Good Hobbies That Anyone Can Do Right Now (Top 30 Roundup)


There is an abundance of hobbies you can try and today we’ll help highlight some of our favorite ones that almost anyone can do.

In fact, finding a good hobby you enjoy doesn’t need to be a challenge and we’ve got plenty of advice on the subject, including a list of over 300 hobbies in case you don’t find what you needed here.

In this article, we’re going to snapshot some of the most popular and straightforward hobbies to get into meaning you can find something you enjoy straight away.

Need a Good Hobby? Here are 30 of Our Favorites That Almost Anyone Can Do Now

1. Video Games

Playing video games is one of the most popular hobbies on the planet and it can help you connect with millions of people in a matter of seconds.

There are so many different kinds of video games to play, that regardless of your age or disposition, means you’ll be able to find something that suits your style.

We’ve talked about why we love gaming as a hobby before and how it has evolved over the past 30 years in case you’d like to know more.

It’s relatively simple to get started; all you need is a games console or a gaming PC and you should be able to download pretty much any game you want.

2. Photography

Photography has the ability to immortalize any moment you see around you which is probably why it’s so popular.

You’ll be able to snap your friends, capture your holidays, and can even retain moments of history that you’ll never be able to experience again.

Getting into photography is relatively easy as most people will already have a camera in their pocket; their smartphone.

However, we recommend getting a proper DSLR camera as the quality of your pictures will be much higher and it’ll allow you to customize your photographs in greater detail.

If you want to know more about photography and the costs associated with it then make sure to check out our full photography cost breakdown.

3. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best hobbies for anyone wanting to get in shape, regardless of their disposition.

Even if you suffer from physical disabilities, swimming is versatile enough to allow you to overcome some of the challenges you may be facing.

It’s also one of the healthiest hobbies you can engage in and it’ll help you burn tons of calories in very little time.

We recommend starting at a local swimming pool as it’s far safer and far warmer too — just don’t forget your swimming goggles.

4. Singing

Singing is a good hobby and is extremely unique compared to some other pastimes.

You’ll literally be using your voice as an instrument and can sing along to your favorite songs, engage in a bit of karaoke, and can even aspire to become a fully-fledged artist.

Most people start singing as kids, however, you can start it at any age and can even join singing groups such as choirs to improve your singing skills.

It’s also known as a feel-good hobby and will help you feel much happier as it gives you something to focus on and share with others.

5. Reading

Reading is one of the most widespread hobbies on the planet and for good reason, you can read about anything you want, fact or fiction.

Some of the most popular fiction books include Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien or Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling.

There are also plenty of topics you can read about under the factual section such as politics, science, philosophy, and even how to cook if you wish.

It’s this open-ended vastness that makes reading so tantalizing to prospective readers and it’s a world of wonders just waiting to be opened.

6. Miniature Painting

Painting miniatures is a great way to get into something creative without requiring a high skill level to be enjoyed.

Some of the most popular miniatures include Warhammer and D&D models which you can paint over to bring them to life.

They can either be painted as part of their respective games or you can simply display them for ornamental purposes in your home.

There’s no limit to the color combinations you can add to your models which is why it’s such a fun pastime.

7. Music Production

Producing music is easier than you think and many of the programs (DAW) that you can use are intuitive enough to allow you to make simple beats within days.

Given a few weeks, it’s not unusual to have composed your first electronic piece of music which you can upload to services like Soundcloud or can share with your friends on social media.

The only initial stumbling block for getting started is making sure you have a good laptop for music production as you’ll want a fast processor for rendering your tracks.

Other than that, most producing software will give you all the tools necessary to edit, manipulate and create your perfect piece of music.

8. Cooking

If you’re self-sufficient enough to cook your own meals then why not turn it into a hobby or a favorite pastime?

Cooking allows you to become a culinary wizard in the kitchen where you’ll be able to blend tasty ingredients and spices into bombshell meals.

You’ll also be able to make tasty treats and desserts for those special occasions where you’re wanting to be a little more indulgent.

Other than satisfying your own needs, cooking brings people together like no other hobby can which is why we think everyone should give it a go.

You can start with a simple recipe book which will help you to build your knowledge and will compound the learning process.

9. Gardening

Billions of people enjoy gardening all around the world.

It’s one of the most popular hobbies on the planet and brings satisfaction to many people for a myriad of reasons.

Some people grow fruit, others grow flowers, and some just like creating a perfectly cut piece of turf; there’s no limit to what you can come up with in your own garden.

If you’re not so lucky to have your own garden, you can even start your own indoor garden if you’re dedicated enough — a hydroponics station can help you to achieve this.

Other than that, it’s a pastime that will take many years to develop but that’s also what makes it so satisfying.

10. Blogging

There are very few hobbies that allow you to reach and influence as many people as blogging can.

Essentially, a blog is an online outlet or website where you can talk about things you’re interested in, where you can teach people how to do something, and where you can even influence people on products to buy.

