Here Are 13 of the Most Hair-Raising and Creepy Hobbies We Know (Keep Your Lights On)


If you’re looking for a thrill or have an obsession with the paranormal then this selection of creepy hobbies might be just what you’re looking for.

They’re also great picks for curious minds or people who aren’t shut off to the possibility of greater things that could be at work in our world.

In fact, most creepy hobbies appeal to our desire to understand the unknown — humans are naturally curious creatures and nothing bothers us more than not knowing something.

At least giving it a try will prove one of two things: you’re either totally right or totally wrong, and if you’re wrong, at least you can check out some of our other hobbies, right?

Can You Feel a Tingle Running Down Your Spine? 13 of the Creepiest Hobbies We Know

1. Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting is a hobby where you’ll actively go to haunted locations or visit burial grounds in the hope of coming across a spiritual presence or a ghost.

In fact, ghost sightings have been reported all across the world from old hotels, to railway stations, and even out at sea.

They’re such a common occurrence that they’re very hard to explain, however, experts swear that it’s the trickery of the mind or simply observational illusions at work.

Whatever the case may be, hunting for ghosts is still a popular pastime and is something that people collectively agree on is extremely creepy.

2. UFO Hunting

Next on our list of creepy hunting hobbies is UFO hunting.

In fact, there’s so much undisputed evidence of UFOs coming from lots of top sources such as government officials, military personnel, and even pilots that it’s becoming very hard to refute the evidence of an alien presence on earth.

One of the most well-known UFO cases is the Roswell case, however, there’s also the more recent incident known as the “tic-tac” UFO where a pilot was tracking a tic-tac-shaped object traveling at exceptional speeds on their RADAR.

Out of all the bizarre or creepy hobbies on our list, UFOs probably have the most credibility or evidence showing they’re potentially real, but why they’re here, we don’t know.

3. Conspiracy Theory Investigating

Conspiracy theories constantly grip our attention and that’s because they’re mostly exceptional in their nature but also because they seem quite plausible.

Some of the wildest conspiracies include Hollow Earth Theory, the Nazis building a base on the moon, the fact that high-up government figures are controlled by reptiles, and that rich people drink the blood of the youth to stay young.

Some of these conspiracies remain just that, conspiracies, whereas some seem to have an air of truth to them.

It’s this exciting prospect that makes investigating conspiracy theories so interesting, however, it’s also the idea that some of them could be true is extremely creepy and slightly alarming.

4. Taxidermy

Taxidermy is an interesting hobby and that’s because you’re literally working with dead bodies — dead animal bodies that is.

Some people call it creepy, others call it a beautiful way to celebrate the life of an animal by restoring it back to its most majestic form.

That’s essentially what taxidermy is, the process of stuffing animals after death and making sure they look as lifelike as possible.

You might be asking who would want that done, but lots of pet owners who adored their dogs, cats, and other critters want to feel like their pal is still with them.

It can be a nice way to commemorate time well-spent with your furry friend and is far more popular that you’d imagine.

5. Psychic Readings

The idea that someone can read your future or read your mind might seem farfetched, however, the CIA once took it so seriously that they had government-sponsored programs looking into things like remote viewing to spy on their adversaries.

In fact, the most well-known program that documented psychic efficacy was codenamed “Project Stargate” but was eventually dismissed by citing it never yielded any useful intelligence.

Whether you choose to believe psychic phenomena is real is up to you; maybe you believe you have psychic abilities yourself?

Whatever the case may be, giving psychic readings can be a profitable hobby and can be inspiring for the people you give them to.

6. Witchcraft

Practicing witchcraft is something that is still illegal in some countries, however, it’s mostly seen as a hobby or pastime now rather than something rooted in truth.

With that said, that doesn’t stop people from investing in witchcraft books or doing rituals where they’ll be performing a wide variety of spells (or curses) to promote a certain outcome.

Essentially, witchcraft is rather broad and there are different versions of it depending on where you go in the world, however, most people believe it involves practicing magic.

