public gyms to get in shape or to get ripped.

There are absolutely millions of like-minded people interested in gaining muscle which makes weightlifting one of the biggest community hobbies on the planet.

As well as that, you can also specialize in the type of weightlifting you want to do such as powerlifting, CrossFit, and even calisthenics which can help you further niche down your activities and the type of community you’ll be joining.

Lastly, some communities may seem more intimidating than others (we’re looking at you powerlifters), however, this is usually just a perceptual misconception rather than there being any truth behind it, so don’t wait to get started!

8. Live Streaming

If there’s anything that can unite people over the internet and create a sense of comradery then live streaming is the king.

It originally started as a method to connect gamers with the pros who would stream their matches or tournaments to watch, however, over time it’s became much more than that and people are streaming all kinds of content.

In fact, streaming is one of the best ways to get paid and is an excellent hobby within itself, but it’s also one of the best for meeting like-minded people or if you’re wanting to be part of a community.

If you’re wanting to see what live streaming is about then the best place to start is Twitch which is the biggest streaming platform on the internet.

9. Spinning

Lots of exercise-based hobbies have communities, but none are as vigilant about their pastime as the spinning community.

If you’re wanting a hardcore bunch of people to hang with then you should immediately sign up to a spinning class to see what it’s about.

Basically, you’ll have sweaty men and women, pumping music, and probably a coach who is screaming at all of you to push it just a little bit more.

If you need to drop weight fast then spinning is the best way to do it as you’ll be pushed to your absolute limits.

10. Pen Palling

Having a pen pal is a great way to branch out with other communities as you’ll be constantly communicating with each other via letter and learning all about that person or their culture.

In fact, you can even pen pal with prisoners if you’re feeling especially merciful, or perhaps curious as to why they’ve found themselves in that situation.

It’s also a great way to make friends mainly because you’ll both be agreeing to make a notable effort to stay in touch with one another or to find out more about them.

There are tons of pen pal schemes online that you’ll be able to find by doing a quick Google search if you’re wanting to get started.

11. Geocaching

Next on our list of community hobbies is geocaching which is basically a community-based treasure hunt.

In fact, geocaching is so popular that you’ll be able to find lots of geocaching activities going on all around the world where people will bury hidden goodies or stash treasure in mysterious places for you and your mates to find.

There are lots of dedicated apps and websites to get involved, however, the main website that most people use is this one (geocaching.com) which also comes with a complementary app.

12. Skateboarding

Although skateboarding is primarily a solo hobby, it’s also one of the best and friendliest communities to be a part of.

Fellow skateboarders are known for being supportive, fun, and rather exciting to hang out with and they’ll strive to no end to stick up for you.

As with any subculture, skateboarding is about defining yourself as a person or building up certain characteristics — skateboarding is all about the extreme and taking things to the next level (as with most sports) but also closely attaches itself to the music industry too.

If you’re looking for something a little out of the norm then skateboarding is a great choice to get involved in.

13. Traveling

Traveling around the world is a great way to get involved with all kinds of people and communities purely because you’re going out of your way to make the most of the experience.

You’ll be able to document your adventures which is a great way to connect with others through mediums like social media and even with your own blog.

As a community hobby, traveling is quite multi-faceted and does involve a little effort on your back to engage with others, however, it gives you loads to talk about meaning it’s really easy to make some friends or to join a community off the back of it.

14. Music (Gigs & Festivals)

Nothing unites people quite like music and that’s because it’s closely linked to our identities and even the clothes we wear sometimes.

To further amplify that comradery, you’ll be able to attend huge gigs and festivals all around the world with like-minded people meaning you’ll be able to make new friends whilst dancing away to your favorite beats.

In fact, attending your first gig will give you a buzz unlike many other things in life which is why we recommend you go at least once to see your favorite music played live.

15. Clubbing

If you can’t go to a live gig or event then clubbing is the next best thing.

Primarily, clubbing is a hobby for people in their late teens and early twenties, however, we’re starting to see a more modern mindset regarding this pastime where people of all ages are going out for a good session.

