28 Cool Hobbies To Try Right Now (Exciting and Surprisingly Fun)


If you’re wanting to find a cool hobby or want to do or something a little more exciting than the average pastime, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to give you a full overview of the coolest hobbies we know and we’ll explain a little bit about them too.

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The Coolest Of Cool: 28 Cool Hobbies That Are Exciting and Really Fun

1. Skateboarding

There are very few hobbies that are as synonymous with being cool as skateboarding is.

It’s extreme, adrenaline-filled, and is often on the outskirts of fashion trends which creates a recipe for cool, alternative individuals to fill.

In fact, it’s been the go-to hobby for alt kids since time immemorial and has strong connections to the music scene, especially where punk and rock is concerned.

You don’t need much to get started with this action-packed pastime other than a basic skateboard and some pads to keep you protected.

2. Kite Flying

Kite flying is another unique and cool pastime where you’ll be attempting to catch the wind with your kite to perform cool tricks or to see it float in the air in a splendor of colors.

It’s one of the cheapest hobbies on this list and all you need is a simple triangle kite to get started.

As an added point, we recommend researching the weather in advance to make sure that flying your kite will be possible and to avoid disappointment.

Don’t forget to read our article on whether kite flying can be a competitive sport if you want to know more.

3. Road Trips

Road trips are another stereotypical “cool” hobby and they’re often used in movie scripts as part of the plot, especially since so many things can happen on a road trip.

In fact, as a pastime, we think there are very few things that are as satisfying as exploring the countryside or visiting mountainous landscapes as part of your road trip and it’s a great way to escape the norm.

They’re even more fun when done with others and we think it’s a great way to get your friends or family together for an action-packed day out, or who knows, maybe for longer?

4. Camping

Camping is all about getting out into the great outdoors to live for a moment like we used to during our primordial upbringing.

Yes, we do have the advantage of modern comforts now such as tents, gas stoves, and the ability to bring packaged food with us, however, it still presents a unique challenge and gives us a well-needed break away from the norm.

Camping can be done at any time of the year, though we do recommend doing it when it’s warmer if you’re inexperienced.

You might also want to bring people along with you to enhance the experience, but make sure to tell people where you are if not.

5. Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a cool niche within the bodybuilding circuit and that’s because you’re using mainly whole-body strength to perform functional movements rather than seeking to move the most mass possible (like traditional weightlifting).

It can offer people who practice it the ability to gain absolute control over their body where they’ll be able to perform phenomenal feats such as the human flag.

In fact, there’s very few things within bodybuilding that are as impressive as performing high-level calisthenics, especially when you get good enough to do it.

Before you can perform some of those feats, you’ll need to strengthen your body which is best done through body-weight exercises that can be performed on a calisthenics station.

6. Parkour

Parkour, also known as free-running, is a type of sport where you’ll be using bodily strength and agility to scale urban objects or to traverse around the city as fast as possible.

Some of the best parkour experts are able to perform insane feats such as jumping between multi-story buildings complete unscathed and are even able to climb buildings in lightning-quick times.

It’s not so dissimilar from watching a chimp climbing a tree; parkour can really allow you to unlock your full physical potential as a human.

7. Traveling

Traveling is an awesome hobby because it allows you to experience other cultures and traditions that you may not have seen before.

It can also expand your world views and can allow you to interact with people that you wouldn’t usually come in contact with which can be a really enlightening experience.

Other than that, getting away from the norm and seeing some different sights can really help freshen things up for you regardless of how you do it.

Make sure to do a little research about the country beforehand and learn a couple of conversational phrases in the native language to make your trip smoother.

8. Coding

Coding is an interesting hobby that has seen a surge in popularity over the past ten years, thanks to the prominence of social media, tech, and internet services popping up across the world.

It’s relevance as a hobby is completely dependent on what you’re wanting to achieve with it, however, taking a career in coding might give you a path to go down if you’re not sure where to start.

Some of the most popular coding niches including games coding, systems programming, and even creating AI services for specific tasks.

Over time, we’re likely to see more reliance on coding as our society advances towards full-blown artificial intelligence and machine automation.

9. Gaming

Video games have been around for half a century now and they don’t show any sign of slowing down in terms of adoption and growth.

In fact, gaming is one of the most popular hobbies on the planet, and almost half the world’s population play some form of games, whether through their phones or some kind of dedicated games console.

As a hobby, we think gaming is one of the coolest as it allows you to connect with potentially billions of people in a matter of seconds; no other hobby can say quite the same thing.

You can also play a wide range of games from a myriad of different genres meaning there’s something for everyone.

10. Juggling

Juggling is something that most people associate with circus acts or street performances, however, it’s a really fun and deceptively simple hobby that you can do whenever you want.