In fact, at one point in our not-so-distant past, witchcraft was seen as a very real thing and the church would often instigate witch hunts against women they thought were practicing these dark skills.

7. Demonology

Demonology is a sort of mystical science where you’ll be investigating the presence of evil spirits that seem to cause negative behaviors in humans by possession or through other means.

Although the modern world dismisses the idea of demons existing as nonsensical, it still holds strong in some more religious parts of the world where they may try to appease the spirit or ward it off in some form of ritual.

In fact, you may already be intimate with demon terminology as they’re often referred to in multiple ways depending on the culture such as Jinn’s (Islamic), genies, revenants, familiars, rakshasa (Hindu), and ghouls.

Whether you choose to believe in demons is up to you; we think it’s good to remain open-minded about any possibility or eventuality that something may exist beyond death.

8. Dark Tourism

Dark tourism is a recent advent where you’ll be deliberately exploring different places across the world with dark pasts such as nuclear test sites, execution camps, massacre sites, and even the homes of prolific serial killers.

In fact, if you want to get familiar with this pastime then there’s a great documentary on Netflix called “Dark Tourist” that will enlighten you to some of those experiences.

It’s not often we decide to go to unusual parts of the world or even dangerous parts of the world for that matter, but that’s also what makes it all the more exciting for those who engage in dark tourism.

9. Voodoo

Voodoo, also referred to as Vodou or Vodun, is a set of spiritual practices whereby the practitioner will engage in voodoo rituals to provoke certain mystical situations to arise through the use of magical powders, charms, and even with the use of voodoo dolls.

As a practice, it’s similar to witchcraft, however, is deeply rooted within African and Jamaican culture and has even found its way into the deep south of America (Louisiana Voodoo).

Similar to witchcraft, voodoo is deeply linked with religious or spiritual beliefs and still remains a prominent practice or form of worship for thousands of people around the world to this day.

10. Skull Collecting

Next on our list of creepy hobbies is skull collecting and that’s because you’re literally collecting the bony remains of a dead animal’s head.

Most people who engage in skull collecting often do so to appreciate the form of the animal and to display it for ornamental purposes around their homes.

Some skulls are more rare than others especially if the animal is considered endangered or even extinct and can fetch a high price from private sales or auctions.

There are some intricacies to collecting skulls and you’ll need to clean them properly before displaying otherwise their quality can be hindered or degraded.

11. Visiting haunted houses

Going to a haunted house is similar to ghost hunting, however, it’s a more on-the-nose approach as multiple people have usually confirmed unusual ongoings within them.

Most people go to haunted houses for a thrill or to experience these purported supernatural observations such as weird noises, unusual sightings, and even to see things moving around on their own.

In fact, there are probably tens, if not hundreds of haunted locations all around your country that can be found through a quick Google search that you’ll be able to visit on your next day off.

12. Listening to creepy recordings

There are tons of creepy recordings out there for people to listen to and there are even playlists dedicated to them on YouTube.

You’ll be able to listen to recordings of people caught on tape before they died, or before they disappeared, and even recordings of people purportedly speaking beyond the grave.

Similar to some of the other hobbies on this list, most people listen to creepy recordings to understand the unknown or so they can put themselves in the situation of the recorder for why they may have recorded what they did.

13. Watching people die

This is probably the most morbid hobby on our list, however, it’s true that there are some places on the internet where you can observe people dying on tape.

We won’t give any sources as we don’t believe it’s right to expose yourself to that but it can put into perspective how fragile and fleeting life is, and that in just a moment, it can all be over.

In fact, one of the most well-known situations where people were observed dying was during the 9-11 tragedy where people were literally jumping to their deaths to escape the blazing inferno inside the tower.

We believe it’s not worth the trauma that you may suffer to actively go out and watch these videos, however, if there’s a lesson to be learned then it would be to always play things safe and take care in your day-to-day living.


For those with a penchant for the mystical or paranormal then hopefully we’ll have been able to satisfy your needs with a list of creepy hobbies.

Some of these seem far-out but some have good evidence indicating that things are not always as they seem.

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