It’s an extremely versatile hobby and it’s something that’s really accessible these days to get into as you don’t really need much technical knowledge to get started; blogging can even help you quit your job if you’re dedicated enough.

One of the easiest websites to get started with your blogging journey is Medium where you can simply create an account and start writing, however, we recommend starting your own website through WordPress if you plan to monetize it.

11. Board Games

Board games are another really accessible hobby to get into purely because there are so many different games to play with varying skill levels.

Regardless of your age or disposition, it’s relatively easy to find a board game that can suit your interests.

Some of the most popular board games include Monopoly, Cluedo, and Connect Four.

With that said, board games are reaching an all-time high in terms of popularity, and you can now find dedicated board games that include a full narrative-driven story to help you become immersed in it.

12. Painting

Painting is one of the oldest hobbies in the world which dates back to when cavemen were using pigment to paint on the walls to tell a story or to depict animals.

It still remains popular to this day and that’s because it’s one of the best forms of artistic expression to convey an emotion or to create something really unique.

It’s also incredibly frugal and doesn’t cost as much as other hobbies which means it’s accessible to lots of people.

To get started, you’ll need a few things such as your paint, some brushes, a canvas, and an easel for keeping everything steady; this painting kit includes everything you’ll need.

13. Camping

Camping is the perfect hobby for anyone who has a little bit of wanderlust in their bones.

It allows you to expose yourself to the great outdoors for longer periods of time meaning you get to really embrace your surroundings and the nature within it.

It also allows us to disconnect from the usual rat-races of life and gives you a well needed break away from technology and modern advents.

Other than that, it can really help you connect with your family and is a great way to have a little fun on your holidays.

14. Traveling

Traveling is the best way to get away from the norm and out into the world to experience different cultures, cuisines, and traditions that are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

There are tons of ways to go traveling; you can go by land, air, or sea, depending on your preferences and they’re all part of the experience of going to your destination.

If you really want to prolong your traveling experience then we recommend going by land or sea, however, if you’re pressed for time then there’s no better way than to travel by air.

If you want the best experience whilst traveling, make sure to prepare yourself before you go abroad by reading about local rules and try to familiarize yourself with some basic conversation phrases in the native language.

15. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing where you’ll try to stylize lettering to make it look as gorgeous as possible.

It’s an art form that has origins in ancient China where it was seen as prestigious for well-off, educated folk to indulge in.

Today, we use calligraphy for many purposes including marketing and making signs for shops.

Without overcomplicating things though, calligraphy is an enjoyable and creative pastime that doesn’t cost much to do and will help you unwind at the end of a long day.

All you need is a calligraphy kit to get started and a strong desire to make your letters look as beautiful as possible.

16. Clay Sculpting

Sculpting clay is something that has been done for thousands of years, mainly for the purposes of making functional objects to store things in.

However, as a modern pastime, clay sculpting allows you to carve out decorative ornaments or even to create exquisite statues that look as lifelike as your next-door neighbor.

Sculpting is a really refined, slow process but that’s what makes it so addictive.

Every little bit of scratching or scraping away at your sculpture is another step closer to perfection.

There are a few things you need to start sculpting, however, you can simply get a sculpting kit that’ll include most of the tools you need for a good experience; don’t forget to get some modeling clay as well.

17. Quizzes

What’s better to pass the time than a good old-fashioned quiz?

Not much we think, and better yet, it’s basically free if you’re using YouTube or Google to find them.

In fact, you’ll be able to find thousands of different quizzes online for different topics or categories that suit your knowledge base.

This is a really fun hobby and something that doesn’t require any specific skills to partake in meaning you can get the whole family involved.

18. Collecting

Collecting is such a vast hobby where you can collect millions of different items for specific niches or categories.

Some of the most popular collecting pastimes include stamp collecting, bottle top collecting, and even seashell collecting.

Some collecting hobbies are free whereas others might be far more expensive; we appreciate the versatility within this pastime as it means there’s an entry point for anyone regardless of the cost.

There’s no real end-game for collectors other than to collect as many things as possible from their chosen niche.

Once you’ve finished a collection you can move on to other subcategories or niches depending on your preferences.

19. Rock Tumbling

Rock tumbling is a great hobby for people who don’t have lots of time but still want to be creative.

Essentially, all you need is a rock tumbler and some decent rocks to throw in which can be smoothed down over time by your tumbler.

Once your rocks are smoothed down, you can then polish them and turn them into objects of beauty.

In fact, many rocks are made of different minerals and materials meaning there’s always something unique to reveal once they’re finished.

The only drawback is that rock tumblers can be a little expensive initially, however, it’s worth splashing out a little more for a professional rock tumbler as they’ll last a lot longer.

Make sure to check out our article on the best professional rock tumblers to help you with your decision.

20. Meditation

Meditation is a unique hobby that is known to help calm the mind and can help to reframe negative thoughts.