It’ll take a little time getting used to the act of juggling but it can be really fun once you get the hang of it and it’ll even impress your mates too.

You don’t need anything other than a set of juggling balls and some solid determination to keep practicing to get it right.

11. Poker

No card game is as cool as poker, especially since it’s the quintessential high-roller game that mixes wit, psychology, and the ability to remain calm under extreme pressure.

As a hobby, it’ll take some time to learn the ropes and get used to making calls that work in your favor, however, once you find a groove you’ll start to love it.

We recommend playing with friends or family first, especially if you’re wanting to get some practice in, don’t forget your pack of cards.

Once you’re good enough, you can start to partake in competitive events in your country or even around the world; many poker events are live-streamed now in case you’re curious to see how the matches play out.

12. Start a Band

Starting a band is rock and roll, literally!

What’s better than making something special together with a great bunch of friends?

Very little we think.

That’s why starting a band is one of the most fulfilling things you can do and is something that can take you to places that often aren’t achievable for the average person.

You’ll also get to meet other great musicians if you’re on the road a lot and will be able to collaborate and share great ideas with each other.

13. MMA

MMA has surged in popularity over the past ten years, especially when we compare it to the previous king of fighting sports; boxing.

That’s because MMA incorporates a huge range of martial arts rather than just one set fighting style which can make for a more interesting match.

As a hobby, there are thousands of MMA gyms all around the world now meaning you should be able to find one relatively easy in your area through a quick Google search.

You don’t necessarily need to fight anyone if you don’t want to, you can simply use it as a good way to stay in shape and to meet like-minded people.

14. Home Brewing

Home brewing is the perfect hobby for anyone who likes being creative, a little bit experimental, and enjoys sipping on a cold one after a hard days work.

It gets you familiar with the process of what it takes to make beers, ales, wines, and even spirits, depending on your preferences.

You can even add in your own extra ingredients during the process to make unique twists on previously traditional things.

Depending on your setup, you may need a dedicated space to start a proper home brewing operation, however, we recommend using a home brew kit first as it’ll get you familiar with the basics and it’s much cheaper.

15. Yo-Yoing

Yo-yoing is one of the coolest hobbies which gained huge notoriety in the 90s as the go-to pastime for kids and adults alike.

In fact, we dare say that it’s even more popular now especially since you can learn all the tricks and watch the competitions through YouTube which can help to inspire your own yo-yo journey.

It also gets the word out there about yo-yoing and keeps it relevant in today’s modern world.

If you need help picking a yo-yo then make sure to check out our best yo-yo for beginners article which will give you some insight into which one to go for.

16. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a thrilling hobby that can allow you to develop your athletic prowess.

There are plenty of dedicated mountain biking trails around the world which include pre-planned routes, obstacles, and ramps for you to utilize to make the experience even more fun.

The ultimate challenge is riding down mountains that don’t have any kind of pre-planned setup as they can often be dangerous but also the most thrilling.

In fact, some of the top-level mountain bikers do just that; they ride down cliff-phases and sheer rock faces with masterful precision all for the glory of being the most extreme athlete.

If you’re curious, we recommend getting an entry-level mountain bike to test your skills first before spending money on something more expensive.

17. Climbing

Climbing is the perfect hobby for someone who wants to push past their own limitations, not just physically, but also from a mental point of view too.

In most cases, you’ll start your climbing hobby at a climbing wall which is generally safe and they’ll have padding below in case if you fall.

However, once you reach a certain level then you might want to start trying more extreme forms of climbing, such as up mountains or cliff faces.

This can come with challenges and hazards, but for most people it’s the natural next step in the chain of climbing and it will give you a buzz like no other.

Unlike other extreme sports, climbing is a paced experience which starts to become more thrilling the higher up you get.

18. CrossFit

CrossFit is the new, cool kid on the block when it comes to exercise niches, that seeks to unite both men and women in the most grueling test of overall physical performance.

It’s unique because it’s mainly designed as a spectator sport due to the specific areas and challenges that organizers set up for competitors, however, training to partake in it one of the events will require a mix of weightlifting, cardio, and even gymnastics training.

Essentially, the training is fairly standard stuff but the way in which it’s done is put together to test your endurance and overall “well-roundedness” as an athlete.

19. Graffiti

Graffiti is a form of art that is mainly used to create stunning murals or to convey certain messages that evoke feelings to the people who see them.

It’s not to be confused with tagging, of which the only similarity is using spray paint to accomplish both tasks.

As a graffiti artist, your primary goal is to make bold statements and to create something that will catch the eye of the average person.

In most cases, you will need permission from land owners or building owners before creating murals on their walls, however, you can practice at home on wooden boards or other flat surfaces.

You’ll need a set of specialized graffiti spray paints if you plan to take this seriously as they’re designed to be quick-drying and are proofed against winter weather for longevity.