Better yet, you don’t even have to drink alcohol as most clubs serve high-quality mocktails or soft drinks meaning there’s something for everyone.

Depending on the clubs you go to, you’ll be entertained by a mixture of music, live DJ events, and sometimes performance acts from firebreathers or dancers.

As a community, most clubbers are a friendly bunch who usually go out to actively meet people or to have a good time with others meaning you can easily get on board with it.

16. Prepping

There’s no community quite like the prepping community and that’s because they’re a tight knit bunch of people who constantly prepare for future disasters or extinction-level catastrophes.

Some people dismiss them as crazy or unrealistic, however, we’re technically overdue for an asteroid or some big catastrophe to turn life on earth on its head.

It may not be something as big as what wiped the dinosaurs out, but even if it were something smaller, it’s still a good thing to know you’re prepared for the worst if the sh*t hits the fan.

Preppers primarily reach out with each other through subreddits, forums, and even on YouTube and that’s essentially where you’ll be doing the majority of communicating through.

With that said, some preppers attend survival courses or training to get them familiar with techniques such as living off the land in case they ever need to.

17. Eating

You may be wondering if eating qualifies as a hobby, it does, but it’s also one of the best communal activities that get you engaged with friends, family, and even the wider world depending on your travel habits.

Eating is one of the basic necessities for survival and therefore we’ve created a big community culture around the foods we eat including the way we celebrate that event.

You’ll find that no two cuisines are exactly alike and the same goes for the cultures surrounding them.

Eating can be a wonderful hobby but it’s also one of the best ways to unite people from all walks of life.

18. Book Clubs

Reading is an excellent hobby, however, it also leads to other pastime opportunities such as joining a book club to discuss the material in your favorite books and what you thought of them.

Some book clubs even task you with reading a specific book by a certain date for you to meet up later down the line with other members and discuss what you thought of it.

It’s a great way to meet people but also gives you a community to feel a part of with other like-minded folks.

19. Dancing

Dancing has been around as a hobby pretty much since the dawn of human history; there’s something in our nature that makes us want to boogie to rhythmic beats to get us feeling great again and better yet, sharing those feel-good vibes with other folks.

In fact, it’s probably one of the earliest community hobbies (aside from eating) that people were engaging in as a form of entertainment.

With that said, dancing has evolved into a refined art form and is a perfect way to physically express your emotions to an audience or to share with others as part of your dance group.

20. Video Games

Probably one of the biggest and most dominant community hobbies on our list is video gaming, and that’s because the internet has transformed it from a household hobby into a worldwide communal hobby.

There are tons of gaming communities out there for specific games, genres, art styles, and even subniche communities who engage in cosplay for their favorite games.

Because gaming is so multi-faceted, you’ll be able to join tons of different communities for the same game.

Love PvP? Join a competitive PvP community.

Love PvE? Join a monster-killing and dungeon hunting community.

Video games are likely to be the entertainment choice of the future even over previously dominant formats such as TV and that’s why we think it’s so exciting to be a part of that.

If you want to know more then make sure to check out our dedicated article about all things gaming.

21. Community Gardening

If you want to celebrate in something natural then community gardening is a great way to do that.

You can either do it privately, or attend publicly funded community gardens depending on where you live.

Essentially, you’ll work with others to grow plants, fruits, veg, and even trees to work on a common project of making an amazing piece of land come to life.

Most people assume gardening is for older folks, however, it’s becoming far more popular for the younger generations too meaning there’s lots of people to meet regardless of your age or creed.


Finding a hobby can be hard, but what’s worse is when you have no one to share it with.

Community hobbies offer you the ability to develop and engage in a chose skillset whilst being able to share it with others.

All humans have a desire to grow and learn new things but we prosper best when we’re collaborating with other folks.

Hopefully, you’ll now have a better idea of what hobbies have strong communities for you to join, however, don’t let that put you off starting your own communities for things you love.

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