It’s often dismissed as a mystical pastime but recent studies have shown that meditation can have a positive effect on the brain.

Even if you don’t believe in the science, it’s easy to feel the positive effect of switching off for a little while in the day instead of being bombarded by noise, queries and intrusive quandaries.

Better yet, it’s free and basically anyone can do it meaning even your friends or family can get involved.

21. Trading Card Games

Trading card games (TCG) such as Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering are extremely popular and even have video game counterparts that mimic the physical games too.

Most people enjoy TCG as it allows them to collect their favorite cards and play as their favorite heroes or villains.

Most TCG have thousands of cards you can collect but some are rarer than others and that’s what makes it so addictive to open a fresh pack of cards.

Better yet, most TCG have thriving communities surrounding them which means you can meet up at events around your country to meet like-minded people and make new friends.

22. Wood Carving

Wood carving is a form of woodworking that involves carving out unique patterns or shapes into a variety of different woods.

There are so many different textures and styles you can create in your objects but you can also create full-blown ornaments or stylized furniture too.

Carving is an iterative process and something that you’ll get better at over time.

We recommend getting a wood carving kit as it’ll allow you to practice your carving with the included wood and tools that you get.

You’ll also be able to find free learning material on YouTube which is another great way to compound and speed up your learning.

23. Learn a Second Language

Learning a second language is extremely helpful especially if you plan to travel a lot or want to converse with the people in their country.

It’s also noted that learning a second language can help to keep your brain active which is especially useful as you get older.

In fact, the world is becoming more interconnected and knowing how to speak another language gives you the ability to be the bridge between peoples.

Other than that, it can help to expand your world views as you’ll be able to speak to people from around the world who have different views and opinions.

24. Start a YouTube Channel

The modern world is a wonderful place especially since it’s so easy to share your views and opinions to millions of others.

YouTube is the perfect platform for educating, entertaining, and sharing your views on a whole host of different topics whilst also giving you the potential to earn some money.

You don’t need much to start a YouTube channel other than something to record your videos on and a personality that people want to listen to.

You never know, you might be the next big viral megastar who can garner millions of views every month and that’s what makes this hobby so enticing.

25. Redecorate

If you’ve got a creative eye or just want to freshen things up in your life then redecorating your room or home can be a great way to do that.

You don’t need much and most of the time a fresh lick of paint can go a long way to make things look brand new.

You can even implement other creative skills such as carpentry or gardening to help make your home feel complete.

We even recommend getting others involved as it makes it doubly as fun and can also help the creative process if you run out of ideas.

26. Cosplay

If you have a penchant for theatrics and acting then cosplay is a great way to flex those skills.

It requires a creative flair as most cosplayers make their own costumes which they’ll wear for specific events in relation to what they’re dressing up for e.g. attending a Star Wars convention or Marvel convention.

That’s part of the challenge and part of what makes it so fun; creating your outfit and showing it off to the fans who enjoy everything surrounding the culture of what they’re interested in.

It also means you can role-play the main characters from the shows and games you love which gives you a sense of empowerment, however short lived that may be.

27. Crochet

Crochet is similar to knitting where you’ll be weaving material or yarn together to make hats, jumpers, and other decorative textiles.

The only difference compared to knitting is that you’ll be using one needle rather than two; this has both positives and negatives.

For example, people who are great at crochet can eventually do it without looking and have one hand free for other things meaning it’s easier to multitask, however, knitting can generally accomplish more complicated garments.

Still, for a relatively simplistic hobby, much can be accomplished with crochet and you’ll even be able to make things as gifts for your friends or family.

To start crochet, you’ll need a few things, however, it’s much simpler to start with a crochet kit as they generally include everything you need to get started.

28. Astronomy

Astronomy is an enchanting hobby that will have you wondering about the possibilities of the universe and what kind of life lives out there.

You don’t need to be an expert to start this hobby as it’s mostly an observational pastime that you can engage in with even a fairly basic telescope.

It’ll allow you to see some of our close planetary neighbors in great detail such as Mars, Venus, and even the moons of Saturn.

It’s hard to put into words the effect it can have on you when you see the planets in such high detail for yourself.

Whilst this can be done in your back yard, we recommend going into the countryside as it’s much darker and will highlight the universe in much greater detail for you to see.

29. Herb Growing

Growing herbs is a relatively simplistic pastime but it’s one that can be both nutritious and fun.

In fact, this particular hobby pairs best with cooking as you’ll be able to add your assortment of herbs into your dishes such as mint leaves, basil, and parsley.

For best results, make sure to get an indoor herb garden system to keep your herbs fresh and healthy.

30. Visiting Friends

Lastly, and probably the most underrated hobbies of all, visiting friends is something that can be both stimulating and mind-expanding as you’ll be able to talk about different things or get involved in different activities together.

If you can’t think of anything specific you’d like to do then this one is probably the best hobby for that scenario as your friends will naturally bring you in with things they enjoy which can help you find something you love too.

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