20. Skydiving

Skydiving is probably one of the coolest hobbies on the planet as it manages to combine thrill-seeking and danger into an actual legitimate pastime that thousands of people do every single year.

Literally, you’ll be throwing yourself out of a plane and diving through the sky at hundreds of miles an hour towards the ground with only the loose guarantee that your parachute will open to prevent you from certain death.

The fatality rate for this extreme hobby is around 1 in 100,000 which is actually quite safe considering what you’re actually doing.

We recommend attending a skydiving school as you’ll be able to do a tandem jump with an experienced instructor to get you familiar with the process.

21. Photography

Photography has long been ranked as one of the coolest hobbies for mature-minded, creative folk to engage in, similar in status to things like writing or playing an instrument.

It has varying levels of expense depending on your expertise; make sure to check out our full cost breakdown here.

Essentially, all you need is a basic DSLR camera to get started with, and then you can expand your kit over time as you become more accustomed to the skills needed to take a great photo.

22. Gymnastics

Gymnastics used to be seen as an effeminate sport, however, those perceptions have long been dispelled due to how athletic both men and women need to be to perform some of the top-level movements.

In fact, gymnast’s bodies are some of the best in the business and even put some bodybuilders to shame with how ripped they can get.

Gymnastics is all about control and function; essentially, you’re taking your body to its absolute peak in terms of what it can achieve just through bodyweight alone.

Since gymnastics has a steep learning curve, we recommend attending a proper gymnastics class to get acquainted with all the safety protocols and to make sure you’re using the proper form in your techniques.

23. Start a YouTube Channel

Is there anything cooler than the prospect of becoming a YouTube mega star?

We don’t think so, and better yet, it’s all about developing an audience based on your own personality and skills rather than needing to do something specific.

In fact, for lots of people these days YouTube can be a great way to share their views and to potentially carve out a slightly different career path by becoming their own boss once they’ve monetized their channel.

YouTube rates pay as well as ever, however, there is lots of video content floating about meaning you’ll have to do your best to stand out in a crowded market.

If you’re not concerned about the money, YouTube is a great way to connect with billions of other people and can also be a useful tool for educating others.

24. Theater

Theater acting is a unique form of acting as you’ll be training to perform on a stage rather than on a film set.

As a hobby, theater acting involves using various skills such as singing, voice acting, and even dancing depending on what the show is about.

It’s much more accessible to get into compared to traditional film acting which is why we think it makes an excellent hobby and can even lead to a career in theater too.

At its most basic level, attending theater classes can be a great way to meet and socialize with different people meaning it’s quite easy to make friends.

25. Surfing

Surfing as a hobby is synonymous with coolness, probably because most surfers have a laid-back approach to life where they take even the extremities (such as riding huge waves) with a measured approach.

Not only that, but their relaxed style of clothing with unkempt long hair further adds to this stereotype.

With that said, as an activity, surfing offers tons of great benefits such as being really good for you physically, and it can also help you to socialize and meet new people too.

There’s very little you need to get started other than a surfboard with a tether, some surf wax, and maybe a wet suit depending on your climate.

Other than that, we recommend taking some surf lessons to get you acquainted with how you stay safe in the water and to help you make the most of your surfing techniques.

26. E-Scootering

E-scooters are a relatively new advent, however, they’ve gotten much better in recent years due to the advancement of battery technology.

They’re now capable of traveling up to 70 kilometers on just a single charge, sometimes more, meaning you can easily get around your city in relatively little time — better yet, it’s completely eco-friendly.

They’re also very quick (compared to walking) and can even match the fastest road bikes which can reach speeds of up to 30km/h or more.

The only caveat is that there are mixed rules around where you can use e-scooters depending on your country or locality; make sure to check in with your local council or government office to find out where you can use them without breaking the law.

Other than that, we think e-scooters are a really fun hobby and can be a great way to commute without impacting our climate.

27. Music Production

When you say music production, most people think of cool DJs touring the world making house music or making the latest electronic tracks for people to dance to.

That could be your reality and it’s easier than you think.

For most people, all you need to produce electronic music is a DAW (digital audio workstation) program and a laptop to run it on — check out the top 9 music production laptops under 1000.

Other than that, the program will take care of the rest for you and will allow you to manipulate the soundtrack your exact specifications.

It does require a little creativity and it will also require you to learn how to use your DAW effectively, however, not much else is needed other than some basic musical knowledge.

28. Origami

Origami is a hobby that can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

It’s the art of paper folding where you’ll use specialized origami paper to make all kinds of shapes, silhouettes, or artistic representations of physical things such as animals.

It can help pass the time and kill boredom, but it’s also just a very simple, cool hobby to engage in.

People will also ask you about your origami creations which you’ll be able to display around your home which can make for an interesting conversation.

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